Devil in The Red Dress

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I had never been in this nightclub before. It was downtown L.A. and the crowd seemed a bit wild, sexually on edge and aggressive. Guys were making plays on girls, girls were going after guys everywhere you looked and the girls were not just girls they were babes!! Their bodies were teasing, taunting, and tantalizing which really raised the sexual temperature in the club. It was not hard to find bulges in pants being rubbed by naked thighs in micro mini skirts, stroked by hands with long nails. My eyes were popping out at all the sensuality going on but I tried not to stair until she caught my eye, a dark haired woman in a dark booth.

Her legs were long and luscious as my eyes stared. And those breasts!!! I just had to maneuver to get a better look. Oooooo my my!!! those are massive and beautiful riding high on her chest showing deep gorgeously erotic cleavage. Just then her piercing green eyes locked onto mine. I was instantly panicked for some reason then she looked me over staring at my crotch. I had my hand in my pocket to try and hide an erection but I knew it did not fool her as her tongue sensually slithered out and wetted her lips slowly. She motioned me over and my skin got cold and sweaty at the shear dominating sensuality her finger conveyed. I walked over trying to compose myself and said

“I’m sorry if my staring made you uncomfortable in any…”
“Ssssshhhhhhhh” she said, “Slide in next to me”

I did so and she immediately cozied up next to me her perfume made me even hornier.
Whispering she said

“I am excited to see you maneuvering to get a better view of my breasts, reminds me of a cat sneaking up on a mouse”
Her hand touched my chest

“It also makes me very, very Hot, I want to FUCK!!!”

“I want to FUCK you till you can’t walk” I responded

“I want that too,” she said

“But I get you first, all of your body, you must promise to let me have all of you anyway I want”.
She kissed me slowly her tongue wicked and wild, her womanhood totally devouring my mouth her hands already working my cock through my pants, her other hand in my hair gripping gently then releasing over and over. Her breasts pushing against me nipples rock hard.

“What does that envolve?” I said very nervously

She smiled and said
“I love how nervous you are, it is nothing bizarre, I just want to FUCK you in the ASS, probably more than once or twice or three times”

She smiled in a most disarming way.
“Do you take it in the ASS? Do you like a woman to mount you, grab your hips and FUCK you in the ASS? Will you give your body to a woman and let her penetrate and control you? I can see in your eyes that you want it, I sensed it from across the room. I am able to tell if a man will give up his ass.”

I hesitated just intoxicated by her voice I didn’t even respond as her verbal assault continued. She sensed my weakness and zeroed in on it unmercifully. She knew just what words to accent to further weaken and toy with me. I saw it all… well most of it and did nothing, she was so incredibly hot I was going to do anything she wanted.

“I think it is the ultimate sign of lust for a woman if a man will bend over and present his ASS to her to FUCK, complete submission of your hole I want you to be my erotic, naughty, full on ………..

She moved very close to my ear, her hand slipping in my pants and melting around my cock, as she said

“I want a bitch to fuck tonight and I know you are a bitch and a hot nasty hor, you just need the right woman to bring it out in you.
I know you want to be my BITCH tonight don’t you?”

She gripped my hair

You want me to fuck you, you want to be a slut for me don’t you, DON’T YOU!!!”

“Yes” I said

“In return you can fuck me and do whatever you want with my body, over and over.”

“Lets go”

We got up and went through a back door, no one was there and we were alone, she pulled me up some stairs her hand now wrapping around my balls. She unbuttoned my jeans once the door closed and pulled my pants down, she had me naked in 30 seconds, I didn’t know what hit me as her body eased against mine gently pinning me against a wall, her legs spreading mine a little, her hand firmly around my balls. She kissed me passionately, devouring me. I quickly stripped her top off and found she was braless as her huge breasts lunged forward covering my chest. She grabbed my head and forced me to her nipple.

“Time for you to have a little candy” she said

I felt güvenilir bahis her skillful fingers slip off her skirt then felt something cold and hard clamp around my balls. GOD she was smooth and fast. Then she stepped back about four steps and I saw her completely nude. My eyes immediately darted to her crotch where a massive 12×3” thick cock jutted out. My knees got weak as I started shaking and gasping for air.

“OH YEA……. MY!!! BITCH!!!” she said Get on your knees and let me see what my ride is like tonight. I felt a mild shock on my balls and snapped out of my scared daze to feel a firm 1” wide steel ring around my balls.

“That is capable of shocking you so brutally that you collapse. Don’t worry I only use it to “urge” you to do the things you may hesitate at. Mmmmmmmmm you look so fucking good. Now go sit down over there and get something to drink out of the refrigerator.”

I did and was so thirsty.

She strutted in front of me my eyes glued to the sway of her huge cock and the balls held tightly against the root of her shaft.

“Now I am not some wicked Mistress that is going to torture you I am actually wildly attracted to you in a very lustful way. I want to have really intense, erotic, nasty sex. I also am going to fuck you in the ass and make you deep throat me and lets see what else (she was being coy) oh yea, make you my Bitch, Slut and Hor.”

