Daniel Ch. 02: Jonathan’s Wife and Daughter

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WARNING: This new story continues with Daniel another new character. Here in involves scenes of graphic sex including reluctance, cuckolding, anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by female adults over eighteen years old.

My name is Daniel Johnson. I have my PhD in English Literature and have traveled to New England for a one term assignment. I’m forty five and well maintained by daily exercise and weight training. I wear my red hair long and have an unnerving smile and have hypnotic blue eyes, the color of the sea after a storm. My cock is fat, long and hungry.

Mothers of students have told me I have a commanding presence and they find themselves easily taken under my sway. My senior level courses seem to attract female groupies who until recently I have managed to keep at bay. I have accepted a short term assignment at an extremely private women’s boarding school. The girls are the cream of society and have pretty much not wanted for anything.

My area of expertise is the Romantic Period (1785-1832). I have a concentration in the Gothic Period that concerned itself with elaborate tales of mystery, suspense, and superstition. Most Gothic villains are powerful males who prey on young, virginal women. The stories create tension and appeal deeply to women students so I committed to teaching this elective.

I took the night train heading up to New England. In my previous story you can read were I watched a blonde haired girl in a short plaid school skirt masturbate in what she thought was a deserted club car. She was reading from an old leather bound book which I realized was an erotic Gothic horror novel. I was well aware of that underground erotic novel and wondered if she ‘borrowed’ it from her Daddy’s library.

My blonde guest began moaning and shaking and her fingers moved rapidly in and out her wet pussy and across her clit. She shook and moaned and hissed. Finally her legs returned to the club car seat and opened wide again. Her skimpy thong was now soaked with her pussy juices. After she punished her pussy she saw me. On a challenge she let me fuck her on the car table. I took all of her even her ass for the first time. She said her name was Penelope.

I caught a cab and went to the hotel I booked until I worked out the room and board that came with my teaching position. I had early check in and went up to my room. I took a walk into the town center orienting myself. I had dinner in the hotel then went to the bar when a woman in a black dress sat at the stool next to me. She ordered a Captain and ginger.

It wasn’t long before my hypnotic blue eyes had her showing me her deep cleavage and a lot of upper breast as the bodice dipped deep. She shifted her knees to outside mine and I could see her bright pink panties. My long fat cock climbed down my thigh and her eyes followed my movement and her eyes sparkled. It wasn’t long before Portia was naked in my hotel room.

She said she was married to a man too old to provide for her needs. I provided what she needed five times over. She came on my tongue, on my long fat cock pounding her cunt and with my hot thick cum filling her ass. “I’m gonna cum, I’m fucking gonna cum Daniel. Fill my ass with your hot thick cum and push me over the edge,” she screamed.

Portia had to get home to her husband with whom she had a silent understanding. I asked her how much I owed her, laughing. I kept her panties as a memory of that night. All in all it’s been a great start to a new phase in my life. On Sunday I was invited to the Dean of Humanities house for a welcoming dinner.

I walked across campus to the Dean’s residence. I knocked on the door and was greeted by an elderly man perhaps in his early sixty’s. He walked me back towards the kitchen. By way of introduction he said,

“Daniel, this is my wife, Portia, and my daughter, Penelope.”

They both turned and with shocked faces dropped their wine glasses which shattered on the old colonial wooden floor. They recovered quickly telling their husband and dad that they had been surprised. Both women were beet red from embarrassment in having recognized me as having fucked them recently. I doubt neither daughter nor wife knew I had had them both. My cock began to harden and both women watched it push down my trouser leg.

Portia cleaned up the broken glass and I watched her ass move under her pleated skirt as she bent over several times. Penelope caught me looking so I winked at her and stroked my long cock. She mouthed, “Oh Fuck,” and reached for the table to hold herself up off weakening legs. Jonathan directed me to my seat at the table. I love the way random events play out.

Jonathan sat me across from him leaving his daughter and wife to either of my sides within easy reach under the table. I pushed my knee and thigh against their own and massaged their legs under the table. Neither woman pulled away. Our conversation was very animated but I played a staring game with both women. I held Penelope’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri eyes as I placed my hand on her knee and pushed it up under her skirt. Her eyes were lost in my deep blues as she opened her thighs. My fingers found a wet gusset and a soaked cameltoe.

