Daddy paid for my accommodation at a sex resort.

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Daddy paid for my accommodation at a sex resort.To have an orgasm during sex, is natures reward. For a woman to have an orgasm while a man is still inside her, pleases the man, for he thinks he is doing the right thing, and is rewarded with the pussy clamming-up around his cock and making it tighter.For a woman to orgasm during sex with an audience of men watching, such as happened to me in Spain, invites all these strangers to release themselves into her, especially if she is alone, and can’t stop the gang bang.I went down to Spain alone in May, as the Summer sun in the height of the Summer months is too unbearable, and I like sunbathing nude, and like the men to see me as such.Sun, Sand, and Sex, is my reason for going, as most girls do, without their boyfriends, partners, and husbands, we go for the partying and the fucking.I arrived by taking a Cheap flight to Almeria, one of the unknown jewels in Andalucia’s crown, where nudity is a way of life and sex is freely accommodated for by local perverts and tourist, like myself, just wanting a good fuck when the urge kicks in.I was s*******n and had a hotter than hot body, and had my father pay for a bungalow in a resort, so I had neighbours, single men either side of me, and the minute I got into the apartment, with a king size bed, a chaise longue, and huge glass veranda doors with shared balcony, each apartment segregated with a slatted barrier offering little privacy, which was perfect.My luggage was late to arrive into my apartment, having seen the bell-boys, possibly chosen for the gay men, many of which drew envious glances at me, and older French and German women, looking for toy-boy stuff.I stripped down to my knickers and cast open both my veranda doors, and stepped out onto the terracotta tiling, facing the azure sea and noise of coastline Andalucia, my heart free and my poor Scottish feet burning, so I jumped back inside with a girlish screech, that aroused an old English man, who standing as naked as the day he was born, to appear in the next apartment door.’Are you alright my dear’, he asked me as I stuck my head back out the door and looked at his penis, then his burnt brown face. His face lit up when he saw I was a mere girl, and thinking I was on holiday with my parents, ‘Sorry, silly me’, I replied, ‘I forgot to put some shoes on and the tiles are hot’, I replied, sneaking glances down at his cock for signs of life.’Are you with your parents’, kıbrıs escort he asked kindly, to which I replied I was old enough to actually go on holiday on my own. I think he was delighted to have such young company for the remainder of his holiday, some ten days, ‘Perhaps we can dine sometimes’, he enquired?I was already impressed by the size of his flaccid penis, longish and very thick, when compared with the ones I had already experienced. ‘Or a few drinks’, I said, and his face really lit up.’Would you like one right now’, he asked me with a sound of urgency in his voice, I could see he was holding a tall glass with ice in it and a slice of green lime?’Once my bags arrive I replied, he was staring at my bare breasts, causing a reaction with my nipples which had now grown another half inch, and I need to get changed too.’Rubbish’ he replied, ‘no clothes required, and you have a magnificent body and you will feel freer’, that sentiment appealed to my debauched mind, his cock appeared thicker, and bounced as he moved.’Nude it is then’, I replied laughing, and as he watched me, I eased my panties down my legs and took them off and turned to face him so he could see just how young my pussy looked. I was delighted to see his cock rise fast before my eyes, the smile on my face showed him I was a girl who knew what she wanted.The door knocked and as I turned the door opened and it was a girl with my cases, her eyes lazing my nude body like a hospital scanner, ‘Your luggage madam’, she said thickly, even though she was about ages with me, she had to be courteous, as I was the guest.’Come in’, I said, trying to put her at her ease, ‘I was talking to the man in the next apartment’, I said, as if to explain why I was nude.She smiled somewhat ruefully, then said, ‘Mr Mortimer, like the young ladies’, and as she spoke her eyes ran over my body again.’Is my being nude embarrassing you’, I asked her, as it was obvious something was wrong?Her face went red and she said, ‘No, No, no’, apologetically, ‘I find you very beautiful, attractive’, her voice faltering her demeanour very subservient. That was when the penny dropped, she was gay, and embarrassed about it, ‘You prefer girls to boys’, I asked her sweetly, and she falteringly nodded her aquience.’That’s OK’, I replied, ‘I like girls too’, as if to reassure her, and I stepped closer to her and touched her shoulder.’The man next door’, she asked, her eyes searching escort kıbrıs my face?’Unfortunately, I