Cycling Can Be Fun

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The hills were getting a lot steeper as the road stretched before me. I had left the little city at the foot of the mountains a few hours ago and hadn’t traveled more than a few miles since. Damn, this getting older sucks. It wasn’t that many years ago I would have considered these hills as mere bumps in the road and now I was puffing up a storm with the bike in its next to lowest gear.

My plan was to ride until dark, at which time I would have traveled close to sixty miles although at the rate I was going would be lucky to make a fraction of that. My entire plan was to cycle for the next month from Munich, Germany over to Vienna, Austria making a ton of side trips along the way to see anything of interest. The country road surface out of Munich was excellent but narrow and without bike lanes, which made riding a little treacherous in any kind of traffic. Well, at least the weather was nice. My saddlebags straddling the rear wheel held a great little two-man nylon tent along with three days of clothes and I had a sleeping foam in a plastic bag tied to my handlebars. It was my hope to be able to camp out most nights, only staying in hostels in bad weather or when my body odor was so bad I not only needed a shower but also deserved one!

This trip was one I had dreamed about for a few years. I went right into college after high school and now that I had my degree and wanted to see part of the world before becoming entrenched in the day to day existence of the corporate world. Our local cycling club arranged for me to rent a bike in Munich and drop it off in Vienna a month later. The price was reasonable and they promised a nearly new bike.

The flights from Newark to Paris and then over to Munich went off without a hitch with the exception of I can’t sleep on overnight flights. I looked around the plane and people were zonked out and snoring up a storm everywhere I but not me. Consequently, I must have looked like hell going through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris going from one gate to the next to catch my connecting flight to Munich.

I knew beforehand this was going to be a problem so I had reserved a room at the airport motel in Munich with plans to sack out there on my day of arrival and not get going on my trip until the following morning. I was able to get a shuttle into town to pick up the bike that afternoon so I was ready first thing the next day to start my odyssey.

I am a fairly athletic guy who works out a few times a week. I have my own apartment in Saddle River N. J.. Saddle River has the reputation of only being for the rich and well-known but I’m living proof that isn’t true. My folks passed away while I was in college and left me with enough to finish school, rent a decent apartment and get started with a career. An understanding company who agreed I wouldn’t have to start work for a couple of months after graduation recruited me in my junior year of school. Hence, my bicycle tour of a part of Germany and over to Austria.

Oh, one other thing … I don’t speak any language other than English; and some of my professors would say I wasn’t too well qualified even in it!

The first few days by went without any trouble at all other than I wasn’t making the kind of mileage I had thought I would. No problem; I had a whole month and even that could be extended a bit if need be. I was able to manage the small hills with some ease but the backcountry roads gave me a bit of trouble. They were narrow and the road surface wasn’t as good as it was near Munich.

Salzburg, Austria lay ahead but I wanted to make a side trip to see the town of Berchtesgaden, the town Hitler and his cronies made so famous. There was a bus trip up the mountain I wanted to take to see the actual building he used while in residence.

The way the driver handled the curves on the bus trip up the mountain left the passengers a little breathless but I just resigned myself to the fact he had made the trip a thousand times and I was fairly certain he didn’t have a death wish. The tour of the place was very interesting and the polished brass lined elevator sort of gave you the chills when you realized Hitler had ridden in the exact same car. Anyway, it was a worthwhile side trip. They only allow the tour busses on the road up to it and the road is so narrow they make it one way for a period of time and then reverse it. The busses would never be able to pass each other if they didn’t use that system.

Back at the parking plaza I retrieved my bike and headed out to my next stop … Salzburg, Austria of The Sound of Music fame. I crossed the border between the two countries with no more of a fuss than we would experience going from one state to the other back home. The hills were now a lot steeper and since bikes aren’t allowed on the Autobahn, I had to stick with the rural roads but that wasn’t a problem for I really enjoyed them more. I got a better feeling of the life styles of the locals as I passed within a stones throw of them and their homes.

