Coffee Mornings

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Marion had loved the Thursday coffee morning with the girls. She was so pleased she’d taken Astrid’s invitation and made the effort to go. What a revelation! At first, Marion had been dubious, after all, who wanted to be surrounded by harassed mothers and screaming brats at thirty-five years of age? Not her, that’s for sure. She would rather spend the morning in the company of like-minded ladies without the associated baggage of infants and toddlers. To her surprise and subsequent delight, that’s exactly where Marion found herself. There were no children present at Astrid’s plush residence, just like-minded ladies.

Astrid had alluded to this meeting being ‘special’ when the previous week’s meeting had drawn to a close. ‘You have to come to Tuesday’s gathering.’ Astrid had invited when she saw Marion off at her front door.’ ‘We put it to the vote earlier and the rest of the girl’s feel the same. We’d love you to become one of our regulars.’

Marion was flattered; she’d had a really great time that morning and would look forward to another get together. She’d been pleasantly surprised when she’d arrived at Astrid’s place; there hadn’t been a tear stained, snotty nosed infant in sight, a pleasant start. As the morning progressed Marion had been deliciously shocked by the twists and turns in the conversation, which had centred wholly around one subject…


Marion had been the most senior in the group. by her own estimate by about ten years on the host, Astrid who was twenty-five. Some of the younger girls, Lisa and Jenna in particular seemed to have no inhibitions when it came to sex, with neither of the pair looking any older than twenty… Talk about a generation gap.

Nonetheless, once the surprise had worn off, Marion found that the girls’ ribald tales and accounts of their sexual excesses captivated her. Marion decided that she’d lived a decidedly sedate life up until now, but she still felt a tingling between her thighs when the time arrived for the little soiree to break up.

‘I can’t believe what you girls are like,’ Marion had said when it became obvious that the meeting was over. ‘I’d never dare…’

‘We’ve been tame today, Marion,’ Jenna giggled. ‘You should do Tuesday… We’re really wicked on Tuesdays.’

So, with Astrid’s invitation to the infamous Tuesday meeting Marion walked the short distance along the leafy, suburban street to her own spacious home. Her interest was most definitely piqued and she wondered what could be more ribald than the tales of debauchery she’d heard that morning. So far Marion had heard stories of pornographic film watching, flashing and actually having sex in public places, with Lisa even being caught and subsequently watched during one memorable outdoor tryst. Whatever next?

‘We’ll meet in the coffee shop.’ Astrid informed Marion and described the location of the rendezvous. ‘Oh, and one more thing,’ Astrid added mysteriously. ‘Wear a skirt. It’ll make things so much easier.’

The final comment left Marion bemused and she stared into empty space for several seconds after hanging up the phone. ‘A skirt?’ She thought, puzzled by Astrid’s closing line. ‘Why a skirt?’

The other three women were already in attendance when Marion took her seat. She couldn’t quite define it, but she had a definite feeling that there was something going on. She felt a shiver of unease; was it paranoia, or was there some kind of conspiracy going on?

‘So glad you could make it, darling,’ Astrid smiled widely while Marion nodded her greetings to the group.

‘It’s so great that you could come and play,’ added the slender, dark haired Lisa.

‘Yeah, we need another girly to join in the fun,’ Lisa’s fair-haired counterpart, Jenna, made her voice heard as well.

Once again there was that slightly disturbing feeling of an undercurrent at the table. Marion still couldn’t identify it, but she recognised something in both the young women’s’ tone.

‘Now now, you two,’ Astrid scolded, sensing that Marion was uneasy. ‘You’ll make Marion think we’re being unfriendly. It’s her first Tuesday, remember.’

‘Sorry, Marion,’ Jenna smiled. ‘Don’t get the wrong impression please.’ She looked at Lisa for support and continued, ‘we’re friendly alright. Just playful today, that’s all.’

‘That’s right,’ the dark girl responded. ‘Playful is definitely the word.’

‘Come on, Jenna,’ Astrid whispered. ‘Tell Marion why you’re so playful. Let her in on the secret.’

‘Well,’ Jenna began. ‘I’ve been a wicked girl…’ She looked into Marion’s eyes. ‘I’ve got a vibrating butterfly on my clit… right now… Aren’t I bad?’

‘And I’m controlling it,’ grinned Lisa as she held up a tiny remote control device.

Marion was genuinely shocked. She’d heard about things like that, but had never known anyone brave enough to wear the device in a public place. It was certainly something that had never crossed her mind to try.

‘Took you by surprise didn’t she?’ Astrid smiled at Marion’s saucer güvenilir bahis eyes. ‘We’ve toned it down a little as well,’ she added. ‘We didn’t want to go too overboard for your first day.’

