Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon Ch. 05

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The Studio was busy with paired off students. The Hol Sin Sol’s were hand to hand trial and error exercises. The offensive movements countered by the defensive re-direction. Tiger walked about the dojo with watchful eyes. Setting stances and correcting hand movements.

“Chariat,” Tiger barked out and the class came to attention. “Line up.” The students hurried to their ranked positions. Settling into a straight line and proper distance. Tiger slowly walked to the front of class with his hands clasped behind him. “Anjo,” He called out and the class all sat in a meditation position.

“For every thing in this universe there is an opposite.” He said as he began to pace back and forth along the mirrored wall. “For an offensive movement there is a defensive response. For a push there is a pull. For a hold there is a way to move. There is an opposite of everything. Light; dark; right; left; up; down; in; out; and so on.” He continued to walk around the class. The students listened with attentive ears.

“This philosophy is called the yin and yang.” Pointing to the encircling two colored symbol of black and white that was painted on the wall. The class all gazed at the wall that he pointed at.

“If a Tiger charges at you. You do not stand in its path and allow it to run you down. You circle and re-direct its power.” Tiger walked back to the front of the class. “The knowledge and wisdom of the ying yang can be used for every day life, not just fighting.” He smiled at Little Dragon who was smiling also, for they had an inside joke to the ying yang.

“If you reach above you and pull something down and it falls at you, then re-direct its path to ensure your safety. If you step out in front of a car, roll in a circle around it or over it the best you can not to take the impact or it will harm you. Not that it will ever happen but he who fails to prepare…prepares to fail.” Tiger came to the front of the class. “The Dojo is a forum to practice against the aggressive ways of the universe, not just fighting but in life itself.” He nodded at Little Dragon to end the class.

“Chariat.” Dragon barked and the class rose to there feet. “Bow to the Instructor.” The class bowed with much respect. “Bow to the flag’s.” The class did this too.

“Class dismissed.” Tiger said and the class relaxed and dispersed. Little Dragon walked up to Tiger with a smile.

“Dragon wants a ying yang.” She said with a large güvenilir bahis smile. “I’ll be ready to go in about ten minutes.” She said with a mischievous grin. She turned and went to the women’s change room. Flicking her ponytail in a sassy way and looking back at Tiger before she entered. Giving him a wink then disappearing through the door.


Little Dragon was removing her clothes in the bedroom and Tiger lay covered on the bed watching. She swayed her hips seductively as she pulled her pants down. Wiggling out of her jeans tight hold. Smiling as she glanced at Tigers watchful eye’s. “Tiger eye’s the Dragon.” She said playfully.

“Dragon cast’s her alluring spell.” He said with a slight laughter.

“I do nothing of the sort.” She said as she removed the braid out of her hair and shook her head to allow her hair its freedom. Little Dragon’s ass shook from her bodies twisting back and forth. Tiger smiled with delight. “I will cast a Dragon spell on your ying yang though.” She said smiling as she slowly crawled on the bed as a prowling cat.

“Oh?” Tiger’s eye’s widened as he spread his legs a bit. Little Dragon slowly moved towards his crotch and settled in sitting next to him. Licking her lips she looked at his rising mound. Slowly she pulled the sheet from him, inch by inch. Her toying way had them both smiling.

The sheet revealed his cock as she pulled the sheet even farther down his legs. Her fingers reached for his growing dicks shaft. Wrapping her fingers around it as it surged for attention. Pulling lightly upon it till it rose to erection.

“The Tigers ying yang is glad to see little Dragon.” She said with a grin looking at Tiger sensually. Then leaning down she kissed his cock’s head and licked it. Running her tongue along its shaft and back up to kiss its head again before she engulfed him fully. Her warm mouth brought Tigers ass off the bed, pushing up to her. Little Dragon sucked him deeply into her throat then pulled back slowly with tightened lips.

“Dragon eats the Tiger’s tail.” He said. Tiger reached for Little Dragons breast and squeezed it lightly. Cupping her perky mounds in his hand with fingers tightening around it. She moaned with delight as she quickened her pace of sucking his cock. She hungrily took him deep in her mouth then pulled back swiftly over and over. Tiger zeroed in on her nipple twisting it gently. She pulled her türkçe bahis hair back from her face and looked at him while tugging on his dick with fast pace jerks.

