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Marty gazed out the window of his room, glumly viewing the barren landscape of rock and cold pale waters of the Arctic Ocean. It was mid-August and there were many signs of an early winter. He had been working at this remote minesite for 6 weeks and was concerned that the weather might close in and prevent his scheduled flight out for his next work break.

Marty was a sort of ‘packsack miner’; a term used to describe underground miners who preferred working for short stays in remote places for big paychecks as opposed to settling down in a mining town for less money. Marty was a little different than most however. He did not drink or spend wildly on his time off site. He also avoided entering serious relationships; marriage would have to wait until he had established the business of his dreams, building and operating a wilderness lodge.

The mining company had constructed a beautifully serviced camp in order to attract quality employees to work long hours through the brilliant short summers and long severe winters. Each worker had his or her own room with separate toilet and shower. The complex included a large recreation center including swimming pool, gym, bar and billiard room. The cafeteria served the highest quality food in a restaurant style setting and service. Satellite Internet, television and telephone service was available in each room. One could work, sleep, eat, recreate without testing the often-harsh weather outside. And then go home with a bulging bank account.

Marty’s sex life while in camp was nearly barren. While there were an increasing number of women working in mines they, tended to be part of a couple when hiring onto these faraway locations. He had on occasion had a ‘steady lover’ while in camp, in one case a lady working for the catering service and another with an office worker. The company maintained tight Security but allowed employees personal freedom while being off shift and there was no big deal about sex between consenting partners. There was no jury if a non-consenting event occurred. It was ‘next flight out”, period.

Marty tended to put his mind in neutral while in camp, deliberately avoiding the temptation that might flow from an attractive waitress or from an erotic TV show or porn site. Sex was one of the first issues that he dealt with on getting out, but he forced himself to avoid fantasies while working.

He was however facing a problem in this regard on this particular work cycle. Two problems in fact, one named Grace and the other named Connie. He had fucked both of them on his last trip out and had fallen into the trap of communicating with each by means of Email and live messaging. This was not a way to keep erotic thoughts from one’s mind.

The problem was that they both wanted to reconnect with him on his next trip out. He was quite open to accepting invitations from each of them but had determined that he should be fair by meeting only one of them. Meeting both was quite feasible as Grace lived in a different city than Connie. But with whom should he cast his line?

Grace was a widow of about 50 years of age and had provided Marty with a rich night of relaxed sexual pleasure. She was attractive and easy to be with, was up on world and national affairs and interesting to the extreme. She became another person between the sheets; her approach to sex combined humor, profanity, lust and passion in equal measures. ‘Insatiable’ would not be too strong a term when applied to Grace whilst in close contact with a man.

She was also unremitting with her electronic pressure, Emails, video clips and tweets each directed at inflaming him to the degree that he would want to meet her next trip out. She expertly recounted intimate details of their last night together and described exactly what she would do to him when he came to see her. Face time encounters with her wearing an open robe left him throbbing with desire.

Connie was a different story; their joining had only lasted about 15 minutes before ending in a wild and body shattering orgasm. They had both been embarrassed about this last fast fuck, and she had kept him at arms length during the balance of his stay.

Connie was his age and they had dated for a year prior to her marriage to another guy. He had enjoyed being with her and being seen with her. They had fucked often prior to her marriage and Marty, not yet set on a delayed marriage believed that he had been falling in love with her. She shut that thought down by becoming engaged to that other guy while he was away. Marty’s current fear was that hooking up with Connie again could very easily revive his previous thoughts of marriage and steer him off the road to achieving his business dream.

She had E-mailed him about two weeks prior to his scheduled departure. She wanted to see him again; she had split up with her husband and wanted to re-establish the relationship with Marty that she had terminated years before. She wrote nothing about sex except for mentioning the perabet high that she had enjoyed when they last met. Even more unsettling to Marty was her sign-offs, ranging from ‘my darling’ to ‘All my love’ to ‘Yours forever’. The words unsettled him because they excited him.

The most obvious choice for Marty’s current condition was to just go spend some time with Grace. Grace wanted sex and nothing more.

