Crystal and Nicole Ch. 04

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Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Crystal jolted out of her daze as her tires started rhythmically hitting the lane reflectors and jerked the wheel to get them back into their own lane. Crystal and her twin sister Nicole were cruising down I-95 on their way to a weekend vacation in Florida, part of a graduation present from their father. They were about halfway through what had already proved to be an eventful summer, and would be their last summer break before they went separate ways (for the first time in their lives) for college. They had really been looking forward to this trip.

It was about a 10 hour drive from their house to the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, where they were staying. This was a pretty prestigious hotel, right on the beach. What they hoped their father didn’t know is that the whole area was basically a big party. They wanted to be able to hit the beach that same day, so had left extremely early in the morning. In lieu of the old Volvo station wagon that the girls had shared since they turned 16, they were traveling in style in their mom’s Mercedes CL convertible that was just a year old. They had argued that it would be much safer than the Volvo, which already had over 140K miles on it, but they were pretty sure their mom saw through that excuse and let them drive the nice car as a part of the graduation present.

Crystal was in the driver’s seat with Nicole dozing off next to her. The jerky swerve as Crystal got them back in their lane woke Nicole.

“Jeez, Crys. Take it easy!”

“I’m fine! The car just drifted a bit. I might need to stop for another coffee soon.”

“With all that coffee, we’re gonna be stopping every 5 miles for you to pee!”

“Shut up,” Crystal retorted. “It’s better than me falling asleep.”

“True, true,” Nicole agreed with her sister. “I’m happy to take a turn if you need a break.”

“Ya, maybe in a bit.”

Nicole yawned. She had been sleeping on and off for about 4 hours, ever since they had left at 3:30 am. She stretched out, pushing her legs out as far as possible, which wasn’t very far in this small car. The girls had both opted to travel in their beach gear, in the hopes that they could make it quickly from checking into their hotel to the beach, which was just supposed to be across the street. Nicole was wearing a new outfit she had gotten for the trip. The bikini was a sexy number, very small triangles made out of a fine silvery mesh. The bottoms were fully lined, but the tops weren’t. Silver threads included in the material made the whole ensemble shimmer when the sun hit it. She had just gotten it, so hadn’t been able to test it yet, but Nicole was hoping it would just show a hint of being see through when she got in the water. Over it was a new, very stylish cover up that had come from Victoria’s Secret. It was far to revealing for her parents to allow her to wear, but just right for vacation. It was a beaded linen piece that featured a low neck line, with an additional “keyhole” opening extending almost down to her waistline, and a very open knit construction, designed to show as much of the bikini as it covered up. As she stretched out and tried to get comfortable, she kept fidgeting with her bikini top.

“You got bugs or something?” Crystal glanced sideways at her sister, who glared back.

“No, I don’t have bugs. This top is scratchy, without the liner and all. Ug, I can’t stand it! I’m just gonna take it off, you think that’s ok?”

“Um, ya I guess,” Crystal looked around, seeing very little cars and just a few trucks.

So Nicole set about shedding her scratchy bikini top. The low neckline of her cover up meant it was easy to just slip it down her shoulders, exposing her chest. She reached behind her and untied the back strap before letting the neck strap go as well. The bikini top immediately fell to her lap, exposing her teenage tits. Nicole sighed, before folding it up and reaching back to put it in her bag. Before pulling her cover up back to her shoulders, she gently cupped her breasts, lightly scratching the areas that had been irritated by the bikini.

“What are you doing? Are you getting off?”

“No!” Nicole sounded indignant, hands still on her tits. “I’m just scratching them. You’d know if I were trying to get off. Besides, watch the road!”

Crystal giggled. “Looks like I’m not the only one that you are distracting from the road…”

Nicole turned to look out the window and saw an 18-wheeler alongside them, the driver eagerly looking in the window. Her first instinct was to cover up, but then she smiled at the trucker and removed her hands, letting her teenage tits bounce free. Crystal gasped when she saw what her sister was doing. Nicole poker oyna gathered them back up, squeezing them to her chest, before giving them a few shakes for his benefit. Giggling, she turned back to Crystal.

