Cradle Robber

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Janet, 45, held neighborhood pool parties during the summer and at this one her nephew Dave, 19, was the center of attention of the preteen girls who giggled. Of course they were given reason since his boxer trunks were a bit transparent and so the inner netting could be dimly seen with his substantial penis waving in it, unshriveled by the water.

Watching from the kitchen window overlooking the backyard Janet’s friend Margaret, 60, looked on also.

“The girls are quite taken with Dave,” Janet said.

“They may have noticed what I have…and you too?” Margaret asked.

Janet nodded. “Do you think he is aware of how much he can be seen?”

“Hard to tell but I can tell you it isn’t just the little girls looking,” Margaret said.

Janet laughed and then went out to the yard and pool.

Not long after Janet came back and looked for another pot so she could heat up some chili.

“I hate to wash one now,” Janet said.

“I have one. Send someone with me to my house and I’ll give it to her. I think I’m pooped,” Margaret said.

“I’ll send Dave,” Janet said, not thinking at all about that choice.


Dave was in his trunks only for the short walk to Margaret’s house next door.

“The girls are quite taken with you,” she said to Dave.

“I admit it’s complimentary but I am too old for them.”

“Do you think maybe it’s your swim trunks…you know they are a bit transparent.”

Dave blushed. “I guess maybe that is part of it.”

They arrived and entered Margaret’s house and Dave waited in the living room until Margaret came from her kitchen with the pot.

“How really does anyone know what is a right age?” he asked.

Margaret put the pot down on a small table.

“It depends on what we are bedava bahis talking about,” Margaret said. “Marriage, going steady?”

“And I am a kid I suppose to someone older and can’t be disrespectful like just say “let’s go out together,” Dave said.

“And if a man, or boy if you will, my age, likes an older woman he does not want her to feel she is just easy because she hasn’t maybe had a man in a long time,” Dave continued

“You are wise for a ‘kid.'” Margaret said. “But it should be up to the woman to decide.”

There was a pause.

“Were you and aunt Janet looking at my trunks also, from the kitchen?”

“WE aren’t dead…yes, of course,” Margaret answered. “But we recognize our age, our wrinkles, that we aren’t the tight women a young man would like.”

“Like you said…shouldn’t I decide that?”

And with that he took Margaret’s hand and led it to the front of his swim trunks where she immediately felt that waving hidden penis. She pulled her hand back but when he again took it to him she did not.

The question of age difference, of wrinkles were not the only ones. One question Margaret judiciously did not mention: should she allow things to go on would an 18 year old boy cum so quickly that her disappointment would be unbearable?

As Margaret had her thoughts her face showed her also registering the feel of Dave’s penis and he saw that.

There was a sofa quite near and Margaret sat on it with Dave staying close and she now took down Dave’s trunks, her eyes filled with witnessing his still flaccid penis, that from her experience she felt would be a good 9 inches, that was clearly quite thick.

“Beautiful,” she said.

“I want to do you,” Dade said.

Margaret had indeed given up thoughts bedava bonus of sex long ago but clearly they lingered in her somewhere. She certainly had not fucked a man in a decade and her body now screamed to let this boy fuck her and take a chance on maybe his not cumming too quickly.

Margaret fondled Dave’s soft penis…his cock as her mind said it. She felt the crown and handled his balls and still he was basically soft. This was encouraging regarding his cumming too quickly. She lifted his cock and brought her tongue to its underside and licked there and then on top and then over the large crown and then onto his balls and now saw him begin to harden.

At some point she looked up at Dave and stopped.

“So you know what a 60 year old woman is,” she said and took off her blouse and brassiere and let her 39F breasts fall straight down as they had done now for years under the force of gravity and age.

Ready for rejection she was surprised when Dave kneeled and weighted her br3easts nicely and felt them, his warm hands tender and yet kneading. He moved his mouth to a lifted breast and sucked in her nipple and chewed at it firmly but sexually, his tongue stabbing all over her Aureoles.

“Oh God damn yes…yes…Dave…oh God I need to be fucked so goddamn bad,” she heard someone say.

Her 60 year olds’ buried need was no fully out in the open and available to Dave for insults or arrogance but she did not get that, only more of his warm hands kneading her breasts as only a man can and his mouth torturing her nipples.

Her hand went out again and found his almost rock hard, not 9 but surely 10 inches and despite missing his mouth and hands on her breasts she licked fiercely up and down his shaft and took his hard crown into her deneme bonusu mouth and then as much of his cock as she could, her teeth and tongue and lips expert and bring a deep moan from the boy.

He leaned her back and she held her breasts and he ran his 10 inches between them as she tongue found him with each stroke.

With Margaret eagerly helping Dave removed her slacks and slid down her panty. Still she worried about her belly rolls, her wobbling thighs and fat rear, her hanging skin.

But if Dave saw these things he wanted them. He took her bodily and lay her on the sofa and spread her thighs, sliding his hand up and down their wobbling flesh as he did so. He took a long look at her wildly haired womanhood, her labia hidden.

“Fuck meeee damn please God Dave fuck my pussy,” she aid and then gaspe3d and cried out as indeed Dave shoved his rock-like 10 inches without teasing up inside her long denied pussy.

Her hands flailed and she writhed on the sofa. Her moans were loud and unrelentingly begging and she met his tghr45usts with her loins.

“Oh God yesssssss fuck me don’t stop please Dave fuck me hard…I need it so, need it God I …oh God yesssss,” the woman cried out.

And her worries about Dave cumming early were for naught as he remained hard and pistoned her with severity. That he did not wear a condom did not worry her because pregnancy was not a concern and he was too young to be diseased she felt.

Margaret began to cum and cum and cum, her body convulsing with each as one did not allow the earlier one to settle before arriving.

Her face was contorted with her lust and her orgasms s Dave continued to use her pussy as a container for his hardness.

Finally Margaret felt the hot syrup of his cum as he spat his jism well up inside her 60 year old pussy, her body needing more still but so thankful for what he3 had provided her.


Janet had by now given up on the pot and knew in her heart what was happening with Margaret and Dave and she smiled for her friend.