Marty spent a good part of his work breaks back in his hometown. He had remained close to a group of friends that he had known from childhood. Most of those friends had never left home except for a few that had attended college. They had opted to stay put, get married and raise families in a perfect mid-income level. They ranged in age from 30 to 35 and got together often for parties and holiday events. Marriage had introduced additional members but all newbies seemed to have easily melded into the group as a whole.

When out on work breaks Marty was reluctant to attend the gatherings unless he had a date. The parties were oriented toward interacting couples and he did not like to be standing on the edges of the action. He was an outgoing guy and helped to insert fun and interest to each gathering. If he couldn’t find a date, one was occasionally found for him. And sometimes there was already an extra female that would be coming to the party and would prefer to have an escort.

One of these arranged dates had brought Grace into his life. She was the Aunt of Ellie, the hostess on this particular evening. Ellie was a long time friend of Marty and they had in fact dated once or twice prior to her marriage. Grace had told Ellie that she would not be comfortable at the party without a date.

Ellie coaxed Marty into coming as Grace’s partner. She told him that her Aunt Grace was very attractive and a lot of fun and he would enjoy meeting her and that in addition to that the entire group wanted him there as well. Marty accepted.

Grace and Marty hit it off quite nicely. They liked each other. The early part of each party was basically cocktails and gossip. Booze was always plentiful and the mood would soon shift to one of a more intimate nature. The second last segment of each party revolved around Adult party games or porn videos. The very last part was dancing to slow romantic music with someone other than your mate. Sex was in the air.

Marty found Grace clinging more closely to him as the night wore on. It always amazed him how a woman could transmit desire with the simple touch of a hand on an arm. The hand on his arm soon became a big breast brushing against him accidentally, likely instigated by a porn clip featuring two ladies and a well-hung man.

Dance music could be heard and couples started drifting to the rec room. Grace tugged Marty’s arm and said, “I love to dance, let’s join the others.”

Marty smiled and said, “Sure, love to as long as the music is slow. My big feet can’t keep up with the fast stuff.”

Grace hooked her arm through his as they drifted off to the rec room. She jammed and rubbed her tit against Marty’s bicep. Marty looked at her questionably and smothered a laugh when Grace winked at him.

The dance floor soon became crowded with clutching dance couples. Many of the couples had been involved in one way or another prior to marriage. Marty had dated three of the ladies in the group who were now married to other men and all were old friends. The result was a lot of flirting and suggestive talk, but always in a playful manner. Marty was unaware of any adulterous interchange among this group.

Marty pulled Grace towards him; one big breast nestled under his holding arm the other rubbing his chest. He could feel the nipple. He was soon hard; he lowered his hand down Grace’s back. He was ready to caress her ass if the opportunity presented. She did not object and her hot breath scorched his neck and ear as he teased her butt. She moaned softly as he floated his hand up and down her lower back. The music ended and they reluctantly separated.

Marty felt a little embarrassed as he glanced around the dance floor. He was not comfortable dancing so close with the Aunt of his hostess although everyone seemed to be in his or her own world.

Grace moved close to him and whispered, “That was beautiful Marty, I love dancing with you. I can’t wait for the next one. I’m quite aroused.”

It had always amazed Marty how much more beautiful a woman became as her interest in him increased. Grace was a fine looking woman to start with; elegantly dressed, just the right amount of makeup, a voluptuous body and an outgoing personality. She was now showing unashamed desire for him and she looked hot! The music started, their bodies melted together. Her lips were on his neck; her breasts were pasted against his chest and her hips pressed tightly to his. They barely moved their feet to the music.

“Sleep with me tonight,” Grace whispered.

“Grace, how could I?” said Marty, “you’re perabet giriş Ellie’s Aunt for God’s sake and we’re in her house!”

Grace rubbed her belly on his full-blown erection and said, “I can feel that you want to,” she giggled, “and Ellie won’t mind. I asked her to deliver me a date and she delivered you. And dates can do anything they want.”

They continued to grind away; Marty was wordless at this new situation. He had looked forward to this party but without any clue that he could end up getting laid. There was no doubt this lady was serious, but where and how?

