Cruel Intentions Ch. 01

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I am a sexual slave to my step mother and step sister. How did I get here? More to the point, how will I get out?

After the death of my mother, dad drifted for a while till he met Veronica. She was a widow of a business executive and was financially independent. A natural beauty in her early forties with thick raven black hair down past her shoulders, a trim body, long legs and full 38C breasts that could almost go without support, if you know what I mean. At just shy of six feet tall, she commanded attention when she walked into a room. She usually dressed to accent her features. Even when she was dressed in her “woman’s business suite, there was an air of sensuality about her. She was very comfortable as a woman in a man’s world. She was woman enough to handle most men and knew it.

Dad fell hard. They were married after about six weeks of dating, including a pre-nuptial that would protect the families on both sides. He was an executive that traveled a lot. That was ok with her. She was no clinging vine but when he was there, she was all his.

It was her daughter, my new step-sister that hooked me first. We were both in Greenbrier High School, a private prep school for those aiming at the Ivy League. The uniforms were stylish, with pleated skirts that always swayed very nicely on the girls. Many of the girls enjoyed violating the length code and Faye was no exception. Slips were required under the skirts and as many of us guys liked slips, it was a field day every school day. The girls all seemed to enjoy teasing us with flashes of pretty lace. At first, Faye pretty much ignored me. We got through the initial introductions and were polite but she really didn’t warm up to me. At least not then.

Faye was blonde, blue eyed and built. Full breasts always clad in a blouse that accented the size, firmness and the lace that adorned them. When I saw her at school, I always thought of that line in the song “Let me tell you bout the way she looks, the way she acts, her voice so soft and cool, her eyes so clear and bright”. She was a collector, but wasn’t showy about it. They were there at her beck and call. Soon I would be one of them.

One day after breakfast, she called me into her room. “We really haven’t gotten to know each other. I thought maybe we could chat a little to start.” She said in a matter of fact voice. She usually came down to breakfast in her robe (she had several beautiful nylon robes, and, I presumed, ok, fantasized, matching gowns underneath). Something told me she had something in mind. This kind of girl is always in control and if she does something like this, its because she wants something you can provide. I followed her into her room ( I was already dressed and ready to go) while we chatted about common teachers, the ones we liked and the ones we didn’t. Our likes and dislikes matched very well. She sat at her vanity, which was separated from the rest of the bedroom by a screen. On the back of the chair in her room was the slip I presumed she would wear that day. Seeing it, I caught my breath. It was ivory with antique lace on the bodice and the hem. The ivory colored nylon was, I could tell before I ever touched it, very silky. It was beautiful, and obviously very expensive. I could not resist. I walked easily over to the chair and placed my hand on the back , touching the fabric. It was incredibly filmy and silky. My fingers continued their exploration as we chatted. She asked me if I thought a couple of the female teachers were hot (they were) and she told me of the male ones she thought were hunks. She also critiqued the pretty female teachers (she shouldn’t wear that color, wears the wrong kind of bra for her breasts, etc.). By now I was running my hand over the silky nylon and even burying my hand in it. I didn’t know it but she could see my every move from the vanity mirror.

Quietly she got up and came around the screen and, with a little expression of surprise said “I see you like my slip.”

“I, uh, er, didn’t mean any harm.”

“No harm done. Go ahead. Check it out. It’s my favorite. Its beautiful and I love wearing it. Its so silky it is a shame to have to wear anything under it,” she taunted.

I hesitated.

Smiling, she picked it up by the straps and held it against her so I could see the whole slip. She was right. It was beautiful and I fantasized how it would feel against my skin.

“Check it out,” she said again “Feel it inside and out. The lace is lined in nylon so there is nothing touching skin above the hem but silky fabric. See?” She took my hand and guided it inside the bodice, taking my fingers to poker oyna the cups that held her firm 36C breasts. She drug the skirt of the slip over my arm and pulled the slip around my neck by the straps.

