Dana Likes Toys

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Yes – This story is true.


Last night, Dana (my wife) and I both wanted to have a little fun. I had gone upstairs earlier to put a couple of dildos on the heating pad to warm them up. When Dana got ready for bed, she put on a pair of silky panties that cling nicely outlining her features and a half cup lace bra that leaves her nipples completely exposed.

After getting into bed, we kissed and petted for a few minutes. She took over playing with her pussy and clit pretty fast indicating she definitely was horny and wanted to cum hard tonight. I took out a couple of nipple cups – (a flared glass apparatus with a suction bulb designed to seal over the nipple). I licked the sealing flare to help form a good seal and loaded one on each nipple. I had thought earlier about using the clit sucker but it seems to be a little too intense for her.

With her nipples starting to swell and engorge from the nipple cups, I moved down to sit between her legs. I inserted a medium butt plug into her pussy and watched canlı bahis for a few minutes as she continued to play with herself. I had trimmed her mons last week to narrow the area covered by her pubs to only an inch wide from about one and a half inches above her clit to just below her entrance. I also trimmed the length so that what remained was much shorter. This left her pussy not bald but neatly trimmed to a small area. I have shaved her numerous times since we have been married but usually leave her with a full bush. She says she doesn’t like to shave because she can’t see well enough. That’s fine with me – I like shaving pussy.

In only a few minutes, her nipples seemed to be more than an inch tall and about the size of a quarter at their base where they transition to the areola. I played with them and took each one into my mouth for a few minutes rewarding their engorgement – being sure to replace the nipple cups when finished.

After she was clearly benefiting form the increasing intensity of the experience, bahis siteleri I removed the butt plug and inserted the largest dildo we have – a double ended dildo, into her pussy. I originally purchased it for her because I knew she was getting pretty close to a girl friend in a town we used to live in. I thought if the opportunity ever arose, they would be able to share it thereby encouraging their lesbian intimacy. She isn’t always able to take this one for very long as it has considerable girth and she doesn’t care to use lubricant much.

After pumping the double ended dildo in and out for about 5 minutes or so, she complained. I removed the double ended dildo and inserted a large black dildo with balls that she seems to like a lot. She used to complain about its girth sometimes but now she seems to take to it pretty readily. The other night, she took the large black one from my hand and stuffed it in herself. She usually stuffs the dildos in all the way and then squeezes them with her kegel muscles while she manipulates bahis şirketleri her clit. It really is fascinating and enjoyable to watch her facial expressions and body movements while she fucks herself with a dildo. She will sometimes wiggle her ass or hump her hips as if she was returning the thrusting of a stud. Sometimes she will roll over to me and hug and embrace me tightly while she is fucking a dildo. It is very clear she enjoys them when she gets like this. When she’s like this, her kisses become very eager and passionate.

I told her several times last night to take her hand away from her pussy – not wanting her to cum too soon. Each time she protested. She even complained she wanted to cum and asked why I wouldn’t let her. The reason of course is so I can watch her hump the dildos. I wanted to use her beaded rabbit in her. The beaded rabbit provides vibration and squirming inside the cunt and an appendage that remains outside and curls up over her mons to her clit provides vibration to stimulate that as well. It is especially pleasurable to me to see here screwing her rabbit while rolling over to suck me off. She clearly enjoys the slut experience of giving head while getting fucked. When she does this, her hips really seem to move.