Craigslist Success

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Craigslist SuccessThis is a complete work of fiction but I have always fantasized about it. Before I start I should tell you a little about me. I am 5’9” about 210 pounds with an incredible upper body from body building for the past 5 years.I have been anticipating tonight’s events for a few days. A couple nights ago I had posted the following ad on Craigslist.Looking to get face fucked for the first time. 8+ cocks only race not important. Will swallow or let you cover my face.It took a few replies before I finally got a reply that looked suitable. We had exchanged a few emails, I told him, let’s call him Kevin, what I was looking at least for a face fucking but possibly be up for some light bondage. I had a raging hard on for the entire two nights until we were set to meet. When the night finally arrived I showed up at his house at the proposed time and knocked on the door. He opened the door and my knees started to get week from seeing his enormous stature. “It looks like you good and ready for tonight judging from the bulge in your pants”“Yes, sir, I’ve been anxious for a couple of days”“Good I love slutty little sissies like you”Kevin’s response took me a little by surprise but I was too horny to argue so I just ignored it. He told me to strip naked and put my hands behind my back. I immediately did as told awaiting my glorious reward. Kevin left the room for a bit he said to get some equipment. While he was gone the door opened and in walked a beautiful woman thick thighs, not fat, B cups and a stunning face. I assumed it was Kevin’s girlfriend as he told me he was dating a girl but I didn’t think he would have her over during our session. “I’m guessing you’re the sissy Kevin’s fucking tonight, huh? Good because I refuse to mess up my makeup and he’s been dying for a blowjob from a proper slut”“I’m not a sissy, I just want to try being face fucked.”“Ok, you’re not a sissy but you want to be humiliated and degraded by a real man. You want him to make you his slut but no you’re not a sissy at all.”I hadn’t thought of it like that but it doesn’t matter she wasn’t what I was there for. Kevin finally came back in the room with a bag full of equipment.“Hey you’re home, I assume you’ve met my slut for the night.”“Oh, yes baby I talked to the sissy little bitch.”With that Kevin brought out a blindfold and put it on me making everything go dark. I soon started to feel handcuffs being put on my hands behind my back. I loved the feel of cold steel locking my hands into place. The feeling of being immobile always gets me going. Someone started to stroke my cock, I was rock hard and ready to blow and it all stopped.“I don’t want you cumming before my boyfriend has had his way with your holes. It’ll be much better to watch you squirm trying to get off”Apparently Brandi was a bit of a sadist. “Ok, open that mouth and go to work sissy,” Kevin said.I opened my mouth searching for a cock and found Kevin’s balls instead. I immediately went to work lathering his balls with my spit and sucking with all my force. He then took his balls out of my mouth and slid his cock into my mouth. güvenilir bahis It was a little limp still but it was still bigger than any other cock I had sucked before hitting the back of my throat before I even got to the base. I worked his dick up and down until it was rock hard. At this point I had a spit dripping down my chin and onto my shaved body. I like sloppy blowjobs, it makes me feel much more dirty. Then Kevin took his cock out of my mouth and went to get something out of the bag. He returned and I felt a huge ring gag being put in my mouth. It was the biggest ring gag I had ever felt. After locking the gag in place he went back to thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth at a smooth pace. I wanted him to start fucking my face but I couldn’t say anything with that gag in my mouth. Just after that thought went through my head he started to pick up the pace and before long he was full on face fucking me.“Oh, yeah you love my cock plugging your mouth. Just like a real sissy. Maybe I’ll let you ride my cock later. You’d like that wouldn’t you sissy?”I was in heaven with Kevin’s huge cock fucking face at a ridiculous pace and I imagine Brandi was enjoying the show as well. His dirty talk I still thought was a bit over the top but I was way too into the situation to let it ruin the moment. By this time I had spit everywhere, running down my chin and completely covering my body. Pretty soon Kevin started to pick up the pace even more and I could feel he was about to blow. I could feel every vein in his beautiful cock sliding in and out of my willing mouth. A couple minutes later he exploded in my mouth. He pulled out after the first couple spurts and continued to shoot another 3 or 4 spurts on my face.“Damn, you are a good fuck toy, sitting there covered in a real man’s cum.”I heard a camera go off a few times as I assume Kevin was taking some souvenir shots. “These will turn out good, baby. That was a huge load” Brandi said.I was still super horny as I wasn’t allowed to cum while getting face fucked. “Looks, like you want some more action there, sissy? How would you like to feel what it’s like to be a real woman?”I didn’t even hear his words I just nodded my head and tried to keep Kevin’s cum in my mouth. He then helped me up off the floor and led me to another room in the house. I was still blindfolded so I had no idea where he took me. I was soon being pushed onto a bed face down. “Look at that ass, it’s almost as good as mine. You should try using it. Something that nice shouldn’t be put to waste.” I again ignored Brandi’s words in my state of horniness. I started to feel some fingers squeezing my ass cheeks and spanking it lightly. Then I could feel lube being applied to my hole and some fingers loosening it up.