Done Here Now Who? Ch. 02

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Done Here Now Who: An Explanation of ‘Fallopian Falls’

After Cornelia left my condominium, I was about to get ready for this beach party in a few hours. I really didn’t have anyone in particular to go with. Yes, there was Cornelia, of course, and probably Joannie who lived on the other side, but additionally there was Jan Henderson, my realtor. She initially invited or informed me of this upcoming party.

Now, did I care to go to this or should I set my sites on something a little closer to my age range? For that matter, maybe the women who all seemed striking enough to me were approximately 50 years of age or a little older. I suppose my tatstes could adapt well enough, I thought.

So, how do I decide, how do I convince myself, which was the best choice. Well, that answer came easily enough when I received a phone call from Joannie almost immediately after I questioned myself!

“Conk, hi dear, this is Joannie. Did you have plans this evening? Before you do say yes or no, I am extending an open invitation to go with my sister and me. We can come and pick you up at 6pm or so, if you’d like. Oh, by the way, do you have everything you need there at your place? I was going to head over to the market and I’d pick you up anything you’d like dear, if you required any household items.”

Okay, so she called me dear. Now that stuck in my head. Do I blow off the way she worded the question or was it her way of flirting? Did she want to become more personally acquainted? On the other hand, I hear it that enough at service stations and carryouts back home all the time, so I decided to brush it off.

“Joannie, that’s nice of you to call and offer. Yeah, I’d love to go with someone to the beach party. Also, I ‘m not sure I have everything here I’m going to need. Would you want to come over and maybe double check if there is something I’m overlooking?”

I decided I’d play this out and determine if I wanted to be on the hunt. I’d decided I’d see how this might play out. I hoped it would work in my favor. I sure was impressed by what I saw when she was out sunning on her balcony earlier. I guess I would find out, soon enough. Joannie was at my place in a heartbeat. I wasn’t even properly dressed yet. I thought it would be a few minutes.

Quickly putting on a pair of shorts but nothing else, I answered the door. She was there so quickly, I even forgot to zip up. She wore a nice, lightweight button down cotton top, which was unbuttoned sufficiently enough; my eyes could focus where they needed to be alerted to, which was her ample looking cleavage.

“Hi Joannie, wow, you sure look nice, as well as… fashionable! That’s a pleasant looking top you’re wearing with its hint of summer colors in it.”

“Why thank you Conk, it’s nice of you to notice a woman’s outfit. It sure isn’t easy trying to look nice and stay in shape once a woman starts getting a little maturity to herself.

“No, Joannie, I have to agree with you there. Even though I’m a man, I still can understand that even, however you do a very, very fine job of looking unbelievably good, to say the least. I’d probably make an additional compliment or two if I knew you a little better!” I smiled and peered right into her eyes to see if I was out of line.

“Conk, any compliment in any way that’s intended for me, please feel free to offer if you want. I’m always game for a compliment.” Smiling gracefully, she hinted with specific gestures, which showed she would have loved to hear innuendos that hinted at sexual compliments, from what I could determine. Her gestures were more then friendly.

I believed she’d like a more personal relationship, as she moved a few steps closer. I needed a shower though.

“Joannie, I don’t need to be rude and a bad host but I need a shower right now. Would you mind waiting a few minutes, make yourself comfy, even look around and see what I might be missing, and when I get out, let me know what you think?”

She said yes as to checking out what I had or didn’t have in the place. It appeared she wanted to check out my bedroom first.

Then she discovered my shorts I wore, as she looked down at them asking, “Are you trying to impress me Conk honey?” She directed her line of sight at my unzipped shorts. I laughed and apologized, turned, and walked to the bathroom. She and I laughed together as I entered the bathroom.

She probably checked out my closets, and apparel as well, as I partially closed the door to the bathroom and stepped in the shower. She shouted out to me, asking questions and I’d shout back answers.

I thought there was a towel in the bathroom. I didn’t want to put either of us in a predicament at that time. I asked if she could retrieve one for me. She got one, walked into the bathroom, stepped towards the shower, peered inwards, and slid it through the crack of the door; I wrapped it around myself and walked out, still wet. She had a chance to view what illegal bahis my bare ass looked like.

