Chapter 11- JA, the Beginning

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Chapter 11- JA, the BeginningChapter 11- JA, the BeginningI met her after the “relationship” between M and I dissolved. I was goofing around in Yahoo adult chat communities and found one that involved folks looking for ABF (adult breast-feeding) relationships and entered the room thinking it would be a group of old guys all chatting with each other while doing roll-playing. One of those appeared to be from the Dallas area so I struck up a chat with her publically.She seemed receptive to my questions and we entered a private chat. I looked at her profile and it sure as heck seemed like a real woman was being profiled, and if it was really a guy, he was good at making himself seem like he was a woman looking to induce lactation and being suckled by strangers. She knew what she was looking for and described how she could induce a serious flow of milk with the right partner(s). On hearing the plural comment about individuals suckling at her nipples, it started to get interesting. We chatted for hours. And, we chatted over a several night period. The chats turned very personal and I asked if I could call her and talk directly rather than engage in typed chat message exchanges.To my surprise, she gave me her number.I called and it was a woman who answered. Her name was the same as on her Yahoo profile. Later in the first phone conversation, I learned she had just moved back to Dallas and was in the process of a divorce from a husband who did not want to work because he was trying to find himself. She was the most open woman I had ever met via the Internet and phone but yet, be a total stranger.While we chatted, I ran her telephone number and got her full name and residential address. A couple of keystrokes later, even more information popped up. Nothing she said contradicted what she was telling me on the phone. I bluntly asked her what she was really looking for as inducing lactation required a daily regimen of breast-suckling or pumping if it were to work and would take weeks of the daily scheduling that could not be skipped. She said she had purchased a hospital-grade breast pump and had purchased medication (Dom) known to quickly induce a copious supply of milk if she pumped. She bought herbal supplements.Then, she surprised me. She said to go to her profile and accept her invitation for friendship then accept her invitation to view her camera input while on line. Soon, I had her camera feed and saw her for the first time. She was attractive. She asked if I wanted to see more of her.Of course, I did.Soon the screen displayed an attractive woman with short red hair sitting back in a chair with her bed behind her and unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a bra that could not properly hold the breasts contained within the cups. Soon she was braless. She showed me a more than ample set of boobs.I asked her how large they were and was told they were 36C. I asked about the scarring around her areola and was told she had breast reduction surgery years ago to reduce then from an H-sized cup to their present size. She had been a 34 H at the time and the pair were hurting her back- so she had them down-sized. Crap, I would have loved to have seen them! They looked larger than C cups.So, here I was chatting on the phone with a woman who was showing me her boobs on her web cam. I wanted to know how far this could go and asked her to stand up and show me the rest of her body. She stood up and, in front of her web cam, pulled down her slacks and panties. JA’s pussy was shaved smooth. I told her to sit back adana escort and down and she complied remaining naked as the day she was born. She kept the web cam on and told me on the phone that she was getting IMs asking to turn her cam onto others. I told her to invite a few.By the time I closed our call, she had invited a couple to watch her and several other solo males. She had fucked her pussy for us with a plastic cock and her ass with a glass toy. She got herself off with a Hitachi vibrator.And, we made plans to meet that Friday not far from her place of work and apartment in a public place. I told her what to wear so when we met I could see how compliant she would be.She arrived on time that Friday. She was in a dress like I told her to wear and verified she had no panties on as I requested. As we sat in the front seat of her car and talked, I felt her hairless pussy to find it more than damp. I said I promised to take her to dinner so I got in my car and followed her down US 75 a mile to a nice steakhouse in Plano where we ate a decent meal as we chatted. I told her to unbutton the top of her dress to expose her breasts for me to enjoy. I told her to make sure our waiter could see them too. We got great service and I finger-fucked her pussy to climax under the table, which he knew what was happening.It was around 7:30 when I told her I wanted to suck her nipples. I followed her to her apartment and we went inside. It was a nice, second-floor apartment right off the highway a block or so. As we walked inside, she asked me what my schedule was and I told her I had nothing to do between then and Monday morning when I had to be in SW Ft Worth for an 8:00 AM meeting- which was probably 1.5 hours away when thee was no traffic. I had a billet at the joint reserve base there and planned on going back Sunday evening, if that worked for her.It did.JA opened her blouse and front-hook bra and sat on the couch at one end. I lay on my back with my head on her lap and fmy ace at her one breast. She cupped her breast and put her nipple to my lips.Okay, it is not a fetish- look up the definition of fetish and see it for yourself. It is not a taboo either. It is kinky as hell and is so different that just making out wih a woman and playing with her boobs. I was totally dressed and JA was mostly dressed. And, as I made the right attachment to her nipple (it is called the latch-on) and began to suckle in earnest, I learned that JA climaxed having her nipple suckled. Plus, it became apparent she had already started her attempt to induce a supply of milk as I got a taste.Mother’s milk is thinner than bovine milk and has a sweet taste unlike anything you have tasted before. And, it is an interesting feeling to latch on to a woman and suckle when you have known her for a few hours. JA wanted her other breast suckled and switched nipples with me. I felt it swell in my mouth and I soon got my mouth positioned on it pressing it against the roof of my mouth so my tongue could rub the bundle of ducts that would bring the flow of milk from the glands deeper up in her breast tissue. Like she did with the first breast, she gently squeezed it and a trickle began. She said she wanted milk to squirt from her nipples but it would take a few more days to make it happen. It took no time at all to feel her tense as another orgasm built in her..I love knowing I can help a woman achieve orgasm and wondered how orgasmic she would be if we fucked. But, I would wait until she had enough of my suckling- which, at adana escort bayan that time, I wanted