Daddy make me a mommy

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Daddy make me a mommy”Hey Daddy, I’m home!” John heard his daughter yell from the living room as the front door slammed closed.John walked into his family room to greet his daughter, still in her school uniform.His daughter, Alexis, had just turned 18 and went to a Catholic high school a few blocks away. It was a normal Catholic school, one Alexis’ mother insisted she got to. John had never cared all that much, but it did have its benefits.As he walked into the room he looked at his daughter, dressed in the typical Catholic school girl uniform, complete with the tight, white blouse, black tie, a plaid skirt, and thigh high stockings. John was ashamed to admit it, but his daughter’s uniform had always turned him on, especially as she had grown into a woman.”Hey princess!” John said, looking his daughter up and down.His daughter was absolutely gorgeous. She hardly came up to his chest, but she’d grown into a lovely young woman. She was fit from doing volleyball all throughout high school, and she had a petite, lithe frame. Her cute, brunette hair fell to just above her shoulders, effortlessly resting against the collar of her blouse. She had perky, C cup breasts that strained tightly against the buttons of her shirt, just begging to be groped. Alexis also had wide, sexy hips and gorgeous legs, framed perfectly by the short plaid skirt and thigh highs that she wore. They barely showed the top of her toned, silky thighs. Lastly, she had an absolutely fantastic ass, perfectly round and tight, that seemed to mesmerize everyone who saw it. John often found himself staring at her as she bounced around the house in her skimpy uniform and tight clothes.”You’re home early today, aren’t you?” John said, removing his gaze from her body and meeting her bright green eyes with his.”We had that special mass I told you about last week, our afternoon classes were canceled,” she replied, nonchalantly, setting her things on the nearby table and removing her shoes. “We also had the career day to help decide what we want to do after high school. It was pretty boring.””Oh, was it?” John said, observing his daughter move about the room.”Yeah. I probably could have just stayed home, honestly.” She said, gathering her bag once again. “Anyway, I’m gonna go upstairs and study, I have a test tomorrow!” She bounced towards John and hopped onto her tippy toes, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.”Okay, baby, have fun!” he said, teasing his daughter.”Will do, Daddy!” she said, giggling as she turned and bounced up the stairs.John stared at his daughter’s cute butt as she moved up the stairs, her short skirt coming up with every step and revealing her tight young cheeks. John was surprised to see that his daughter was wearing a thong, fully showing off her perfect, round ass. He felt a twinge of guilt for staring and looked away as she disappeared upstairs. He didn’t mean to stare but living with an incredibly hot, young teen was certainly demanding.John shook off his impure thoughts, sitting down in the living room to watch TV. He was thankful his daughter was so well behaved. As far as parenting went, John liked to think he was pretty lenient. He mostly just wanted her to get good grades, and outside of not letting her do blatantly i*****l things he pretty much let her do her own thing, not that she ever abused his trust anyway.Her mother, on the other hand, was completely the opposite. She had always tried to be very controlling, not allowing Alexis to do anything. John noted it was probably one of the reasons Alexis had gravitated towards him as she grew up, and also one of the reasons he and his ex-wife had split. She’d become a very controlling, cold woman. “I’m lucky Alexis doesn’t take after her mother” John thought to himself. Alexis had always been a very warm, bubbly girl and it was definitely part of her charm.John settled in and started watching a movie on HBO. He got lost in the action and watched the whole thing, and then right after that another; before he knew it, several hours had already passed.John went to sit up to go start making something to eat, but before he could his daughter walked into the room.”Hey Daddy. Can I talk to you about something?” she said in a slightly concerned tone.John sat back against the chair once again, wondering what his daughter wanted to talk about. “Sure, sweetie, what’s up?”Alexis sat down on the couch across from him, carefully keeping her legs closed as to not show under her skirt. “Well, Daddy, this is about college.””Okay, what about it?” John asked, stealing a quick glance at her gorgeous legs, still covered by the thigh highs.”Well we had the career day today, and I’ve decided that I don’t want to go to college.” She said, unblinking.”What? You have such good grades! Why wouldn’t you want to go to college? I thought you wanted to go into nursing and join the school?” John said, trying to reason with his daughter.”That was always mom’s plan for me. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be a sister for the rest of my life!”John sighed deeply. “Your mother would have a fit if she heard this. She’d never go for anything less than that. What do you even want to do, then?” he asked.”I want to be a stay at home mom.” She said, lighting up.John was absolutely shocked. That was the LAST thing on earth he expected to hear. She was only 18 and just moments before he thought she was planning on going into the church! “What???” John asked, amazed. “You’re only 18! Why would you want to be a stay at home mom? You don’t even have a boyfriend, let alone a husband! You’re at least a few years off from marrying.””I know.” She replied quietly. “I just have slowly realized that I don’t care for any of that church stuff. I just want to be a mother.”John couldn’t believe it. She was still a teenager! “What would you even do until then? Your mother is going to insist on you working as a nun. You know that school is very important to her.” John continued.”I know she’s going to try and make me. That’s why I want to get pregnant as soon as possible. I can’t work there if I’m pregnant.” She reasoned.”Lexi, you turned 18 a few months ago! Don’t you think it’s a little soon to become a mother? And you go to an all-girls school. Do you even know that many boys?””Well that’s why I came down to talk to you.” She said, alluding to something John couldn’t grasp.”What do you mean? I don’t know anyone.” John said, very confused.”Daddy,” she said, biting her lip, “I want you to get me pregnant.”It didn’t register to John at first. What was she talking about? “What do you mean, princess?”His daughter stood up and walked over to his side. “I want YOU to get ME pregnant” she repeated, emphasizing the words.It was exactly what John thought she said. “WHAT?” he exclaimed, way too loud. “What do you mean? I’m your father, for Christ’s sake. I can’t get you pregnant! What’s gotten into you? “”I know, Daddy, it’s okay. I’ve thought it about you a lot. You’re the only one I trust. I love you, Daddy. I want you to make me the mother of your c***d.” She said, placing her small hand on his arm.John briefly pictured his sexy daughter pregnant with his c***d, a slight baby bump showing in her tight little Catholic school girl uniform. He began to get aroused at the thought of his own daughter bearing his c***d, before snapping out of it to answer her. “How would that even work, princess?” he asked, tokat escort obviously knowing the answer.”Well, you’d have to fuck me and fill up my womb with your cum. I’m ovulating right now, so I have the best chance to get pregnant.” She replied, nonchalantly.John was surprised at her openness. He’d never heard her speak like that. “What? That’s wrong, baby! You’re my daughter! We can’t have sex!” he said, still trying to protest.With that, his daughter moved in front of him, lifting up her leg and sitting on John’s lap, straddling his waist and pushing her cleavage into his face.”Baby, what are you doing? This isn’t right!” he said, obviously staring at her perfect tits, still confined by her blouse.”Shhh, Daddy. I see you staring at me around the house. I know you want me. I want you, too,” she said, beginning to unbutton her top. She completely removed her blouse, tossing it on the floor. John ogled her perky breasts, still contained by her black, lacy bra. She leaned in close as if to kiss him and whispered: “Don’t you think I’m sexy, Daddy?”John didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t resist this sexy nymph of woman coming on to him, even if it was his daughter.”I…” he began. Before he could finish, his daughter grabbed both of his hands and placed them on the sides of her hips, letting him grab her ass.”Oh fuck,” he groaned as he squeezed her tight, round ass through the thin material of her skirt.”I know you want to fuck me” she whispered seductively. Before John could say anything else, she pressed her soft, red lips against his passionately, stopping any protests.John gave up any objections he had at this point. He had a gorgeous woman sitting on his lap, and he planned to do something about it. He removed one of his hands from his daughter’s ass and brought it to her bra clasp. He swiftly unclasped it and pulled it off, still kissing her in the process.”Mmm” she moaned into his mouth as she completely removed her bra from her chest, revealing her perky, firm breasts. She placed both her arms around John’s neck and broke the kiss, leaning back.John gasped as his daughter’s perfect breasts fell into view. They were just the right size: large, but not too big for her small frame. Her cute areolas just begged to be sucked on.”Do you like them, Daddy?” she asked, looking down at her own breasts.”Your tits are fucking amazing, baby,” John said, taking one into his hand, kneading it roughly. She moaned as he continued to grope his daughter’s