Sitting down on the bed, we engaged in some more conversation. She never did get to the store.

“What do you like to do when you aren’t tanning on the balcony Joannie?” “I will go shopping, sun on the beaches, play cards, and sometimes I’ll even get online and chat to friends from my old hometown; there are road trips also and other miscellaneous events. It varies all the time.”

“It can become mundane, as does anything. That’s why having a visitor in town, such as you, is quite pleasant for many of us. It really is a nice change.”

“Well thanks that’s nice to know. Can I offer you something to drink? I know there are some refreshments around here.”

“That’s not necessary, go ahead and get dressed. I’ll step in the other room so that you are proper.”

“Joannie, I’m looking forward to this evening at the beach. You all are so friendly and accommodating. I’d love it if you wanted to stay around right now, but weren’t you going to go to the market?”

“Well, I can always go to the market later, she said. Let me call my sister first. Did you have anything in mind?”

“Maybe I’m being a little forward, but I am on vacation and I did want to enjoy myself as much as possible. I sure wouldn’t mind taking some time visiting the area, but for now… well I would love to relax. What about you, is there something you’d enjoy doing?”

“Well as far as what? Sure, you can be as forward as you please. I’m not in any hurry to go anywhere for a couple of hours. What’s on your mind?”

I paused as I gazed at her. I didn’t just peek at her eyes, but her hole toned body. She caught on quickly and appreciated the looks I gave her striking figure. “I think you are quite an attractive woman, I said. In fact, you are very becoming. I wouldn’t mind spending time talking, hanging out, and getting to know you a lot more! Tell me yourself, where you are from, and about this area. How it came to fruition? How it got its name. How did you come to reside here?”

“May I offer a suggestion, said Joannie, for now, with only a couple of hours remaining until our party kicks off, why don’t we stay here and relax; actually, since there’s possibly more at my place, let’s go over there. You and I can get a snack and relax.”

As I made my way over, the door was already opened as I was about to knock. She anticipated my arrival. Meanwhile, she put on a touch of perfume. It was a pleasant scent and not overbearing as some can be.

“Hi, I said cheerfully. That’s a beautiful scent that I noticing. It’s alluring actually. It sure has my attention.” “Do you like it? I found it in a new store, which opened up recently. It also has many men’s colognes and aftershaves. Cornelia and I always rave about it. We should own stock in it as much as we tout it.”

We laughed and I joked, “So you could be independently rich huh?”

“Hehehe, I am independently rich, Conk. I just don’t normally act, dress or behave that way. It’s a long story.”

“I have two hours right. I wouldn’t mind knowing more about you, where you come from, and what you live for. But that’s up to you.”

“Hehehe, she giggled again. You might be surprised what I actually live for”.

“Care to try me, I said, I think both of us would be surprised.”

“I’m a lady, first off, but I… then she paused and smiled… but I do love certain things and I love them passionately.

I wondered what she loved “passionately”.

She looked deeply into my face as if she and I might be in accord. I began to hope we were heading down the same road and the same ‘lane’ more specifically!

“Honey, she said, do you feel anything towards me? I hope and pray I’m not too forward, because if I am please say so. I won’t feel ashamed. I would apologize if I was too forward.

I looked right into Joannie’s eyes. Smiling when I did, I put my hand on hers and said, “So, you think there is something between us, huh? I was wondering way back when I was in the shower and you peered through the glass doors and peeked at my bare ass, if we wanted to go down the lane, actually!

I sure believe you and I are right for one another, in my book. There are many redeeming features, which I find sexy and appealing about you. I saw those earlier this morning on your balcony honey!” I turned myself on by saying those things to her.

“Hehehe, thank you sweetheart, she replied; that’s so nice to hear. I didn’t know you caught me looking at you while over at your place. You are such a devil, hehehe.”

An unexpected thrill rushed through me. I hoped she was aroused. We put it out there for each other.

“Joannie, I am a pretty classy person guy also, but I have my moments. I am normally subtle though. I want to ask you if any of our conversation, over the last twenty five minutes, has you feeling a little…and I paused…well illegal bahis siteleri a little turned on?”

Smiling, she looked at me but didn’t say anything initially. She didn’t move a muscle for almost ten seconds. I looked at her wanting to figure out what my next step should be. Then after a minute, we knew.