“Go go go go!” She said between fits of laughter. Crystal floored it, and the substantial Mercedes engine left the big truck eating their dust. Both girls were laughing at this point, as Nicole pulled her cover up back up to her shoulders, depriving any other motorists a free look.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Crystal exclaimed as they roared down the freeway.

“Haha, just having a little fun,” Nicole responded. “He must get bored, just driving that truck around. No harm in giving him a little excitement to keep him going.”

“I didn’t realize you’d turned into such a little exhibitionist! First the locker room at the club, now this.” Crystal referenced an affair that Nicole had earlier in the summer with a member of the club that she worked at as a lifeguard.

“Oh whatever, you like showing off your tits just as much,” Nicole needled back as her sister. “Anyway, you can probably slow down now!”

Crystal looked quickly down at the dashboard and saw that she was going nearly 90 MPH. The silent, smooth force of the German power train had quickly gotten away from her. The easy acceleration, and the adrenaline from watching her sister expose herself, had caused Crystal to totally lose sight of their speed. She quickly got that back under control, and then mentioned to Nicole that they needed to stop for more coffee, and might as well get gas while they were at it.

It took them another 6 miles to find a gas station that had a reliable looking food mart attached, but they finally stopped. Crystal pulled up to pump and got out. She stretched, reaching her hands high above her, trying to get the kinks out of her back and shoulders. She heard the other car door slam shut.

“I’ll run in and grab some coffee and snacks,” Nicole announced.

“You can’t go like that!”

“What are you talking about?” Nicole asked, innocently.

“Nicole, I can see your tits through that cover-up. I thought you were staying in your car.”

Nicole’s Victoria Secret cover-up was basically a very loose-knit sweater, with a plunging neck line. The neck line had a thick lacy border, which happened to fall right over her nipples. But the rest of her swelling breasts were clearly visible through the mostly see-through material. And if she looked hard enough, she could make out the nipples as well. Plus, it would be a miracle if everything stayed perfectly in place.

“Not really, only if you stare…”

“Right, and you think people won’t be staring?”

Nicole just gave her a pouty smile over her shoulder as she flounced off towards to automatic sliding doors of the food mart. Crystal turned her attention to the gas pump, unable to believe her sister’s actions. Once they had developed the curves they currently sported, both girls had always enjoyed showing them, and watching the effect that they had. But Nicole had been taking it to a level beyond what they had ever done before. Right as the pump clicked off, Crystal saw her sister step out of the store. Practically on her heels, three men rushed out, but abruptly stopped in the door way, just watching her go.

She had to admit, Nicole cut quite the image. She was wearing sandal wedges that accentuated her tan legs. Her cover-up extended to just below her crotch, through which the shiny material of her bikini bottoms was visible. The gold colored material contrasted nicely with her tanned belly, and the slightly whiter orbs of her teenage breasts were displayed prominently; half open to the world and the other half just slightly covered by the loose fabric of the cover-up. As she walked, they bounced about, barely contained by the loose fabric. About halfway to the car, Nicole looked over her shoulder and waved. Her naturally curly hair flowed around her shoulders as she did so. The extra movement also caused her right nipple to be exposed, though Crystal was the only one to see that now.

“They gave us all these snacks for free!” Nicole chirped, back at the car.

“Ya, I wonder why, Tits McGee.”

“What!” Nicole said, defensively. “They were just nice guys.”

“Sure. Either it was cold in there, or showing your tits to strangers got you a bit turned on.” Crystal indicated the hardened state of her sister’s nipples.

