Discovery Ch. 01

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My alarm shatters my ears as 8:00 brings the morning. I slowly lift my right hand to slam down on the alarm clock. It shuts off, and silence echoes through the room. I roll onto my back, and I blink my eyes, attempting to wake up. I only have a couple more months left of school, until I graduate, so I finally have something worth getting up to in the mornings. I grab the big comforter, and I throw it off of me to my right. I sit up, and look around the room once more before deciding to get up.

I’ve been 18 for a couple months now, and I’m a senior in high school, so I take advantage of my age. I throw my white shoulder shirt on over my white bra, and I stand infront of the mirror to ensure I look good in it. I flick the lighswitch, and I look back to the mirror. I spot my pink panties peeking out from under my shirt. I turn to my bed and I grab the black skirt. I step into it, and I pull it up to my waist. I admire the skirt before thanking that the skirt has a crotch protector, to cover my panties. I enjoy myself. I’m happy with my body. I’ve got a slim figure, I’m petite, and I’m about five foot four. My long, thick brunette hair is something of mine that I appreciate, and my brown eyes are another thing that I love. Despite my figure, I’ve got sizeable breasts, and I’ve got what I think is a perfect ass.

I look down at the floor to pick up my black thong sandals, and I sit on my bed to slip them on.

I choose my normal bus seat, on the left side of the bus, and I immediately grab my phone from my white backpack. I enjoy sitting in the front of the bus, because the crazy kids sit in the back. I’m not popular, but I’m not unknown either. I’ve got many good friends, and I enjoy those friends. I swing my left leg over my right knee, and I continue texting as the other kids get on the bus. Someone sits in the seat beside me, and I pay no attention. The excitement of today being a Friday is causing me to text like a mad-man. Once we are on the highway, I look up from my phone to examine the highway, and I notice the kids’ head is turned towards me. I look from the corner of my eye, to trail his eyes.

My foot? That can’t be right. I turn my head to look at him, and with haste, he yanks his canlı bahis şirketleri head away from me. I look back to phone, and I notice his head starting to turn back towards me. I continue texting, but I start swaying my foot back and forth. This goes on for about ten minutes, until our bus pulls into the school. I put my phone into my bag, and I throw it over my shoulder. I walk down off the bus, and across the concrete into the big school. This is the first time I’ve worn sandals this school year.

I’m sitting in my desk, in seventh hour, my last hour of the day. It’s dead silent, because we are taking a history test. Because of my skirt, I have my legs together, and out of the blue, I feel a tingle down there. It surprises me, and I readjust my legs. My thighs squeeze tight on my pussy, and now my hips feel like they need to rock. I manage my test, and after sitting there with my legs together and my pussy throbbing, the bell finally rings. I don’t say anything on the bus ride home. I’m so horny! I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny.

I walk into my two story house, and I realize my parents aren’t home. I immediately drop my backpack, and I check the clock. 4:21, it reads. I run up the stairs into my room, and I grab a soft pair of pajama pants. I walk across the hall into the bathroom, and I start the water. I pull my shirt off, and I undo my bra. The bra falls to the floor, and I reach down to undo the sandals. I kick them off under the toilet, and I grab my skirt. I yank them down off my legs, and I grab my pink panties, and I pull them off of me. I’ve never been so horny. I’ve only had a couple orgasms, and that was from lightly rubbing myself when I was younger. I haven’t masturbated in, what must be, years. I guess the thigh squeeze was just enough to turn me on. I turn the shower on, and and step in. I proceed to take a sensual shower, really turning myself on. I rub my thighs, and I squeeze my nipples.

