Cheating Wife , Cuckold Husband #07

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I dedicate this story to Walter from Southern California.


45-year-old Ruth picks up 25-year-old Chris at the mall.

“Here you are doll,” said Chris leaning down to give Ruth a smooch before handing her another Martini.

Christopher handed Ruth her drink. She took a sip and put the drink on a coaster beside her on the side table next to the couch. With him standing in front of her while she was sitting on the couch, she wrapped her hands around his ass, pulled him to her, and kissed the bulging impression in his jeans while staring up at him. Then, a sexy game she liked playing, she held out her arms as if Chris was her long lost son and she was his not so innocent, incestuous mother.

With Ruth 45-years-old and with Chris 25-years-old, they could have been mother and son. Only, they weren’t mother and son or even aunt and nephew. They weren’t even related and Ruth’s sexual relationship wasn’t incestuous just extramarital. He was just another man in a long line of young lovers who preferred having sex with older women. With her sharing the reverse order of his sexual preference, she was an older woman who preferred having sex with younger men. What worked for him, worked for her too.

With absolutely nothing in common between them other than enjoying one another’s company while having a few drinks, sharing some laughs, and having a good, sexual time, he was just another young lover to her with money enough to buy her booze. No doubt, she was just another older woman to him who’d willingly give him sex for a bottle of gin and a bottle of vermouth. They were strangers who met at the mall and who had become passionate lovers. There together for a moment in time until they moved on to someone else, they were strangers who filled their lonely, empty lives with sex, laughter, and drunkenness.

Fishing for men while flashing men, Ruth used her God given femininity and sexuality to catch a nibble, a bite, and hopefully a lick, a suck, and a fuck. Her well tested and successfully proven way of first attracting a man’s interest to her was by sitting open legged at the food court with her skirt raised past mid-thigh. As if she was Moses parting the Red Sea with a wave of his holy hand, Ruth parted the food court with the spread of her unholy knees. With the food court usually crowded, especially in the middle section, men moved their seats to the far side for a better between her legs view of her. She created quite the ruckus of chairs sliding across the tile floor while horny men jockeyed for the best position to see all that she was showing. Pretending that she didn’t know she was so exposed and was the focused attention of so many horny and sexually interested men, Ruth deliberately and unmercifully flashed dozens of men her panties while eating her sandwich.

Giving them a real panty show, she acted oblivious to the stares of those men who ogled her panties while she sat there with her knees parted. Then when she realized that one man in particular stared harder and stayed longer for the view she was giving him, she finished her lunch and stood up to leave. Wiggling her tight, shapely ass while sashaying by him while reeling him in hook, line, and sinker, he had already passed the first part of her seduction test by staring between her legs at her panties. Now she hoped he’d follow her where she needed to take him for more of her show of voyeurism and exhibitionism. Then, when she caught his reflection behind her in the store window, she was happy that he had taken her bait and was walking a few paces behind her.

Motivating him to stay for more of her sexy show, she flashed him her panties again while she was in the shoe store trying on boots a size too small. She enticed him to further follow her through the mall by taking the escalator up to the second level. Knowing he was a few steps behind her and knowing she’d be flashing him an even better view of her panties, she bent at the waist on the escalator on the pretense of fixing her shoe. Her short skirt climbed higher as she bent further forward and as he moved up the escalator with her while behind her.

Acting as if she didn’t know that he could see up her short skirt from his lower vantage point on the escalator, she remained in that bent at the waist position longer than necessary. Wanting to give him a good look of her panty clad pussy, this was her well-practiced flashing move that commanded the sexual interest of all men. She knew that if he made it this far, he’d be following her wherever she wanted him to go. Chances were good that if he made it this far, he’d be coming home with her for some sexy, role playing games and some hot sex.

Her ultimate flashing place and where she wanted him to go with her was to the women’s clothing store. The culmination of her flashing him peeks of what he shouldn’t see of another man’s woman, a married woman, began and ended at the only clothing store in the mall that still had curtains on the dressing rooms. That clothing illegal bahis store was her favorite place to go when exposing herself to a young man she hoped would follow her home. Once she was inside the store, using the mirrors to monitor him throughout the store, she knew he’d be there watching her and peeping on her as soon as she walked behind the dressing room curtain.

