Could Be Any Evening

29 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

You’re sitting at your desk poking away at your computer, apparently unaware of my subtle attempts to lure you away.

Finally giving throwing subtlety aside I stand behind you and slide my hands down your chest, and with a giggle, I lick the top of your head then skitter away.

You stand and follow me, aroused amusement in your eyes as you catch me by the arm and then grab at my hips, pulling me against you.

I nip your lip, then taking a deep breath I grip you by your shirt and shove you against the wall. I kiss you, hard and deep, wrapping my arms around your neck and grinding my hips into yours.

I feel your hands gripping me harder, feel the groan escape your lips as my hands slide beneath your shirt and brush your nipples.

I pull your shirt over your head, and slowly trail my lips down your throat, onto your chest.. licking at your nipples before taking each in my mouth to suck, tugging lightly with my teeth before continuing my way down your body.

I slowly undo your pants.. sliding them over your hips and down your legs. You spring to life in front of my eyes.. I take you in my hands to feel you become hard.

I feel your hands in my hair as I lick the head of your dick. Slowly I make my way down your length until my nose brushes your hips. Your hands tighten, and I hear another moan as I begin to suck and lick. The moan becomes illegal bahis louder, deeper as you feel my fingers slide along the crack of your ass.

Suddenly, I pull away with a wicked grin, almost enjoying the frustrated growl that escapes you.

Pulling you to a chair, I push you into it, and walk out of reach to the couch.

“Just watch for a while lover..”

I begin to move my body to the music, hips swaying to the sound of rock and roll guitars while I sing along, making you laugh. I move my hands along my body, flattening against my stomach, then cupping my breasts, offering them to you.

I slowly begin to unbutton my shirt, the black lacey bra underneath cradling the pale flesh of my breasts. The shirt falls to the floor and is kicked out pf the way. I move to slide the bra straps down my arms, then shyly turn away, and remove it with my back to you.. one strap at a time, before reaching back to undo the hooks. Turning back to you with one arm stretched across my breasts, I hold my bra out, then toss it to you with another wicked grin. Slowly I lower my arm from my breasts, then cupping each one in my hands, bringing my nipples to my lips. You see my tongue dart out, lapping across them one by one, before drawing them in to suck.. I flick my now hardened nipples again and make myself moan.

I see you watching me with a mix of amusement, arousal, illegal bahis siteleri and impatience.. the look makes my insides quiver as I dance for you.

My hands move to the fasteing of my skirt. I begin to slide it down my hips, then grinning, I turn again and bend over. You see my naked ass, and my pussy under my skirt as I slide the skirt down my hips by wiggling them. Still facing away from you, I part my legs and you see my hand slide between them, between my pussy lips that are already damp from wanting you. I look at you over my shoulder as I slip my fingers one by one into my mouth to suck my juices from them. Facing you again, I now walk back towards you. Clad only in garter belt and silken hose I kneel between your knees and stroke your dick with my hands before sliding you into my mouth. I feel your hands in my hair, gripping tight into the long brown curls, holding my head as you pound your dick into my mouth. Standing suddenly, you pull me to my feet and lead me back to the couch. Laying down, you pull me on top of you, my pussy on your face.

I feel your tongue invade me, darting between my pussy lips, lapping up the juices you find there. I groan, grinding my hips against your face before bending down and taking you in my mouth. We stay like this for what feels like ages, tongues darting over each other, yours brushing against my clit occastionally, canlı bahis siteleri but never long enough to make me cum. My body is shaking with the need, but you still deny me. Slowly, I part your legs and brush my fingers against your ass again. Feeling the moan against my pussy, I find the bottle of lube on the table and manage to coat my fingers, all the while still with your dick in my mouth.

Now with my wet fingers, I probe against your ass, slowly, carefully wiggling my finger into the dark warmth there.

Now the moan against my pussy gets louder, I feel your body tense and I grin knowing what I’m causing.

Your tongue flicks hard against my clit now, and my own body begins to shake with a climax.

Suddenly you pull away, and shift so that you are now behind me.

I feel your dick against my pussy lips, and the cool sensation of the lube against my ass. Your fingers slide against my ass as your dick slides inside me.

You fill me. Dick and fingers fill my holes.. first one finger, soon joined by a second..

I groan as I thrust and grind to meet your body, crying for you to fuck me harder and deeper.

Your dick slides out of my pussy one last time, then replaces your fingers in my ass. I cry out, arching my back.. your other hand slides around and I feel your fingers on my clit, finally giving me my release.

As I cry out, I feel your body tense again, and then I hear you cry out as well, feeling you cum inside me.

Spent, you withdraw from my body and pull me down onto the couch beside you, curling your arm around my waist to snuggle in for a while……….