I played around with her honey pot then brought my hand up to sip my wine. Her fragrant essence was on my fingers as she watched me lick them. She turned red from her face to below into her cleavage. I licked my lips and knew for certain I could have her whenever the opportunity presented itself.

I engaged Jonathan in a conversation about an idea I had for an extra credit senior level Gothic novel seminar. It would be open to only senior students that pass my interview. Because of their schedule I would have to schedule it for Friday night. I asked him if he could suggest several novels and that I would be very grateful.

He got very animated and went off discussing various Gothic novels. He discussed at length, The Castle of Otranto, The Monk and then Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. He thought I should choose Frankenstein because he speculated none of the students had actually read the book and only had movie adaptations as their basis of knowledge.

While he rambled on I moved my left hand onto Portia’s knee and pushed it under her skirt. She moaned softly but opened her thighs. My fingers walked up her thigh and found her panties. The gusset was wet and warm. I found her clit at the top of her slit and started massaging. I could feel her panties getting soaked as she started to push her labia against my fingers. She picked up her napkin and bit down as she shook through an orgasm.

I looked over at Penelope and her eyes were wide open. I smiled at her and tossed her a kiss with my lips. I then brought my fingers to my lips and licked off Portia’s cum. Jonathan was still rambling on so I asked Portia to show me to the bathroom. She slowly stood and said she would take me to the one upstairs. I watched her walk the steps and her ass sway her skirt. She pointed to the bathroom door and stood aside.

I grabbed her long hair and pulled her into the bathroom. I bent her over the counter and flipped her skirt up her back. She started to protest but I held her down. I had palmed a tab of butter and pulling down her panties I pushed it against her asshole. Portia moaned as she heard my zipper going down. I get my pants custom made with a high rise and long zipper. I learned early getting my fat eight inch cock out of my pants was a chore.

My dick was rock hard now. I rubbed the butter on my palm and fingers up and down my cock. I pushed my cockhead against her darkstar. The butter acted as a lube and my fat helmet slid through her analring. Portia moaned and shimmied her ass back against my cock invading her ass.

Her circular back lips caressed my cock as I slid in even deeper until my balls touched her ass. I was in her ass for my own pleasure so I began pulling back then thrusting forward. Portia moaned each time my fat cock went deep down her ass. I reached around and grabbed her tits with my unbuttered hand and squeezed hard. Portia moved her hips to grind her clit against the counter top as I thrust into her.

My thrusting increased as I felt her ass tighten down on my cock. She grabbed a washcloth and shoved it into her mouth. She screamed her orgasm and started shaking. Her ass twerking on my cock brought me over the edge and I filled her rectum with globs of my hot cum. I pounded her ass over and over as with each thrust I shot cum down her ass.

I went deep down her ass and pulled her hair until she stood. I bit her ear and said, “I own this ass and will use it for my pleasure every chance I get. You will not refuse me. Now kneel down and suck my cock clean!”

Portia knelt and took my cock into her mouth and sucked and licked it clean. She had to pull up her panties tight to her ass to catch my cum leaking out. I zipped up and walked out leaving her kneeling on the floor.

Penelope stood out in the hallway. She had to have heard all that just went on. I pushed her against the wall then grabbed her tit and her wet pussy under her skirt. I rubbed the butter off on her gusset. “I just fucked your mother’s ass and I will again. You’re also gonna give me your ass anytime I want it and you’re gonna get your special girl friends to do the same. Make sure you get them to interview for my Independent Study course. Make sure they are over eighteen. I want some fresh meat available to me. Do you understand me Penelope?” I growled at her squeezing her pussy lips hard.

“Yes,” she mumbled. “YES WHAT?” I snapped. “Yes, Sir!” she replied.

I walked downstairs, drank some more wine and talked with Jonathan again. He took me aside and whispered, “I wish I could sit in should you discuss ‘Thérèse Philosophe’ by Jean-Baptiste de Boyer,” and he laughed, “Or perhaps ‘Laura’s Education'”. I knew those Gothic books; one was about a girl’s initiation into the secrets of both philosophy and sex and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the other about a young girl’s sexual initiation by her father. I wondered if old Jonathan had a lust for his ripe young daughter.