Do you know what a Bitch is” she asked teasing her cock against my body.
“I think so” I said
Well I better give you my definition, as my Bitch I will turn you into a nasty, erotic and dirty little fuck in a very sexual way.
As my Slut you will yearn for the pain my cocks makes as it slices into your cum hungry Asshole. You will always make it available to me so I can FUCK you whenever I feel like it. Your mouth will beg for my cum, your throat will be home to my shaft.
As my Hor I will train you to become addicted to cum and do anything to get mine. As she lifted 2 huge balls slightly with her hands, and I have plenty to feed you.”

GOD her balls were the size of grapefruits.

Now be honest everyone of those turns you on in some way doesn’t it?”

“Well yes but this is all very overwhelming and your cock is gorgeous but very scary,” I said

She strutted over to me rubbing her large breasts against my naked chest, stroking my cock, cooing in my ear sensually turning me on so much I was rock hard.
“I know she said, that’s why your balls are gripped so tight. So you don’t bolt. Just give in to the lust in your cock and the desires of your ass. I’ll go slow and take my time; I want to enjoy your body. I will teach and train you and you must trust me for it will be very intense at times. I’m not just going to come up and gut you by ramming 12” in your ass. She smiled and got up, that comes later.”

Now put that drink down, I have something better she said massaging her large balls as she guided my head to her cock. Just then she turned around, lifted a thigh slightly, exposing herself and guided my mouth into a wet pussy, which surprised me.

“Lick she said, drink me and let my juices make you hornier.”

An Hermaphrodite I thought, oh my god!!!!”

Her pussy gripped my tongue and squeezed then opened up, squeezed then opened up. I couldn’t believe it, it seemed alive. I grabbed her hips, sank to my knees and started to eat her out like a wild man. She moaned and squirmed like crazy and said

“Oh yea let that horny little SLUT in you come out. The one that will do anything to FUCK or BE FUCKED!!!”

Her hand was on the back of my head pulling me into her as her hips grinded against my eager mouth. GOD she tasted good and her body felt so fantastic my hands were all over her legs and lower body. She turned and her hand on my head gripped my hair gently and guided my mouth to her cock. I opened willingly and took her as she eased into my mouth filling it. Now with both hands on my head she stroked to the back of my throat over and over.

Then she pulled my head farther down on her and I gagged as she pushed forcefully into my throat. By instinct I pulled back hard but she was ready and jabbed at me and I thought my throat would burst before I was able to jerk back and cough wildly.
She stepped back and said

“I want to fuck your mouth, give it to me.”

There was no way I was……………….bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aghhhhhhhhhh. The shock came quick and forcefully. Don’t be a disobedient SLUT she said. Now crawl over to me, put your head in my hands and open wide. I hesitated a second türkçe bahis and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I jumped and spasmed in a flash right on the floor on my knees. I crawled as slowly as I could and she smiled.

“I like that mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes think hard of what I will do to your throat as you crawl. I like my little boys to be scared of my cock. This is a wonderful time of training for you. I love to teach a man to be submissive and break him.”

She stroked her long pole sensually. GOD I just could not get over how incredible she was, she overwhelmed me.

I placed my jaw right in her waiting hand and slowly opened my mouth, after another shock. She cupped my chin and gripped the back of my head. Her cock forced its way into my mouth and she instructed me to swallow, just then her girth pushed hard into my throat forcing me open as she pulled my head viciously onto her hard shaft. I couldn’t help but pull away as pure shock and panic overwhelmed me. She jabbed and thrusted hard and sank her cock deep into my throat cooing and trying to calm me but not letting go, pulling my head firmly down on her. I was panicking too much so she turned me and took me to my back, sliding smoothly into position straddling my face, head still in her hands. Now her weight as well drove and held her cock in my throat. She constantly kept saying swallow and calm down and slapped my face to get my attention. My body spasmed and struggled but she moaned, enjoyed it till I finally began to calm down like a trapped animal.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooo your conquest has been delicious and your throat is so spasmodically tight, maybe I should just unload into you right here. Now just try and relax, you must listen to me and follow my commands.”

With that I felt her withdraw and shove in again, me gagging all the way, full panic returning, her thrusts and strokes getting more and more vicious till she was ramming full long strokes down my throat. I whimpered. So completely tired from her relentless assault. I blacked out off and on, waking up to panic each time not even able to recognize my throat anymore.

“Her balls quivered uncontrollably as her moans turned very, guttural. She pulled all the way out of me as tears streamed down my face. She kneeled down and kissed me, licking my face.

“You are so sweeeeeet” she said

“It is time for you to take my seed, now listen carefully (she caressed my face and hair), I want you to open your throat up to me as much as possible and scream for my cum, yes scream as I begin to rip your innocence away and make you a SLUT. Scream for my seed deep in your throat, scream for more of my cock, scream your submission to me. Scream for what will come after I am done with your throat.” She rolled me over, my face turned to one side, mouth tilted up towards her. I was shaking uncontrollably. She grabbed a dripping dildo and raised it over her head.