“Nice and tight just the way a sissy should be. I can fix that.”I had never had a real cock in my ass just a butt or a dildo and mine were considerably smaller than Kevin’s dick. I started to feel His mammoth sized head sliding across my hole sending waves of ecstasy through my body. I wanted him to fuck me so bad but he was taking his time canlı bahis making me harder with every second. Finally his cock started to push against my anus. As it started to penetrate my ass I felt a small pain from stretching so far. Eventually he got his entire head in and started to slowly thrust in and out. It felt amazing with his enormous member going in and out of my ass. I was trying to get my hands loose to relieve my aching cock of the load that had been building all night. After Kevin got going at a good pace he stopped and pulled out.“I think it’s time for you to do some work sissy. Get on top and ride.”Kevin rolled me over and helped to my knees as he lay on his back and started to position me over his cock. I couldn’t guide his dick into my ass with my hands cuffed so I let him get his cock in the right direction. I finally felt it slide into my hole and I slowly started going up and down on his meat stick. All of a sudden Kevin grabbed my hips and yanked me down on his cock fully filling my ass with his massive size. It hurt to start but I started to impale myself on his cock while Kevin kept forcing my ass all the way down and I was just about to lose it and I felt his hot cum flood into my ass and it brought me over the edge. I came everywhere. I felt 4 full spurts before I stopped cumming and I collapsed on top of Kevin. He rolled me off and got off the bed. I must have fell asleep for a little while because I woke up still with my hands tied behind my back but I could feel a butt plug in my ass now and I could feel some rope tied to my ankles. I didn’t mind because I have a fetish with bondage so I just laid there and let Kevin’s seed swim around in my bowls. Then I heard someone come into the room.“That was a fantastic fuck. How would you like to try having some more fun?” Kevin asked.I had taken the next couple days off so I wasn’t worried about the time so I nodded ‘yes’ and awaited my instructions. Kevin pulled me to my feet and hoisted me onto his shoulders and carried me to a new room still bound and blindfolded. He laid me onto a padded bench face down with my legs hanging off the end. He untied my legs and scooted me further onto the bench and put cuffs on both ankles. He then pulled my legs apart and locked them to what I assume were eyelets secured to the bench. I then felt him uncuff my hands and replace them with leather cuffs matching the ankle shackles. My hands were then fastened to more eyelets and there I was with a ring gag in my mouth bound to a bench with a butt plug keeping Kevin’s cum in my ass and dried cum all over my face. I started to get hard again thinking about what Kevin had planned for me. I heard someone enter the room and my gag was finally removed and some water was squirted into my mouth out of a water bottle. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was. I was finally able to regain control of my mouth and asked Kevin what he had planned for today.“I thought since you loved having my dick in you, you’d enjoy having more dick in you. Would you like that sissy?”“Yes, please.”“That güvenilir bahis doesn’t sound like something a sissy would tell her master, Jenny.”Why was he calling me Jenny and referring to me as a woman. I was again too horny to argue and just blurted out “Yes, master.”“That’s more like it Jenny. I have some guys coming over and I told them about how much you love getting fucked and humiliated and they wanted to try you out for themselves.”This really got my dick hard. Strapped to a bench and about to be used as a cum receptacle by an unknown number of guys for an unknown amount of time. I almost exploded just thinking about it. After I laid there for a while thinking about what was about to happen I heard a group of guys walk into the room. I started feeling hands all over my body prodding and feeling all over. Finally one of the guys started rubbing my hard cock but didn’t get nearly far enough to get off. I felt the ring gag being pushed into my mouth again and I gladly accepted it as I assumed it would be difficult to keep my mouth open for however long these guys would be fucking me for. Cocks started slapping me in the face and being rubbed on my ass and all over my body. Finally a cock was stuck through the ring gag and I started working it with my tongue and getting it nice and hard. I had spit dribbling from my mouth again as the cock was thrusting in and out of my mouth. I felt a cock start pushing against my ass and awaiting the fucking that was about to happen. Soon the cock started sliding between my ass cheeks stretching my ass again. Getting throat fucked and my ass pounded put me in a state of ecstasy. I then felt both of the cocks blow there loads simultaneously. Getting filled with cum in both ends was almost enough to make me blow. I felt the cocks in my ass and mouth go limp and pull out. Both of my holes were immediately filled with more cock and the fucking continued. There must have been at least 15 guys that took turns on my ass and mouth. By the end of the session I had dried cum covering my face while it still dripped out of my mouth. They put a butt plug in my ass so the cum would not dribble out of my ass I could feel the cum that filled my ass it was an amazing feeling. Kevin then came over and removed the gag and unlocked me from the bench.“You look worn out. I’ll let you rest there until you’re fully rejuvenated.”“Thanks Kevin.”I fell asleep again in complete bliss. I woke up with high heels on and a chastity device locked on my cock. I asked Kevin why I was wearing heels and a chastity device.“I wanted to test your limits and see how much of a sissy you really are. Walk around in ‘em see how they feel.”I walked around in them for a little bit but couldn’t get the hang of them so I took them off.“I don’t think I can walk in these at all, Kevin. It’s probably time for me to get going though.”“Before you go I wanted to ask how you liked the session.”“I loved it. I wish I could do it again soon.”“How about you come back later tonight? I got another bunch of guys that would love to take a turn with you.”“I’ll be there Kevin. You just make sure those cocks are ready to go when I get back here.”I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. Maybe I am really a sissy. It doesn’t matter I can’t wait for tonight. I hope there’s more cock tonight I would love to be covered in their juice again.