I was pedaling my butt off up poker oyna one rather steep hill and as I crested the hill there was a female cyclist off on the shoulder of the road in some obvious difficulty. She must have hit something hard for her front wheel was bent way out of shape. I stopped and asked if I could be of any help. She spoke English very well but with a slight German accent. When I asked her how she spoke it so well she answered that school kids in Germany must take English as a second language and then her mother had to speak it on her job and that was all they spoke around the house so she would learn it even better.

She, like me, was a recent college graduate and, again like me, had promised herself a bike tour of the same part of Europe as I had. Her name was Cornelia, Connie for short, and lived in Munich with her mother. She was twenty-two and a very pretty gal with what appeared to be a magnificent figure. My name is Bill, but she preferred Villy. It’s a German thing. I HATE Villy but I didn’t want to start this relationship off on the wrong foot so I bit my tongue.

After removing the front wheel I thought I could get it back to somewhat round and flat with the aid of my spoke tightener and a little brute force. It would at least enable her to ride it down to the next town where she could get it professionally straightened or replaced. One thing about bicycling in Europe is that with the popularity of bikes, there are a ton of repair shops.

By the time I got the wheel off and partially straightened it was almost dark. Like me, Connie was traveling on the cheap and had a tent and a couple of bags of clothes strapped to her rear luggage rack. I suggested we walk the bikes over the crest of the hill and down to where there was a copse of trees that looked like a good place to pitch our tents. It would give us some privacy and protection from the wind. A half-hour later the tents were up and we were sitting out in front of them simply looking at the stars and just making conversation about all we had done in our lives so far.

We munched on some of the goodies we had stored in our knapsacks and then sacked out around ten and I slept the night through with no trouble. She was up at the crack of dawn and was embarrassed she had to go off a ways into the woods to handle a call from nature. When I saw her coming through the trees she had let her blonde hair down from the bun she had it tied into the day before and it was swishing back and forth from one side of her face to the other. Talk about good looking, she was it in spades.

“Connie, I need to do more work on the wheel before you will be able to ride it very far.”

“OK, no problem. I’ll just look around.” she replied.

I spent another half-hour bending and tightening until the wheel was at least halfway straight and wouldn’t hit the front fork as it rotated. She got up on the bike and rode around in a few small circles to see if it could be ridden. We both agreed it was OK as long as she went very slowly and didn’t hit anything on the road.

Sure enough there were at least three bike shops in the first major block we came to. The first one gave her the bad news that the rim couldn’t be straightened to the point where it would be safe or satisfactory. He could offer her a choice of a brand new one or a used one for half the price. One used wheel coming up. An hour later we were on the road again. Sometime during the time we had already been together we had decided to travel together for awhile. We had each planned our trips separately and were surprised how closely they matched one another’s.

Traveling together was the smartest thing either of us could have chosen. Every time we came across a scenic vista we would stop and share the enjoyment. It wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable if we didn’t have anyone to turn to and share in the beauty of the place we were looking at.

Meals were another matter. Any time we were near a town, breakfast would consist of rolls and coffee, lunches would be a chunk of cheese and water but dinners were the best. We had gotten very good at choosing great wursts (sausages) from many of the small local cafes. Coupled with a big glass of beer and we were fine. If we could maintain that level of expenditure for food we would be in fantastic shape. I had allocated two hundred and fifty Euro’s for food for the month and her budget was three hundred. At the rate we were going we would both be way under.

About our third night together we started to pitch our tents when the rain started. Mine was all the way up and she had just gotten hers out of the bag. I finished quickly and yelled for her to come on in with me until the rain stopped. There was plenty of room in mine for two with a small rain awning over the front opening. Well, the rain didn’t stop and it appeared if had no intention of stopping about the time we were ready to sack out. She was able to reach out and drag her tent bag over close to us and pull her foam sleeping pad out of the bag. It was warm enough canlı poker oyna that we didn’t need any sleeping bags or blankets and as long as we had the high-density foam sleeping pads we would be fine.

