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It’s a regular night, nothing new or different, and I’m just getting off the ‘Hound’ bus. You’re in the parking lot unexpectedly, waiting for me. When our eyes meet you incline your head slightly, turn and walk away. I know that you want me to follow you. I do.

You lead me to a darkened lonely corner between the depot and the mall next door where you’ve parked your car.

I feel myself backed up against the fender, and your body crushes against mine. My fitted T-shirt is pushed up, and you grope at my bra-less breasts. Your mouth is so close to mine I can feel your breath against my lips and under my nose, and my lips part instinctively. Two of your fingers slip into my mouth, rubbing on the middle of my tongue. I suck on them. Suddenly you twist me around and shove me into position, bent over on my belly across the hood of the vehicle. You grind against me, pressing me to the warm metal of the car as your hands hold me down. Then you ease up to whip my skirt over my back.

My thong is drawn aside, and something is pressed between the cheeks of my ass. I realize it’s your fingers, probably the ones you moistened in my mouth. They bahis firmaları find my back-hole, and slip up me easily one after another. After a few strokes you pull them out and cover my mouth and nose with that hand. You will muffle any sounds I make, and I can smell my ass.

Your other hand has slipped around the front of my hip, past the side of my thong, and into my slit to press rhythmically against my clit. You grind against me again, so I can feel your stiffening cock through your jeans.

The fingers at my clit slip lower, into the moisture that I’m now naturally slicking around my pussy-hole. Your hand moves away. The pressure on my body eases, and I hear you unzip.

The thick head of your cock is the next thing I feel, rubbing back and forth in my slit. Your cock-head presses over my clit, and then slips back to threaten the entrance to my pussy, back and forth, until I’m moaning and pushing back against you.

Finally you lunge into my puss hard and fast and to the hilt. You thrust deep in there several times, while the fingers from my clit move around to take their turn in my ass. I grunt and moan in response, loving kaçak iddaa the extra full feeling of it, but then you pull everything out.

Your hands change places and now my breathing space reeks of my pussy and ass. The thickness of your cock-head nudges at my ass cheeks to nestle at the entrance of my back-hole. You press forward, rubbing my clit to ease your invasion. My hole is willing for you, and I push back as if I’m moving my bowels to let you know. I feel you slipping up me, rippling pleasurably past my sphincters. I moan. You give me the briefest moment when you are all the way in, and then you begin to stroke firmly in my ass.

I feel as if I’m having an endless, most satisfying shit, while you continue to rub and press my clit. Your body leans weightily over mine. My nipples are being rubbed against the metal of the hood with each thrust, the sensations running down my entire body. Distantly I hear myself braying into your stifling hand, trying to relieve the sensory overload. My ass is grabbing desperately at you in need of sweet release. My hands clutch and scratch at your custom paint job.

‘Play with yourself,’ kaçak bahis you order, and I do. You reach under me and pinch my nipple hard. We both feel the effect. I’m light-headed. My body starts to buzz. My ass spasms around your cock, jumping in time with my clit and pussy and farting out its pleasure while I cum. You hold me down on the hood of the car. You thicken, and your strokes become stronger and harder, burying yourself to the hilt in my spasming ass. I can’t help myself. Your thrusting drives me over the edge and soon I’m cumming again, pressed against the warm hood of the trunk, now with your warm cum jets spewing deep in my ass.

You don’t let me up afterwards. Instead you hold me in place, and I feel more warmth. At first I think you’re cumming again, but then I realize you aren’t thrusting or shuddering the way you usually do, and its going on too long, and there’s more liquid than I expect……. I’m feeling so full now, and I hear myself moan.

You’ve emptied your bladder into me. You withdraw, but I immediately feel something else at my back-hole.

‘I got you a gift,’ you rasp in my ear.

I feel the plug slide into place in my full, used ass. My thong and skirt are replaced, and I’m helped up.

You walk me back to the depot, and put me in a cab.

‘Call me when you get home,’ you signal as you walk away towards your car.