Dave Pays Us A Visit.

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Dave Pays Us A Visit.Craig’s Dad Tom Part 3I’ll be known as my nickname ‘G’ in this part. Saturday night was uneventful apart from some cock play and dirty talk so I’ll just skip to Sunday. SundayTom was up early, he had a new spring in his step, we went out for breakfast then for a walk in the woods, do you fancy a bit of fun as we walked through the trails, oh that’ll be good I replied, I was about a step in front, Tom grabbed me from behind and pinned me up against a tree with his belly, I’m gonna fuck you, he started kissing me passionately, he undid my trousers and fondled my cock and balls, he undid his and pulled them down with his under pants, bend over and grab the tree, he said, I did and by this point his cock was hard and he was lubricating it with his spit, you want daddies cock in you, he spread my legs apart with his feet and penetrated my arse with his throbbing cock, you like this he said, how does daddies cock feel in you.Talk about spare of the moment but fuck did I enjoy it. His gentle nature turned into a sex maniac, he hooked his arms under mine and clasp them at the back of my neck he pounded my arse and it made my semi hard cock slap against my belly. He started to bite my neck, the my ear lobes. He then slipped one of his hands into my shirt and squeezed my nipple tight until it was painful, he carried on for quiet some time we weren’t exactly quiet with all the moaning that went on, fuck me harder empty your balls in me I moaned. Tom reached around and started wanking me, tell me when your ready to shoot and I’ll shoot in you at the same time, Tom pounded me for another couple of minutes, I shouted I’m cumin Tom I’m cumin, Tom gave it a few more thrusts, I shoot my load and I heard Toms moan release as he shot his massive load in me, the timing was slightly off but only by a second or so, I kept repeating that was fuckin amazing Tom, absolutely amazing, Tom took some wipes out his pocket and cleaned his spunk from my arse, he gave me some and I clean the spunk from his cock, he pulled his trousers and pants up with the biggest smile on his face. We walked to the Refreshment Kiosk, Tom got us both a tea and we went and sat on a bench, was that my surprise you promised me yesterday, err no, that’s tonight. Fuck Tom you went from a mild manner gentleman to a sex b**st, you turned like the incredible hulk did when he gets mad, but phewww that was some kind of fuck.Tom said he had something interesting to tell me, I texted Dave and asked him if he would like a three some this Afternoon, oh interesting I replied, he used the excuse that he’s going to meet his old work mates and one of them retiring so he’s going for a drink, did you tell him about me, yep, he said he better get dressed up to make a good impression. What’s Dave like then, Big Stocky bloke with a large beer belly, bigger than mine an a good size cock, he likes to be fucked and he loves being sucked off, he’ll love your fucking b**st of a cock, I’ve not told him about that yet I’ll leave it as a surprise. I usually have a couple of drinks with him before hand just to loosen him up. You must like a similar type of bloke to what I do Tom, well I like men near to my age, so I’ve known all my regulars for twenty years so we were a lot younger when we started, there all working men, bus drivers, truckers, security, plumbers, builders and the like and they all take it up the arse, so you were a bit of a stud then back in the day then, Tom smiled, and I replied after this weekend Tom you still are, but don’t stop seeing them on my account Tom, I’d be always up for a three some, but can you save it for after next week end I’d like us to have some time together and I want to wine and dine you and spoil you rotten. I can feel a Tom hug coming on again and it happened with the obligatory peck on the head, There’s one thing I’ve not asked you Tom said, what’s your occupation, I’m an self employed Electrician Tom, oh that’ll come in handy.Sunday afternoon.We made our way to a local pub to meet up with Dave it was within walking distance so Tom could have a drink, plus it was a pretty sunny day so we could sit out in the beer garden. I got the round in and we found a shaded seat under a tree, it wasn’t to busy as there was a big sporting event on the TV, can’t really remember what it was, Tom sent Dave a text to inform him we were in the beer garden, few minutes later Dave turned up, Tom introduce me to him and we shook hands, I remarked pendik escort on Dave’s attire and how smart he looked, I went off to the bar to get Dave a drink I deliberately took my time so Tom and Dave could have a catch up together, Dave asked us if we’d had a good weekend, I replied absolute total debauchery Dave, it wouldn’t look out of place in a porn film, Tom laughed, don’t tell him about this morning, you two a couple then, where working on that Dave, for now we’re friends with benefits and Tom’s getting me a key cut for the door tomorrow, oh so you are a couple, Tom replied, Yep, we think we’re in love as well, Dave laughed, I think you two deserve each other with those answers.Tom then moved the conversation on, so G what do you think to Dave, I looked Dave straight in the eye gave him a wink and replied he’s my type of man, mature, handsome and masculine can’t wait to get his cloths off, Dave smiled and replied you sure your looking at the right person, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tom went to get another round in so I had a bit of a getting to know you with Dave , I asked him if he had ever had a three some, no I’ve only really been with one man and that’s Tom, when he text me about this and told me a young man would be joining us I got quiet excited, actually Dave this might be a four some Tom is talking to Craig over there, have you ever met him Craig, he laughed, well for a very short moment when he caught me and Tom at it. Tom returned, Well guess who I just