Confession to Mom

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Confession to MomAfter 15 years of lusting and fantasizing about my Mom I had made up my mind to finally tell her how I felt. I guess I had reached the point in my life where I knew it was now or never. I thought for a long time about how to tell her. I didn’t think I could do it over the phone, and I didn’t want the evidence floating around that would have been left by an email. So the only option was to do it in person. That was tricky because it meant that I would have to be alone with Mom, and preferably a situation where we were together for at least a couple of days. I knew that perfect situation would be something that I would have to wait for, and that it may take months or years before it happened. But I had lived with this secret for 15 years, so waiting a while longer was not the end of the World. Basically what I had decided was that if I got the chance to tell Mom in the right situation I was going to do it.A few months later I was on the phone with Mom and she mentioned that Dad was going on a week long fishing trip to Alaska later that month with his buddies, and said that she was just going to mill around the house. As soon as I hung up I started thinking about going out to visit Mom while Dad was gone. I knew there would be no better time to tell Mom how I felt and get her reaction. The day following that phone call I sent Mom an email telling her that I had a lot of vacation time stored up at work and could come out there the week Dad was gone if she wanted. Mom replied within an hour that she would love to see me and said she was very excited that we would have the week with just the two of us. I’m sure she had nothing sexual in mind, but of course my brain instantly went there. The next couple of weeks were excruciating, I could think of nothing else besides how Mom would react to my admission.My idea was to save the letter to Mom in the drafts folder of an email account, then on day 2 of my visit open it and ask her to read it. I arrived in the late afternoon and Mom picked me up at the airport. We had made plans to have an early dinner then relax on her back deck. My parents live in a rural area and have a tremendous piece of property in the rolling hills and their back deck is amazing. They live in a neighborhood where each lot is at least 5 acres of land, so it feels secluded in their backyard. Dinner was great, Mom and I split a bottle of wine and she was definitely a little tipsy so I drove home. The conversation flowed easily the whole time at dinner and on the hour ride back to her house. When we got there Mom told me to unpack later so we could share another bottle of wine and watch the sunset on the deck. She laughed and said, “Hurry and grab a bottle out of the wine fridge, I’m about to lose my buzz.” Soon we were sipping wine and talking about all sorts of things. About half way through the bottle Mom asked me if I had been dating a lot. I told her that there were a few women I had been casually dating. She giggled and said, “Casually dating huh? Does that mean you’re just seducing a bunch of young girls?” I had an opening and decided to take it.I took a sip of wine then said, “Well Mom, actually all of the women I’ve been dating are older than me. In fact I’ve learned that I just have more in common with older women, and definitely am more attracted to that group.” Mom looked at me and asked if I was serious and then asked how old these women were. I told her that most were in their early 40’s, but that one was in her early 50’s.Mom literally covered her mouth and said, “Kevin, that woman is old enough to be your mother!” Then quickly added, “Are you really attracted to women that old?” I looked Mom straight in the eye and told her that women that age were sexy as hell. And while their body may not be able to compete with a 20 year old, the women I have been with were sexier than any 20 year old I had met. We were about finished the bottle of wine so I told Mom I was going to get another bottle. As I passed Mom’s computer in the living room I decided that the timing was perfect to show Mom my letter. My hands were shaking as I logged in and opened the email. I left the email open then went to open the bottle of wine. As I walked back outside I almost chickened out and closed the email, but I somehow bilecik escort managed to steel my nerves and join Mom on the deck. I put the bottle on the small table that was between the lounge chairs where we were sitting. I sat sideways at the foot of my chair, cleared my throat and said, “Mom, I want to talk to you about something.”Mom sat up a little and said, “That sounds serious baby, is anything wrong?”I replied, “No Mom, nothing is wrong. I just want to tell you something. Actually I wrote what I have to say in an email that I just pulled up on your computer. Would you mind coming inside so you can read it?”Mom had a confused look on her face but got up and walked into the house. I followed her inside with my stomach doing flips. This was it. I was finally going to admit to Mom the secret I had been keeping for 15 years. What would she say? What would she do? I started to get more nervous about what would happen if she liked the idea. Could I perform, could I really fuck my own mother? Could I please her enough to get a second shot? All of these thoughts were ripping through my brain so fast that it distracted me from realizing that Mom had started reading the email…I’m not sure how to start this letter. It’s such a strange thing for a 30 year old son to admit to his 50 year old mother. I guess I’m ashamed, and most importantly worried about your reaction. I’ve wanted to say something for so long, but i have never known how to start the conversation. I guess the