“It was a bit chilly…”

Crystal was unconvinced, but dropped the subject. Truth be told, it had turned her on a bit as well. It had been about two weeks since they had discovered their mutual sexual attraction to each other, as well canlı poker oyna as their brother, during a riotous, sexy night on the family boat. Since then, they had barely been able to see each other, mostly thanks to Crystal’s new job. Their big brother, Joey, seemed to feel guilty about what had taken place and had been avoiding the girls like the plague since then. They, however, had talked about it a few times since it happened, and both agreed that it was a good thing that they wanted to do again, but just hadn’t been able to find the time. Crystal felt like she was living with her lover, but unable to do anything. The vibrator that they shared had been getting a lot of solo use.

So needless to say, she had felt a little frustrated. And now watching her sexy sister flash a trucker and then basically show her tits to the entire gas station had definitely turned her on a little. She quickly changed the subject, hoping to take her mind off her sister and her own sexual frustration.

“Do you mind driving now? I’m exhausted!”

“Ya, no prob,” said Nicole, skipping around to the driver’s side eager to drive the fun sports car. “Let’s put the top down too, now that it has warmed up a bit.”

“Great idea. I knew I brought you along for a reason!”

So Crystal lowered the top while Nicole finished up the fueling process. Soon, they were pulling out of the station, a collection of men still staring from the doorway. Any drowsiness that Crystal had been experiencing was banished by the strong wind that was now whipping through the car. The aerodynamics of the car was good enough to make conversation possible with the top down, but it was definitely a challenge. So the next 15 minutes or so were spent without talking, the girls just enjoying the wind and the sounds of the road. As Nicole zipped along, they kept passing semi-trucks in the right lane of the two lane highway. That certainly didn’t help Crystal as she tried vainly to keep her mind off of her sister’s voyeuristic activities.

“Easy there, speedy, Mom wouldn’t be happy if she knew how fast you were going.”

“Well, she won’t find out, now will she?”

Never-the-less, Nicole eased off the gas. As they slowed, they settled in at a similar pace to the truckers, falling in line next to one. Crystal looked up, and to her surprise saw a familiar face staring down at her.

“Looks like your friend is back,” Crystal called out to her sister, who hooted in laughter when she turned to see him. “I think he is looking for an encore.”

Their trucker friend looked surprised as well, as he looked back forth between the twins. Crystal realized that with the top up, he hadn’t been able to see her very well and thus couldn’t tell that they were twins. A grin spread across his face as it slowly dawned on him.

“Well, he’ll have to settle for you, I’m driving.”

But Crystal reached over and pulled her sisters top down, which wasn’t hard given how loose and low-cut the neckline was. It was enough to expose her right breast, giving the trucker his second show of the day. She gave a shriek and turned to get back at her sister, though neglecting to cover herself back up. Crystal was wearing a white strapless bikini with underwire cups. The padding in the cups created more cleavage than imaginable, the top of the cup perfectly aligned to just cover her nipple. The bottoms were fairly low cut in front and the back was the more revealing French cut, which Crystal preferred. She had a more modest cover up on than her sister. It was a purple strapless dress that helped display all that beautiful cleavage. A knot of fabric met right between her breasts, the ends dangling down to her waist. There wasn’t much form to the dress; it hung rather loosely down to her mid-thigh, riding up a bit higher when she sat down.

Both items being strapless, it was quite easy for Nicole to grab everything at once and jerk it down over her sister’s large tit. Crystal suddenly found herself half exposed to the trucker driving next to them; the seatbelt shoulder strap had kept the other half of her chest covered. Her hand immediately shot up to cover herself; she was shocked to feel how hard her nipple was against her palm.

“Come on, loosen up a bit!” Nicole said to her sister. “It’s harmless.”

“No! I can’t show a random trucker my tits!”

“Ah, I bet you’d like it,” Nicole said loudly, over the sound of the wind and the truck. “In fact, I bet you are a little turned on right now!”

With that, Nicole’s hand shot to Crystal’s crotch, quickly getting under the loose skirt of her cover up, which had slowly been working its way up her thighs with help from the wind. Crystal, shocked, reached down to internet casino head off Nicole’s hand, but was too late. By the time she gripped her sister’s wrist and was preparing to pull it off, Nicole’s fingers had already come in contact with her crotch; which did prove to be wet, confirming Nicole’s suspicions. Nicole felt vindicated feeling the wet fabric and her sister’s grip on her wrist go limp. Like her twin, she had been craving sister sex since the night on the boat.. She was grateful that she could blame her rapidly hardening nipples on the cool wind.

