Dog Park Seduction

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Ann bent over, picked up her beagle (Benji), and placed him into the back of her small SUV. When she turned back to me, she smiled as she knew my focus had been on her gorgeous, just fucked, ass.

“Chris, I like walking with you in the morning. Can I continue to meet you?”

I asked.

“Why wouldn’t I want to walk with you?”

Ann shrugged and answered.

“Well, since you finally took my virgin butt, I thought you might be done with me.”

“Ann, I’m here every weekday morning at six-fifteen. I’ll look forward to you joining me, but I’m going to take one of your holes each morning!”

The sexy girl smiled and nodded before jumping behind the wheel and driving away.


The town dog park in Newington, Connecticut is a very large farm track and is surrounded by woodlands and swamps. The people of the town oversee, and take care of, the walking paths that circle and crisscross the old farm field.

The rules say that all dogs must be on a leash, but only a few people restrain their dog—most run freely while sniffing and playing.

I’ve been taking my twelve-year-old German shepherd (Gunther) to the park every morning and evening for the last seven or eight years. Each morning, I’m always the first to arrive at six-fifteen. By the time Gunther and I finish the mile and a half loop, there’s usually two or three other regulars who have arrived for their walk.

Evenings are much busier. On average, fifteen or twenty people, with as many as thirty dogs, are at the park when Gunther and I arrive at six-thirty.


***Monday Night***

I noticed the pretty young woman as she passed the old dilapidated barn near the parking area. It looked as though she was getting ready to start a second lap around the field with her small beagle.

I guessed she was in her mid-twenties—about the same age as my youngest daughter. She was dressed in the uniform of the day—black, skin-tight, stretch pants; a warm hoodie; and a pair of running shoes.

Her brown hair was in a ponytail and hung over her shoulders. She had a slim, athletic build and a very pretty face, but from twenty feet behind her, my stare drifted to her incredible ass.

In my opinion, her ass was perfect—it was small, round, and looked rock-hard, similar to my cock.

When her dog stopped to pee, I caught up to her and commented.

“It looks like you’re starting a second time around.”

The girl gave me a huge smile and responded.

“Yes, I am. My dog, Benji, loves the park and I do, too. It helps me burn off the frustrations of a busy work day.”

We introduced ourselves and I found out that Ann lived in the next town over…with her boyfriend. She and Benji came to the park nightly, but they usually came immediately after Ann got home from work—about five o’clock (as opposed to my six-thirty). We decided that was the reason we’d never seen each other.

As we walked, I noticed Ann and Benji followed the same route that I chose. Whenever I asked probing questions, she offered a great deal of information. As we finished our walk and arrived back at the parking area, I’d come to know Ann had graduated from college two years prior.

She was a third grade teacher and lived with her boyfriend in New Britain. She exercised, daily, during her lunch break in addition to the three mile walk with Benji each evening.

Once in the parking lot, Ann hesitated before going to her red Toyota Rav4. As she illegal bahis waved to me and wished me a good night, I said.

“I enjoyed your company. If you ever decide to start your walk at six-thirty, I’ll look forward to walking with you.”

***Tuesday Night***

As always, I arrived at the park at six-thirty. I noticed Ann’s SUV parked in the lot and smiled to myself as Ann and Benji got out of her vehicle at the same time Gunther and I exited my Jeep.

Ann smiled as she greeted me and said.

“I hope you don’t mind if Benji and I walk with you?”

I responded.

“Not at all, Ann. Thanks for waiting for Gunther and me.”

During the first part of the walk, I continued to ask Ann questions. She told me about teaching and all of the challenges an inner-city teacher faces. She told me she’d been dating her boyfriend for three years, but they’d been living together for only six months. I found out that their living together was only “alright.”

It was an unseasonably warm night so, half way through the walk, I took off my sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. When Ann followed suit, I laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“All of the male dog walkers are going to be disappointed!”

She crinkled her brow.


“Your sweatshirt is covering your very desirable bottom.”

