Daddy Needs Her

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All participants at least 18, continuation of past publication.


Jaynie was standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes left over from dinner. She heard her daddy walk in the door behind her. She did a little half turn and smiled back at him. “Hi daddy! Your home kinda ea-

He grabbed her hips from behind, cutting her sentence short and making her giggle. Reaching around slowly, he gently rubbed her belly that was just now beginning to show the product of their love. His left hand stayed on her beautiful pregnant belly, but his right crept up to her full breasts.

She gasped as he began caressing her now ultra sensitive nipples. Tugging on them gently to make them erect caused Jaynie to grind herself back in to Michael, feeling his surprisingly insistent erection.

His ministrations to his daughters nipples caused her breath to quicken. He teasingly graced his fingers farther still, up towards her graceful neck.

She leaned her head back, fully surrendering to her father. She could feel her sex lightly throbbing with her mounting arousal. She felt daddy take advantage of her submissive gesture and tighten his grip on her neck.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He growled into her poker oyna right ear. He heard her moan with desire as he felt her press her ass harder into him. He brought his left hand back around and reached underneath her dress.

She leaned forward slightly to give her father access to her swollen pussy. He pressed gently into her slit, getting the top of his finger wet. She cried out “oh, daddy!” as he circled her tiny little clit with his rough finger.

His cock was pushing urgently against his pants, he would need release sooner rather than later. He pulled her back gently but forcefully by her neck, causing her to arch her back gracefully. He devoured the supple flesh of her neck, looking over her shoulder as her magnificent breasts thrust forward and her tiny belly just barely peeked past with his seed growing inside.

Her breaths came in short, quick gasps now. She needed him so badly, she felt like a bitch in heat when he took charge like this.

He turned her around swiftly and kissed her roughly. She was his and he was going to take her right here. He lifted her gently and set her on the edge of the counter. “Pull your dress off, now.” he commanded, as he swiftly undid his belt and freed his canlı poker oyna massive cock.

She stared into her daddy’s eyes as he pulled her closer and began to rub his fat cockhead up and down her wet pussy lips. She felt a fire deep inside her that only daddy could put out. She kissed him, gently mewling as she failed to contain her desire.

His passion crescendoing from her soft sounds, he grabbed her lower back to steady her and thrust deep into her blazing hot heat. He immediately began rutting away into his daughter, desperately taking her young, beautiful body.

She clasped her hands around his neck and held on as her father fucked her within an inch of her life. “Daddyyyyyyy!” she cried as he picked her up and continued to bounce her on his thick cock in midair.

He didn’t know what came over him, but he unleashed his animal desire onto his daughter’s tiny little pussy. He could feel her beginning to tighten… her little cunt was so good at milking his giant cock, almost as if she was made for him. He knew her orgasm was approaching, and though his was imminently close as well, he had to feel her pussy pulse on him before he unloaded inside it.

She was crying out with pleasure at being impaled on her daddy’s giant member. She knew she would cum soon, daddy always made sure of it. He stopped bouncing her on his dick long enough to set her back on the counter, then began to fuck her more slowly as he sucked a beautiful nipple into his mouth.

There it is, he thought… He could feel her warm, wet folds begin to tremble as her pussy gripped his cock. Contracting around him, the tiny little vice.

She shook as she came upon her father, the force of it drawing her forward causing her to fuck her hips slowly into her daddy.

Feeling her finish, he unleashed his passion and roughly fucked her again. He saw the shock in her eyes as her pussy swiftly responded to being spread open so violently, surprised at how good it felt so quickly after having cum on her daddy.

She felt daddy bury himself deep into her and begin to twitch. At the feeling of his white hot cum bathing her already fertilized womb, Jayne came again. They came together, for the first time, and she felt as if a wave was crashing over them.

Wave after wave, slowly diminishing in strength, daddy spent himself into his little girls’ tiny pussy, feeling her walls desperately grasp for his cum and pull it deeper into her greedy womb.

They stared into each other’s eyes, each had never felt love as such before.

“You’re mine baby, forever.”

“Yes daddy.”