like men too’.Her face was so close to my own I felt like pulling her closer and kissing her mouth, but instead reached down and took hold of her hand and placed it on my breast, ‘You’re welcome here any night’, I said as my nipple caressed her palm of her lingering hand on my breast ‘I must go now’, she said firmly, and as she broke contact with my breast it felt cold, and something inside me wanted to pull her on top of me, ‘Will you come tonight’, and my heart leapt when she nodded enthusiastically that she would after work at 6pm.I stood quietly for a few moments. I had just arrived and already I have made two contacts for possible sex, and as I stood there, I touched my breasts feeling just how firm they felt and how hard my nipples were, not to mention between my legs, where my wetness was so obvious.I took a deep breath and felt myself in the process, my vagina was readied for intercourse, my labia were swollen and lubricated, ‘Should I wipe myself dry at my entrance, or stay wet and sit open-legged and let the old man see I was waning a fuck?I stood outside his room door making fist to knock, feeling a trickle of my pussy secretions, run down my inner thigh, I was here to introduce myself and hopefully have good sex, and if I peed myself in front of him, so it would be, I had four hours until my girl date tonight arrived, I was planning for her to lick his ejaculation, should he put some inside me, but first I needed to get him on top of me.I think I surprised even myself as I stood naked in the hallway outside his door, the awesome feeling making my stomach churn with sexual excitement, as my fist came into contact with the wooden barrier separating us. My knock was quiet and feminine, I was sure he knew it was me, and hoped his excitement showed, with a good erection.He opened it with gusto, ‘Welcome my new neighbour’, he cried, and as I moved closer to him, he grasped me and pulled my in tight, I could feel his penis brush against my own pubis mound, ‘Oh’ I exclaimed, pulling back once he relaxed his grip on me, and looking down on a cock that seemed to defy its years.’Sorry about that’, he mockingly joked about his hard cock, ‘it’s been a long time since it brushed against such a young pussy’, talking about his cock in the third person.’It’s been a long time since an older cock has kıbrıs escort bayan poked me’, I fired back, and we both laughed as I followed him to the balcony, where he had some drinks poured.’Gin & Tonic’?I nodded and took up the glass and drank the cool drink, as he sat down by where I stood. He was level with my crotch, and I looked down as he counted the hairs on my pubis mound, ‘I like a girl who shaves her pussy’, he said, and when he saw I made no objection to his crude comment he reached out and traced my Labia through my thigh gap, feeling my warmth and wetness.His finger glistened with my glossy sheen, and still I stood quietly feeling him move inside me and start his finger fucking motion.I gasped, as only a girl could, feeling her pussy was stretched and invaded, ‘Do you plan to fuck me with your cock’?I looked down at him as he looked up at me, and feeling his thumb circle the crinkly skin of my anus. he answered my question with a determined, ‘Yes’, his voice was thicker than the juice in his old ball sac, ‘in here’, he continued as my eyes closed to visualize his thumb seeking my back-door, and he emphasized his intention with a forceful thrust of both his fingers inside my pussy, ‘and’, he paused as his thumb found a crack in my tight sphincter muscle, ‘here’, as my back door surrender and gave way, and his digit disappeared into my forbidden hole, now he held me as a man would a bowling ball, and began pushing and tugging me onto his bed, where he threw me and I lay face down, biting his pillow as he fucked me, and his semen filled my tiny bum hole.’You are my oldest lover and have the biggest cock, that’s been inside me’.I rolled onto my back and sat up on his bed, which was now a mess with our brief interaction. ‘Were you disappointed’, he asked as he studied my nudity?I shook my head and nodded, ‘I want to shag you again’, I said thickly, before adding that I preferred older men, than to boys my own age.’sleep here tonight’, he suggested, but I shook my head again, ‘I have company tonight’, I replied, and when he queried, I told him I was having a date with the house-girl, he fancied.He was really excited for me, ‘Perhaps you will let me join both of you’?’Perhaps she is lesbian’, I suggested, ‘in which case your huge cock would be out of the question.His face fell until I added, and led him by the hand onto his balcony. ‘I will leave my doors unlocked, and you can enter there, and take her then?’What if she says no’?’I looked at him before answering, ‘I will give her something to make her compliant and sleepy, something she will enjoy, as much as I shall, watching you take her’?’God, you really are something different’.