Chill in’ on the patio.

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Chill in’ on the patio.It was the Friday night before Labor Day. My wife and I had just dropped two Mollies, and were prepared for a weekend of crazy sex. The k**s were off with their grandparents and wouldn’t be back ’till Sunday night. We were just hanging out on the back patio, drinking and smoking, just waiting for the d**gs to really kick in, when around 8:00, Jeremy stopped by. He was from Oregon, and was spending the week at his Aunts house, who lived next door. At six foot tall, built, long blond hair, this nineteen year old had been getting attention from a few of the women on our block, including my wife. She wondered how big his cock was one night as we watched porn and got nasty. The following day she invited him over for a swim, and sat out back to get some sun. As she works from home, she had plenty of opportunities to check him out. The next night,Wednesday, as we were masturbating in our bed, she wondered again how big his cock was. I never seen her cum so hard, as she did that night. Thursday night we had plans to go out, but Friday’s plan was to eat a couple Mollys and fuck the night away. I have to tell you, when my wife does Mollys, she is an uncontrollable sex machine. I picked up some beers, a bottle of Johnnie, and some coke. We also had a fair amount of weed. Around 8:00 or so, Jeremy stopped over to see what was going on. He told us he was going home early Sunday morning and would we mind if he hung out a while. I was thinking he might spoil our sex plans, but I enjoyed his company. My wife was totally wasted by now, and started loosening up. She excused herself and disappeared into the house. Jeremy and I did a couple lines, and smoked a nice, fat joint waiting for her to return. After 20 mins or so karaman escort , my wife came out. She had changed from her jeans and sweatshirt, into a pair of “Daisy Dukes”‘that left a tiny bit of her Virginia peek out, and a tank-top that was probably three sizes to big. It was obvious she had no bra, and I’m betting no panties on.Jeremy, you could tell, was enjoying the show, as she kept moving so as to give us a perfect view of her gorgeous tits. Jeremy asked to use the bathroom and while he was gone, my wife admitted she wanted to fuck around still, even with Jeremy here. In fact, she said she wanted to fuck him. We had fooled around before, and so I was okay with the idea. I told her , do what ever it took to get him to fuck you. I was just gonna sit back and enjoy the show. We went inside as he was coming out of the bathroom, and said we were gonna watch some porn, do some more partying and did he want to stay a little while longer, which he couldn’t agree to fast enough. We fired up another joint and my wife said she wanted to give us a power shot. That’s where she takes a big hit and basically French kisses you and forces the smoke down your throat. It’s pretty powerful, and very erotic. She came to me first, took an unbelievable hit and covered my mouth with hers, stuck her tounge in as far as it would go and blew the smoke down my throat. At the same time, I reached under her shirt and grabbed a hold of her big, soft tits and massaged her Fock, hard nipples between my fingers. She gave out a low, sensual moan as she continued to jab her toungue in my mouth. Jeremy was beside himself with pleasure, and waited patiently for his turn. Once again, my wife took a gigantic hit, leaned over his mouth and planted him escort karaman with a passionate wet kiss , and snaked her tounge around and around as she forced the smoke down to his lungs. He put his hands on her ass, and slowly rubbed her crotch, touching her exposed pussy lips as he did. We retired to the den and told him to pick out a movie that looked good. My wife started telling him about our private videos, and asked if he would be interested in watching one of them? Of course he said yes, and she picked out an early movie of her stripping, teasing and finally making her self cum. She said she was going to take a bath, and would be down a little later. As the movie played, I could tell he was getting quite aroused. My wife looked sexy as hell in her baby blue teddy, as she gently rubbed her pussylips back and forth. Next came a giant, black dildo that she methodically pushed in and out of her wet, dripping hole. She gave one last shove and buried that baby all the way inside her. I thought he was going to shoot a load right there in his pants, I know I almost did. A few minuets of that and my lady was wriggling and screaming in ecstasy. I asked him what he thought, all he could say was she had to be the sexiest woman he ever saw. I got out another tape and cut out two more lines. This video had her being shared between two black guys with unbelievably huge cocks.i got up to go see how my honey was doing and take her a line. I told him to relax and enjoy the film. Upstairs, my wife said she hadn’t been hornier or wetter in years. I told her, what ever she wanted to do was fine by me, after all, Jeremy was leaving in another day. She did a line and asked me to pick out an outfit for her to wear downstairs. I karaman escort bayan chose a sheer ,yellow camisole top and panties, with a black,silk robe. She said she had to do her hair and make-up, and would be down in about 15 mins. I quietly went back down to the den and watched as Jeremy was rubbing his cock and watching the movie. He stopped as I came in the room, but his boner was hard to mistake. You enjoying this, I asked. He lcouldnt find the right words to explain, and I told him I know how he feels, that I get hard every time I watch one of her videos. I got us another beer and heard my wife coming down the stairs. I got her a beer, cut her out a monster line and fired up another blunt. The three of us were absolutely trashed. She wondered what he thought of the movies, and he settled down enough to praise her to the high heavens, which made her smile. I was ready to grab a shower, and told them I’d be back in a few. It was about 20 mins later when I came back to the den. The lights were off and two candles were burning on the bookshelf, giving just enough light for me to see she had hie humongous prick deep in her mouth, and he was fingering her soaked pussy. I could hear the sloshing sound as he probed her deeper and faster. Neither of them noticed me, so I got naked, began to stroke my cock, and watched as this young stud eventually pounded her like there was no tomorrow. She yanked his cock into her mouth and I knew his hot, sticky cum was filling her up, all the way to her stomach. I too had a massive orgasm that almost knocked me out. We got dressed and returned to the patio, did another line., had another beer and took a few more tokes. We laughed and carried on as if nothing ever happened. He finally left on Sunday but promised to come back next year, and for another two or three weeks after he left, we couldn’t stop talking about what had happened. We continued to use that night as a trigger to jerk off as hard as we could, anticipating him coming back.