“Don’t you love the feel of it? It’s okay to admit it. Your body, or certain parts of it anyway, have already answered that. Go ahead, tell me.”

“Yes, I like it,” I nervously replied as the nylon snaked around my neck.. My eyes closed in ecstasy.

As her hand brought the skirt up to my check she asked teasingly, “Would you like to sleep with it tonight?” She laughed and told me to leave so she could finish getting dressed.

In school that day, every time she passed me in the hall, she would flash me a glimpse of the slip. I was glad she didn’t get the chance while I was on the way to Gym class. There would have been no hiding the erection in the locker room.

The chess club had a late meeting that day, as it usually did on Fridays. It was a rainy evening and by the time I walked home, I was soaked. As I walked in the kitchen door, she greeted me.

“Hi, you’re home kinda late,” she said. ” And you are soaked to the skin. Go upstairs and get out of those wet clothes. You have time for a shower. Mom and your dad are out for the evening, and I felt like cooking, so I gave Maria off. Eggs and Hash ok? And a movie afterward.”

“Sure,” I replied. I noticed that she’d changed from her school clothes into her PJs. As I looked, I felt the stirring in my loins. Baby blue nylon pajamas with lace trim. The blouse of the pajamas was pulled tight around her breasts. Nice. The matching robe was draped over a stool at the breakfast bar. I couldn’t tell but it looked like there was something else under the robe. I was to find out later.

I was glad to get out of the wet, cold clothes and into the hot shower. It washed away most of the tension of the day. Out of the shower, as I dried off, I decided to follow Faye’s lead and put on my PJs, planning on an early bedtime unless a good flick was on.

Back downstairs and in the kitchen just as she finished serving the two plates of eggs and hash.

“Just in time,” she says.

“I’m hungry. I hope you made plenty,” I replied.

As we sat down, our eyes met. I smiled and looked down, slightly nervous. She smiled in return to mine but it said something more.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you this morning with that slip thing,” she started. “I noticed you admiring it and only wanted to satisfy your curiosity, and be open with you.”

I blushed. “Well, I ah, was, am a little nervous about it,” I replied.

“No need to be. Why do you think they make lingerie so pretty? It’s not just for women. Men like seeing it too,” she said. ” Some men like feeling it as well, ” she giggled, looking at him mischievously. “Seriously, there is nothing wrong with a guy liking lingerie. You needn’t be nervous about it, especially with me. I understand.”

“Well, umm, its just that its been a private thing with me,” I said.

“Do you just enjoy looking and touching, or are there other things you enjoy doing with a slip?”

Was this woman spying on me or what. I felt like she already knew the ultimate pleasure a slip gave me. Maybe she knew of the two that I had stashed away in my room.

By now dinner was done and we were cleaning up the kitchen, rinsing the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher.

I hadn’t answered her and as we finished, she grabbed both my hands and held them, her blue eyes locked onto mine, melting me .

“Be honest with me. I want to be a very good friend to you. Answer my question.”

“What do you mean?” I tried to sound as if I didn’t know what she was talking about, and looking away.

“Do you enjoy masturbating with slips?” Her gaze holding, she freed one hand and turned my face toward her.

There was no getting around that. I nodded, with my head down.

“I thought so. You just enjoyed the caress of that slip this morning too much to not have done that before.” She’d let go of my hand as she said this and picked up the robe and put it on.

When she picked up the robe, I saw what was under it and my heart came up in my throat. It was the slip.

As the nylon robe swirled around her in the final throws of wrapping and tying it, she retook my hands. “Its ok, there is no reason for shame or embarrassment. All guys do it. Some do it with lingerie.”

She picked up the slip and keeping my hand in hers, led me toward the TV room. “I have picked a special movie for us to watch. I hope you like it. It’s Body of Evidence.”

We canlı poker oyna sat down on the leather sectional and she grabbed the remote to start the film. I was on the end with the arm and she sat next to me, facing me with her legs curled up under her.