Grace answered that question saying, “Look, I’ll leave in a few minutes. I stay in the guesthouse when I visit. You wait a decent amount of time and then join me. We both want this. Don’t knock, come right in, I will be in bed and naked.”

They finished their dance, Grace kissed him on the cheek and said goodnight to him and to those around them leaving Marty suddenly on his own. He was standing at the bar when Ellie the hostess claimed him. “C’mon, let’s dance,” she said, “it’s been a while?”

Marty wasn’t sure from her tone whether she meant “a while” since they danced or “a while” since they had dated prior to her marriage. He responded with, “I guess it has been, as always you look very beautiful.”

Ellie moved in close as the music started. Her slim and supple body felt like velvet in his hands. ‘Damn,’ he thought, ‘I’m still hard from Grace, what if she feels it?’ It was definitely not going to go away with Ellie’s body floating in his hands.

Ellie was more interested in how he had made out with her Aunt Grace and asked him, “Did you and Grace get along? It looked like you did. She is a handful isn’t she?”

Marty said, “She is a lovely woman, very easy to chat with and full of interesting thoughts.” Ellie moved closer, gently brushing her tits and thighs on him.

“Oh good,” she said, “I just knew that you would like her.” They continued to dance without words but Marty suspected that there was more to come. And finally in a hushed voice Ellie asked him, “So are you going to go see her in the guest house?”

“Did she tell you that?” Marty exclaimed, “Was this a setup?”

“Marty,” she said, “I had no idea that she was looking for sex when she suggested that I find her a partner for the evening. I promise that I did not do this for that reason. She has just told me that she had invited you to her bed, but she thought you might be nervous about offending me.”

Marty did not respond and Ellie slowly pressed her hips forward and located his hard cock with her hip. “You have my blessing Marty, if that is a problem for you. Danny doesn’t have to know, so if you do join her I suggest that you leave before 6 am or after 8. He has to catch a flight in the morning.”

They were both turned on, Ellie with the thought of this hunk screwing her Auntie, and Marty thinking of one lady naked in bed waiting for him while another was working his body with a magic touch. The dance ended and they slowly parted.

Ellie smiled up at him, “I’m jealous of my Aunty. You and I never did get it on, but I have often fantasized about sex with you. C’mon, pretend that you’re leaving and I’ll walk out with you.”

He followed her off the dance floor and down the hallway. The guesthouse was accessed by a covered walkway from one side of the main house. Ellie stepped outside with him and pulled his head down for a soft kiss. “I’m hot, I’ve been trying to get you going for Grace and have got myself horny.” She kissed him again and as she released him whispered, “Think threesome.”

Just a few hours ago he had accepted an invitation to a house party with old friends and was now accepting another invite to fuck himself silly with pussy coming from all directions, and all of this a day after returning from six weeks of abstinence. He walked like a zombie with a hard-on along the walkway towards an unlocked door.

The guesthouse was the size of a little bungalow and set up to house a small family of visitors with a kitchenette, bathroom and two bedrooms. Marty entered and locked the door noting a dim light coming from one of the bedrooms. He was still hard.

Grace was partially propped up in the bed covered by a thin white sheet outlining her body in dramatic fashion. She had let her hair down and touched up her makeup. She looked a little worried and said, “Oh I am so glad that you came, I would have felt terribly embarrassed if you had not. I never thought that I could be so bold.” This was probably not accurate.

Marty was an experienced lover and seldom rushed the foreplay. He sat down on the bed beside her and while smiling down at her ran his finger around a nipple jutting out through the bed-sheet and said, “We haven’t even kissed have we?” He leaned down, brushed lips with her, waited until she parted hers then circled his tongue inside her mouth. She responded by sucking it gently as his hand closed around one of perabet güvenilir mi her tits. The kiss lingered as their passion increased.

He pushed up from her and rolled the top of the sheet down to expose her bare tits. Grace moaned as Marty hefted and massaged them, working his way to a nipple that hardened quickly when rolled between his thumb and forefinger. They stuck out like little fingers from rather small aureoles and had the consistency of a jujube. He bent down and kissed and licked each nipple before burying his head between the tits, running his face and tongue underneath each breast before fastening on a nipple.