met, I replied Craig, yep he’s in the dinning area with his Mrs and her friends, he’s gonna try and escape and join us. It didn’t take to long for him to show up, I bet he used some of that comedic charm he’s got, Craig brought some menus out, right who wants something to eat, I’ll pay as G payed yesterday, Tom remarked Craig this is Dave, Dave this is Craig. Craig paused for a moment, oh yeah we didn’t quiet meet last time, Craig laid back and lifted his legs, that all I could see of you last time Dave, we all fell about laughing, Craig stood up and shook Dave’s hand, well food anyone Craig said. We all choose and Craig went to the bar and ordered, while he was gone Tom asked if both of us if we’d like a foursome, I looked at Dave and smiled he smiled back and winked at me, aye aye what’s going on here the Tom said an assumption that turned into a fact Tom.Craig got back rubbed his hands, are we having a foursome then, more laughter broke out and we all agreed, after this I would have had sex more times with G this week than the last three years with my wife Craig said, and me said Dave. Well this is turning into a comedy sketch, I aske Tom if he had anything to add, Tom just shook his head and put his head in his hands.So the time had come and we arrived back at Toms house, we made our way down to the gym room at the bottom of the garden, Tom stopped me and said right this is your surprise, you pair off with Dave for a while and I’ll pair off with Craig, he likes lots of intimacy like kissing cuddling and stroking, don’t fuck him yet though we’ll have a big fuck session at the end just think of it as a getting to know you, Tom had a big grin on his face, then pulled a diving curtain across the room for a bit of privacy.A few seconds after I heard Tom shout to Craig, get those fucking panties off I want a good suck of your cock. I asked Dave if I could strip him, yeah go ahead, I moved behind Dave and helped him to remove his jacket, Dave had a pair of braces on and I rubbed his shoulders underneath them, oh there so fucking sexy Dave, your one hell of a big beautiful man, I rubbed down his back and started to feel his arse, oh that feels good he said, I moved to the front of him and started to kiss him, Dave put his muscular arms around me, his lounge penetrated my mouth, my balls started to tingle, I slowly undid his shirt buttons and rubbed his smooth chest moving down to his large belly, Dave unhooked his braces and I removed his shirt and hung it up, i undid Dave’s trouser, I felt like i was opening a Christmas present, but I knew what was in there but ive not played with it yet, i pulled his flies down and let them drop. Dave carefully took them from off from around his feet as he gripped my arm for support, out of respect for him making the effort with his cloths I also hung them up. Dave was left just in his socks and silk shorts shorts that didn’t indicate what the where covering, he turned his back escort pendik to me and slipped his hands down the side, Dave was teasing me, he let me see one arse cheek then the other, I stepped forward and squeezed them and kissed the back of his neck, I stepped back after to watch the rest of the show, he bent over to take them off and i got a broad white arse with a massive pair of bollocks hanging down. Fuck, my legs started shaking, he turned around, he cupped both hands over his equipment, close your eyes he said and count to ten, I counted down, 5,4,3,2,1 I opened them Dave was lying on the mat with his legs apart, his hand were put to the back and supported him. FUCK SAKE, That is absolutely gorgeous, Tom voice came from the other side of the curtain “I think someone’s seen something they like”, that’s a fucking understatement I shouted back. Dave’s cock hung low over his balls, it must have been eight inches long with a nice girth and that was limp, I dropped to my knees and took it in my hands, I cupped his balls as I pulled his foreskin back to reveal his bell end, I lowered my head and took it in my mouth and started to suck the whole length into my mouth, I sucked it like a porn star, Dave put his head back and moaned, that’s nice, over and over again. I rubbed his belly and squeezed his nipples, Dave’s back spasmed. I took a pause after five minutes or so I laid on top of him, and whispered in his ear, that is the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen, thank you for sharing it with me, Dave grabbed my head with both of his hands and started to passionately kiss me again, his cock had hardened I could feel it against my belly, I slipped down his body and took his hard cock back in my mouth, the ten inch b**st wouldn’t fit in, his cock was a weapon a weapon of mass destruction, if he fucked any one with this it would have wrecked their hole.I asked Dave to get on all fours I wanted to explore his arse, Dave knelt then dropped and rested his chest in the floor, the sight I’d seen early was in all it’s splendor, his balls and arse looked succulent so i went to town on them, Dave was loving it he started to thrusting and grinding his hips back as the intensity increase, as with every man I do this with his pre cum started to stream out his japs eye, I slid in-between his legs so his cock and balls were above my face and sucked all that pre cum off his bell end. Dave was loving it, your paying me a lot of attention he said, I asked him to sit back so he was sitting on my face, Dave pulled his arse cheeks apart so i could really get my tongue up there, his rim was pulsating I think he want my cock so I started to give him a good fingering, his body stiffened up as I inserted two fingers without any warning, I continued for quiet a while and seeing that his balls were in my face they got some mouth attention as well. Dave got off my face and laid flat and I laid facing him, I remembered what Tom said about what Dave likes so I stroked his head and his body, Dave closed his eyes and made a kind of humming sound as i lightly touched his body all over, oh