“Would you like to feel the slip some more?” as she said this, she held up the slip in one hand by the straps. The nylon shimmered in the soft light. I could not answer, but just stared at the slip. She reached over when it was obvious I could not answer and untied the tie on my bathrobe and pulled the robe open.

“That would be ‘yes’ “, as she then unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my chest. I watched as her hand carried the object of my passion to my bear chest.

At first she just drug it across my stomach and chest, only the lace touching, then more of it with each pass until the full length of the slip drug across my stomach and chest. Then she drug the slip by the straps up my torso and around my neck. I cooed as the silky fabric snaked its way around me. I was beginning to respond to the nylon as I felt my cock harden with each caress. A smile came across Faye’s face as she saw my pajama pants begin to “tent”.

“Doesn’t that feel good? Here, let me spread the slip out over your body so you can feel more of it,” as she adjusted the slip and rubbed it all over my chest and up to my cheek.

I leaned into the caress and buried my face in the fabric, kissing the nylon in her hands. She smiled and gave me a wink. As she pulled the slip around my neck and down my body, she gathered it and laid it cross-ways on my belly, just above the waist band of my PJs. She spread the skirt of the slip full width and it covered me from just below the shoulders to just above the waist band. Her fingers massaged my nipples through the nylon until they were rock hard.

“Do you want to feel this some more? May I unsnap your pants and let your cock free?”

I nodded.

“I want you to say it. Tell me you want me to undo your pants. Tell me you want to feel this slip all over your body. Tell me and I will do it.” Her smile is almost demanding and cruel, yet how could I resist?

Instead of telling her to unsnap them, my hands travel down and pull the snaps to the waistband and fly apart, exposing the quickly hardening member.

“Please, let me feel it against my thighs and cock.” I plead.

“Very good. Now stand up.”

As I do as she commanded, my PJ pants fall to my ankles. Still holding the slip, she slides the shirt off my shoulders and it falls to the floor. Then she takes her robe off and pulls it around behind me.

“Put this on. It will keep your naked flesh from sticking to the couch,” she tell me as she helps my arms into the sleeves. It feels so good, the nylon against my back, my butt, my legs. I start to wrap the robe around me.

“No, leave the robe open so I can get to you with the slip. Sit back down.”

I did as commanded. The couch was one of those with recliners built in, and as I settled in, she hit the button and I leaned back, reclining. By now I am fully hard, and as I sit, my stiff shaft sticks straight up. She lets the slip cascade down, holding by the straps and repeats the earlier process, only lower. My cock quivers at the feel of the nylon as it slides along my shaft and across the head.

“Well, well, what have we here?” she asks as a clear honey textured liquid appears on the head of my cock. Her index and middle finger of her right hand travel across the head, collecting the large droplet and brings it to her lips. As her tongue licks the liquid off her fingers she purrs. “MMMMMMM, very nice. Have you ever tried it? No? Then I think it is time.”

With that her fingers move back down to my cock, down to the base. Quickly and expertly her fingers find the grove and begin the milking process that will bring more pre-come to the surface. Again she collects it with two fingers but this time, they travel to my lips, not hers.

“Taste it, sweetie. I promise it won’t hurt you,” as she applies the liquid as if it is lipstick.

As my tongue traveled across my lips I tasted the slightly salty liquid. “That wasn’t so bad”, I thought. She must have read my mind, as she asked “That didn’t taste too bad, now did it?”

She smiled as her hands came down across my body, caressing the slip against me until they stopped at the lace hem just above the cylindrical object she’d just milked. She pulled the hem of the slip down so that it now lay on me just about the position it would be if I were wearing it. Her hands smoothed out the internet casino nylon and she copped a feel as her hands traveled upward to finish the arranging.

