Doctor, Doctor

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Penny placed herself down in the front seat of the bus just before the driver got things moving again. She pushed her purse back into her handbag, zipped it shut, and turned her attention, with half a heart, to the world beyond the clouded-up windows.

The gentle rumble of the engine worked its way up through the soles of her feet and into her joints. And depths.

The image of the doctor lingered behind her eyes. Teasing. His cropped, dark hair, glistening under the bold lights of the little examination room. Big, bright, blue eyes twinkling as he gesticulated with both hands for every word his lips uttered. But most of all, she remembered his touch.

Her skin still tingled. She reached out with one hand to steady herself on the rail, as the bus lurched around a corner, and the urge to brush across her nipples with the other arm weakened her knees and knotted in her tummy. Between her legs, she grew damp again. Wanton.

The brakes squealed and the vehicle jerked forward, backward, and stopped somewhere in the middle. The driver yelled out an unknown obscenity that cut off before the end, as he no doubt became aware of his surroundings. He got things moving again.

Penny straightened herself up, the moment’s discomfort not even close to enough to budge her from her mental meanderings. She focused yet again on the lithe, young doctor whose gentle, careful touch still lingered on her goose-pimpled flesh.

“Oh, God.” She clamped her teeth shut and quivered. Wetter. Needful.

The bus turned the final corner and slowed to a crawl as it neared the next stop.

Penny rushed to her feet and grabbed at the rails as she made her way to the front. She savoured the breeze that wafted through the hissing doors as they pried apart. She paused at the front of the vehicle and smiled. “Thanks,” she said, before jumping down to the pavement outside. The heels of her shoes clicked as she stepped through the handful of people waiting to get on.

The walk home didn’t take long. She reached her front door no more than three minutes from getting off the bus. And she threw her shoes and jacket off, and poured a cold glass of water a moment after that.

The images remained behind her eyes. His smile. The caring nature in his eyes as he felt his way around her left breast, squeezing, pressing, massaging in search of anything out of the ordinary. He didn’t find anything of course. She knew he wouldn’t. The plan worked very well, though.

Penny opened a few letters, ripped up the contents and discarded the debris in a plastic bag hung over the back door handle.

She sipped at her drink and ascended the stairs to her bedroom.

A pale sheen of sunlight shone through the flimsy curtains, and Penny left them closed as she flopped herself onto the side of the bed and placed her glass down on the night stand. She eased herself back and twisted her body to lay out straight, her head sinking into the big, puffy pillow. Her eyes closed as she settled into position, and she purred a gentle sigh.

The doctor returned.

She lay there for long, glorious seconds, willing herself to re-experience the soft, meticulous touch of his pristine hands. Her lips parted as she watched him brush his fingertips over the side of her breast. She stretched her legs a little further toward the bottom of the bed, and wriggled her bum into the deep snugness canlı bahis of the mattress.

He rotated his wrists and squeezed the the ample flesh in his palm, like a considerate lover. Jesus, he’d be such a good lover. Penny crept one hand away from her side. She moved it up over her belly, with such savoured slowness that her entire being tingled with anticipation. A few more inches. One long, manicured nail clicked against a button of her shirt, the sound almost non-existent but evident to the her enhanced senses.

She prodded at it, twisted it, and, at long last, with a delicate lick of her lips, she pulled it free of the fabric. The cool air of the room lazed through the gap and lingered on her flesh like a wisp of exhaled breath. She shivered for a split second.

The doctor looked straight into her soul. Oh God. He used a little more pressure, kneading the supple mounds with expertise. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Penny heaved out her chest to his memory. Her nipples burned, trapped in the confines of her clothing. She rushed herself, unable to wait any longer.

Her fingers flipped the buttons of her shirt one after the other, trembling as they moved. Her throat gave a dry squeak with every unfastening. In her mind’s eye, she imagined it all as his doing. The inappropriate doctor, throwing aside all sense of ethics to feed his primal desires. Just for me. His senses inflamed by her effect on him.