Over the course of the next few minutes Astrid described some of the group’s Tuesday antics. She described scenes in various shops where the girls would take it in turns to ‘flash’ at a particular security guard, targeting one guy and then flashing their bare buttocks and pussies at him, just to see a reaction.

‘Oh my God,’ Marion gasped. ‘That’s why you made a point of wearing a skirt…’

‘Well,’ Astrid purred. ‘The skirt makes it so much easier for whatever we decide to do…’ She looked at the other two women and smiled in a sly, feline way. ‘But we have a plan for today already… A sort of initiation…’ The two younger girls grinned in response and Astrid continued, ‘if you’re game that is.’

Marion’s mind was buzzing. What should she do? Part of her was appalled at what the svelte, sophisticated Astrid was revealing, but another part of her was wildly excited. She’s never been so decadent in her life, never walked on the wild side, but with this group…

‘What do you think, Marion?’ Jenna asked. Her eyes were shining and she was wriggling in her seat a little.

Marion remembered that the girl had some kind of vibrator against her body. Lisa had obviously cranked up the juice and Marion realised that Jenna must be growing more and more aroused as the minutes ticked by. It was the thought of the sexy, young girls’ wickedness that led Marion to her decision. She felt a rush of warmth flow through her sex and nodded her head in reply, having no faith in her voice.

‘It’s all about trust, Marion,’ Astrid explained seriously. ‘We all trust each other… implicitly. You can trust us… Whatever happens this morning, it’s just for us, okay?’

Marion nodded again, she understood completely.

‘I… I…’ she faltered.

‘Don’t worry,’ Astrid reassured her. ‘Today will be a nice private initiation… Nothing too strong, not for your first time.’

Marion’s heart was pounding and her limbs trembled when Jenna murmured huskily, ‘Can we go soon? I’m going to come right here… loudly. …If we don’t get out soon.’

‘Go on, baby,’ Lisa whispered lasciviously. ‘Show Marion how bad we can get. Do it here.’

Marion stared at the voluptuous, fair-haired girl. ‘She wouldn’t,’ Marion thought to herself. ‘Not here… In public!’

‘Oh fuck,’ Jenna sighed. The girl twisted in her seat and Marion saw Jenna’s hand slide below the table.

Unable to see exactly what the girl was doing, but under no doubt since she could see Jenna’s arm moving briskly, Marion watched as Jenna sawed vigorously at herself, quickly falling over the edge.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck…’ Jenna breathed. ‘I’m doing it ladies… I’m… Fucking… Doing… IT!’ Jenna let several stifled moans slip between her tightly pursed lips while Lisa looked on gleefully. Her chair scraped loudly as Jenna pushed against the tiled floor, but by this time she had her thighs clamped tightly around her wrist and had stopped moaning. ‘Okay girls,’ Astrid instructed before too much attention was drawn their way. ‘Time to go.’

Marion followed meekly as the group stood up as one and left the coffee shop. She couldn’t believe the wanton sight she’d just witnessed. Jenna had masturbated to a climax in full view of whoever happened to look in their direction. It was the most public display of depravity that Marion had ever seen and her face felt flushed and hot at the memory of it.

A short time later Astrid was slotting the key into her front door. After keying in the code to disarm the burglar alarm she then led the way into her comfortable lounge.

‘Coffee, or…?’ Astrid asked.

‘Vodka,’ chorused the two young women in what was obviously a ritual.

Astrid smiled and poured four generous measures. ‘Get comfortable girls, I’ll get the things.’

Jenna and Lisa wasted no time, and to Marion’s open-mouthed surprise, unbuttoned their blouses and allowed their skirts to fall to their feet. Neither woman was wearing underwear and Marion stared openly at their smooth, plump vulva. Her own pubic bush was untrimmed, and Marion flushed again as she eyed the prettiness of Jenna and Lisa’s mons’.

When the girls both unclasped their respective bras Marion got yet another surprise, it was turning into a day of firsts for her. Both women had glittering jewellery decorating their navels, but Jenna had gone further and sported a large, decorative, silver hoop through each nipple. It wasn’t until Jenna sat down and spread her thighs that Marion spied the third hoop through Jenna’s hooded clit.

‘Ah, I see these two are well ahead of the game… as usual,’ Astrid said happily upon her return. ‘Here you are girls…’

Astrid laid a small square of clear, polythene sheeting down and then upended the small valise she had brought with her.

Dildos, vibrators türkçe bahis and other toys lay in a haphazard pile on top of the sheet, and Lisa called out happily: ‘Toys Tuesday… I love it.’ She bent forward and lifted a rabbit vibrator from the pile, obviously a favourite. ‘Did you miss me, little bunny?’ she lisped in a little girl voice and kissed the tip of the toy tenderly.