She looked at me for a few seconds before untying the sweatshirt from her waist and reattaching it over her shoulders.


I feasted my eyes on her bottom before answering.

“Much, much better!”

Ann was a few feet in front of me as we walked a few hundred yards before she stopped, bent completely over at the waist, and tied her shoe. I stopped behind her and simply admired the curves of her ass.

After she finished, she turned and smiled at me.

As we approached the parking lot, Ann asked.

“I noticed you watching me walk last night and tonight, too.”

I shrugged.

“You’re a very pretty, young woman.”

“Thanks. I guess what I mean is, I saw you watching my ass.”

“Guilty as charged. You’re a very pretty young lady with a world class ass!”

Anne smiled before walking off to her SUV.

***Wednesday Night***

Once again, Ann’s SUV was in the dog park parking area. However, that night, it was parked in a more isolated corner. As I drove over, I saw Ann was already out of her car and standing in the open doorway. As I pulled closer, Ann bent at her waist and changed from a new pair of running shoes to her customary dog park (dog shit covered) gym shoes.

She was slow and deliberate, which allowed me to examine her small round backside. Her black tights were wedged between her cheeks, and I could make out a slight separation between each globe.

Halfway through the walk, Ann commented.

“Thanks for waiting while I changed shoes. I don’t want to get my new ones dirty.”

I gave her a sly smile and answered.

“I didn’t mind…at all! Hopefully, you didn’t mind me watching you change shoes because it was the highlight of my day!”

“Guys have been staring at my butt since high school. It’s always been a turn-on to know they’re watching.”

After we finished our walk and were back at our cars, I asked.

“Are you going to change back into your newer running shoes?”

Ann repeated changing her shoes, but that time, I was standing only five feet away.

Before driving home, I commented.


***Thursday Night***

When I arrived, Ann was in the exact same pose as she illegal bahis siteleri was the night before—bent at the waist and changing her shoes. That night, she was dressed in black, tight, workout shorts. She had slim runner’s legs, and her ass cheeks were peeking out of the bottom of the shorts.

We were halfway around the field and in a fairly isolated area when Ann commented.

“You haven’t said anything about my shorts.”

As we were walking side by side, I reached out, took hold of Ann’s hand, and pressed it against my rock-hard cock.

“As you can feel, I like your shorts a great deal.”

Ann commented.

“Oh, my god! You’re much bigger than my boyfriend!”

After Ann changed shoes again at the end of the walk, I said.

“Pull down your shorts.”

She looked around the parking area, noted that we were hidden behind our cars and were away from any of the other dog walkers. She bent over at her waist and pulled her shorts to her knees. Both perfectly proportioned globes were on display, as was her pink asshole and flaming-red, wet pussy.

When I swatted Ann’s ass, she giggled.

I said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

***Friday Night***

Ann had initiated a conversation about her frustrations with her boyfriend.

“I don’t know why your boyfriend doesn’t pay more attention to your bottom? Especially if you’ve asked him to.”

Ann admitted.

“I’ve begged him to…over and over!”

“If it’s important enough, you could drop your boyfriend and find a man who is an “ass man.”

Ann questioned.

“Ass man?”

“There are boob men, leg men, and ass men. Some men love the female ass and will do some very kinky things to it…if a woman is willing!”

“Kinky? What will they do?”

“They’ll spank it, finger it, lick it, tongue fuck it, and stick their cock into it.”

We were finishing our walk when Ann asked.

“Do you know any ass men?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you think he’ll mind that I have a boyfriend?”

I smiled.

“He won’t care if you don’t care.”

I continued.

“I think you should start walking Benji in the morning. Meet me Monday at six-fifteen.”

***Monday Morning***

It was chilly as Ann and I started walking our dogs.

She commented.

“The park is so much quieter in the early morning—no other people or dogs!”

There was an old, weathered bench halfway around the field. Ann looked at me, questioningly, as I led her over and sat down.

“Pull your pants to your knees and lay across my lap. I want to give your cute little ass some attention.”