tight, lithe body.He removed his hand from her breast and placed both of his on her incredible ass. In one move he picked her up and moved his mouth to her tender breast. He took her hard nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, sucking on his daughter’s amazing tits.”Oh fuck, Daddy!” she moaned again as she felt the wetness of his mouth engulf her sensitive nipple. He squeezed her ass hard with both his hands, this time under her skirt. He loved the feel of her smooth, supple cheeks in his rough hands.As he did this, his daughter moved her free hand to his crotch, grabbing his thick member through his pants.”Holy fuck, Daddy” she gasped as she felt his considerable size. She pushed John away, getting off of his lap.”What are you doing, baby?” he asked, reluctant to let go of his daughter’s sexy, teenage body.”I’m gonna suck your giant cock.” She said, lowering onto her knees and unbuckling his trousers. His massive erection strained hard against his boxers as she removed his pants. John watched his daughter’s eyes go wide as his massive cock sprang into view. “Jesus Christ” she said, swearing again. “Your cock is huge, Daddy!” She licked her lips, admiring it up close. Slowly, she lowered her mouth to the tip and ran her tongue around his enormous cockhead.”Oh, shit!” John exclaimed as he felt his daughter’s tongue caress his member. This time, she fully lowered her mouth onto his shaft, completely engulfing his large cock with her small mouth. She slid her red, luscious lips along the length of his cock as far as she could. John moaned once again as he watched his own baby’s slutty mouth work his manhood. His daughter couldn’t completely reach the base of his shaft with her lips, so she took her free hand and slowly began to pump the part of his cock that she couldn’t reach with her dainty fingers. She cradled his balls as she began to work her mouth up and down John’s cock.John could tell she was inexperienced, but she was definitely a natural. As she got more and more used to working his cock in her mouth, she got better and better. John moaned and gasped as he received some of the best head of his life. It took all of his willpower not to cum the moment he saw his daughter’s lips wrap around his cock, but now he was seriously getting close.His daughter continued to move her soft, full lips along his shaft, bobbing up and down over and over again. “Oh fuck, Lexi, I’m about to cum!” he groaned, unable to withstand her anymore. His daughter began to pump up and down his cock even faster as he neared the edge. Finally, he felt his balls tense up and began to unleash his load deep inside his daughter’s throat.”Fuck!” he yelled, as he began to empty his balls into his daughter’s mouth which was still moving down the length of his prick. He shot ropes and ropes of his hot cum straight down her throat, way more than he could ever remember doing before. His daughter, to his surprise, continued like an expert, completely swallowing load after load.He watched in awe as his lovely daughter swallowed the last of his cum. She’d completely taken almost his entire load, save for a few drops of it that had dripped down her chin and onto one of her breasts. Before removing her mouth from his cock, she swirled her tongue around John’s tip, lapping up any remaining cum. She looked up at John with her bright green eyes, smiling and blushing slightly as she removed her lips from around his cock.She sat back onto her butt, both her stocking covered legs bent behind her and spread to either side. She looked down at her breast, noticing the cum that had dripped onto her chest. She swirled it onto her finger and happily licked it off as John just watched his daughter with lust in his eyes.”That was amazing, baby.” John said, breaking the silence.”Thanks,” his daughter said, giggling like a normal teenager. “I love the taste of your cum, Daddy” she added.John felt a stirring in his loins as his daughter said that, aroused at her open naughtiness. He got up off the chair, taking his shirt off, and pushed his daughter onto her back, this time taking charge.”What’s up, Daddy?” his daughter asked, feigning innocence.”I’m gonna fuck my naughty little slut of a daughter, right here on the floor,” he responded, roughly wiping the remaining cum off her chin with his thumb, slightly smearing her bright red lipstick in the process.He laid her on her back and pressed his lips hard against hers, his tongue swirling in her mouth while he once again cupped her breast. He was turned on even more by the fact that his daughter’s soft, full lips had been wrapped around his massive cock just moments before.She moaned into his mouth as he teased her tongue with his and lightly pinched her hard nipples.”Oh God, Daddy!” she gasped as their lips parted and he began kissing down the side of her neck. He slowly moved his dingers under her skirt, lightly pressing escort tokat into her pussy through her panties. She was soaking