“Villy, are you going to be good boy tonight?” She asked. … or something like that.

I made the motion of grabbing her and made a kissing motion and raised my shoulders in a questioning fashion.

She got laughing so hard I thought she would need to go out in the rain to relieve herself but all I said was,


I figured turn about was fair play and pointed at her and raised my shoulders in a question.

Once again she got laughing and said, “Ja, Ich ben sehr gut” Something about “Yes, I’ll be very good.” I guess she figured if she said it in a language I didn’t understand she couldn’t be held to it. Fine with me.

We unrolled out sleeping foams and down we went. I awoke just before dawn and found that sometime during the night we had each moved a hand to hold one of the others. It was sweet.

When she awoke I was half-awake and could feel her take her hand from mine and then when I awoke completely she acted as if it had never happened.

I said, “Connie, we were holding hands while we were sleeping.”

She blushed from her hairline to her neck. I “tsk- tsked” and pulled her over and gave her a little kiss on the tip of her nose and then leaned back and released her hand. We each had a big smile for the other.

The rain had stopped during the night so we took down my tent and got everything wrapped up again and made our way to the little village we had seen listed on the road signs. We found a wonderful little bakery shop right in the center of town that also sold coffee. Two cups of coffee and a couple of fantastic sweet rolls and we were set as far as breakfast was concerned. Before leaving the village we also found a little food shop that had a dairy case with a few different kinds of cheese. Connie picked out a couple while I went over to the rack and pulled down a bottle of red wine. I held it in the air and she squealed in agreement. Once the cheese and wine were safely tucked into my saddlebags we were set for lunch as well.

The road was getting more hilly as we went along and we were each puffing away after one long steady climb. We stopped part way up the hill and she was pointing over my shoulder,

“Look” was all she said.

I turned in the direction of her arm to see one of the prettiest sights imaginable. We had been climbing gradually but steadily for the last day or so and were now a good ways up a big hill and the view was magnificent. The valley below seemed a million miles away with one of the towns we must have pedaled through standing out like a beacon. It really was breathtaking. When I turned to her she wasn’t looking at the scenery but her beautiful blue eyes were looking at me. Catching her looking at me that way embarrassed her and she quickly turned her face.

The road was getting very twisty and even more hilly and I finally had to force a stop for a pee break. She was riding in front of me and I yelled “Halt.” She screeched to a stop and I coasted up to her but couldn’t quite figure out on how to tell her what I wanted to do and I didn’t feel like going through a pantomime motion. I dropped the kickstand on my bike held up both of my hands with the palms towards her in the universal signal to STOP and went up into the trees and let go against one of the huge pines in the surrounding forest. When I got back to the bikes she was nowhere to be seen but her bike was there. A few minutes later she came back in the opposite direction from where I went and we both got laughing again. God she was fun to be with.

We stopped a little ways up the road for lunch but I had second thoughts about the wine. The road was getting a lot more curvy and we had come across a few cars traveling it with us and they were none too careful. I handed my knife to Connie for her to cut us up some cheese I took the bottle and said “Nein” and then,

“Connie, it will make us drunk and we can’t have that on this road.”

“Ja, no wine now. Later.”

It was my turn for a little German. “Ja, Fraulein.” Almost exhausting my German vocabulary.

She roared.

We were going to actually make one of our destinations when we said we would. Salzburg is a quaint town but the guidebook told us that most of the movie wasn’t shot there but it did point out the scenes that were. That meant nothing to Connie for she had never even heard of the movie. No matter, I enjoyed it.

Sleeping tonight was going to be in a hostel. Showers and a chance to wash our dirty skivvies! The proprietor warned us that crime was a bit of a problem and that we ought to take our bikes indoors and he wouldn’t mind if we took them up to our room. Yes, our room! Singular if you noticed.

We each carried our bikes up to the second floor room and chained them up, even in the room.

Dinner that night was at a nearby bistro serving internet casino all kids of schnitzel at reasonable prices. We treated ourselves to a nice dinner and a few schnapps.

