Dating Julie Ch. 01

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California weather sometimes sucks. There are days when the sun is shining brightly, but a gust of Pacific winds chills your bones as you walk around, wearing sunglasses. It was one such day when I met Julie.

I was walking by a park when I spotted a woman smoking a cigarette. Having had a stressful day, I approached her and asked her if she had one to spare. She was nice. She gave me two. Plus, she had a cute face. It reminded me of the blonde elf lady in Lord of the Rings. Except, her body language was totally different. It oozed leadership and confidence. Which was pleasantly surprising. So I got her phone number.

A week passed by and I was on my way to my first date with Julie. Remembering back, it was a great first date. But it was also a great warning sign. Alas, the male judgment is so easily veiled by sexual hunger!

We went to the beach, by the pier, to take a walk and get to know each other before going to dinner. The walk before dinner was my idea [men – we’re always trying to score], but the walk on the beach because “the pier is too crowded” was her idea [women – always scheming while smiling]. It wasn’t long before she had me naked, my full weight of my body burying my hands in the cold sand beneath me, her knees and body weight pinning me down, me güvenilir bahis begging and barking, yes barking, and begging to eat her pussy.

But, how did we get to that point? Quite simple really. My male ego thought it was a good idea to brag to her about my 8 inch long, 2.5 inch wide dick. My male ego also thought it was a good idea to make her feel like it’s not all about just sex, by telling her that I love it when women are in charge of the relationship. That wasn’t a whole lie, but it wasn’t the whole truth. Up until I met Julie, I liked being in charge of the relationship passively, as a judge, while letting the girl play the game, according to my rules. Julie shrewdly used my own statements against me. She should have been a lawyer, not a nurse practitioner.

So, there I was, barking for her comic entertainment, begging for her pussy to smother me. The sand was chaffing my delicate ass crevice and scrotum. I somehow got lucky and didn’t tell her about that at that time. The interesting thing, when she finally let me suck her juices out of her tender pussy, my dick sprung to life and it started wagging with happiness, just like a dog’s tail when it sees its owner.

All in all, we dated for about 4 weeks, with about 8 dates, without sexual intercourse. Of türkçe bahis course, each date was progressively more in her favor. Julie trained me to give her foot rubs in public, and to get hard when she allowed me to suck her toes, in public. She trained me to get spanked in public, and to get hard at the pride of seeing other people stare at my thick slab of meat, poking into my zipper, while she spanked me abit more, marking her territory. Most importantly, she trained me to get hard when I heard her voice saying “hey bitch,” or shouting “come here, bitch” in the mall.

After those 4 weeks, I had a general idea of what was in store for me. Well, not really, but I had my suspicions. A rational person would have likely walked out of the relationship. Men aren’t rational when they haven’t been brought to orgasm in the past 4 weeks.

One Friday, in the afternoon, I get a phone call from Julie. “Hey bitch.” she says. “Hey Julie,” I reply. “Be at my house tonight at 10pm. Bring extra clothes because you will be spending the night. Before coming here, stop by the sex shop and buy me a Kong dildo with a suction cup base. See you then, bitch.” she stated, and then she hung up the phone.

I was so happy I would spend the night at her house [which likely meant we would fuck] güvenilir bahis siteleri that I didn’t care to remember to stop by the sex shop and buy that dildo. I arrived at her house, with a box of Belgian Truffles, at 9:50pm. I knocked and waited at the door for 10 minutes.

“I waited for 10 minutes, Julie.” was what I was halfway saying when I realized that, although she was in a bath robe at the door, she was sweaty and her hair was a mess. “Are you having sex?” I asked, angry. “I told you to come here, I told you that you’ll be spending the night. Be happy ….” she replied in a genuinely honest manner and tone. I thought to myself “she called me, she told me to come, she is going to have sex with me. she wouldn’t call me over if she was having sex with someone else.” and with that, I walked in her house.

“I didn’t give you permission to walk in my house. Take off your clothes and crawl in my house. You are my bitch, behave.” she said in that same, genuinely honest manner and tone. Obviously, I obliged. After taking off all my clothes, I got on all fours and started crawling after her. I decided it would be nice to flirt with her, by barking while nibbling on her ankles. She always liked that.


“Wag your tail when you crawl, just like the bitch in heat that you are.” She said in a cold voice, while landing her open palms with her full force, on my bare ass cheeks. And thus, my erection sprung and, leaking pre-cum, my manhood was betrayed.