I wish you could do this to me everyday Dave said, I think Toms going to invite you around a lot more, Dave’s eyes opened and he smiled, hope so he said. I asked Dave about his sex life, from the wife nothing, not even a wank I’m an HGV driver I do overnight stops at truck stops and the like, it’s pretty good and satisfies all my needs generally, if your interested you’ll have to come out with me sometime, they’ll be like flies around shit when they see that cock on you. I asked him if he users his b**st of a cock to fuck anyone, occasionally Dave said a lot of blokes can’t take it, I know what you mean Dave, I’d give it a good go, Dave replied I’ll give it go after. Although Dave’s cock wasn’t as thick as mine it was a a good 10 inch long and I’ve never had a cock that big before, then again I’ve had small cocks that have pleasured me more than big ones. Dave took up the position he did earlier, on his knees, chest on the mat and face to the side, he reached back with his hands and pulled his arse cheeks apart, give it to me he said, give it to me hard big boy, I applied the lube to the whole of his arse crack and rubbed the lube in Gentilly, oh that’s nice he moaned, I carried on for a good five minutes paying particular attention to his pulsating ring as it opened and closed, I inserted two fingers and worked the lube deep into his man pendik escort bayan pussy, he groaned, Dave gave me instructions, don’t just stick your cock in there from your current position, crouch above my arse then fuck me, I want your warm spunk juice in me.I crouched over Dave big arse and guided my cock towards his whole, it was actually quiet a good position and I had no problem penetration him, I place my hands on his lower back and started to pump my hips, fucking hell that feels good, some cock you’ve got there to pleasure my arse, fuck that feels good, Dave said.I fucked his hole at a few minutes then increased the speed and force, Dave grabbed the sides off the mats, fucking nice, that’s good, fuck me harder big boy, he started whispering, oh that’s good, over and over again. I’ve never had a bloke that got more pleasure from me fucking him than Dave.I went on for a further ten minutes fucked him harder and harder, I’m cumin Dave, he clenched the mats tighter, I shot my load and carried on pumping his arse until my bollocks were empty, I withdrew my cock, Dave slumped forward on the mat and laid face down with his legs spread, his arse cheeks were red from body banging against them, I spread his cheeks an fingered the leaked spunk back into his hole, that what’s fucking brilliant lad you know how to use that cock. He turned over and laid on his back, I straddled his waist and started to massage his belly and chest. Tom had a big smile across his face, now lets see if we can fit your b**st of cock in me.Tom was limp by this time, so i worked on his cock with some lube, infact I worked on all his body with lube massaging it in to his soft white skin from his shoulders to his ankles and that smile never left his face. I got Dave hard within ten minutes, he really liked the massage I’d given him especially his upper inside legs, I straddle his chest and got him to lube and work on my arse, I was ready, I thought it would be easier to just sit on his cock that way I could control the pain as the b**st penetrated my hole, I asked Dave to grab and squeeze the bottom of his shaft to make his cock more stable, I guided my arse onto his cock, it was perfectly positioned, I thought it was like going into a cold swimming pool for the first time, just jump in, within a second I put my whole weight on it and Daves cock penitrated me with such force it brought tears to my eyes, Dave reach up and grabbed my hand “you alright lad, Dave said, I’m OK just need a minute, Dave held my hands until I recovered, I asked him to thrust his him gentally, he started, fuck that feels amazing Dave, his smile returned to his face as he continued his slow thrusts, it took me a few minute to get comfortable before I started to ride his cock myself, I thought about changing positions but this was enough for the first time. I probably rode Daves cock for a good 10 minutes before Dave shot his load, he didn’t give any warning or sound, I could tell as he squeezed my hand tight closed his eyes and gave a few hard thrusts of his hips.I climbed of Dave and laid by his side, I put my arm across his chest, Dave rubbed his nose in my ear, he whispered to me I’d like be with you again, but on your own. Let’s go and have a shower, after which we went back to our space, I got dressed pretty quick and then helped Dave with his tie as he forgot to put it on, I said to Dave, your tie, your Mrs will want to know why you’ve not got it on, Dave put his thumb up, he threaded it under his shirt collar and I did it up for him, I brushed him down with my hand and checked that everything was in place, Dave kissed me and took hold of my hands again, thank lad you’ve made a an old man very very happy I didnt think I’d have sex like that ever again, you’ve restored my confidence. I gave Dave a big long hug and kiss. We swapped numbers, Dave took a few photos of me, I got my cock out for one and told him if he’s ever feeling lonely to ring or text me.I asked Tom if it was OK if I could stay the night as I had nothing booked in for work for Monday morning, you don’t have to ask Tom said, I’m not going into work in the morning either so we can have a few extra hours in bed.Well that was one special week, from having the sum total of zero friends to having three and I’d had sex with all of them, not to mention that my life was about to completely change due to my association with Tom. Oh and those few extra hours in bed, I fucked Tom, it was the first time he’d ever had a cock in him(apart from his mouth).This is not the end of the story due to the open nature of our relationship, there will be other stories to come about our sexual adventures. I’m just listing and trying to recall memories.