Corporate Massage

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I am a massage therapist. I knock on your hotel room door. I am wearing a short denim mini skirt, a tight hot pink singlet with buttons down the top half and underneath a very small black lace bra and matching boy shorts. You answer wearing nothing but a towel. Your tanned body is firm & fit. With muscles in all the right places. I am instantly glad that I took this last job for the day.

You offer me a scotch and diet coke and I accept, it’s my last job after all and I’m in no rush to get home. We start chatting for a while and hit it off instantly. The chemistry and attraction between us is obvious. You pop the cork on a bottle of champagne, & before we know it we have drunk the whole bottle. I am feeling very light headed but remember that I came here to massage you after a tough day at a business conference.

You put on some music, dim the lights, and ask me if I want to dance for you for a little while first. You sit in the club chair to watch me. I begin to sway back and forth to the music with my eyes closed, completely uninhibited. You ask if I want to touch myself. My hands start to move over my skin, feeling my body. Running my hands down over my waist and flat stomach. My fingers lightly touching my nipple through my top. I move in closer to you, my hips gyrating to the music. My thighs are glowing in the dimmed light and look tanned and strong. You have some lace top suspender stockings for me and ask if I would wear them for you, with the heels you requested I bring. I sit opposite you and let you watch as I roll up first one, then the other to the top of my thigh. You get a glimpse of my lace underwear as I do this. I ask you to do up the buckle on my stiletto’s and as I lift my foot towards you my legs part and you can see straight up my short skirt. You become instantly hard. I smile at you, pleased.

I walk around behind you and begin to massage your neck and shoulders with some almond oil. Your buff body glistens in the candlelight and I become even more aroused. I find it hard to concentrate. Between the champagne, the mood lighting and your wonderful body with my hands running all over, mmmmm. I go around to the front and kneel on the floor illegal bahis submissively. Taking some more oil I begin to massage your feet, your calves and thighs. My fingers graze against your balls every so gently, and you moan. I am staring into your eyes, watching for your responses. I apply more oil to my hands and one at a time, take your hands in mine, massaging your strong hands and fingers, your forearms and biceps. Then I move in even closer to your body. You can feel my body heat now and smell my perfume, and my freshly washed hair. There is nothing like the smell of a woman, you think to yourself. More oil – this time on your wonderful chest and abdomen.

By now your cock is pushing at the white towel noticeably and both of our breathing patterns have changed. You reach down to me, grabbing a handful of my hair from the nape of my neck and gently but firmly pull me up towards your mouth. You kiss me softly at first, but quickly it becomes deep & passionate. Our tongues seeking one another hungrily. Your hand feels for my breast, my nipple already hard. You pull my singlet over my head and pull the cups of my little black bra down, so my breasts are exposed to you. You ask me to stand and as I do, you pull up my short skirt and slowly remove my lace boy shorts. You leave my skirt on – but pushed over my hips. I am soft and shaved and so nothing is hidden from you.

You tell me to lie back in the big soft chair opposite you and play with myself while you watch. I put one leg over each arm and start to touch myself. One hand pulling and flicking on my nipple, the other trailing it’s way down my belly to my waiting clit. It’s throbbing by now and you can see how wet I am. I ask you to take the towel off, so I can see all of you, and you do. Your big, erect cock springs out from under the towel like a jack in the box. My fingers slowly make their way to my wet pussy and play at the entry, sliding around in my juices, gently spreading it around lubricating myself. You can see that my clit has enlarged and I begin to flick across it and encircle it. I ask for an ice cube, which you give me and I start to slowly roll it over my labia & clit – teasing myself with illegal bahis siteleri it. As it melts the water trickles down to my already wet hole.

You tell me you want me to see my fingers inside me, and so I slide in first one, then two, then three fingers. You can see by my eyes that I am extremely horny and enjoying every minute. You can’t wait any longer and come over to me. Getting on your knees to taste me. Your hot wet tongue flicks rapidly over my hard clit and I begin to moan loudly, you place two fingers inside me and pump, working my g-spot hard. In no time at all I start to cum and grab your hair with my hands, pulling your face to my mound, my hips rising high. As I finish a huge smile spreads across my face and I look at you with lusty, sexy eyes and tell you that it’s now your turn.

I stand up and take your hand and walk you to the bed. I remove my skirt & bra now, leaving on just the stockings and heels. I tell you to stand at the end and I lay on my back, my body exposed to you completely. I hang my head off the end of the bed and smile at you. I ask you if you are ready to fuck my throat. You come toward me and put your balls in my face, I begin to lick and suck on them. Taking them both in my mouth gently. Then I expel them and start licking from the base of your shaft to the tip of your cock. Making sure to lick all the way around the sensitive head. It is now well lubricated with your pre cum which I taste hungrily. Then I put my arms back and cradle your balls with one hand, while stroking the base of your cock with the other. My mouth working the rest of it. I begin to relax my throat and let my head fall back even further, allowing your cock to hit the back of my throat, then go beyond. Occasionally I gag as you are quite a size to take, but I try to relax myself and breathe in between the strokes, getting a rhythm going here.

After doing this for some time, you decide you want to fuck me and it can’t wait. You tell me stand on the floor and lean over the side of the bed facing forward. I put a large pillow under my hips for support and you gently hold my hair in one hand and tease me with just the head of your cock. Rubbing it over canlı bahis siteleri the entry, then pulling back. I am ready to beg you to please, please fuck me and suddenly you push it ALL in…….. OMG, it feels so good, so big and hard. You do one or two gently strokes. Then fuck me hard while pulling on my hair. I am in ecstasy and almost ready to cum again. You stop suddenly, sensing I am close and tell me that it is not time yet. I am not to cum yet. I feel ready to scream. Every fibre of my tingling and throbbing with desire. You are still inside me and move around in tiny circles, this feels incredible. You then lean very close to my ear and tell me that you are about to fuck me – VERY HARD & VERY FAST and you want me to cum as quickly as I can this time. I become so turned on just hearing this.

You withdraw from me, leaving just the tip in and then move a tiny bit, I am ready and waiting, you do nothing……. You take it out, and then put just the head in again…… I am almost in tears with the anticipation ……. Just when I think you are going to do this all night, you slam your hard cock into me – as hard as a sledgehammer. I moan and cry out loudly, within minutes my body is shaking with an earth shattering orgasm. You feel my muscles clenching tightly to you, as if they don’t want to let go of you ever…… I slump to the bed and tears roll down my cheeks, tears of relief and release. That was so wonderful and so strong.

I lay there for a minute and then I slowly rise and get on my knees at your feet, once again I start to lick and suck you as before, this time lubricating my index finger in my wet cunt and pressing it against your ass until the muscle gives way. You tell me to look at you while I service you, and I do immediately. Your cock hitting the back of my throat, my fingers raking across your tight balls. You look down at my big blue eyes, feel the wet, hotness of my mouth, the sharpness of my nails and see my legs, still encased in black stockings and 6″ heels and you begin to cum in my mouth and throat. Spurting once, twice and then you withdraw and spray the rest over my tits. Looking at how wonderful this all looks and feels. You see my tongue quickly lick at the side of my mouth where a drop of your cum has fallen. You smile. You are so glad you decided to have a massage tonight, and consider having one every time you come to Adelaide on business.

The End