Jenna pushed the now redundant vibrating butterfly from her body and collected a small finger vibe from amongst those on offer.

‘Help yourself, whenever you’re ready,’ Astrid invited Marion. ‘Take your time… Watch these two dirty bitches if you like, but feel free to jump right in. Trust, remember.’

Astrid unhooked her own skirt and stepped out of it when it fell to a heap at her feet. She slid out of the tight tee shirt and was suddenly, fully naked in front of Marion.

Marion experienced a quick rush of embarrassment when she saw Astrid’s slender body. The dark haired woman possessed a superb physique, slim yet curvy, with high tight breasts, narrow waist and long, taut, athletic legs. Astrid’s bush was razored to an exclamation mark above the cleave of her pussy…

How could Marion compete? Astrid was ten years her junior, and the other two fifteen – Marion felt old and frumpy in comparison.

Marion looked quickly at Lisa and Jenna. Lisa was similar in build and colouring to her host, while Jenna was more full breasted and voluptuous. She was fair haired as well, which further emphasised her physical difference to the other two women. In spite of her fuller figure Jenna was still a taut limbed youngster, and her breasts were round and firm, much larger than Astrid’s and Lisa’s, but still succulently pliant.

‘I better go,’ Marion blurted. ‘I’m sorry, this isn’t for me.’

Astrid turned to face Marion. ‘What’s wrong?’ she asked, predictably.

In spite of her embarrassment, Marion felt she owed Astrid an explanation. It seemed surreal to her that she should be explaining her reticence to a naked woman but Marion ploughed on bravely.

‘I don’t understand…’ Marion began after Astrid had led her through to a smaller room.

‘What?’ Astrid asked. She was disappointed at Marion’s apparent desire to leave. She thought that Marion would have been a valuable member of their select group, once she’d recovered from the shock of it all of course, and Astrid was still keen to have the older woman stay. ‘What’s wrong? What don’t you understand? Are you offended?’

‘No, nothing like that…’ Marion replied. ‘Not offended… I’m really… aroused if the truth be told, but…’

‘It’s okay,’ Astrid whispered. ‘You can tell me… What have I been emphasising all along? Trust… You can trust me.’

Marion stared at Astrid for a long time. She looked into the younger woman’s eyes and completely forgot that Astrid was naked. There was a connection, a definite connection, and Marion instinctively knew she could place her fragile trust in this woman’s hands.

‘It’s me,’ she said eventually. ‘Why me?’ Marion’s look implored a response.

‘Why you?’ Astrid asked. ‘Why did we invite you?’

Marion nodded, ‘Yes, why me? I’m a lot older than any of you… I’m thirty-five… I’m not slim like you… Jenna’s a bigger girl, but she’s still gorgeous.’ Marion shook her head, her straight blonde hair whipping from side to side with the force of her feeling. ‘…I’m just a dollop,’ she trailed.

Astrid lifted Marion’s chin with her hand. ‘Why you?’ she repeated. ‘I’ll tell you why. I can see it in you, in your face. I can’t explain it, so don’t ask, but I can tell… I can just tell.’ Astrid emphasised the final word and then sighed heavily. ‘You know,’ she continued, ‘I bet you don’t even realise… Tell me…’ Astrid delivered the question vehemently. ‘Does your husband fuck you often?’

‘Well…’ Marion was shocked yet again but answered promptly. ‘Yes, he does… He’s always after me.’

‘So,’ Astrid crowed in triumph, ‘he fancies you? He wants to stick his big, dirty cock into you… What does that tell you?’

‘I don’t know,’ Marion replied, subdued. ‘He’s horny?’

‘No,’ Astrid hissed. ‘You’re desirable,’ she continued. ‘He wants you all the time… I can see it in you; the other two think you’re gorgeous.’ Astrid sighed, exasperated. ‘The only person who can’t see it is you.’

‘But, I’m not as young as you girls.’ Marion persisted. ‘I don’t have the tight boobs, I don’t have the long legs… Look at Lisa, for God’s sake… Look at you!’

‘Show me,’ Astrid challenged. ‘Show me how disgusting you are. If I agree when you’re naked, then okay, we’ll forget the whole deal.’ She lifted Marion’s chin again and locked eyes, ‘But, if I don’t agree… If I say you’re as sexy as I think you are, then you stay, you do as I tell you…’

Marion trembled when she heard Astrid’s commanding, dominant tone. She was quickly analysing Astrid’s point of view. Her husband was constantly telling her how gorgeous she was. Men she didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri know flirted with her – it was true. The more Marion thought about herself, the more she realised that she had built up this self defence mechanism over the years. She’d constantly blotted out male attention since her wedding day and the result was, that slowly, like the growth of a stalactite, she’d evolved into the self depreciating woman she’d become.