I can’t let Nicole do this to me, with the trucker watching! But Crystal found herself unable, or unwilling, to move her sister’s hand. She kept hold of her wrist, but closed her eyes as she felt the delicate fingers move up and down her wanting pussy. Nicole glanced up at the staring trucker before pulling Crystal’s dress up to her waist, clearly exposing what was going on.

As the pressure from Nicole’s fingers increased, Crystal could feel her nipple getting harder against her palm. She realized she was gently massaging her tit. She looked up at the trucker, who was focusing on them much more than the road. He definitely wasn’t the sort of guy she would normally go for, but didn’t seem to be that bad. From his face, which was all she could really see, he was clearly not fat. And although he needed to shave, he didn’t have a big beard. He was probably in his mid-30s. Watching him, she realized that showing off to him was a big part of why she was so turned on. With that in mind, she let go of Nicole’s wrist so that she could pull the shoulder strap of the seatbelt behind her. Removing that barrier, she popped her other tit out of hiding. Both massive breasts now on display, Crystal started aggressively massaging them, admittedly partly for the unnamed trucker’s benefit. She hefted her right tit up to her mouth and locked her lips on her nipple before letting it bounce back into place, keeping eye contact with the trucker the whole time. She then shut her eyes tightly, and rubbed both of her big boobs in circles, as her sister applied the same motion to her clit.

When Nicole finally reached inside the bikini to touch her sister’s bare sex, Crystal gasped loudly, squeezing her tits painfully hard. Nicole ran her finger nails up and down Crystal’s bald pussy lips a few times before finding her clit. She started gently flicking it back and forth; very slowly at first but before long her finger was a blur. Crystal could feel her pussy gushing as the pleasure flowed through her teenage body. Having her sister rub her clit in public, in front of a complete stranger, was like nothing else she had ever experienced.

She was disappointed when she felt Nicole’s hand leave her engorged clit. She opened her eyes, squinting against the wind in her face. She saw her sister struggling to pull the bikini bottoms to the side so provide her better access. Crystal lent a hand, leaving one breast open to the elements. She pulled the fabric to the side as her sister struggled to find a good angle to find her sister’s opening. In the process, Crystal realized that they were providing the trucker with an unobstructed view of her bald cunt. The thought made her tremble slightly. She looked up and from the movement of the trucker’s shoulder it was obvious he was jerking off to the show.

Crystal must have cried out in passion when her sister finally buried two fingers in her wet hole, but the wind covered up any sounds she made. Nicole started sliding her fingers in and out of the slippery canal. Crystal couldn’t take it and started rubbing her own clit, knowing that an orgasm wouldn’t be far behind. Both hands now employed in her crotch, her arms pushed her large teen jugs together, shaking them a little as she furiously rubbed her clit. She could feel the pressure building for what was sure to be a monumental orgasm. Nicole hooked her fingers and started rubbing Crystal’s most sensitive spot in her pussy. That must have been what pushed her over the edge; she screamed so loudly that the trucker must have been able to hear. Her whole body shook as her pussy spammed around her sister’s digits, which were being drenched in pussy juice. A puddle started forming on the car seat under Crystal as she experienced the most intense, and messiest, orgasm ever.

The orgasm washed over her and she finally slumped back in her seat, her tits heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. Unconsciously, she replaced Nicole’s now missing fingers with two of her own, noting how her cooch still seemed to be dripping. She fell into a dreamlike state, somewhere between asleep and awake. Nicole looked right at the trucker as she held her two fingers out for him to see. A drop of pussy juice rolled off her index finger. She brought them her mouth, sucking them deeply in, trying to get all of her sister’s juice off. Fingers still in mouth, she sped off leaving the trucker behind.