My pussy feels so hot, and my hips instinctively want to buck. The white soap slides slowly down my wet body. I let the hot water drench my body, until the soap is all washed away from my body. The water spraying out of the shower head hot, and it’s coating me in a hot blanket. canlı kaçak iddaa I turn the shower off, and I step out of the shower. I dry myself off, and I give my pussy a small little rub with the towel. The feeling caused my knees to jerk. I throw the soft pants on, and I quickly blow dry my hair. I walk out into the dark hallway in nothing but a soft pair of pajama pants. My erect nipples standing proudly as my fine breasts bounce with each step. I walk into my room, and I shut the door behind me. I stare at my room, bed still messed up from this morning. My table lamp puts off a perfect amount of light. I walk over to my bed, and I crawl onto it.

My bed faces the door. It’s like that so I can see anyone coming in. I face the door, my knees digging deep into bed. I grab my white body pillow, and I swing my leg up, and I rustle the pillow into a such a position that it fits perfectly between my legs. I lower myself, and the moment my eager pussy feels the softness of the pants, my eyes roll back, and my mouth opens slightly. I’ve wanted to try this position for a while. I thrust my hips into the pillow. I contain my moans until my clit becomes too sensitive, to the point where it almost hurts. I thrust my pussy onto the pillow, and I start to twitch, and I have to stop. I push the pillow off the bed, and I fall onto the bed with a gasp. I roll over onto my back, and I run my fingers through my brown hair.

I grasp my pussy through the soft pink and purple pants, and my hips rise high into the air, where the only thing sticking up is my mound. I’m so turned on, my body is quivering in anticipation. I let go of my pussy, and my hips drop hard onto the bed. I rip the pants off, and I spread my legs wide. I grab my lamp and I turn it off, leaving me in pitch black, thanks to my window curtains. I take a deep breathe, and I reach my right hand out to set on top of my pussy, while my left hand travels across my body. I grasp my left boob with a light squeeze. I reach down and pull the soft pants off my waist, then down my legs, and I toss them down on the floor. I lay naked in my bed, I feel my satin sheets sliding against my back. I roll over onto my stomach, and I prop myself up with my forearms, still canlı kaçak bahis leaving my pelvis on the mattress.

I slide slowly up and down, allowing my silky, slippery sheets to caress my clit. I press my mound hard into the bed, and I grind into it. It feels amazing. I grind back and forth, my clit digs deep into the bed, and I start moaning with light gasps. I have to quit when my clit gets too sensitive. I roll back over onto my back, and I start thinking about how I’m going rub it. I don’t want to use my fingers, so I place the lower part of my palm of my right hand just above my clit, and I put the palm of my left hand down on my right hand, and I push down.

I feel my clit, and the whole outer area of my pussy scrunch up. I stretch my arms as far as they will go, then I use my right palm to pull my pussy back up, then I push my hands down again. My mouth opens wide, and I start pushing hard, and I start twitching uncontrollably, but I keep pushing my pussy with my palm. I gasp, and my body rocks. I have to let go, the pleasure is insane. I bring my hands up to my sides, and I frantically sit up, and lean against my head board. I struggle to catch my breath, and I realize I’m about to have an orgasm. First one in years. I spread my legs wide, and my hips come a couple inches off the bed. My orgasm hits me like a train.

I gasp, but only get little air. My body trembles, and I feel the muscles in my red hot pussy contracting, and even my clit is moving with each contraction. I’m not even touching, but its still happening. I stare at the top of my pussy, watching it move with each contraction. My eyes are wide, and so are my legs. I feel the muscles in my legs starting to cramp, and just as I think I’m about to pass out, my hips drop, and I can breathe again.

After catching my breath, I stand up and see myself in the mirror, and my hair is all messed up, my chest is red, my nipples could cut through class, and also see a little string of something leaking from my pussy. I wipe it with my fingers, and reluctantly, I taste it.

It doesn’t really have a taste, but I kind of like it. I lick my fingers clean, and I start getting my pajamas on.

I think this is gonna become a new thing.

—Guys! This is my first crack at a female only story, and I know there’s room for improvement. I’ll more than likely come out with another one like this, but I have absolutely no clue when that’ll be. So watch for it. Hope you liked this one!—