When we went to our room and then found the community bath and raced each other to see who would get the first shower. I let her win, not because she needed it but I was being the perfect gentleman. After all, we were going to be sharing the room and Lord knows where that would lead. Enough said.

The bath was only a few doors down the hall and she was back in a little while with her hair still wet and wearing a pair of sweat pants and T-shirt. I couldn’t take my eyes off the T-shirt, it was obvious she had nothing on under it. I almost ran to the bath and took one of the fastest showers ever. I was back in the room wearing a fresh pair of Jeans and a T-shirt.

I was no sooner in the room and had locked the door behind me when she handed me a glass of wine …the wine we had delayed drinking that afternoon. There was still a little cheese left from lunch so we sat there nibbling on the cheese and sipping our wine. Much of the time was spent chatting about what we had done that day and what we hoped tomorrow would bring. It wasn’t long before the bottle was giving forth its last. We sipped it even slower before finally acknowledging it was finished.

I lowered my glass and stood and then moved in front of her and reached down and took her hand and urged her to stand. She followed my lead and was soon in front of me when I leaned over and let my lips caress hers while my hands circled her back and pulled her to me. She responded exactly as I had hope she would. She threw her arms around the back of my neck and pulled me hard against her breasts. I figured I ought to go for it and I reached down to her waist and held the bottom of her T- shirt and lifted it up and over her head. God, was I ever right! Her breasts were magnificent. I lowered my face to them and took a nipple between my lips and let my tongue just play with it. She quickly had a hand behind my head and holding it right where I was.

She hooked a finger in the waistband of her sweat pants and pulled them down and off while I was pulling off my own T-shirt and dropping my jeans to the floor. I took her by the hand and led her to the lower bunk. Yes, the hostel didn’t provide anything other than single beds and they were camp style … one above the other. Absolutely no problem.

We sat side by side and she reached behind my head and pulled our faces together. She had unbelievably sweet tasting lips. The wine still lingered on them and that made them taste even sweeter.

I gently pushed her back on the bed and let my mouth fall on her breasts again. She had large nipples and they were now as hard as could be. I couldn’t get over the firmness of her breasts. I used to have a gal friend who had huge tits but when she lay on her back they would disappear alongside of her chest; almost to the point they were under her armpits but when she was standing they were lovely. Connie’s seemed to stand as proud when she was lying on her back as when she was standing. They were magnificent.

By now my cock was hard as a board and as she looked down at my crotch it was the first time she had seen it standing at attention. All she said was,

“Mein Gott. You are so big.”

“All the better to please you with my dear.” Using a take off on Goldilocks that she didn’t understand.

I let my hand run down to her pussy and let my fingers explore it looking for her clit. It wasn’t long before I had the sheath slid back and the nub between my fingers. I could hear her breathing getting faster and she was moving her hips from side to side in the narrow bunk. My lips were locked to her nipple and she had one hand on the back of my head and the other resting on the back of my hand playing with her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was throwing her hips high in the air and the soft sounds she had been making had turned into a little moan. She was breathing through clenched teeth and her mouth was forming a tight O as she made that noise. I knew she was close and I raised up and positioned the head of my cock in front of her pussy lips and pushed in just a little. Her sudden breath intake could have been heard in the next room and it was going to get louder as I pushed in further. She was breathing faster and faster with each inch I buried until I was in to the hilt and her breaths were coming in huge gasps.

“Villy, Ich liebst du.” She moaned. (“Villy, I love you”)…. It seems she reverts to her native language whenever she gets excited.

I didn’t say a word but started to thrust slow and deep. I would pull almost all the way out before driving it in to the hilt and kept that up but kept getting faster with every few strokes. It wasn’t long before she had her legs up around my back and her arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders as she exploded. Her legs went straight up in the air and she was throwing her hips up so high and hard it was all I could do to stay in the saddle. She pulled my face to hers and locked our lips together with her tongue halfway down my throat. Wow, this gal has an orgasm to end all orgasms. But, I still hadn’t had one.