As she did with all young men, leaving the curtain partially open, she gave him a show of voyeurism and exhibitionism that he’d never forget. As if she was a stripper performing onstage, unbeknownst to her husband, Ruth was an exhibitionist. While pretending she didn’t know they could see as much of her as she wanted them to see, she loved showing men bits and pieces of her underwear clad body. While showing young men all that she wanted them to see of her, she loved sexually teasing and erotically enticing men.

As if he was already her lover, she enjoyed stripping off her clothes for her audience of a select, young man who interested her and who was obviously attracted enough to her to follow her this far. Sexually teasing him by undressing in front of him, she pretended she didn’t know her dressing room curtain was open enough for him to see her in all manner of undress. A sexy game she loved playing, she acted as if she was unaware that anyone was peeping on her.

With the dressing room curtain safeguarding her feigned modesty while undressing, she loved showing men she didn’t even know and had yet to meet, her bra clad breasts and even her naked breasts. She loved showing men she didn’t even know and had yet to meet, her panty clad ass and pussy, and even her naked ass and pussy. No man had ever gone this far in her voyeuristic and exhibitionistic, sexual seduction of him and not approached her before she got in her car and drove away. No man who was attracted to an older woman would ever let her get away without trying to put the moves on her and have sex with her. With men so oblivious to the games that women play, if only they knew that she was the one putting the moves on them, wouldn’t they be surprised?

In the way she waited for all of the other men to make their sexual moves, she fumbled through her purse on the pretense of looking for her car keys while waiting for him to approach her. Always they did. When he finally approached her in the parking lot, not shy in her sexual seduction of him, she invited him home. Her extramarital dalliance was a win/win sexual proposition for both. He was going to have sex with a woman old enough to be his mother and she was going to have sex with a man young enough to be her son.

Filled with alcohol and garnished with two olives, her Martinis wouldn’t be the only intoxicating thing on her sexual menu. Adorned by a man’s hard, hairy cock and two dangling testicles in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy, she’d be intoxicated with sex. If only this young men knew what he was in for, he’d hang around the mall every day trying to score with older women, women who were old enough to be his mother. With older women more willing to give it up, if only he knew that many older women were more sexual than many younger women. With that truth in mind, unless he was ready to settle down and get married, he’d never approach another younger woman again.

Ruth was Jay’s wife, the woman of another man, and Chris was just a neighborhood young man who enjoyed meeting, picking up, and having casual, sexual affairs with married, older women he met at the mall. At the right place and the right time, he just happened to be at the mall with her that day. With their daughter, Kim, gone for the weekend with friends, Ruth was free to sexually entertain Chris. With Jay not expected home from his business trip to Japan until late tomorrow night, Ruth had the whole house to herself to romantically, sexually, and seductively entertain her special, young man.

Obviously with the alcohol flowing freely and with her dressed in a sexy, short skirt, low cut blouse, bikini panties, and front snapping bra, she was his for the taking. Besides, he had already seen most of her shapely figure with her flashing her nearly naked body behind her partially closed dressing room curtain at the mall. Moreover, not the first time they’ve sexually been together, seemingly Ruth had grown a sudden and special fondness for Chris. Actually, with Ruth a drunk and a whore, she had a particular fondness for any young man who had a big, hard, hairy prick, especially a man who plied her with gin and vermouth.

She particularly like Christopher because he was good looking and was politely good natured with a fun sense of humor, something she thought her husband lacked. Her husband, a physical chemist, a university professor, and now a top executive of a Fortune 500 company was much too serious for her. Seemingly he had matured and grown older while she remained the same psychologically immature age that she was twenty years ago. With her brain pickled in alcohol that stunted her maturity, even though she was 45-years-old chronologically, illegal bahis siteleri in her mind, she still felt as if she was 25-years-old.