My breathing by now was pretty heavy and with each breath the nylon caressed me. It felt wonderful. Very lightly, her right hand traveled back down to the bulge in the nylon. She wrapped her fingers delicately around it, gathering the nylon as she went. Then her left hand joined the right. Together, one on each side, they began a slow, very slow stroke, first down then up. After a few strokes, she moved one hand down between my legs and cupped my sacks in the silky fabric, then gently massaged them. I arched my back in pleasure trying to match her rhythm. Then she stopped, looking at me with a gleam in her eyes.

“Do it for me,” she said, “Let me see how you stroke yourself.” With that, she reached to my sides and took my hands, placing them where hers were only a moment before. She noticed the small wet spot on the tip of the mound and pulled the slip off, exposing a shaft oozing pre-cum.

“Just pretend I’m not here and enjoy yourself with the slip.” She settled back a little but her nylon cover thigh was still against mine.

I obeyed. After all, it was what I wanted and we both knew it. My hands traveled down the slip caressing my body as they went down, then to the inside of my thighs, gently rubbing the nylon and enjoying it, eyes closed. My hands inched their way up my inner thighs and I cupped the sacks that had a few minutes ago been in her loving care. Then both wrapped around the cylindrical shaft covered in nylon and began a slow stroke up then down. I felt her shift slightly and opened my eyes.

She had unbuttoned her pajama top and it was open. One hand was inside massaging her breast. Her mouth was slightly open. She was turned on. With that, I reached up with one hand to feel those magnificent C cup boobs. She brushed my hand away. “Look, but don’t touch. Remember, I’m not here,” as she opened the shirt the rest of the way for me to see. They were beautiful, full and hard. I ached to touch them, kiss them, suckle from them. I could feel the orgasm building as my breath quickened and my hands moved slightly faster with a sense of urgency.

“Stop. I don’t want you to cum yet. …. I said stop.” With that she grabbed both my hands. “Let me see if I have this right,” and her hands drop mine and replace them on the nylon cylinder just below my waist. She just held it in her hands, letting the passion subside. After a few minutes her hands slowly moved, almost tickling in their touch.

“Tell me if I am doing this right. I want to learn how to do this.”

Was she kidding? She could give me lessons. “That’s, uh, just fine, Faye” I said breathlessly.

She was just using her finger tips with a light touch that sent electric like sensations through me, then just her fingernails, racking the full length of my shaft, then back to the full hand. Her other hand had dropped between my legs, gathered a handful of the slip, and cupped my sacks, massaging them gently.

“Are you sure I am doing this right? I mean, I want it to be good for you but I am not sure,” she taunted, smiling.

I was too far-gone to stop this time and she knew it. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t focus on anything but the pleasure and the rising orgasm. I started thrusting to meet her downward stroke. She molded her hand around my cock to ensure as much of the slip as possible was stroking me, her other hand massaging my sacks with a matching rhythm. Her eyes dancing with delight, a smile on her lips.

AHHHH, AHHHH, as the first waves of the orgasm hit, followed by the feeling of my cum starting it journey to the waiting nylon. Lost in the passion of the moment, I “grayed out” and simply pumped what seemed like ever bit of fluid in my body into the slip. Finally, I relaxed, spent. She gently continued stroking to make sure she got all of it, even milking me of the last drop.

“Wow,” she said, “That was something. I’ve seen guys getting laid that didn’t cum that hard. I guess I did do it right, huh?” She was still gently massaging my cock with the slip. It twitched in her hand.

“There is nothing I can teach you,” I said

“Still,” she said, “We need to explore this and take it as far as it can go. That’s enough for tonight, but I want you to sleep in my robe. Bring it to me in the morning. Better yet, I will wake you in the morning and you can give it to me then. You better be wearing it when you get out of bed. And I will FULLY understand if it’s wet.” She smiled, kissed me on the cheek, got up and picked up my pajamas, and walked out of the room. “Sleep well,” she taunted over her shoulder as she left.

I got up, wrapping the robe around me and tying the sash. This won’t be bad at all, I thought. I had no idea how bad it would get.