wet. He teased her slit with the tip of his finger, running it up and down her wetness.She ground her pussy hard against John’s fingers, begging for more: “Please, Daddy, just fuck me already!”John didn’t need any further encouragement. In one move, he completely ripped his daughter’s skirt off, throwing it torn on the floor. His daughter lifted up her hips, hooking her sopping wet panties with her thumbs. Slowly, she slid them down her legs, over her stockings.As she did this, John stopped for a moment to admire his daughter’s young, lithe body. She was absolutely gorgeous, completely naked save for the black thigh highs from her uniform. Her pretty, pink pussy was completely shaved and glistening with her juices.He gazed hungrily at his sexy minx of a daughter’s body. His daughter blushed as she realized he was staring at her, attempting to cover up slightly. He removed her hand from her body, pinning it to the side and reassuring her: “You’re so fucking sexy, baby. Your body is perfect.” John ran his hands up her legs and hips, her perfect, stocking clad thighs driving him crazy with lust.”Thanks Daddy,” his daughter said, blushing some more as she squirmed beneath him, still pinned by his hands.He released her wrist and kissed her passionately on the mouth, this time rubbing his fingertips along her bare pussy. He teased her wet slit as their tongues swirled in each other’s mouths, both hungry for more. His daughter moaned beneath his touch as he pressed one finger inside her sopping pussy.”I can’t wait anymore, Daddy! Take me already!” she yelled, her hips gyrating on his finger. He grabbed his cock and guided to towards his daughter’s waiting hole, pressing the tip against her puffy lips. She moaned lightly as John’s cock pressed into her entrance, still not inside. He hesitated, making sure his daughter was still okay with everything.”Okay, sweetie, are you sure about this? This could and probably will change everything. Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” he asked lovingly.She bit her lip hard before responding: “Yes, Daddy, I’m sure! I love you, and I want to be the mother of your c***d. Please, fuck my tight little pussy hard and fill me up with your cum! Make me a mommy!” she exclaimed, once again slipping her tongue inside John’s mouth.John took the cue, and in one movement popped his cockhead just inside the entrance to his daughter’s pussy. She gasped as his John’s considerable size entered her cunt. He could feel his tip stretching his daughter’s tight hole. Slowly, he pushed his cock farther into her wetness, being careful to not go too fast.”Holy fuck, Daddy! Your cock is too big! You’re splitting me in half!” she gasped in pain as he continued to slide his cock inside her pussy. In one final move, he pushed his massive cock the rest of the way in, completely bottoming out in her pussy.”Jesus Christ, Lexi, your pussy is so fucking tight!” he gasped as her tightness completely enveloped his manhood.Just as he did that, he heard her yelp out in agony. “Ouch! Fuck! That hurt really bad, Daddy!” she said, her eyes watering. John realized he’d just broken her hymen. After all, she did go to a Catholic school: his daughter was still a virgin.”I’m really sorry baby” he said, wiping away a tear from her eye and kissing her on the forehead, allowing her to adjust to his enormous girth. “I didn’t realize you were a virgin.””I saved myself for you, Daddy! And it’s not like I know that many boys, anyway.” She said, squirming around, still impaled on his large cock.John was even more aroused at the thought of deflowering his own daughter. He was the first one to ever be inside her tight, virgin pussy. He allowed her to adjust for a few more moments, before getting ready to go again. “You ready, princess?” he asked, slowly withdrawing his cock from her pussy.”I think so!” she said, gaining confidence. “You’re really big from what I’ve seen, but I think I can handle it! Fuck me! Fuck your horny little slut of a daughter!”Sliding almost all the way out, John reentered his daughter with more force this time, pounding all the way inside her tight pussy. She yelped as he bottomed out inside her once again. He began to pick up a pace, sliding his thick member in and out of her wet pussy as he groped her perfect body. He could hear her breaths get more and more shallow and realized she was now enjoying it.”Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK DADDY!” she moaned as he continued to piston his cock in and out of her tight, young hole.He reached down and grabbed around her waist, squeezing her round ass as he fucked his daughter’s virgin cunt. He leaned over and took one of her nipples into his mouth, massaging her cute areola with his tongue and kneading her other breast with his hand.His daughter matched his every movement with her hips, maintaining the rhythm and allowing John to penetrate deeper with every stroke. She arched her back as he stretched her tight pussy, and John could tell she was nearing the edge.”Oh fuck, your cock is so big! I’m so close to cumming! Don’t stop, Daddy, fuck your daughter’s tight little pussy!” she screamed, bouncing up and down on his thick member.John continued to impale her on his enormous cock, pushing in as deep as he could with every stroke.”Oh God!” his daughter yelled as she began to climax on his hard member. She began to convulse on his cock as he pushed in and out of her pussy relentlessly. Her screams and moans filled the house as she orgasmed, her virgin pussy being stretched by his humungous cock.His daughter’s crashing orgasm and screams of arousal drove John crazy, and he neared his own edge as her pussy began to contract on his cock.”Oh fuck, baby! I’m about to cum!” he yelled as her tight pussy squeezed his enormous girth like a vise.”Okay, Daddy!” she gasped in between moans. “Don’t stop! Cum deep inside my pussy! Put your baby inside me! Get your horny slut of a daughter pregnant with your c***d!” she yelled, pressing her soft lips to his once again.Her words drove him over the edge, and with one last pushed he drove his cock all the way inside her pussy as far as he could. She yelped out in pain as he hit her cervix, his cock buried all the way to her hilt. His cock exploded as he finally came, shooting ropes of his potent seed into his daughter’s fertile womb. His cum coated the walls of her pussy as he fucked her hard.His daughter cried out in pleasure as he continued to pump his seed deep inside her tight, teenage pussy. “Oh fuck! You’re filling me up so much, Daddy! Fill me with your cum!””Fuck!” John yelled as he shot the last few ropes of his cum inside his daughter’s womb. As his orgasm subsides, he began to pull out of his daughter’s tight, young hole. He’d completely filled her pussy to the brim with his cum, and the excess oozed out, dripping onto her leg and staining her stockings.John collapsed onto the floor, completely pulling out of his daughter as they both tried to recover from their orgasms. He placed his arm around his daughter as she rolled over onto her side, her firm breasts and hard nipples pressing into his naked chest.”That was amazing, Daddy!” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “I’ve never cum so hard in my life!” He realized that although she was a virgin she’d obviously had tokat escort bayan practice masturbating. He loved that he’d raised such a naughty little girl. He reached around her back, squeezing her round ass and pulling her up to meet his lips once again, kissing her lovingly.She broke the kiss and looked down towards her pussy, placing one hand over her womb. “You filled me up so much, Daddy!” she said, taking some of the cum that had leaked on her leg onto her finger and lapping it up with her tongue. “I really hope you got me pregnant! I can’t wait to have your baby.”John placed his hand on top of hers, rubbing her stomach. “Well, it might take a few tries, sweetie. Don’t be upset if it doesn’t happen immediately.””Okay, Daddy.” She said, looking down shyly. “But…” she said, trailing off.”But what, princess?”She bit her lips, pouting a bit. “Are you still gonna love me when I’m fat and pregnant?””What?” he exclaimed, shocked. “Lexi, of course I am! You’re the sexiest thing a guy could ask for, and I’m sure you’ll be even sexier when you’re pregnant. You’re my daughter, I’ll always love you.””Oh Daddy! I’ll always love you too!” she rolled completely on top of his body, her head resting on his chest. They lay together for a few minutes before John realized she’d drifted off to sleep.John slowly got up, being careful not to wake his daughter. He picked her up in his arms and headed towards his room upstairs, proud of how gorgeous his nude daughter was. He set her down gently in his bed and lay down next to her, one arm over her side. He shortly fell asleep, only to wake early the next morning.John opened his eyes, momentarily forgetting what happened the day before. He was lying in his bed pressed against his naked daughter. His mind flashed back to the evening before and he eased. John noticed now that his morning erection was firmly planted between his daughter’s round cheeks, pressing lightly against her slit. Not wanting to wake her, he attempted to move away. In doing so, he dragged his cockhead against her pussy lips, causing her to stir.Slowly his daughter awakened, realizing where she was. She turned her head, seeing John cuddling behind her. “Hey, Daddy,” she said, sleepily. She took his hand which was resting on the side of her hip and entwined her fingers with his, placing his hand over her womb.”Hey princess, sorry for waking you; I didn’t mean to.” He tried to rearrange his hardness but ended up getting it stuck between her tight, young cheeks. He tried to ignore it and stroked her hair with his free hand.”It’s fine, Daddy.” She said, turning a bit more and giving him a peck on the lips. “I had fun last night!” she exclaimed, bubbling