With her so very sexually attracted to young men, if she had a son, she’d want him to be just like Christopher. If she had a son, she probably would have had sex with him in the way she was about to have sex with Chris now. If she had a son, perhaps she’d be having sex with him instead of going to the mall looking for young men. If she had a son, she would have sexually and incestuously molested him in the way her brothers sexually and incestuously molested her.

Too busy with his work, traveling, and making money, according to Ruth, her husband was no fun. According to Ruth, Jay had turned into a fuddy-duddy and an old man. He didn’t even drink anymore. No doubt with him thinking that she’s a drunk, which she is, and a whore, which she is that too, he seldom even talked to her. They no longer shared the physical, emotional, and sexual excitement they once had and that inflamed their relationship when they were dating and before they were married. Now married too long in a bad marriage, instead of continuing this lunacy, they should have called it quits and divorced years ago.

* * * * *

“Let’s play a game,” she said looking at Chris with sexual enthusiasm while covering the couch with a sheet.

As if he was too old and too horny for games, not even asking what the game was and giving the game a chance, Chris made a disinterested face. When he was about to have sex with her, the last thing that he wanted do was to play a silly game but Ruth enjoyed playing games. With her having had sex with so very many young men, she needed to play her sexy games of pretend incest to maintain her sexual interest. She needed something a little more than just a young body and a hard cock. Never enlisting her husband in her games of role playing and pretend, she saved all of her games and game playing for her young lovers.

“A game? What kind of game? Sex is the only game that I want to play,” he said reaching out his horny hands to grope her ample breast through her blouse and finger her big nipples through her bra.

He continued feeling her breasts through her bra while coaxing her brown, gumdrop sized nipples to make their appearance with their hard impressions. She allowed him to feel her breast through her clothes but, not wanting him to prematurely ruin her game of debauchery and her incestuous fun of pretend, she wasn’t ready to have sex with him just yet. With her having sex with so very many different young men over the years, having sex for the sake of getting her fix of alcohol and for the sake of having sex sometimes grew boring. Playing a sexy game maintained her sexual interest. Playing a sexy game with a hot, young man made her feel wanted, needed, and sexually desired. She needed the emotional and sexual excitement along with the erotic detachment of her current marital situation by pretending that she was his mother and he was her son.

Seemingly an easy thing for her to do, she had a knack for finding young men who sexually fantasized of having sex with their mothers. As if she was his mother and he was her son, she slapped his hands away from her breasts. With her not yet ready to be taken but wanting to be slowly, savagely, and seductively seduced, she wanted this night to be special. She wanted this night to be as romantic as it was sexual and as forbidden as it was erotic.

With this was her last weekend alone before her husband returned home late Sunday evening, not wanting to rush anything, she wanted to take this sexual seduction slow. She wanted to give herself something to masturbate over later. She wanted to take the memory of Chris to bed with her later when her husband was home and asleep and snoring beside her. She needed the sexual memory of tonight to sustain her until she hunted the mall for another sexually interest, young man.

“Stop. You’re going too fast. You’re going to ruin my game,” she said with impatient annoyance.

For the sake of her giving him hot sex, he shrugged his indifference before nodding his agreement.

“Okay, I’m game,” he said. “I’ll behave. What’s the game you’d like to play?”

As if she was the cat who just ate the canary, she took another sip of her drink before giving him a look of sexual excitement. Then, giving him a Cheshire catlike grin, she took his hand in hers and kissed it. A game she liked to play was a sexy game that she hoped that he’d enjoy playing too. She’s never had sex with a young man who didn’t wish he was having sex with his mother. With her old enough to be his mother and him young enough to be her son, he wouldn’t be here with her now, if he didn’t sexually fantasize about having sex with his mother.

“Being that I didn’t have a son but always wanted one,” she said pausing to give him a sexy look. “I’d like to pretend that you’re my son and I’m your mother. I like playing that sexy game of forbidden incest,” she said giving him another canlı bahis siteleri sexy look. “Even if it’s just a game of pretend and role playing, the thought of having forbidden, incestuous sex with the son I’ve never had has always appealed to me.”