As I gave each cheek a half dozen swats, Ann grunted each time my palm made a loud smack against her bottom.

“Play with your clit, baby.”

Ann reached between her legs and circled her clit with her fingers as I continued to turn her butt cheeks red.

“I’ll stop spanking when you cum for me!”

Seven more spanks and two bright-red ass cheeks later, Ann stiffened, groaned, and came into the early morning air.

I eased her off of my lap and, as she pulled up her pants, eased my sweat pants to my ankles. My rock-hard cock bobbed in front of her. Without saying a word, Ann leaned in and sucked my cock until I came in her very talented mouth. She swallowed every drop and, when I pulled out, wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

***Monday Night***

As we finished our evening walk, Ann commented.

“I never swallow my boyfriends cum.”

When I didn’t respond, she asked.

“Chris, canlı bahis siteleri are we going to play tomorrow morning?”

“You can count on it!”

***Tuesday Morning***

Ann was hugging a small tree at the far end of the park, and her pants were around her ankles. I was on my knees behind her ass. I’d been lapping at her asshole and pussy for a number of minutes as she grunted, groaned, and pushed her ass back against my face.

“Play with your clit.”

A few minutes after her fingers reached her clit, Ann grunted as she orgasmed.

We switched positions. Instead of allowing Ann to suck my cock, I fucked her throat and made her gag around it. Once again, she swallowed every drop of cum.

***Tuesday Night***

It rained, so Gunther and I stayed home.

***Wednesday Morning***

Ann kneeled on the bench at the far end of the field. Her ass was facing me as I straddled the bench. I had the middle finger of my left hand in her tight, wet pussy, and my right middle finger was in her, even tighter, asshole. As I pushed one finger in, I pulled the other one out.

After a few minutes of being finger fucked, I didn’t have to instruct Ann to begin playing with her clit until, a few moments later, she exploded.

Immediately after her cum, I stood and pushed my rock-hard cock into her very tight, twenty-five-year-old pussy, and banged her until we came together.

***Wednesday Night***

As we circled the dog park, Ann told me.

“Chris, I’m not on birth control.”

“That’s okay because I had a vasectomy fifteen years ago, so pregnancy isn’t an issue.”

As we approached the parking area, I said.

“Please bring a small vibrator and some lube tomorrow morning.”

***Thursday Morning***

Ann’s first cum was caused by the vibrator teasing her clit and pussy while two of my fingers fucked her asshole. She came, again, as the vibe bottomed out in her asshole. We came at the same time as I fucked her doggie style while the vibe buzzed in her ass.

***Thursday Night***

“Chris, I masturbate every night while thinking about what you’ve planned for the next morning.”

***Friday Morning***

Ann took a few minutes to thoroughly coat my cock with KY lubricant before she turned over, reached back, and opened her ass cheeks to give me complete access. It took a good deal of pressure to break through her anal virginity, and then the progress was slow before my closely trimmed pubes touched her back side.

I’m embarrassed to say that my first cum came very quickly. Luckily, my erection didn’t fail me, and I ass fucked her for ten more minutes before we came together again.

Ann bent over, picked up her beagle (Benji), and placed him into the back of her small SUV. When she turned back to me, she smiled as she knew my focus had been on her gorgeous, just fucked, ass.

“Chris, I like walking with you in the morning. Can I continue to meet you?”

I asked.

“Why wouldn’t I want to walk with you?”

Ann shrugged and answered.

“Well, since you finally took my virgin butt, I thought you might be done with me.”

“Ann, I’m here every weekday morning at six-fifteen. I’ll look forward to you joining me, but if you do, I’m going to take one of your holes each morning!”

The sexy girl smiled and nodded before jumping behind the wheel and driving away.

***Friday Night***

When I arrived at the dog park, Ann and Benji were waiting by her car. She was standing and talking to another pretty woman who was ten years older than Ann. The woman had a tan, spotted pit bull with her.

After getting Gunther out of the car, I approached the two women.

“Chris, this is my friend, Deb. We teach together, and she’s very interested in meeting an “ass man.”