She pulled apart her shirt, and clasped one hand to the material of her bra. Her heart thudded hard and heavy. Urging her on. She managed to slow herself. For now. The lace fabric teased at her skin as she traced its edges. Back and forth over the top of her left breast. So gentle, sometimes hovering with a tantalising closeness to the bare flesh, but not quite making contact. Just as she wanted him to do.

A deep, longing heat throbbed between her legs, but she didn’t give herself to it. Yet.

The pads of her fingers slipped under the edge of her bra and circled the pliable skin, inside. She pictured his lips. Hanging open no more than a fraction of an inch. A slow, almost imperceptible wheeze in his breathing. His digits sneaking so close to the swollen bud of her nipple. So close. The distance unbearable. She enveloped the fleshiness of her bottom lip between her teeth and sighed through her nostrils.

“I can’t find anything there, but I’ll just check the other one to be sure.” His words still rung in her ears, soft spoken, polite, respectful. Oh God, if he’d only misplace that respect for a few seconds. Just a few seconds, that’s all it would take.

She gasped and yelped at the same time. The tip of one finger brushed against her nipple and it ached for more. She pinched at it, pushed it from side to side, and into the depth of her ample breast. The bra has to come off. She pawed at the collars of her shirt until they fell down over her shoulders, and yanked it over her arms. She peeled apart her eyes to quicken the process. With ragged, impatient breaths, she reached around to unclasp her restraints. Her bra snapped open, and her breasts sprang free. So free. Naked. Exposed. Nipples engorged with lust, and sensitive to the change in temperature. Desperate for something more.

With a heavy exhalation, she threw herself back into position. One hand rushed to squeeze at the warm, smooth flesh of her breast. The other dipped bahis siteleri over her belly and allowed her fingertips to linger at the waistband of her trousers. She kept them there, prolonging the anticipation. Savouring it.

She closed her eyes again.

He looked up and smiled at her. His touch so close to her nipple she could feel his heat on the hard, tingling nub. Oh Christ. “I’m pretty satisfied that it’s all clear.” He pulled back, his smile unfaltering.

“No,” Penny whispered. She eased one fingertip inside her trousers, stroked at the dimpled material of the waistband of her panties, and retrieved it. Her wrist twisted and she fidgeted with the button. The zip fizzled as she inched it down, and the cooler air of the room caressed its way between her thighs, causing her to suck a sharp intake of breath.

“Please don’t stop,” she whimpered. She pushed her naked breasts toward him, as if chasing his attentions with them. “Touch them.”

He shook his head. Rose his hands into the air as if in surrender. “I can’t. This is inappropriate.”

She saw something in his eyes. He wants to. Rules are rules, but he doesn’t want to stop. She delved her hand between the flaps of her trousers and brushed the heel against her pubis. Her fingers twitched as she held back from using them.

“I-” He blinked. “I can’t. It’s wrong.”

“Please. Touch me.” She traced her forefinger along the slit of her pussy, through her panties. The lips seared with her every effort. On fire. And so wet. The moisture seeped through her underwear and dampened her probing digit. She pulled it to her mouth and licked at it. She wished it was his mouth. Hungry. Breathless. Unable to resist her.

She caressed both breasts, ran her palm and forearm underneath them, as if offering them to him on a makeshift shelf. “Take me. All of me.” Her last word erupted into a high pitched moan, as she nudged against her clitoris. It trembled for more.

“No,” he muttered, his eyes locked on the depth of her cleavage.

Penny glanced down at the front of his trousers. She moaned aloud. The material protruded enough to be unnatural. She imagined the thick, hard flesh hiding in there. Wanted it free. “Take it out,” she said.

“I can’t.” He pulled back further. His eyes flickered with fear, and something else. Desire?

“You can. Please. Take your cock out.”

He gasped. His lips quivered and flapped as he searched for words.

