Cassandra’s Awakening

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This story is the first of a possible chapter story which is likely to include incest/taboo, lesbian and BDSM. I am a very new writer to this site and would love feedback on how I can improve and what people would like to see. All people and situations in this story are made up and a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age and should thus be considered.

“Cassandra, Please stay after class.” The words resonated in the air a moment before the bell split the silence of the room.

Even as the students rushed out of the small room, one girl sat staring at her desk as everyone left. She slowly began packing up her things as the click of the heels on the floor grew closer.

“Cassandra, Look at me please,” came the quiet but firm demand.

Cassandra slowly raised her head, her emerald eyes glancing along the toned muscles of her teacher’s legs and slowly following the contours upwards until they disappeared underneath a knee high skirt. Her view grazed her teacher’s toned stomach and stopped however briefly on her teachers pert 36C breasts before moving towards Ms Larkill’s eyes.

Those eyes regarded her with a touch of concern and a hint of amusement. Even as one of her teacher’s eyebrows rose at the sudden attention her voice broke Cassandra’s reverie.

“Cassandra, is there a problem you have with me?” asked Ms. Larkill. ” Is there something you need to talk about?”

Cassandra shook her head fiercely in denial even as a blush made it’s way across her cheeks. Even as she quickly rose to leave a gentle hand on her’s stopped her mid flight.

“If you ever have a problem, I am always here if you need me to help.” Cassandra fled illegal bahis with those soft words echoing in her ears.

She sat quietly at the diner table as her father chattered on about his day, but was pulled abruptly back into the conversations as her father mentioned something relevant to her thoughts.

“Ms. Larkill called today, she said that you have been off in your studies that past two weeks. Is something wrong we need to talk about?” As her father looked expectantly Cassandra finally replied

“No, nothing is wrong, dad” She refused to meet his eyes even as her blush seemed to betray her.

Later on that night she tossed and turned in her bed as she reflected on the past two weeks. The thoughts of what she had inadvertently witnessed consumed her. Her body grew too warm to be comfortable and the very air seemed to press down upon her body. She pushed the sheets off her body as she rolled over trying desperately to ignore the friction of clothes on her skin. Torrid images that had imprinted themselves on her psyche flashed through her minds eye.

Almost without her knowing her right hand had snuck downward as the sudden sensations of her fingers rubbing against her smooth pussy, through her white shorts, caused her breath to come in pants. She realized that even though she tried best to purge her mind of thoughts an immutable truth manifested itself. She wanted this to happen. Her taut dusty nipples pressed against her white t-shirt. She placed a hand there and began kneading her nipple, rolling them slowly between her fingers. Trying to work past the sensations her body craved she slipped her other hand inside her shorts to find her pussy soaking wet. illegal bahis siteleri

A low moan made it’s way from between her lips as she began to play with herself. Her hips began moving gently of there own accord against the deep trust of her fingers. Her pace increased slowly as her lust tightened it’s palpable hold on her body. She shuttered pleasurably as she pushed open her dripping pussy lips and pushed a finger into her slick heat. The sensation seemed to be what her frustrated body was waiting for as her back arched in climax.

Cassandra wasn’t sure why but her release did not satisfy the way she wanted. Her body still warm and her hand and pussy wet. He cloths stuck to her sweat-slicked skin, her ardor only burned fiercer. She breathed in sharply as she pushed a finger back into her pussy only to moan at the sensation. She wanted more, needed more. As her body burned with the urge to seek more pleasure. She plunged a second finger into her pussy moving them in and out with ever increasing speed. A still new sensation as she moved her hand down her taut stomach and towards her clit. She slowly rubbed her clit in small circles as small gasps of pleasure escaped her lips.

She stroked and played with her clit even as her fingers increased there frantic pace. Her pussy dripping as she kept up her fingers torid speed. Her face showing only some innate desire as her eyes closed. She concentrated only on the sensations her own body provided as she fucked herself with her fingers furiously. Not even hearing the gentle grunting sounds she made as her fingers went as deep as they could go.

Cassandra felt something deep in her shift as she remembered what had canlı bahis siteleri spurned this need. A memory, one of sheet lust. She somehow sped up her pace as she relieved what she had seen. Her fingers aching as her pussy pulsed around them, remember the sound of flesh slapping together. The sound of wet flesh, the sound of a soaked pussy. Her breath becoming short she began playing with her clit again, whimpers forming and ending deep in her throat. She struggled towards her climax, feeling as if she had reached her limit; the releases she wanted just past some unknown barrier.

“Fuck her.” She whispered “fuck her harder”

In her memory it shifted, the man fucking the women’s pussy even harder. Cassandra’s body tightened with need, with tension. Her own fingers moving out and then slamming back into her soaking pussy almost of there own volition.

She began keening, almost inaudibly, in the back of her being barely breathing as she fucked herself furiously.

“Harder, more, harder, fucker her harder.” Her voice getting a little loader.

“Make her scream.”

The visions that played out in her head complying as the women began to wail in pleasure as the man began to fuck her with great force. Cassandra felt her body almost painfully every nerve ending on fire as her releases built and built.

“Please make her cum… Fuck her…. Please fuck her daddy, make her take it all.” She said aloud, her mind losing coherence as her self control ground down.

“Please daddy, fuck her, make her cum, let me cum please,” begging the air; begging her body.

With those words her body spammed so hard she almost fell off her bed, her pussy gushing as her body climaxed. Pleasure became pain which became pleasure as the heat around her body finally relented. She gasped for air, a little slower each time even as Morpheus claimed her. She never heard now saw her bedroom door close behind itself again.