Marion stood and pulled her blouse from the waistband of her skirt. She all but ripped the buttons from it as she hurriedly undid them. She wasn’t confident enough yet to strip bare, so she scooped her big breasts out over the top of her bra cups. She heard Astrid gasp when her full, round, heavy breasts and thickened teats were on show, and she felt her nipples tighten further at the sound of the other woman’s appreciation.

‘Oh yes, how lovely,’ Astrid groaned when Marion hiked her skirt round her waist and then pulled her underwear down past her knees to reveal her luxuriant bush. ‘Time to play, Marion,’ Astrid sighed, ‘time to play. You’re beautiful… I mean it. I knew you would be… So ripe, so delectable…’

Astrid led the now half naked Marion back into the lounge. The two young women were both busy, but looked up and smiled when they saw Marion’s exposed breasts and pubis.

‘Oh hi, we wondered where you got to,’ Jenna groaned as she held the wasp-angry, buzzing finger vibrator against her clitoris. ‘Come on in, the water’s fine…’ She closed her eyes and sighed at the sensation on her body.

‘Try my little wabbit,’ Lisa offered in her little girl lisp. ‘He’s soooo talented…’

Marion took the vibrator from the slim, dark girl and looked down at it in her hand. Astrid helped the older woman into a seat and eased her reluctant thighs apart.

‘Here,’ Astrid murmured, ‘you feel your body… stroke your skin… be sensual.’ She held the tiny rabbit ears against Marion’s body and flicked the switch. ‘I’ll start you off gently with this.’

‘Oh God,’ Marion sighed when she felt the tingle against her clitoris.

‘Your skin,’ Astrid reminded her. ‘Feel yourself… Feel how smooth your body is. Your breasts, your tummy, your thighs…’ She held the device lightly against Marion’s awakening flesh. ‘See how fucking beautiful you are? See your lovely, thick nipples coming out to play? Your tits are lovely… and your delightful bush… it’s sodden, you dirty bitch.’

Marion slid her fingers and palms along the inside of her thighs. She luxuriated in the softness of her skin and ran her hands up over her tummy and up to the hard pebbles of her nipples. It wasn’t until she felt the sensitive, puckered tips that she realised how they ached, how she yearned for release. Marion then became aware of the sympathetic pulsing of her clit in time with her nipples as they throbbed to the increasing beat of her heart.

‘Oh, God,’ she squirmed and writhed as her sex flushed hot with ardour. ‘I’m on fire… I’m so hot…’

Astrid laughed and pressed the dildo tighter against Marion’s stiff, rosy clit. ‘You like that do you, baby? Good, you’re such a doll. I want you to come for me, come for all of us.’

As her lust burned, Marion continued to stroke her own, ripe body. Jenna was already in the throes of her second climax and Marion dimly registered the girl’s loud groans and moans as Jenna capitulated and allowed the rush of her orgasm to overwhelm her.

‘Fuck,’ grunted Jenna again. “I’m coming… It’s a good one… Oh God!’ Jenna was pressing the noisy vibrator against her sex urgently and at the same time mauled at her large breasts, pausing only to pull at the hoops that pierced her skin.

The sounds of the younger girl’s climax filled the room as Marion took control of the dildo from Astrid, and Jenna wailed and thrashed wildly in a completely uninhibited display of pure sexual delight.

Lisa fingered her own puffy sex while she watched her friend’s orgasm do its damage. The slim girl’s eyes were heavy with her own arousal and her fingers were busy between her slippery, smooth labia when she turned her attention to Marion.

‘That’s it, Marion,’ she murmured. ‘Use that thing on your cunt… Oh God…’

Marion held her sex wide open with her fingers and introduced the blunt head of the dildo to her opening. She pushed the thing into her sodden entrance and felt the ridge bump against her insides.

‘Oh my God!’ An involuntary groan burst from her throat as Marion flicked at the switch to set the dildo buzzing inside her. ‘It’s good… so good,’ she sighed. ‘I love it.’

Marion squeezed her thick, aching teats and tight breasts as the vibrating rabbit buzzed against her insides and simultaneously zapped her almost-too-sensitive clitoris. She was rushing headlong into the abyss. She’d not felt so aroused for what seemed like years. Her climax was a bright, distant spot on the horizon, and Marion focussed all her attention upon it.

Astrid settled back in her own seat and spread her long, lean thighs. She pushed two fingers into her gooey cunt and fingered herself vigorously. As her sticky fingers plunged and probed, Astrid used her other hand to rub at her own excited clitty.