She pressed harder against her pussy, her fingers glistening from the wetness of the material. The edge of her hand nudged at her clitoris, giving it nowhere near the amount of attention it begged for.

“No.” The lump twitched. Every glorious, fat, inch of it.

Penny pulled her panties aside. Her pussy throbbed as she exposed it to the coolness of the room. She tugged at her trousers until they were low enough on her legs to allow her to spread them apart. Loud, liquid groans escaped her lips as she settled back into position.

“Touch it,” she rasped. “Please. Touch my pussy.”

He fell silent. Stiff. Frozen.

She slipped a finger into the soaking cleft, cooing as her hot pussy enveloped it with frustrating slowness. “It’s so tight,” she said, glaring right up into his eyes. “Such a snug fit.” Her voice crackled more with every syllable.

He watched.

“Or maybe you’d prefer me to suck it, first?” bahis şirketleri She massaged the erect bud of her clitoris with the pad of her thumb. Sheer pleasure oozed through her body. Getting better with every passing second. She pinched at her nipples, squeezing them from the base to the stiff, sensitive tips.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” My little mouth, wrapped around that big cock of yours? Sucking it. Licking at it. Taking it as deep as my throat allows.”

It twitched again. A lot more this time. He remained silent.

“Maybe you could push me onto my knees. I could kneel in front of you, like a good little slut.”

She rubbed harder at her clitoris, pulling her finger out of her pussy to apply more effort.

“I could be your dirty little slut.” The words scuttled out of her throat in a breathless flurry. “You could rub your cock against my face, leave my skin all sticky and wet. Tease me. Make me beg for it. Make me beg-” She yelped and whined as the first waves of pleasure swept through her being.

Her fingers slowed, massaging around her swollen labia, and delving in and out of her wet hole. She used the slickness to lubricate the burning little nub of her clitoris, before rotating it in uneven circles.

“Make me beg to have your cock in my mouth. Please. Please let me have your big, hard cock in my mouth. Let me suck it. Let me show you how good I can suck it for you.”

She used the tips of her thumb and forefinger to pinch at her clitoris, squeezing with gentle determination. Her chest heaved and deflated with every pant of her lungs. She rubbed harder. Faster. Getting closer.

“And when your cock is all wet from my mouth, you can take it out. Pull it right out. Tease me with it. Tempt me with it. Make me think you’re taking it away.”

She prodded at her clitoris. Moving it in every direction. Circles, side to side, up and down. And combinations of all three. Every fibre of her body tingled and burned with lust. She spread her legs farther apart. Lewd, as if for his benefit.

“My pussy,” she mewled. “Let me feel it in my pussy. I want your cock inside me. Fuck me.” The last few words crumpled in her throat and gave way to moans, groans and, as her pussy exploded with deep-reaching surges of pleasure, she screamed as much as her lunged allowed. Waves of heat and thrill soared through her veins, stiffened and curled her toes, and swarmed her senses so much that she almost passed out. Her hips jerked with involuntary spasms. She wheezed for air and clamped her fisted-hand to the inside of her thigh. As if to restrain herself.

She opened her eyes. The memory of the doctor faded.

Her clitoris continued to throb, bringing with it a low, sensual buzz that swept and tingled through her limbs and joints. She lay there for long, long seconds, basking in the rippling afterglow.

The sounds of the outside world murmured through the closed window, along with a slight breeze that ruffled in the curtains. Penny pulled off her trousers as she padded across to open them, and allow the late-afternoon sunlight to illuminate the room. She stood there watching a young woman struggling with bags of shopping that hung from the handles of her pram like bundles of fruit on a ripening tree. Behind her eyes, her mind worked overtime. Conspiring. Next time the fantasy will become real. Definitely, next time.

She stroked at the over-sensitive flesh of her pussy, gentle enough not to be painful, as she considered what excuse to use and what examination it would lead to. “I want that doctor, and I won’t give up. Ever.”

The End