“Now I will prepare your ass as I feed your SLUT mouth” she said
She thrust her cock deep into my throat pumping wildly her balls ready to erupt in seconds, her body tightening ready to cum then she raised the dildo above her head like a knife and stabbed deep into my ass. I screamed a muffled panicked scream as her cock exploded in my mouth. I scream over and over as she stabbed my ass, gobs of warm cum filling my mouth, throat and belly. Her massive cock pumping my stomach full with each stroke. Cum dripped from my mouth as she continued to unload into me. I screamed like the SLUT she said I was and wanted to make me. My lips were tightly stretched around her and almost every stream of cum stayed in me. After she was spent and my ass had been savagely ripped open my repeated knifing thrusts she slowly pulled out.

As I looked up all I could see was a scary animal-like fire in her eyes as she quickly pounced on my ass. I instantly felt the head of her cock push against my tight asshole.

“Hmmmmm she whispered, how should I take you? Maybe I should just ram into you and make you faint. Or just slowly push and let you fight to stay closed. But I want you sooooooo bad, stretched around my cock, in pain.”

She kissed my quivering body and face as the pressure on my asshole increased.

“I think I’ll let you struggle to keep your cunt closed.” she whispered as she eased my legs open wider, drapped over my back.
Her head was so much bigger than my asshole I thought I could keep her out, but the pressure increased and slowly began to weaken my rim muscle. She slowly began to lean into me a little more at a time.

“Mmmmmm you’re güvenilir bahis siteleri going to be ready to be RIPPED open, I feel you weakening” she said
Yes I want to feel that cherry ass POP for me, you’re getting weaker baby, do you feel me winning?
“Now it is time to scream again, I am ready to take the rest of your body, your throat is already mine, can you still taste my cum?”

“Yes” I said
“Talk to me baby, how do you feel, I do care about you deeply, but I will FUCK you unmercifully in a little while”

“I’m scared, my ass hurts, my throat hurts” That hurt will go away soon as for your ass, you need to relax and accept me into your body. But it too is about to hurt more when I become part of you and fill you up, but you will cum like a virgin. It will be a good pain, a horny pain, the pain a SLUT likes.”

Just then I felt my ass loosen and open more.
“Mmmmm I felt that too, you are nice and ready” she said

I felt her ease off.

“Now I never ever enter a hole gently she said, I don’t believe in submission being gentle. Show me you love me and take a hard thrust”

She stood up
“Now squirm around and make me really want to rip your ass open
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I began to squirm and crawl being very sexy, nasty at the prodding of the buzzer.
“Now assume the position and open your ass wide, beg for cock!”

“Ass higher and cheek on the ground she said. No spread your legs wider, that’s it now pull your ass cheeks apart. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhh baby you look delicious!” She said

“That’s how I like my SLUT to display MY hole!”

She quickly was down on me in 1 swoop. Pulling at my hips and with one wicked hard thrust she rammed past my rim muscle and into my ass a few inches. Enough to make it sting! I yelped in pain and she did it again and again.
“Squeeze shut” she cooed in my ear
So I did, then she popped me open again and again.
I was huffing and puffing hard knowing she was in so much heat she couldn’t contain herself much longer when she said
“Time to go deep with you, now scream hard, hor your hole to me”

I braced myself but it didn’t help as her huge cock pumped violently deep into my ass ripping me open driving her self into me to the balls. My screams caused cum to drip from my mouth as she pummeled my naked ass. I struggled in a wild animal panic but she was totally dominant, powerful and held me in place, saying between blurring hip thrusts

“It is time to control and dominate you. You are the weak and your body is food for my COCK!”

She was in top shape and kept clawing and fucking me hard more and more grunting moaning, growling, yelling as she slammed my ass open. I was helpless and weak and her intensity increased. I screamed and cried as she said she was going to break me and hor me.

Her cock bulged thicker and stretched me open beyond my threshold. Her heavy hard cum filled balls punishing me as they swung against my hard cock and balls. She kept me spread open with her powerful thighs, constantly returning my body to the doggie style position to ram me hard. I was a rag doll in her grip as she twisted and fucked me in many different positions. Her powerful body even pulling me up and fucked me into a wall, the weight of my body constantly met by the incredibly powerful upward thrust of her cock. I blacked out over and over but she kept fucking. Her muscular body now gripping me from on top, hips a blur ramming me. It went on for what seemed like at least an hour or more of non stop fucking, she dripped sweat and our bodies were wet by the time her cock exploded deep into me spilling what felt like a gallon of cum in me, streams so thick and hard I yelped and cried which each spasm from her cock. She pulled her big monstrously thick meaty cock out and filled my belly again, forcing me to drink. Then she pumped my some more, full hard vicious thrusts to finish unloading her balls. Then she collapsed on me, cock imbedded in me firmly and painfully deep. She caressed my belly and said she could feel it bulge from her cock. She rolled me to a spoon position and every so often rammed a quick little jab in me as we lay quietly, her hand massaging the bulge in my belly. I felt her relax but her cock stayed raging hard as we drifted off to sleep. Every movement of her hips sent a throbbing quiver down her shaft deep into me and made me moan in my sleep. Her hands caressed every area of my skin that was sensitive as we slept till morning.

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