We worked out a schedule to show me my office and discuss my plans to begin my class. So with that arranged I said my goodbye to Jonathan, Portia and Penelope. I gave the women a demure kiss on their cheek and whispered to both, “I’m gonna fuck you again soon,” then kissed them again. I went back to the hotel with plans to arrive on campus the next day, Monday.

In the morning I arrived at Jonathan’s office and he took me to my office on the third floor. The building was old and I did not expect much. When he opened the door to my quarters I saw a very modern suite and laughed. Jonathan told me this was the prior Dean’s office and he modernized it. It actually included a small apartment attached to the office.

“This is where you will stay for the duration of your assignment. You can utilize the student cafeteria and laundry service and cleaning will be provided by students in our Hospitality program,” Jonathan explained. “You can interview students for your Independent Study in this office. You have free range of the campus. Oh by the way the prior Dean was our disciplinarian. I would expect you to take on that responsibility. The procedure to the girls is known as ‘Taking the Three Stairs’. You’ll find the instruments in your desk. Knowing these spoiled girls as I do you will soon have your first supplicant,” he said laughing. I was beginning to like Jonathan and told him so. He smiled brightly and huffed and shook my hand again.

With that he left me to explore my surroundings. Skipping ahead the first few weeks of class went smoothly. My primary class was an elective and I had freshman through seniors in my class. I quickly developed a following of google-eyed females pent on basking in my rugged masculinity. They rushed to line up at my door fighting to get front row seats.

The braver seniors tried to tease me by crossing and re-crossing their legs. I had the class roster and a number of the eighteen year old seniors gave me several peeks under their pulled up skirts. Often I would leave my desk and slap a ruler down on their desk causing them to jump and sit up straight. Once or twice I had to start my class reminding the girls on the rules of decorum and that I was the new school disciplinarian.

“I will be more than happy to apply a little reminder to any student who is careless about their posture while attending my class or any other class at this school.” The ‘panty presentations’ had a severe drop off after my speech. I still had to endure the ‘Indiana Jones’ infatuation with my rugged looks, piercing blue eyes and long red hair. Too many girls had questions after class even interrupting my meals in the school cafeteria.

Penelope was in my class and kept me on my toes. There were many times she sat opposite my desk on purpose. She even chased off a few freshmen girls. She’d let her skirt ride up and cross her legs keeping them wide open. Her blonde pussy was on display almost every class. She had an evil smirk as she watched me for a reaction. Too bad for her she got caught at a careless moment in another class showing off her pussy.

I was grading papers when there came a knock on my door. I opened the door and there stood a Proctor and Penelope. The proctor told me the situation and left Penelope in my care. She was caught red pussied and now had to face discipline. I directed her to lay her chest upon my desk. She slowly walked to my desk and lay down and stretched her arms out and gripped the other edge of the desk. I knew from class rosters that Penelope was over eighteen and as she had told me on the train.

I walked behind her and flipped the school uniform skirt up on her back. There were no panties under that skirt and her athletic ass trembled. Her young fragrance leaking out between her pussy lips ascended out from under her. I opened my desk drawer and removed a flogger that I had found investigating my office. I pushed against her black and whites until she spread her legs wide. Her coral gash between her thighs covered in a dusting of blonde curls was on display. Her pussy lips shone from her fragrant juices dripping out. I watched as one full flow released from the center of her pussy and dropped to the floor. This girl was creaming herself from either excitement or fear or both perhaps.

I pulled my arm back and brought the tresses of the flogger down across her ass cheeks. Penelope screamed as the tresses turned her ass red. The standard course of disciple for this flagrant offense was twelve applications of the flogger. I told Penelope to count.

She moaned out, “One.” The flogger descended once again. Pink stripes appeared on her ass and the backs of her thighs. She moaned out, “Two.” I used a gentle arm motion but disciple proceed until Penelope sobbed out, “Twelve.” I gently ran the tresses across her red ass güvenilir bahis şirketleri and she sobbed and moaned. I turned the tresses and ran them up her dripping pussy lips and over her darkstar. She moaned and pushed her ass up and back trying to increase the contact.