“Oh…ahh.” He moaned out as the pleasure surged through his body. Little Dragon watched his face that was showing the signs of enjoyment as she continued to pull on his hardened muscle. Her other hand wrapped around his balls and massaged lightly.

“Ying yang time.” She said as she got up and threw her leg over him. Still pulling his cock she sat upon him with her ass at his face. He quickly gripped her hips and guided her to his waiting tongue. Licking her inner legs till she was able to sit resting on his chest. He lapped at her puss while she engulfed him again.

“69, my favorite number.” Tiger said as he put a finger to her slit and rubbed long glides along its opening. Pulling on her folds and pussy lips playfully. Then circles around her clit while she sucked him in deeply. Little Dragons breasts pressed into Tiger’s stomach as she took his cock in her mouth and pulled her head back till its head was at her lips then she took him in again.

“Little Dragon is hungry tonight?” Tiger said while fingering her hole slowly. Purging in slightly then withdrawing his finger in a twisting manner. She pressed back into his hand as he pushed in deeper. She sucked him with long intakes and quick jerks of her hand. Moaning with pleasure with her mouth full of his love muscle. Then she pulled her head back and turned and looked back at him.

“Tastes great, less filling.” She proclaimed with a giggle. Then back to her joyful task. Tigers finger was in her deeply now and wiggled as he couldn’t get it in any further. Then licking her clit with the flicking of his tongue. She enveloped her lips around his cock and allowed her tongue to run lightly around his shaft then tightening her mouth around him and pulling her head back slowly.

“Puff, the magic Dragon.” Tiger said laughing while reaching up gripping her ass cheeks and spread them wide as he drove his hardened tongue into her pussy. Making stabs at her slit while pulling her open wider. She thrust back into his stiff tongue while he bobbed his head towards her warm wet opening. Taking his fingers he opened her pussy up wider then drove his tongue into her deeply. She moaned tones of ecstasy while he then lapped at her clit.

“The tongue of the Tiger is playful.” She said jerking güvenilir bahis siteleri his cock vigorously with clinched fist around his stiffness. Moaning louder as he put two of his fingers in slowly. Deeper he slid them in as she began bucking back into his fondling. She flung her hair to the side and licked at him while her hand rapidly tugged at his cock. “Fuck yes, oh…OH.Ahh.” She shouted. Her wetness flowed from her as she came. Tiger continued to drive his fingers in and out of her as she quivered and squirmed into his driving hand.

“Oh I love your ying yang.” She moaned out as he withdrew his fingers and lapped at her wet pussy. Little Dragon jerked his cock feverishly trying to bring him to cumming. She pulled her body up bringing her pussy to his rock hard dick. Straddling him, she slowly sat on it. With her back to him, he reached up and grabbed her waist and guided her as she sat upon him.

Taking him in her fully she started to sway her hips. Their strides become synchronized and they both quickened the pace. Faster and faster, driving into each other more and more. Little Dragon sat back slightly as Tiger reached around her and cupped both her breasts. Squeezing them fully as she rocked on him with her driving hips.

Little Dragon put her hands behind her and on Tiger’s chest while he twisted both her nipples. Pushing into her pussy deeply he humped at her. Her hair flapped wildly to the strides they made. Tiger’s hands fell to her waist holding tightly as he came in an explosion of wetness deep inside her. Dragon moaned in pleasure as she felt the warmness within. Slowing her pace he tried to hold her still while she still swayed with desire.

Then vigorously she pulsed her hips quickly while she released her wetness around his sensitive cock. Holding tightly Tiger moaned at her last thrusts of ecstasy. Then she slowed to a stop and sat straight up. Whipping her hair to one side she slid from him and turned and fell into him lightly. Wrapping her arms around him and kissing him with passion. Slowly she placed a leg over him and embraced him as she lay beside him.

Their breaths were short and slightly panting while their hearts pounded. She looked at him deeply and smiled. Tiger turned to look her in the eyes. “Your wonderful Dee.” Tiger said in a low tone.

“It’s the magic of your Ying Yang.” She replied with a slight giggle.

“I think it’s the crotching Tiger and ridden Dragon.” He said.

“You always say that.” Little Dragon snuggled in closer.

“You like the Tigers crotch and I like the way the Dragon rides.” He said smiling.

“Yes. I like your Ying Yang.” Little Dragon said laughing.