only thing to do is to just say it…Mom, I want you. I’ve wanted you since I was a teenager. Back then I assumed it was just an adolescent phase that I would grow out of, but the feeling has only grown stronger since that time. It’s not like you have been my only object of affection over the years, but no other girl or woman has ever lived up to you in my eyes. When I dated girls in high school and college and even when I got married in my early 20’s I was always attracted to those ladies for who they were, it’s not like I was substituting them for you. But I did compare every one of them to you, and they never measured up. They never matched the way you looked at me, the unconditional love in your eyes regardless of the situation. They never matched the sexy way you move, even when you’re just going about your daily routine. When I look at you I don’t see Mom, I see a vibrant woman who is full of life, an amazingly sexy woman who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.There is not a single moment that stands out that first attracted me to you, it was more of just a gradual realization that an incredibly sexy woman was living in my house. Maybe it was because Dad worked out of town most of the time starting when I was 13 and you treated me as the man of the house in subtle ways. Like serving me first at the dinner table, or calling me from your office every day when you knew I would be home without my little brother there yet. Those talks became the highlight of my day. They started as routine updates and requests to get chores or dinner started, but over the years they turned into chats about your day at work and things that were going on in your life outside of work. It’s safe to say that by my Junior year of high school our daily chats were very similar to husband/wife conversations. I can tell you Mom that those talks were way more intimate than the typical conversations with my ex wife. You and I both genuinely cared about what was going on in each others lives. But there was always the physical attraction. I tried to fight urges to spy on you or to glare at your sexy body, but I was not strong enough to ignore my baser instincts. To be completely honest most of my senior year I saw you naked at least once a day. I have no idea if you knew this or not, but there was a crack in your bathroom door that gave me a perfect view of you getting out of the shower. I stumbled on this opportunity accidentally when I was putting away some freshly cleaned towels and noticed light streaming in through the bathroom door. It took a couple of weeks before I got the nerve and the opportunity arose to spy on you, and that image is burned into my memory.My brother was spending the night at a friend’s house and you had plans to go out with friends. A few minutes after you mentioned escort bilecik that you were going to shower and get ready for your girls night, I quietly slipped upstairs and peeked through the crack. Just retelling the story has me as excited and nervous as I was that evening. I remember looking through that opening and seeing your reflection in the mirror, that alone was enough to spring my cock to life. A few minutes later the water shut off and I almost ran out of your room, but somehow managed to build enough courage to stay. I was rewarded with a fantastic view of your wet naked body. I literally had to cover my mouth to keep from getting caught. The image went in and out of view for no more than a minute before I ran to my room and completely ravaged myself. I barely had time to close and lock my bedroom door before I dropped my pants and after a few quick strokes my entire body went stiff and the most amazing orgasm I had ever experienced ripped through my body. I finished myself off two more times in the next 30 minutes while you got dressed for the night on the town. It took another 20 minutes before I could muster enough energy to get dressed and go downstairs. I was lounging on the sofa watching TV when you appeared in the living room and asked what I thought of your outfit. My jaw scr****g the floor was enough of a sign for your to blush and comment that you assumed I liked what I saw. I’ll never forget that low cut black top and skirt combo. The neck line plunging low enough to be sexy as hell while still maintaining the class that you have always exuded. It was quite memorable.I can go on for hours about little incidents that were innocent to you, routine daily activities, but each one gave me countless hours of fantasies. Practically all of my fantasies all the way through college were of you Mom. Even now most of the thoughts that fill my head while masturbating are of you. I search for pictures and videos of mature women who even faintly resemble you, and have mind blowing orgasms imagining the woman is you. I guess I have finally gotten to the point where I need to know if my fantasy can ever be a reality. I’m pretty sure that if your answer is no you will handle the response as lovingly as you have every other situation in my life. But if the answer is yes then 15 years of fantasies will come to life. I can hardly contain myself thinking of that possibility. I hope your answer is yes, but will understand and love you no less if your answer is no.I was sitting in a chair in the living room that was about 10 feet from the computer. I turned sideways so I could see Mom’s face as she read it. There was no real shock on her face, the only visible change in her expression that showed surprise was that her mouth was open a little. About a minute after she started reading Mom turned her head and asked, “Is this real sweetie? Are you serious?” I tried to speak but couldn’t so I just shook my head yes. Mom turned back to the screen and continued reading. When I assumed she was close to finished reading I saw her eyes begin to well with tears. Fuck, she was upset. This was not going to end well. I braced myself for a rejection and hoped she wouldn’t be too mad at me.Mom swiveled her office chair and stood up. She walked towards me and said, “Baby, that is the most wonderful thing anyone has ever written to me.” She wiped her tears away as she continued walking towards me. She stood right in front of me and said, “I had no idea you felt that way about me. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought into telling me. I’m so happy we have a relationship close enough that you can even tell me that you want me. I know that had to be an incredibly hard thing for you to admit, and it is very clear that you are serious.” Mom then reached down and grabbed my hand, “Lets go upstairs. I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want you right now.”Mom quietly led the way to her bedroom. My mind was hazy, it seemed like I was dreaming. I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen. The sexual tension was incredible. When we finally got to Mom’s room she led me past her then closed and locked the door. As soon as she turned around I was all over her. I grabbed her face and pulled her toward me. When our lips met a spark of electricity bilecik escort bayan shot through my body. Our tongues danced and hands roamed. Mom broke our kiss and ran her tongue down my neck and began kissing and moaning as I unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra. “Mom you have amazing tits, I wanna suck them,” I whispered into her ear.Mom moved my head down to her chest, “Yes baby, suck Mommy’s tits. I love my tits sucked hard.” Moans and grunts filled the room, the scene was quickly becoming very erotic. My Mom is a very petite lady, so I easily lifted her and walked across the room and threw her on the bed. I unbuttoned and ripped her jeans and panties down and off in one motion, Mom was completely naked. Photos paused for a second to admire her body, she was gorgeous. I guess Mom saw the complete lust in my eyes because she said, “Yeah baby, fuck me. Fuck your mother and make me cum!!!” I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mom completely shaved her pussy. I pulled Mom to the edge of the bed and knelt down so I could dive into her pussy. Mom was wet before my tongue touched her. She screamed with pleasure as I licked up the entire length of her pussy then sucked her clit hard. I inserted a finger and loved how tight she was. Mom was grinding her pussy into my face and moaning loudly, “Oh god baby, lick that pussy. Lick your Mommy’s pussy. Holy shit baby I’m gonna cum already. Keep going baby, don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop. Fuck meeeeeeee!!!” Mom’s legs started shaking then her stomach and soon her whole body was quivering. I looked up to see her squeezing her tits and tossing her head from side to side. Mom was moaning so loudly it sounded like she was screaming. Her orgasm lasted for at least a minute.When she finally came back down to Earth Mom said breathlessly, “Holy shit baby, I have never cum that hard before in my life.” She slid off the edge of the bed and began to undress me. She moved slowly, kissing my body as she stripped me naked. She pushed me back onto the bed and leaned down to suck my cock. Mom was incredible, she took her time and slowly licked my cock and sucked my balls. I was already pretty hard before she started but after a few minutes I was hard as stone. As much as I was enjoying her mouth on me, I wanted to fuck her and told her to climb on top of me. “Does my baby want to feel Mommy’s pussy sliding down his cock? You want to fuck me baby? I want to fuck you too honey.” And with that Mom grabbed my cock and guided it inside of the most amazing pussy I have ever felt.Mom was tight and wet, it truly was a perfect fit for my cock. It felt like I was made to be inside of her. Mom sank all the way down on my cock and we both moaned and locked eyes. She slowly began to ride me as we continued to stare deeply into each other. I couldn’t believe I was finally fucking my dream woman, and it was even better than any of my fantasies. Mom picked up the pace and after only about 5 minutes I was nearing the point of no return. I was disappointed when I told Mom I was going to cum. Mom replied, “Cum baby, cum in my pussy. Shoot that load in me, give it to me baby!” That sent me right over the edge. I grabbed Mom’s ass and began slamming her hard and fast on my cock. I’ve never wanted to cum so bad in my life. After another minute or two I grunted and shot my load into my Mom’s sweet pussy. The blast was so hard it felt like I was going to shoot her off of me. “Oh fuck yeah baby, fire that cum deep inside of me! Holy shit that feels wonderful,” Mom said then collapsed on top of me.After minutes of both of us trying to catch our breaths Mom lifted her head and kissed me. It was a soft and slow kiss, extremely sexy. Mom broke the kiss and said, “Baby, I’m so glad you told me that you wanted to fuck me.””I only wish I would have told you sooner,” I replied.The rest of the night was spent napping and fucking. We would fuck then pass out for maybe an hour then go at it again. That routine lasted until about 5AM when we finally passed out for good. Around 10 I woke up to an amazing blow job and we fucked for a couple of hours before finally getting out of bed. Mom was amazing. She was so free with her body and was not afraid to tell me what she wanted. The rest of the week was pretty much just fucking our brains out. We talked about how natural it felt to make our relationship physical, and we talked about how we could be together in the future. We didn’t make any plans but agreed that this would not be a one time thing.