Detention Desperation Ch. 01

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I guess it was naughty of me to be running around with such a short skirt on. It’s really hot out though and I was just hanging out with my friends! Mr. Richards definitely didn’t find it appropriate, which is why I’m in detention right now.

“You know you’re gonna keep getting in trouble dressing like that!” he barked.

“I’m 18! I can wear what I want now. It’s not that bad anyway.” I argued.

“You are still a student at my school until the end of the year and I will not have you setting bad examples.”

I finished out my detention and went home.

A few days passed and I had the cutest outfit ever! I sheer top (with a bra of course!) and a mini skirt. The only problem was that all my panties where in the wash. Well, I didn’t care! I mean I’d just be walking around and sitting anyway. I’ll just wear it, minus the panties.

I got dressed and admired my self in the mirror as I put my make up on. Grabbed my bag and a coffee and headed out the door. Hopped into my car and drove to school.

The day went fine until that asshole Mr. Richards saw my outfit. Ugh.

“Excuse me! Miss, do you realise that I can see your bra and your skirt is WAY too short? We have talked about this. Come with me you can serve the rest of the school day in my office. This is getting ridiculous! I am going to contact your parents.”

He rambled on and on annoyingly. “I told you already, I’m 18. What are they gonna do ground me???” I huffed and slumped into the chair not realising my legs where slightly parted.

“You don’t even have panties on!! What are you thinking!? Are you crazy. That’s it! You’re not leaving this room for the rest of the day and I am giving you two hours of detention. It’s almost 9:00 now, you may leave at 4:00pm.”

I scoffed and crossed my arms, failing to close my legs just to spite him.

I sat there for the first hour with my arms crossed. Very angry that no one would be able to see my cute new outfit. The whole things cost me like $200, and for what? To sit here all day with this moron because he wants to punish me for wearing revealing clothing?

I wagged my legs back and forth slowly not really paying attention to the fact that he just could NOT keep his eyes off of my pussy. When I did notice though, admittedly it was kind of a turn on, so instead of wagging them I just parted them a little more and closed my eyes partly pretending to drift off. I saw him stare out from under my eyelashes. güvenilir bahis He totally thought my eyes where closed. He just couldn’t stop looking. I relaxed my body, pretending to fall asleep, letting my legs fall wide open so he got a better view. I could feel the moisture building up as my clit began to swell. I opened my eyes only to see him divert his stare downward.

“Do I really have to stay here all day? This is boring! What am I gonna do? Just lay here and sleep or what?” I said parting my legs even more feeling my skirt ride up revealing me entirely. I felt my lips part and the moisture hit the air with a slight cooling sensation as he tried to talk to me without looking.

“Yes… Yes you are staying here the entire day, in this room, not leaving for any reasons. I’ll bring you your lunch.”

I laid back again on the couch my legs parted about two feet and arched my hips forward as he now stared without trying to hide it. I just grinned slightly feeling myself becoming more and more aroused at his determined stare.

An hour passed of my hips occasionally lifting forward, in agony wanting to touch myself, feeling my wetness leaking out; him, trying to focus on his paperwork but watching my aroused pink pussy becoming more and more swollen and moist.

“Ok I have to pee,” I admitted at last. “I’ve been in here for two hours. Can I at least go to the bathroom?”

“Nope! I told you, you are staying put in this room until 4:00pm.”

“But I have to pee!! It’s only 11:00! How am I going to be in here for 5 more hours without taking a piss? I mean seriously.”

“You’ll have to learn to hold it. You’d better get used to such predicaments because life isn’t about boys and mini skirts, missy.”

I felt a gush of warm juice slowly ease out of my pussy as he told me I’d be holding my piss for another 5 hours. I leaned my head back and sighed as I felt the moisture pour down my throbbing clit.

“Mmm.. fine then. I’ll just hold it in.”

I couldn’t resist touching myself. He sure didn’t have any objection as I eased my index finger down my slippery folds, rubbing slowly, then moving upwards and pressing on my bladder.

“And if you ask again to pee I’ll have to increase your detention.”

I smiled and glared at him.. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind… Sir.” I said submissively, feeling my blood boil as he grinned.

“See… Three you go. A little respect. I think you just need some good türkçe bahis discipline. I’ll go get your lunch now.”