to occur sooner than later as my jaw was getting tired. Eventually, she pulled her nipple from my mouth and said she wanted to fuck in her bed.Her bedroom was very nice. A simple computer desk sat at the bottom of the bed. There was the monitor and camera that had captured her when she first chatted with me to let me see her body. She pulled the coverlet back and undid the rest of her dress to step out of it. Her panties fell to the floor and she was naked in front of me. I got naked too.Again, I could go into great descriptions of what it was like and what we did. What is the point?We did some 69 and I realized her having a bare pussy was a daily task to keep it that way. She smelled clean, tasted clean, and responded quickly to my tongue and fingers. I fingered her pussy rubbing that small patch inside her on the front part of her pussy rubbing it against her pubic bone. I sucked her clit and fingered her ass as I fingered her pussy. She climaxed hard and I remembered, it is hard for a woman to concentrate on performing oral on a man’s cock while she is climaxing from a lot of stimulation.JA proved she is excellent at sucking a cock as I kept up a pattern of thrusting up into her mouth as if to forcefully fuck it. As much as I love getting sucked off and as great as she was doing that, I wanted to release my cum inside her body and not her mouth. But, I had somewhat learned my lesson about cumming inside a woman without discussing it with her first. And, I was getting close to the brink.JA sucked me like she wanted my load down her throat. But, I seriously was not ready and moved so I was on my side and spooning with her. I cupped her one boob with one hand tugging on her engorged nipple and played with her swollen clit with the other to keep her stimulated while I simmered myself down several notches. I also told her I wanted to cum in her pussy and asked it that would present a problem.Her response was simple. She told me she hated condoms- especially latex condoms. JA was very sensitive to latex, especially if they were coated with spermicide. She said she has always craved cum in her mouth, pussy, and ass and would probably climax the instant I started to cum in her. The entire time she and I spoke, her hand was between us rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy and the entrance to her ass. She spent more time and effort on rubbing it against her pussy and I pushed the head of my cock into it with each pass going ever so more deeply each time.As I made contact and pushed into her, she’d grunt. I would pinch and pull her nipple and rub her clit each time. But, in that position, I realized I could not go all the way into her pussy. I pulled away and told her to get on her hands and knees and we would do it doggie-style.She got to her hands and knees like I asked and her full breasts hung heavily below her chest. I got behind her and bent over her moving close to her backside. She reached up under her and took my cock and rubbed it against her pussy and pushed herself on it grunting as I fully sunk myself inside her. I reached forward and took her hanging breastsin my hands and started tugging on her nipples. As I thrust into her, I felt her fingertips on the base of my cock and on her clit. I started to increase my speed pushing as deep inside her sex as I could push. She pushed onto my cock as to take me deeper.I told her I was close to cumming and felt her tighten escort adana up in anticipation. I repositioned and let go to her hanging udders I had been milking and grabbed her hips to pull her deeper onto my cock. As I started to empty my nuts into her body, true to her word, I could tell she was starting another orgasm.Her pussy actually milked my cock as I pushed out streams of cum into her one after the other filling her pussy. JA reached up under her pillow and pulled our a piece of cloth and put it between her legs against her pussy to catch my leaking sperm. Then she turned and licked my cock clean tugging on my cock to milk the last of the cum from inside.It had been an intense period of sexual intimacy that begun with me suckling her breasts and had culminated in my delivering a load of baby-making sperm deep in her pussy. We started to talk and she described her previous sex life.She described how she had become sexual while in high school and started going to swinger parties shortly after she graduated. She described how she played with couples that were the age of her parents at the parties and enjoyed bareback sex with three or four men at each party. She had made friends with a couple back then and fucked him several times a month every month for years (still playing with them decades later) and played with his wife as well. It was that couple who hosted swinger parties where she went to play. After several months of cream pie-producing sex with older men at the parties, she realized she was pregnant and was estatic she was knocked up. She described how devistated she was when she miscarried 3 months into the pregnancy. The couple cme to the ER and stayed with her until she was released then took her home. She continued to visit and play with them at their parties.She would get pregnant 6 more times in the next few years and experience a miscarriage each time. She carried a baby to full term but lost him shortly after he was born. I asked her if she ever used birth control. She said no and that if she got pregnant and the baby lived, she would welcome the situation.I asked if she was looking for a relationship. JA told me she was submissive during our “pillow-talk” tand hat she was looking for a man to serve as her Master. She wanted to earn a collar and would wear it as a sign of submission. She said she would do anything her Master asked her to do.Fascinating!I can honestly say that we did not make love the rest of Friday night, all Saturday, during the day, but we copulated! Like a****ls. Primal. NoisilyIt was as though she was in heat and felt the urge to mate and get pregnant. i aske her what she wanted to do Saturday evening. She said she wanted to be suckled and fucked.I asked her where she wanted to fuck and how much. She asked me to take her to The Lido, an aduly theater that had a couples-only night that began at 9- she had never been because she neve felt safe go go alone. We went and arrived at 8:00 and poked around the store before walking upstairs and into the theater. The Lido has ita own website and a Yahoo group page. She sucked and fucked 5 or 6 guys there wrapping the single guys with n on-latex condoms before letting them fuck her before the solo men were chased out and couples began to enter. She handed me a digital camera and asked me to take photos sh later posted. They are still there!As we sat in the theater and watched couples drift in an d take seats, I told her I would have to think about her need to have a Master and be collared as it placed a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the guy to have such power over a woman. She asked if we could see each other and do a trial run of her acting in a submissive role with me as her “Master”.I told her I would let her know.