He lifted off her again, smiling down at her as he slipped his hand under the top sheet and down along her bare belly. He said, “I’ve been thinking of touching you since you first pushed against me.”

Her eyes became heavy with lust at the feel of his hand approaching her pussy. She groaned, “Go slow, I’ve been thinking about that too. I’m very horny.” She reached up and pulled his head down for a kiss as his fingertip rubbed her mound.

She cried out and arched upwards as his big fingers slipped between her legs and along each side her greasy pussy lips, back and forth, gently rubbing them together before sliding one into her. He slowly finger fucked her as their mouths met in a sloppy mingle of tongues and lips.

She pulled back from his mouth, her eyes heavy with desire and said, “And what else will you do to me. Tell me, talk dirty, it makes me hot, say anything.”

Marty continued a slow fingering of her pussy saying, “We can do many things baby, I have a list, but we have all night and you are going to get fucked first and soon.”

He was moving more quickly now as that human need to procreate rose from within. He tossed the sheet back off of the bed to bare her entire body. She was a full-bodied woman. Big breasts were slung along each side of her chest; her belly button moved with her heavy breathing, her wide hips framed her mound, the bush trimmed to a tiny arrow pointing at her slit. She parted her legs as his hand reached once again for her pussy, the heel of his hand grinding down on her mound as two thick fingers probed and teased. He worked one finger into her and fucked her a bit before adding a second one.

Grace groaned, “Hurry baby, can’t take much more of this. I want you now, I might come if you don’t hurry.” She laid back fondling her tits and arched her hips upward as he slowly finger fucked her pussy.

“Come if you want Grace, it doesn’t matter, I’m still going to fuck you,” he said, his breath coming in gulps.

Marty stood upright and stripped down. He had a working mans body, long muscled, slightly bulging pectorals, hard belly and powerful hips and thighs and calves. One got that way from tossing hundred pound vibrating rock drills around in tight spaces.

His hard body enthralled Grace. Those long muscled arms and big hands drove her to distraction and she was dying to feel his sinewed hips and thighs between her legs.

He was down to his shorts when Grace begged, “Let me take your cock out. Please.” She pushed herself up on one arm as Marty moved in front of her. She ran her hand down the bottom of the long shaft and then between his legs to cup his balls. She pulled the shorts down and grasped his cock as it leaped out of the shorts. She leaned in, holding the shaft in one hand and licked the tip. She looked slyly up at him while closing her teeth on the bulbous knob. She pulled back and said, “It’s beautiful, may I bite it?”

Marty groaned and said, “Don’t you dare, and don’t suck too long.”

Grace ran her tongue down the shaft, kissed and sucked his balls, and then gave the knob a gentle suck. She lay back and smiled upwards. “You can have all of the pussy you want babe. I guess it’s been a while since you had some, squirreled away as you were in the far north.”

Grace peered down along her belly as Marty settled between her spread legs. His cock appeared to be hard enough to hurt him. It was bent up like a banana with a big purple ball for a tip. Her pussy clenched of it’s own volition as she anticipated feeling it plunging into her body. She said, “My pussy’s been burning and yearning for the last two hours. Use it or abuse it but just fuck it.”

She tucked a pillow under her butt as Marty pushed the velvet-covered knob down between her legs. Grace adjusted her body to receive him and then rubbed his cock in her wet slit. Her eyes were shut as she said, “Start nice and slow baby, my pussy’s going to have to adjust to that big cock.” Grace knew all of the erotic encouragements a man liked to hear.

Marty stretched over her, propped on his hands as they both peered down to watch his cock spread her pussy lips and enter. Slow moans followed as he worked his knob deeper with short pushes and retractions as Grace adjusted her position for best results. He lay down on her while Grace stretched her legs upwards and they began a slow fuck, pausing at the end of each stroke to tease and rub the knob around in her pussy lips before easing back into her.

Grace sensed that Marty was losing control a bit and said, “No need to wait baby, go for it, we have all night if we want it.”