He got up and didn’t even try to hide his very obvious erection. He just adjusted himself as he reached the door and walked out, locking the door behind him. I got up and tried to open the door but yeah sure enough it locked from the outside. Damn. I felt my bladder tickling me. I sat back down and began rubbing myself. I was sooo wet and turned on.

I hate this man but for some reason all of this is intoxicatingly arousing to me. I pressed on my bladder again just imagining how bad I’ll have to pee in 5 hours! Mmm and that idea was such a turn on. I rubbed my pussy again getting the wetness all over. I heard the door unlock and stopped, blushing as he walked in. He handed me a plate with a bowl of soup, a glass of orange juice, an apple juice kids box, some crackers, an apple, and a bottled water.

“That’s it! I don’t get any chips or anything?!” I complained.

“Do not be ungrateful or I’ll take something away. Make sure you finish your plate too. That means everything.”

I scowled drinking the orange juice. I crumpled the crackers into the tomato soup and ate it all. I finished up the orange juice and half of the apple juice and ate the apple. “There.” I said placing the tray on his desk.

“I said finish everything.”

“I did!”

“No… You didn’t drink all of your apple juice, or any of the water. You have 10 minutes to finish.”

My jaw dropped in horror. I chugged the water down and drank the little bit of orange juice that was left. I could feel the liquids swimming in my stomach.

Another hour passed and I could feel myself practically bursting to pee. I was fidgeting and sweating. “Oh God, can I PLEASE go pee!! I can’t hold it anymore!!” I pleaded.

“I said no, and now you’ve added another hour to your detention. Keep asking and you could be here all night.”

Yet another hour crawled by. It was now 2:30. I really felt like I was going to have an accident. I got up on my knees and put my hands between my legs pressing to try to find some kind of relief.

“Sit down! You’re acting like a baby. Stop acting like you have to pee that bad. You couldn’t possibly have that much in you. Sit down and relax. You still have two and a half hours to go.”

I sat back down slowly, trying not to spring any leaks. It was so hard to contain. I laid back again with my legs open and güvenilir bahis siteleri felt my bladder press hard against my skirt riding around my waist. I looked down and saw the large bulge of my overly full bladder. I looked at him and saw that he was staring again. I was in pain but also still very turned on so I rubbed my hand across my abdomen, pressing lightly, sending chills through my body. I moaned lightly and let my hand drift between my legs again gently fondling my clit.

“See. I knew you were lying you probably don’t have to pee at all do you?”

I looked baffled. “Yes I do. Look at all of this! I placed my hand over my bladder again.

“I think you need another hour for lying to me. All I see is a girl trying to get out of detention early, making up lies. Now you can stay until 6:00. How’s that sound?”

I felt like I was about to cum I had to stop touching my self. “Ooohh… Mmmm!” I couldn’t help moaning out loud. “Ok. I’ll stay. Mmmm.” I began pumping my hips very slowly, my skin pressing, causing friction for my aching bladder.

The hours passed. I don’t even know how I managed to contain myself, but I did. Finally 6:00 rolled around, and after hours of torment I was going to be free!

“Ok, you may go, but I need to confiscate that outfit.”

“What?! I don’t have anything else to wear!!”

He put his hand out expecting my clothing. “I only need the top and the skirt. You may keep whatever undergarments you have on, jackets, socks etc. But t give me the skirt and top.”

I felt my skin heat up in humiliation as I took off my skirt and my shirt, exposing my sopping wet pussy for all to see.

“I’ll need to escort you off of school grounds too since it is after school hours. I can drive you to you bus stop if you’d like,” he said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Can’t you give me a ride home?!”

“Nope, sorry. Teachers are not allowed to give students rides to their residences.”

I walked out of the room slowly taking small steps trying not to leak. My moisture quite obvious to anyone who caught a glimpse between my shaking legs. I hobbled towards the restrooms only to find them already locked for the night.

“Ooooh!! God I have to pee!! like right now!!”

“No you don’t. I told you to stop lying.”

“Yes I do!!” I whined, putting one hand between my legs. “Owwww! I can’t hold it anymore!!”

“Are you trying to tell me I’m stupid? Don’t you think I’d know if you REALLY had to pee. You know what, you can make it home on your own, and tomorrow, come straight to my office you need more discipline. I’ll have plenty of water for you.”

I guess tomorrow is going to be even more hard to bear!