Caught By Surprise Visitor

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I sat there in my apartment, as I had pretty much everyday since my girlfriend left a week earlier to go to school in Australia. We agreed that due to the distance, we both should move on and forget about our relationship, but it was still very difficult for me all the same. So, my routine nearly every night since was to have a few drinks, feel bad for myself and jack off to some porn.

Today, I was feeling a bit kinky, so I was watching a strapon porno in which the on-screen babes fucked guys in the ass. That was always something I wanted to try, but never had the courage to mention it my girlfriend, although she would often use her finger while giving me a blow job.

Janie had left her “toys”, a buttplug and a couple of dildos because she was paranoid about shipping them with her stuff. I was to get rid of them, but to be honest; I planned to try them myself.

Given the theme of the movie, I took her buttplug and a bottle of lube and had it nearby while I stroked my shaft watching the movie. It was a great flick, and to boot, the alcohol had me really engrossed by what I was watching.

I stopped stroking, and then poured the lube on the buttplug. I spread my legs out and put my feet up on the coffee table. I maneuvered the plug to my anus, and after a little struggle, felt the tip make its way inside. With a slight push, my ass enveloped the bulb at the tip of the plug. It was in and felt incredible. I slowly pushed in a bit more, even the slightest movement sending a jolt of pleasure throughout my body. I then began pulling it back and forth, thrusting the plug further in, then pulling it nearly completely out. I heightened my pace and was fucking my ass furiously while my other hand stroked my throbbing cock.

The evening’s güvenilir bahis experience was so intense, amplified by the scorching hot action on the screen, that I hadn’t heard the door to my apartment being unlocked and then opened. I continued in my fun, watching the television. A change in the scene of the porn caused a momentary reflection of me… and of someone behind me! I jumped off the couch looking back at Janie’s mother Monica.

“Having fun?” she asked slyly. I was speechless; trying to figure out how on earth I could explain what was going on.

Monica was in her early fifties, but looked to be in her mid thirties at the most. She was widowed, very attractive with large breasts and an unmistakable air of sexuality. I’d be lying if I said the thought of having sex with her had never crossed my mind.

“I came by to drop off Janie’s key to the apartment,” she said, moving around to sit on the couch. “I knocked, but obviously you didn’t hear me, so I let myself in planning to leave the key on the kitchen table, but then I heard the movie and came to investigate.”

She then looked at the screen where the porno showed a man being used and abused by an older woman wearing a strapon.

“Interesting choice of movie,” she exclaimed as she picked up the box cover. For the first time, it occurred to me that I was still naked, my cock still in full view, and even more embarrassing, the buttplug still in my ass.

I stuttered her name, trying to explain, but she waved her hand before patting the spot next to her. She wanted me to sit beside her. I clenched my butt cheeks and put my hands over my cock as I moved next to her. I sat carefully so as not to show my ass, and more specifically, the tail of the plug hanging out. türkçe bahis I was confident that when she caught me, from her angle behind the couch, that she hadn’t seen me partaking in the ass play.

I again began to stutter an explanation before she interrupted. “Eddy, it’s perfectly okay. You have needs and Janie’s not here to fulfill them, masturbating to porno as a result is nothing to be embarrassed about. And honey, your cock is certainly not the first these eyes have seen. So why don’t you move your hands away instead of covering it like an embarrassed little boy. We’re both adults here.”

I did as she said for a couple of reasons: freeing my hands to reach for the remote to shut off the porno, which was just making matters worse, and because my mind also began analyzing the situation. I could get away with the masturbation by admitting to it, but it was very likely she couldn’t have seen that I had been fucking my ass with the plug.

“Thanks for understanding, Monica, I was just feeling lonely and was craving some release, so I began… you know,” I admitted. “I guess that must’ve been a shock to see, I’m just glad I noticed you right away before it got too weird.”

“Well, you didn’t notice me quite right way…” she replied. I asked how long she’d been there watching me and was shocked by her answer.

“I walked in and began watching you just before you reached over to the buttplug on the table, then watched you slide it in. I was tempted to offer to help, as you seemed to be having a tough time with it as first, but within seconds you seemed to have it and you were really enjoying it. So I just continued to watch.”

I was overcome by a series of simultaneous feelings: my face reddened with embarrassment, my ass gripped güvenilir bahis siteleri the plug tighter, and surprisingly, my cock swelled to full erection. My shame was quickly becoming intense arousal.

Monica noticed my cock standing at attention. “Ooooh, you never did finish giving yourself the release you needed.” With that she took the remote and put the movie back on. She then stood up and began to undress. I watched her get completely naked and without realizing it, had once again gripped my cock and began massaging the head. She seemed happy that the focus of my jacking off was solely on her and not the movie. She ordered me to lie back with my legs open. I obliged.

I was in a trance, pumping my shaft furiously watching her slide one hand to her neatly trimmed pussy, while the other took hold of the buttplug’s tail. She began to match my cock strokes with her thrusts of the plug. We were in perfect rhythm. Within minutes I felt myself approaching my peak as she momentarily diverted her gaze toward the screen. She seemed to like what she saw. I wanted to see it myself, but couldn’t stop staring at her. I stared into her eyes and felt my body begin to shake. She sensed my orgasm was approaching and brought her chest down near my cock.

“Cum on my tits, Eddy,” she commanded. I happily obliged spraying her beautiful mounds with my cum. It was then she reenacted what she’d seen on the porno that had caught her interest. She brought her cum-drenched nipple to my face, and though I had never tasted my own cum before, nothing was going to stop me from taking a mouthful of her tits. I lapped it all up, licking and sucking hungrily at her gorgeous breasts.

She helped me remove the plug as the post orgasm feeling was just too much for me to continue having it inside me. I lay back in exhaustion and she lay on me, kissing me deeply. “Maybe I’ll hang on to that key a little bit longer,” she said smiling. I like that idea,” I told her. “I really do like that idea.”