“I have a confession to make Mr. Daniel, Sir. I showed off my pussy to my old math teacher so he would send me to you. I knew you would punish me and I wanted you to. I wanted you to see how wet my pussy was thinking of you disciplining me. When you grabbed my tits and pussy in my hallway at home and told me you own me I pissed my panties.”

“You fucked me so good on the train like I’d never been fucked before. Mr. Williams gave me a sleeper car and I woke up with my two fingers up my ass rubbing out several orgasms. He must have heard me moaning and screaming my climax. He came into my room and dropped his pants and whities.”

“I watched him stoke his black cock until it was thick and long. He then fucked my cunt as I came all over that fat cock and his heavy balls. He pulled out and grabbed my long blonde hair and pulled me down onto my knees. He shoved his fat cock into my mouth and down my throat. His cock was wet with my cum and I sucked myself off that black cock.”

“He used my mouth and throat like a cunt and drove it in deep until his balls kissed my chin. I gagged on his fat black cock but he didn’t stop. He called me all disgusting names as he then filled my throat and mouth with globs of his hot thick cum. He shot so much cum into my mouth it leaked out the sides of my lips and dripped down onto my tits. He just kept pushing his cock into my mouth and pumping cum across my tongue and down my throat.”

“I had pushed my fingers back up my ass and others into my cunt. I came over and over as I choked on his black cock and cum. He pulled out and shot more cum on my face and tits then pushed his softening cock back into my mouth. I sucked him clean of my juices and his thick cum even taking his huge balls into my mouth and licking them clean. He re-dressed then just walked out of my sleeper car. I collapsed to the floor breathing heavily as my cunt juices dripped out of me and wet the floor. I could taste his cum still on my lips.”

“I realized then Master that I loved being forced to please a cock. I came so hard from that train ride abuse that I wanted it over and over. Now Master will you please fuck my ass and fill it with your cum then I will willingly clean your cock in my mouth. Get your cock nice and wet in my cunt then shove your fat long cock down my ass. Please master Daniel,” Penelope begged.

“Have you talked to your close friends about taking my special Friday night course?” “Yes Master.” “Have you told them I’m gonna fuck each of them in class while you all watch?”

“Yes Master. I told them all about your cock and where it went at our last coven meeting. We got so horny that we wound up in a daisy chain on the floor. We made each other cum so many times we fainted and woke up still on the floor. Each of them wants to give you their ass when I told them how it made me cum over and over. Now please fuck me Master I have to get back to the dorm soon,” Penelope moaned as she shimmied her ass back at me.

I walked to my office door and locked it. I then returned to behind Penelope’s ass and dropped my pants and boxers. I took my hard cock in my hand inches still extending past my fingers and ran it between her wet dripping cunt lips. They opened revealing the entrance to her cunt. I pushed my fat cockhead to that doorway and with one thrust hit her cervix. She moaned as I pulled back then hit the end of her cunt hard. I jackhammered her pussy until she screamed and hot cunt juice sprayed back onto my thighs.

Before Penelope could recover from her climax I pulled out and pushed my cockhead against her anus. It gave way and I slid into her tight ass. It was so much tighter then her cunt so it took me a few thrusts to fill her ass with all my fat eight inches of cock. My heavy cum filled balls now lay against her wet pussy lips. On her own Penelope started slowly twerking her ass on my cock.

I pulled back to my fat cockhead and shoved my meat back down her hot oven. Penelope moaned and her entire body shook on my desk. I then just hammered my cock down her ass. I pulled all out and looked at the large “O” I made of her analring. I pushed deep down again and started fucking her ass.

I reached under my cock and pulled on her swollen clit and my palm got sprayed with hot pussy juice as Penelope screamed again. Her body went into twerking shakes as she came on my desk. Her hot ass oven jerked off my cock driving me to the edge. I fell onto her ass cheeks driving my cock balls deep as my cock exploded down her ass. I pulsed six or seven times filling her bowels with my hot thick cum. I pumped her ass with my cock savoring the feelings of pleasure.

I pulled out of her ass then grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her back onto her knees. She opened her mouth and I shoved my cock across her tongue pushing my cockhead into her throat. She gagged and spit saliva all over my balls and her chin. She quickly sucked that mess back into her mouth cleaning my cock as she went. She kept sucking my shaft until my cock went softer. She then pushed my cock against my shirt and cleaned my balls with her wet tongue.