Cheating Tales Part 1 (My first story)

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Cheating Tales Part 1 (My first story)I was woken early that morning by my girlfriend, an eager look on her face as she went on and on about the picnic she was heading to with her friends, leaving me alone in the house what day. Tired, I looked up at her:”You couldn’t have let me sleep, huh? I know you’re excited about today but seriously, I’m not going anywhere am I?”She looked back at me with a cheeky smile that I knew meant trouble, but I let it go. After all, her being gone have me the perfect chance to bring over a work friend to help me with the difficult assignment my boss had been banging on for weeks about. My girlfriend headed to get a shower and I leant over to grab my phone, thanking every god out there that she’s not seen the message waiting on my home screen – ‘Good morning you, hope you’re ready to get working later 😉 xx’Heart racing, I guiltily typed sakarya escort my reply – ‘Of course, cleared my desk especially for you :*’ Wondering if I was really gonna do this and just how I could possibly keep it quiet from my girl. She came back to me out of the shower, tits glistening with water, and a dirty look in her eye. Reaching to tease herself, she looked me deep in the eye and softly moaned at me:”If I get too bored today with the girls I’ll come home and cheer myself up, okay baby?””Of course kitten, I’d love to see you a little sooner, you know I can never wait…”Watching her dress with the urge to pound her silly ever rising inside me, I laid there in the bed just daydreaming of my workmates Sophie, and her gorgeous little figure that’d be d****d across my desk later in the day, away from the prying eyes of my ever ignorant, innocent, escort sakarya girlfriend. She finished getting ready and picked up her bag with a wink:”I’ll see you later prince…”…A knock at my door about an hour later woke me from my daydream for a second time that day, and as I answered it, in stepped Sophie, my workmate and the envy of everyone in our office, guy and girl alike. I stood there open mouthed as I looked her up and down, her long dark hair falling effortlessly down her chest, over the top of her little red dress that was barely keeping her perky little tits at bay. Her blue eyes looking up at me with link blazing away behind them, she brushed me aside and headed to my office down the hall. With a giggle, the dress hit the floor as she sat back up on my desk. Hands all over herself, two fingers disappeared inside her pussy, fucking herself sakarya escort bayan furiously and moaning at me:”I know she’s out you cheating bastard, now come and fuck me like your whore.”I tore off my jeans and took hold of my raging hard cock, not waiting for her to say another word, I rammed it deep inside her and began to pound her like I hadn’t done for my girl in months. Her 22 year old pussy took every stroke like an absolute pro, throwing herself back on my cock like a true slut. She screamed louder as I went faster, forgetting that I’d not used a condim, but she didn’t have to know that till it was too late. “Oh FUCK yes Thomas, fuck me harder, fuck me like I know you don’t fuck your whore girlfriend!””Baby I’m getting close!””Do it, cum in me, put a baby in me now you filthy boy”I came hard, filling her up with a massive load of warm sticky cum, as she orgasmed loud and violently, squirting her juices all over my desk and the floor. She climbed off and knelt to suck my cock, looking up at me with her soulful blue eyes. As she took me in, we both froze. There was a key turning in the front door…