Carmen’s lady friend

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Carmen’s lady friendI knew Carmen liked to have company over whenever I was out of town on a business trip, but one day I came home early and when I approached our house, I noticed another car parked in the driveway next to Carmen’s. Living out in the woods was great because it afforded us a lot of privacy and we didn’t have to worry about nosy neighbors hearing or seeing what we did.I left the car parked a bit out of the way and quietly walked up to the side window and looked into our living room. Sure enough, Carmen had a visitor. I saw that it was her friend Sandy and the two must have just settled down on the sofa for some serious love making when I watched as Carmen leaned over towards Sandy and while caressing her cheek, moved in and began to kiss her softly. Since the window was partially open I knew I would be able to hear most any talk and I’m sure any noise that the two made. Soon enough I was right as Sandy started to moan softly as Carmen kissed and licked around her neck and ears, gently arousing Sandy as she slipped her hand down to one of Sandy’s tits. “Oh fuck” I heard sandy cry out as Carmen squeezed her tit. The two went back to kissing more passionately as Carmen kept caressing Sandy’s tits and now I watched as Sandy returned the favor and began to squeeze and pull at Carmen’s tits. The moans grew a bit louder as both women feverously kissed harder and now moved their hands down to each others crotch güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and were soon engaged in rubbing each others pussies. “Oh fuck Carmen” Sandy cried out”Suck my fuckin’ cunt” she pleaded with Carmen as Carmen roughly rubbed her pussy harder. Carmen went back to kissing Sandy a few minutes more as she now reached into Sandy’s pants and I knew she was now feeling her cunt hair and cunts lips as I heard Sandy moan even louder.”Suck me” Sandy cried out”Please suck my fuckin’ cunt” she added and I knew Carmen was ready to go down on Sandy and relish in her probably wet cunt. Carmen pushed Sandy back on the sofa and grabbing at Sandy’s pants, started to pull them down as Sandy lifted her ass off the sofa. Once Carmen got them off she took off Sandy’s panties and spreading her legs apart, I watched as my whore wife dove down and began to kiss and lick around Sandy’s pubic area while she reached in with her hand and began to caress Sandy’s cunt. Sandy was now moaning even more as she anticipated Carmen’s tongue in her cunt. By now I had unzipped my own pants and had taken my cock out as was jerking on it as I watched my whore start to suck at Sandy’s cunt. “OH FUCK” Sandy cried out as Carmen put her mouth up to Sandy’s cunt and I could tell she was now sucking and biting at Sandy’s cunt lips and clit while she rammed at least two fingers in and out of Sandy’s cunt, fucking her as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri best she could. For several minutes this scene was played out before me. My mature whore wife sucking and biting hard on her mature friends cunt, sending wave after wave of pleasure surging through Sandy as she drove her into a realm of ecstasy. By now I couldn’t stand it any more and I just had to join in. I quietly walked around to the front door and opened it softly and very lightly took off my clothes as neither woman looked over my way, both so wrapped up in Carmen’s eating Sandy that a train could have come through and neither would have noticed. I stepped over to Sandy’s head quietly and taking my rock hard cock in my hand, I moved up next to her head and while her mouth was open in a loud moan, rubbed my cock over her lips and when she opened her eyes and looked up, I rammed my cock into her mouth.”Suck my cock you fuckin’ whore” I demanded as Sandy gave me a startled look and Carmen rose up to see my cock planted in Sandy’s mouth. Sandy tried to back away, but I grabbed her hair and firmly held my cock in her mouth.”Suck it you fuckin’ whore” I demanded again. The initial shock apparently passed and realizing she had a hard cock in her mouth, Sandy now began to suck on my cock like a rabid a****l. I looked down at Carmen,”Hi honey” I started,”I’m home” I addedCarmen got up and coming up next to me, güvenilir bahis şirketleri kissed me hard and long. When she broke off”I see you’ve been having fun” I said to her as she and I looked down to watch Sandy sucking on my cock. “Oh baby” Carmen said”I just wanted to taste some pussy”I kissed her again then said,”I hope you don’t mind if I want to fuck that pussy” Smiling at me, “I’d love to watch you fucking her cunt baby” Carmen replied back. I pulled my cock out of Sandy’s mouth and moved away and then moved down towards Sandy’s already wet cunt.”Sit on her face” I ordered Carmen”Let her suck your fuckin’ cunt” While Carmen climbed over Sandy’s head and opened up her cunt to Sandy’s tongue, I spread her legs apart and moved in and taking my cock in my hand, guided it into her wet cunt and was soon fucking sandy as hard as I could. We stayed this way for several minutes as I pounded away at Sandy’s cunt and Carmen moaned with pleasure at Sandy licking and biting at her cunt. It didn’t take much longer before I cried out I was coming and shot a huge load of cum deep into Sandy’s cunt. I quickly pulled out,”Get down here and suck her cunt whore” I demanded of Carmen as Carmen rose off of Sandy’s head and quickly moved down in between her legs and started to lick and suck at Sandy’s cunt, tasting my cum as she did so. After a few minutes,”Clean my cock off whore” I then demanded of Carmen and I watched as she licked and sucked my cock clean.We all relaxed and I told Carmen I finished early and came home and she confessed she craved a cunt and Sandy had come over to accommodate her. I told Carmen I thought she would want another cock, but she said this time she wanted a cunt. “Well” I began,”Maybe next time”.