Joannie reached quietly and gently towards my crotch. She put the palm of her hand on my soft limp rope. She squeezed it into a ball within the palm of her hand. She awakened my internal carnage from its nap, which was being taken after being with Cornelia earlier in the day. Wow being in Florida, life was good! It was very good! In an unknown community, I had two older women, already that day, which heightened my sexual being so much!

When she grabbed my crotch, I didn’t expect it and hopped ever so slightly. She smiled more knowing she turned me on.

“I wish you were in that towel you had on earlier, dear”, she said.

“I’ll be right back” and I stood up, went to her bathroom and all she had were these huge scented and bright colored pink towels. “What the hell”, I said and I stripped and wrapped one around me. I did it quickly!

I came walking out and she laughed and laughed, but I impressed her through my actions alone.

“Would you like to make this fair game, I asked. In other words, maybe you should be wearing one of these too?”

“Oh by the way, Joannie, I have a question, why do they call this place ‘Fallopian Falls’?”

She roared and roared out laughing. “Would you like to know? Where did you hear about this?” She continued to laugh.

As she began telling the tale of how this community came to be known as ‘Fallopian Falls’, she walked into the bathroom herself, stripped down to nothing but her panties and put on a towel. She explained the origination while she was switching ‘attire’.

Most of the women that had come to reside here, had there tubes either tied or completely removed. It was something that was done after a couple of kids. They wanted to maintain some semblance of a desirable figure. It worked for about 90% of the female population that lived within the community.

To me, that was a story in itself. She walked out and my imagination ran amok. I pictured myself, sliding my head inside of the ends of the towel and in between her thighs.

“Whoa, I said in a quiet tone of voice, you look mighty ravenous and sexy in that pink towel, do you realize that?” She said something similar to me as well.

Before we had a chance to say another word, my loins controlled my emotions and any rationalization I should have had as a gentleman. I reached for Joannie and pulled her towards me, but she knew what my intention was and was ready to kiss passionately.

We locked into one another. We began kissing profoundly and we held onto the other as if it was natural and we knew the others movements. We knew where to go with our bodies. We knew where one another would shift. My hands and hers never once collided accidentally.

Our arms and hands streamed everywhere. She began pursuing me a little more as I felt her push against me. I felt myself collapsing first on the couch, but quickly I began slipping off and headed for the floor.

Our towels came off at that point. I knew immediately she had a breast augmentation. It was incredible. Her tits had that perkiness to them. Her nipples were at full attention! My cock was hard and it rammed in to her body, especially her stomach and just above her vaginal area! She could feel me and she could feel it!

She cooed and moaned, “Mmmmm, ohhhh, ahhhh, ohhh, mmmm”!

All I did was grunt long grunts. I tried as hard as I could to consume her with style and passion! I pulled harder and harder at Joannie. I wanted to feel her body and her tits! I wanted my cock pressing against her flesh!

“Oh Joannie, this is…” and I trailed off.

“Mmmmm, she muttered out loud. Then she spoke words. Conk, please put it inside of me. Make love to me. Please, please… I want to feel it inside of me.”

I knew what she meant. I pulled off her panties. I had to feel her silky bush. I caressed it. I felt moisture already seeking out of her mature plot. I pressed my fingers tighter into her garden. It was splendid! It was exhilarating! Her thighs were smooth. They were insatiable. She didn’t have cellulite, which struck me oddly. They were also firmer, which also struck me as incredible! Wow, what a woman, I thought! Her stomach was tight enough but soft enough that I considered sucking, licking or just intimate kissing it! She had many positive physical qualities to her. I adapted to everything. I was on vacation, so I enjoyed the menu! She was a great menu item!

“Mmmm, I heard her say again, ohh that feels so sweet honey” and she reached down for my dick and gently touched the hardened shaft. She squeezed it with a passionate like love. “Mmmm, that’s a wonderful canlı bahis siteleri gift you have honey.”

I smiled and only said thanks, as I felt her patch. I proceeded to gain access inside of her mystery prize. It was a warm, moist and humid zone. It was splendor.

