Dad Caught Me with His Friend!

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About a week after my eighteenth birthday my dad’s good friend Paul stopped by with his car, which was having trouble with its radio. Paul came by because my dad is very good when it comes to fixing cars. I watched my dad and Paul from the living room window. I watched them look at the car, talk and pretty much hang out for about twenty minutes. Paul has kind of always been around but I never looked at him the way I was looking at him now. He was older. A real man, about 50 I think. I decided I would go outside and join the conversation.

“Hey Paul!” I said.

“Hey Becca! You had a birthday pass by didn’t you?”

“Yup. Finally eighteen!” I thought I would slide in the fact that I was finally at the legal age. His response was the typical “growing up” bull crap.

“Eighteen! Wow, not that little girl anymore huh Jerry?”

My dad, from inside the car answered.

“Nope. In about 2 months we ship her off to college.”

“Man, that’s crazy to believe!” Paul says with a laugh.

I just stand still looking cute and brushing my hair behind my ears.

“Ah poker oyna shit.” My dad exclaims before exiting the car.

“The screen won’t fit back in, I gotta get a different size.”

“You want me to go?” Paul responds.

“No, I’d have to visit a friend of mine who has the right size. I could be about an hour.”

On the inside, I was grinning. I’d get a little time with Paul.

“Becca, in the mean time, take Paul inside, get him a drink and just hang out. Cool?” My dad said.

“Sure, sounds good.” I answered.

My dad drives off and I do as instructed.

Paul and I are sitting at the dining room table. All alone.

“You must be excited for school this fall.” Paul tries to make small talk.

“Yea it’s exciting.” I respond. I flip off my sandals, exposing my bare feet which are close to his.

Paul smiles.

“It’s been so hot out recently.” I say with a laugh.

“I know it’s been killer.” Paul says.

“You wouldn’t mind if I take my t-shirt off would you? I have a tank top under it.” I ask.

“Of course not.” Paul canlı poker oyna responds.

“Thanks.” I say. I swiftly remove my t-shirt revealing my light pink tank top. My 32 C breasts shake for a split second. I have just enough time to notice Paul peek at my cleavage. Paul quickly looks back at me.

“You really aren’t a little girl anymore.” Paul says with an innocent smile.

“Nope.” I say.

“I’ve done a bit of growing.” I laugh as my foot touches his calf.

“You’ve been outside for a while, my dad has a private shower. You can use it if you want.” I offer.

“That’d be nice but I wouldn’t wanna be in there if your dad comes back. Plus I don’t know how your shower works.” Paul says.

I giggle. “My dad is gonna be about an hour so you have time. And as far as the shower…I can show you it works.” I say with a seductive smile.

Paul smiles but on the inside, I can tell he knows it would be a bad idea to try anything with me.

“Listen, this whole thing sounds pretty wrong. I can see what’s happening here Becca and…”

I cut him off internet casino by removing my tank top. My perky breasts are fully exposed and Paul can’t look away. He eventually can’t contain himself and grabs them.

“Oh my god, Becca these are amazing.” Paul says.

We get up from the table and I guide him to the shower. We both fully undress and enter the shower together.

I begin giving Paul a blowjob. Paul moans and moans and he can’t help but grab my head and fuck my mouth.

The hot water covers our bodies and a keep sucking his dick.

“Oh my god Becca I wanna fuck you so bad.” Paul exclaims.

I get up from the ground and let Paul start fucking me. I place my hands on the wall and Paul fucks me from behind. Our bodies are parallel to the shower curtain. Paul thrusts his waist into my pussy. I scream at the pleasure I’m receiving.


Paul continues pounding my pussy.

The shower curtain rapidly slides open. My father stands still, completely shocked. Paul’s hands are clinging to my breasts and Paul and I can’t do anything but gasp.

“Oh Jesus.” My father says, putting his hands over his mouth, yet his shocked eyes can’t look away at the sight. The sight of Paul with his penis still inside of his “little girl”.