Dogging with Hubby(Fiction)

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Dogging with Hubby(Fiction)Redcap and me had been dogging twice before, the first time was with me in stockings and sitting in the front with the window closed and men looking at me and wanking. The second time was with me sat in the back of the car with the window down and about half a dozen men touching me.So onto the third time, I m dressed in a pair of dark tan suspender tights, ankle bracelet and not a lot else. I was heavly madeup and had a chocker with the word “Slut”, Black platforn shoes with ankle straps and elbow length black fishnet gloves.We drove to the spot where we had been before and I then took off my coat and got into the back of the car. After a few minutes a few of the men that were walking up and down spotted me in the back and came upto the window. I put one foot up on the middle bit of the car and moved my other leg so I was fully on show. As soon as I did this a phone came out and started filming. Hubby was sat in the front with his window half down, one of the men asked him if I was up for some fun and he said yes and put my window fully down.As soon as he did this two karşıyaka escort of them came into the window, one touching my leg and one feeling my boobs. Soon their hands had moved onto my pussy and I had the two of them rubbing me and fingering me. The same guy said to hubby that I was as wet as fuck, hubby laughed and asked me if I was alright if they were to open the door, I just nodded and the door was opened. The 2 guys then moved more into the one playing with my boobs the other fingering me roughly, without knowing anything about it I then had the lower guys cock in my hand. Something just took over in me and I started wanking and groping it little a randy slut. The guy I was wanking said to hubby that I knew how to handle a cock, hubby just laughed and said I know. This guy was quite rough and had quite a few fingers inside me, Next thing he says to hubby that he thinks Im ready, hubby says go on then but you need a condom. The guy steps back from the door and says come on then love, “on all fours with your arse out here”, I look at him and say charming, but I move into position. escort karşıyaka The guy gets his condom on in flash and I feel him behind me, he pushes inside in almost one go, he then grabs my hips and starts fucking me quite hard and fast. He doesn’t last much more than a minute before he tenses and moans and fills his condom.He pulls out and before I can move or say anything a second guy replaces him, he isn’t as big and only lasts about 30 seconds. He pulls out and then the next guy is there, I haven’t even seen him, so I don’t know what he is like, but he starts fucking me and its not bad . I can hear a few of them talking to hubby, asking him if iIam his and him saying yes, dirty bitch isn’t she.The next guy takes over and he feels quite big and is a bit rougher, at one grabbing my hair as he slams into me. After a while I say that I need to move as my knees are hurting. The guy (who I now know as Dave) says don’t worry as he has a blanket for the ground. A mate of his grabs the blanket as im led through some bushes to a small flat area. The blanket is folded and laid on the karşıyaka escort bayan ground, Dave looks at me and says “well then what you waiting for, on your back” he looks at the others that have gathered and they all giggle like k**s. I get down onto the rug and lay on my back with my legs fairly open, he gets down on his knees between my legs and starts kissing me. He looks at me and says “come on get those legs up, or do I have to do everything”, I move my hips a bit and get my legs up around him and into the air. He then tells 2 of the other guys to hold my legs up as he wriggles around and puts his cock back inside me. Straight away I can tell that he is bare and I call him a bastard, he carrys on fucking me and I tell him not to cum inside me.He fucked me for around 5 mins and I must admit that I did cum, then he starts to speed up and he grabs me by my hair and I feel him start cuming inside me, he seems to stop and then start cuming again. He climbs off me and what seems like loads of guys take pics of me with my legs still held in the air. He then grabs one of my legs from one of the other guys and tells him to take his turn. This guy gets between my legs and slides straight into my loose lubed pussy. Its not long before he cums and is replaced by another.All in all I was fucked by five guys that night, I was as sore as hell for 3 days.