Debts Too High

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This story is mostly true names ave been altered to protect the guilty.


Occasionally as part of my job I run check reports on the credit managers of the leasing company for whom I work. As well as large scale presentation equipment we have several thousand domestic accounts whilst scanning the escalating debt levels an address near the football ground at which I train on a Friday jumped off the page, whist the debt was nothing exceptional, a few hundred pounds, the area is over 50 miles away well outside our core area, it seemed crazy to pass it on to the debt collectors so I rang the customer and arranged to call before training to see if the payment problems could be resolved.

I called round to a small but neat terraced house at around 7.30 Pete the customer answered the door and showed me through to a slightly scruffy living room, he had was a labourer he explained and had been on short time for a few weeks hence the arrears but there was some money he could give me in the kitchen. At the end of a dark passageway a bright light flickered through a plastic curtain, on entering the room I saw a large woman sat in the centre wearing only bra and panties watching a soap she looked up and stared at me blankly.

`Ignore Jan she`s just a lazy old tart` Pete said as he started rummaging in a wall cupboard.

This was far from easy the woman had possibly the largest breasts I had ever seen, she was well into her fifties, overweight with lank grey hair. Tufts of hair were visible under her arms and around the edges of her knickers, she smelt of sweat and stale cooking fat (but that may have been the room). For some inexplicable reason my penis was reacting, I moved to the centre on the room to see what Pete was doing and exclude her from my line of sight before it got embarrassing this meant we were virtually back to back.

Pete had obviously not got as much cash in the cupboard as expected and was now rooting around in drawers looking for more while I stood in the centre of the room like a spare part trying to gather my thoughts and quell my erection when suddenly I felt a hand on my crotch not grabbing or caressing but pressing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri almost pushing me over I looked down to see Jans yellowing teeth grinning at me while her eyes laughed at the colour rising in my face.

`Have you had any fucking money out of here` snapped her husband `Oh here we

He`d obviously found the money and turned back towards us, as if perfectly synchronised her hand moved off me and her pose watching tv was resumed as if nothing had happened. I quickly buried a hand in my jacket pocket and pulled it closed hiding the biggest erection I`d had in months.

`Eighty quid that’s all I`ve got` Pete held up a bunch of tatty notes

I reached out and took the cash,

“This is a start but what about the rest”

“I get paid on a Thursday if you come round next week I`ll give you some more”

With this I left the room Jan had still not spoken I wondered if there was something wrong with her and felt more than a little guilty about my response. Pete showed me out and I confirmed that I would be back at the same time next week.

Throughout the week this disgusting woman dominated my thoughts even when fucking my beautiful, slim, intelligent wife I was fantasising about a fat, dirty woman thirty years older than my partner, it made me feel sick and worst of all guilty.

On the following Friday I arrived at the small house and pressed the novelty door chimes a cow mooed, I cringed. Earlier I had determined not to go in but to take the cash on the door step and go straight to football, Jan opened the door dressed in what appeared to be the same bra and pants as on my previous visit, I followed her into the kitchen all resolve disappearing. She turned and pressed my cock then looped her free hand around my neck and brought my mouth to hers. Her coarse tongue tasted of cigarettes as it probed my gums.

“Undo my bra” she could speak, I was surprised and relieved that she wasn`t in some way retarded.

I obeyed reached behind her and unclipping the off white harness, her tits flowed down her body, massive hard nipples came to rest below the top of her stained knickers I had never güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri seen breasts this size or shape.

“Kiss Them”

I held her breast in two hands and knelt to take the dark end in my mouth, my face was level with her crotch it smelt of piss and stale cheap scent. Briefly I came to my senses, what am I doing here, but at the same instance my prick clouded my thinking.

As I stuffed more and more of her into my mouth she reached down and pulled the gusset to one side running her fingers along the length and breadth of her sex, slowly her chubby nicotine stained fingers entered her gaping hole not deep just to the first joint. I stared at her, my face inches from her pubic mound, as I licked and chewed on her massive, hard, dark nipple the smells of her sex filled my nostrils.

She pulled her hand back grasped the elasticated waist and deftly removed her panties and in one movement rocked back on to the seat she had occupied on our last meeting. She was hairy, a vast greying mat leading to chubby thighs. Her hands ran gently trough my hair, pressure slowly increasing forcing my head lower, the smell was both overpowering and incredibly erotic, she pulled my mouth on to her pubic mound, I gagged but carried on greedily probing as deeply as my tongue allowed forcing my chin into her sopping crack, sucking first one lip then the other while flicking my tongue at what I guessed was her clit. She tensed her thighs and I thought she might have cum but could not be certain and didn`t really care. I continued sucking on her lips. bringing them deep into my mouth then held her open and ran my tongue almost to her anus, this continued for some time with her fingers firmly gripping my hair.

By now she was very open and wet, my free hand was fondling her buttocks gradually working inside her cheeks until my fingers probed her arsehole. Gently I entered her this met with what I assumed was approval as the grip on my hair forced my face deeper into her body.

I was lost to the world my face buried in this stinking old cunt two fingers inserted up her arse when my head was violently jerked back.

“get güvenilir bahis şirketleri your clothes off” she spat the words at me and once I had complied “lie on the floor”

I seemed to have no free will and did as instructed. She squatted over my erect penis and gently lowered herself on to me, when she had absorbed my entire cock she slowly ground against my pelvis while I pulled at her hard nipples. She rose and fell with surprising grace allowing me to feel all around her the wiry grey pubic hairs tickled the base of my penis. Then she stopped in mid stroke and dismounted. She turned and lowered herself onto my face then bent forward and nibbled on my foreskin

“This is for me pleasure not yours” she grunted “so just lick it while I taste myself off your cock and don`t even think about cumming yet”

I did as I was told licked at her like a puppy and felt her tongue and teeth on my balls and cock, my body throbbed but mindful of her words I did not ejaculate, yet I could not continue for much longer without some release.

Finally when my face was soaked she rolled off me her massive tits fell to her side then she rose on to her knees and elbows and presented herself to me

“Fuck me hard” she commanded

I didn`t need any second invitation grasping her buttocks and sliding effortlessly into her soaking vacuous cunt. I pumped away opening her anus with my thumbs my prick running its length against her clit. She worked back into me her tempo increasing as I probed her arse, then with a shudder I came floods of semen erupted from my cock which I removed and squirted all over her bum. As my erection subsided I gently rubbed this spillage into her lubricating her rear to ease my fingers as pushed deeper. She pulled away stood up and looked down on me

“get dressed and fuck off out of my house”

Quickly pulling my training kit on I turned to walk up the dark central passage

“You`ve forgotten my money” I said

She glared at me “don`t you think I earned the forty quid Pete left for you”

“You`ve got to be joking a smelly old hag like you should be paying me”

She turned quickly, her tits swung out, and reached on to the dresser behind clutched some five pound notes and threw them in my direction. I picked them up screwed two bills up and threw them back to her.

“Buy some new knickers I`ll be back next week for more…. money”

She looked up smiled and slowly touched herself

“Fuck off”