Seemingly having already grown bored with their sexual affairs, she had already progressed and successfully played this game of incestuous pretend with other young men Christopher’s age before. Moreover, with him already confessing his sexual mother and son fantasies to her during their numerous sessions of pillow talk, she knew that he fantasized about having sex with a mother figure. She knew that he looked at her as if she was more than his lover but his mother.

“I wish you were my mother,” he said with a sudden burst of amplified sexual excitement while reaching out to feel her breasts and finger her nipples through her clothes again.

She looked up at him before looking down at his hands touching her breasts and feeling her breasts while his fingers felt her nipples. As if he was her naughty, incestuous son, she took his hands in hers and moved them from her breasts to hold them in her lap. Containing him by confining his horny hands, she needed to scold him as if he was her son.

“You’d never disrespect your mother by groping her in such an incestuously, sexual, and inappropriate way, would you?”

She gave him a naughty look and he returned her look with his mischievous smile.

“If my mother looked anything like you, was as sexy as you, and sucked cock as good as you do, fuck yeah, I’d be feeling my mother’s tits. I’d be groping my mother and having sex with her every day,” he said giving her a sexy look. “I wish you were my mother, Ruth,” he said again.

She laughed while returning his sexy look. Seemingly he was enjoying playing this sexy game of imagined incest.

“Well, I’m not your mother but we can pretend that I am. We’re not even related but we can pretend that we are,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Yet, I’m talking about you groping your real mother. Before being sexually intimate with your mother, even your pretend mother, you wouldn’t disrespect your mother by feeling her tits and fingering her nipples through her clothes, now would you?”

He looked at her as if she was nuts until a glimmer of sexual excitement flashed across his face. In the way she hooked him on her fishing line in the mall with her flashing him her underwear and parts of her naked body, she hooked him again now by the prospect of playing an incestuous, sexual game. How many women would allow another woman in their bed and in their head, especially a man’s mother, even if that other woman was nothing more than a figment of their imagination and just a role playing, pretend mother?

“My mother? You’re right. I’d never grope my mother. Eww, gross,” he said with a laugh. “My mother looks nothing like you. She’s short, fat, and homely. If my mother looked anything like you, tall, shapely, and pretty I would have tried to have sex with her long ago,” he said with a dirty laugh.

She looked at him with as much sexual lust as he looked at her with sexual excitement. She knew by the bulge that grew in his jeans that he was thinking of her not only as his lover but also as his mother. With him not protesting in playing this particular sexy game, she knew that he wanted to play this pretend game of incest as much as she wanted to play this pretend game of incest. Just as she had piqued his sexual interest in her at the mall with her flashing him, now that they were in her house, in her living room, and on her couch, she had piqued his sexual interest in her again with her incestuous game.

“If I had a son who looked like you, I would have had sex with him long ago too,” she said. “If I had a son who looked anything like you, I would have flashed him my underwear clad, topless, and/or naked body numerous times,” she said with a dirty laugh. “If I had a son who looked like you, I’d make it my personal mission to see his cock, to touch his cock, to stroke his cock, to suck his cock, and to fuck his cock,” she said feeling his erection through his jeans.

Indeed, as if she was his mother and he was her son, she leaned into him to part his lips with her tongue. She gave him a long, wet kiss before he pulled away from her to speak. Obviously already sexually excited playing this pretend mother and son game, he stared at her before speaking.

“But you’re not my mother and I’m not your son,” said Chris with some attitude before showing his obvious disappointment.

Acting hesitant and a bit resistant to getting his head in the game, he seemed somewhat annoyed that she was pushing his sexual, incestuous buttons. Obviously Ruth had stumbled upon secret, uncharted, sexual ground. Maybe he does imagine having sex with his mother. Maybe he masturbates to the imagined images of seeing his mother naked and/or to the imagined images of his mother seeing him naked. Maybe he imagines that she’s his mother. It’s only normal for a son to be sexually attracted to his mother, no matter what his mother looks like, even if she’s short, fat, and/or ugly and even if just playing a game of pretend. Every young man wants to have sex with his mother, even his surrogate mother, one time or another.