Our legs wrapped around the others as they intertwined, preventing my hand from going deeper into her aged cunt. But I didn’t think of her as an aged woman. I had many emotions that ran deep in me and all were good, positive feelings.

All were positive in that I knew that this babe, this fifty plus year old babe was mine for now and I was hers as well! We complimented each other’s love making style so naturally!

Her hand, unexpectedly, caressed my butt cheeks and then slipped up inside of my butt crack. Sliding up and down it several times, I truly enjoyed her soft tender touch; the feel of her gentle hands inside of my ass crack was awesome. No, she didn’t penetrate the hole, but she enjoyed feeling my younger body, although not too much younger, I was young enough for her tastes.

“Baby, make me feel good, honey and suck my titties, okay”, she uttered desperately.

So I pulled a way a little and lightly began sucking her perky boobs. I could feel those large rock hard nipples on the tip of my tongue.

“Oh yeah Conk, honey, keep doing me like that, oh yeah. Oh yeah baby, you do that so well. Harder honey, suck them a lot harder. I love how they feel inside of your mouth! Oh sweetheart, keep going. I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough baby!”

I was fucking horny at that point! God I was so aroused by this older woman; I never imagined a lady this age could make me this horny, ever.

“Oh my Lord Joannie, do you realize you are incredible? Do you know you are sexy as hell? Do you know how much you are turning me on? I’m ready to get it on, if you are honey”, I said passionately.

She grabbed me and started inserting my cock into her loose wet grandeur! She slid it with a great yearning. “Okay, I’m ready. Don’t be too gentle, it’s been a while and I’m hungry, so give me as much as you can give any woman, please sweetheart.”

When I felt the inside of her pussy, it was wetter then wet! I was so explosively prepared to fuck like a mad man, I’d hope she was too… and she was ready!

She braced herself and I went into her forcefully as she requested. She took it good and she gave it back just as well. I banged and banged and she screamed for more and more. We had to have been heard in the outer hallway.

In fact, we were heard outside because unbeknownst to me, she accidentally left the balcony door open. It was inconspicuous to most. Any echoing sounds sure found there way down to the parking lot as well as through the hallway that led to nearby condominiums where neighbors might be.

It didn’t matter, because we loved what we were doing with each other! I’m banging her and she’s willingly accepting my pounding inside of her precious aged pussy! A woman who’s desire is to be fucked often enough by a man who appreciates her and her physical assets.

Well, she fucked as if she was 21 and that was good enough for me! God did she moan. That moaning made everything more exciting. She screamed even louder then I ever expected. I hope it was me and not the experience alone!

Shifting from “Ohhh’s to ahhh’s to fuck yeah honey’s…” on down the line of expressions. I was turned on more and more every time she uttered something in response to being slammed inside. But I glided so easily down the inside tube of hers, she was a natural lube making machine and orgasm-maker too!

Yep, I was all lubed up, just sliding down her mineshaft. Yep, to me she had a diamond mine! Let me excavate away and hopefully more sometime soon. I went in like greased lightening and hopefully I was hitting all the right sensors inside of her. From what I could tell, she was absorbing it all and truly getting the best of what I had to offer.

“Give me it honey, Oh come on Conk baby; keep it… ohhhhhh… ohhhh… yesss… yesss… ohhh Conk, honey… I love this… I love this baby!”

She had begun pulling at my back and not actually digging in, she pulled me tighter and pushed her pelvic section into me harder. Oh my God, she was fighting for orgasm and I was ready to release what was holding up inside.

“I’m ready babe, I shouted. I’m… ahhh… ready, yess, yess…” I was ready as ready could be! We both exploded inside of her. She screeched at the top of her lungs. I yelled loudly. We pulled extremely tight towards each other. But… she was beginning after shocks and I wanted to go in with my tongue.

“Honey, I said, care to be licked out at all?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh…ahhhh, no sweets… I’m uhhh, ohhhh god, oh god… ahhh…”

I understood, as she never finished her sentence. She reloaded and released what had built up over time. I was her man that day! She was happier then a lark and I was more then happy that I could make her feel fantastic that afternoon!

“Joannie, sweetheart, I hope you are as happy as I am…I hope so. She smiled and kissed me, and then she hugged me firmly. She didn’t say a word. She only smiled.