a bit more as she woke up. She guided his hand, moving it in a circular motion over her lower stomach. John felt his daughter’s flat stomach, picturing how sexy she would be with her baby bump.”Me too, baby.” He replied, lost in thought.Suddenly, he felt his daughter’s small fingers curl around his erection, lightly pumping it in her hand.”What are you doing, Alexis?” he asked, surprised by her sudden actions.”I want you to fuck me again, Daddy!” she said, giggling. “What else would I be doing?” She firmly grasped his cock and began to guide it towards her hole, attempting to have him penetrate her from behind.His daughter moved her hips suddenly, causing his cockhead to push in to the entrance of her pussy. Before she could go further, John stopped her. “Hang on, baby. I need to talk to you first.””But Daddy, I’m horny! And I need to make sure you get me pregnant while I’m still ovulating!” she whimpered, her breathing getting shorter as the tip of his cock stretched her tight walls.”No buts,” he said sternly, “this will be quick.””Okay. What did you want to tell me?” she replied, giving in. After all, he was still her father.”I know you want to be a stay at home mother, Alexis.” He began.”Yes, what about that, Daddy?” she said, still looking over her shoulder with his big, green eyes. While he started talking, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast, hoping to convince him to hurry.John momentarily paused to gently squeeze her perfect breast, before continuing. “I know you want to be a stay at home mother,” he repeated, “but I don’t think you should let that stop you from going to college.””What?” she replied, this time paying attention.”You have great grades, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t go to school. College is important. When or if you become a mother you can of course stay home and focus on motherhood, but I don’t want that to deter you from having an education.””Really? But what about mom? She’ll just make me study something I don’t like!” she said, disappointed.”Don’t worry about your mother. I don’t care what she says. I want you to be able to do anything you want. If you want to go to school then you should do whatever you enjoy.” John explained.Her face lit up. She obviously still wanted to go to college, even if she was to be a mother. “Thank you, Daddy!”John leaned over her, admiring his beautiful daughter’s lovely, happy smile. “I just want you to be happy, babe” he said. His daughter placed her arms over his neck and brought his lips to hers, kissing him softly as her tongue lightly caressed his.She broke the kiss, speaking again: “It might be kind of weird, though. You know, going to school, carrying our baby in my womb. Everyone is gonna see my pregnant belly!””I can’t wait to see my sexy daughter pregnant with my c***d. I can’t imagine your body any more perfect.” John said, getting ready to once again fuck his gorgeous daughter.”Thanks, Daddy,” she said, blushing bright red.”Now let’s make sure you become the mother of my c***d. I love you Alexis.””I love you too, Daddy.”In one movement John pushed his cock deep inside his daughter’s pussy, filling her to the brim.Three weeks passed and John had settled into a routine with his daughter. She finished up her last semester of high school and they continued to try and conceive. They slept in the same bed every night and John truly felt like he had a hot young wife to come home to every night. He was fully in love with his gorgeous daughter.On day she came home from school and John could hear her giggling loudly as she reached front door. She opened the door and looked around, hoping to see her father. She spotted him in the kitchen as he looked her up and down, still mesmerized by her sexy uniform.”Daddy!” she exclaimed, practically screaming.”What is it, baby?” he asked, wondering what had happened.”On the way to school I stopped to get a pregnancy test. I took it in the bathroom and I’ve been waiting all day to tell you!” she said, smiling as wide as ever.”Well?” John said, already knowing the answer.”I’m pregnant!” she cried, running up to him and hugging him tightly.”That’s amazing! I’m surprised it happened so quickly! I love you, Alexis.” John said, squeezing her back.”I love you too Daddy!” She looked up, smiling. She pressed her lips softly against his, as a woman bearing his c***d.They embraced for a while, before John broke the silence. “Okay, princess. That’s great news! Now let’s get you out of those clothes and I’ll draw a bath for the future mother of my c***d.” He ripped her blouse off, picking her up by the waist and carrying her towards the stairs. He cupped her breast roughly through her bra with his free hand and hungrily pressed his lips to hers.”Are you going to join me, Daddy?” she asked sheepishly, breaking the kiss.”Of course, princess.” He squeezed her tight ass under her skirt and headed up the stairs towards the bathroom, ready to fuck his pregnant daughter.