Car Repairs

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Car RepairsOk, so I have an older car: 2002 Ford Taurus. It’s getting up there in age and things just happen to go wrong. I’m tired of taking it to the Ford dealer to get my repairs. My friend Stacy told me about the shop her dad goes to. She gave me the phone number and said to ask for Jimmy.The next day I called. A nice man answered the phone. “May I please speak with Jimmy?” I asked. “This is him, how may I help you?” Jimmy said. “A friend of mine told me to call and see if you could possibly help me with my car repairs. I can’t afford to pay the dealer anymore.” I said sounding desperate.Jimmy chuckled and gave me the address of the repair shop. I told him I’d be over in an hour or so. I got myself cleaned up, put some clean jeans and a white tank top on. Slipped on a pair of flip flops and headed out the door. I started down my driveway, when my car started coughing. It’s so ready to die. I drove a few miles down the road and found the shop. When I pulled into a spot by the door, Jimmy came out to greet me.He had me pop the hood for him to take a look. I turned off my car before he had the chance to tell me not to. Jimmy got to hear how my car had its cough. I joked around with him saying my car had a cold. Jimmy liked how I described my car’s issue. He had me turn my car off, then he checked my oil and other things.I told him I knew it was time for a tune up, that it has been four years since the last one. “I will tell you, that you need an oil change,” Jimmy said as he checked the dip stick. “Yeah, it’s due anytime according to the sticker.” I replied. Then under my breathe I said, “Lube too.” Jimmy looked at a few of the hoses and belts. He told me how much everything will cost me. I frowned, knowing that I’m not able to pay that much. Jimmy gave me a puzzled look and asked, “What’s wrong?” I tried not to get too upset when I said, “I really don’t have the money to pay for all the expenses.” Jimmy closed the hood and said to me, that he can work something out. I was shocked to his response.I twitched my nose and asked when he can start on my car. “I have to finish with the car on the rack, which should be about another hour, then I can start on yours. Are you going to hang around, or do you have things to do?” He asked me. “I need to run a couple of errands and will be right back, is that ok?” I asked him. “That sounds good, see you shortly,” Jimmy said as he walked back into the garage.My running is finished and I go back to my house to get my book to read. When I got back to the garage, Jimmy was talking with the owner of the other car. The men talked about the car, then the man left. I stood by the door, not trying to listen to the men talk. Jimmy walked towards me and asked for my keys. I handed them over.“Are you going to stay, or do you need me to take you somewhere,” Jimmy asked as he got into my car. I told him I’ve got my book and phone, so I’m set for the time. I then walked back into the office and sat on the leather couch. I pulled my soda from my purse and got myself comfortable with my book. Jimmy pulled my car in and got it up on the rack.He changed the oil first, then lubed the joints. He lowered my car and began with the tune up. I was reading an erotic story and began to get all hot and bothered with my story. I rubbed my legs and worked my rubbing to my nipples. I felt how hard they were from the reading and my imagination. I was getting very moist between my legs that I needed to use the restroom.I headed for the restroom when Jimmy asked if I was doing alright. “I’m doing ok, just need to use the bathroom.” I smiled and opened the door. I was surprised to see how clean the large room was. On the wall was a small vending box. I looked at what was being offered. Large and small condoms, lube and select lady products. I laughed and pulled my pants down to use the toilet.After cleaning myself up, I checked out myself in the large wall sized mirror. I stood sideways, to look at my large breasts. My nipples were hard and poked thru my bra and shown thru my shirt. I couldn’t resist, but to rub and pinch my nipples. I raised my shirt and bra to cup my breasts. I massaged, pinched and teased them, until I was gasping. The juices were building in between my legs again. güvenilir bahis I sat on the counter and rubbed my crotch. That wasn’t helping my urge enough, so I stood to pull my jeans down. I took one leg out of my jeans so I could touch myself better. I rubbed my moistened panties. Up and down I moved my fingers, until I finally moved them to the side and began to slide my fingers in my folds.I moaned as I felt the hot moist heat. I leaned back against the wall to watch myself play. I’d spread my pussy lips wide apart and stroked my fingers up and down again, then stopping to tease my hot opening. Just barely did I let my finger tip in, then back up to my clit. I pressed on my hard clit, then found my sweet spot and began to work my magic.I cooed with my tender touch as I began to feel my insides tingle. The circular motion of my finger was making me wet. I stopped with touching my clit and placed two fingers deep into my opening. I pumped my hole until I began to cum. I continued with the in and out motion. The sound of being wet made me pump harder and faster. When I heard a “thud” outside the door, I stopped quickly. Then I got myself dressed and washed my hands, before heading out to the office. When I went to sit on the couch again, Jimmy walked in with a smile. “Is everything ok? I heard some cries coming from the bathroom.” He said with a twinkle in his eye. “I’m ok,” I said feeling embarrassed. I’m sure my cheeks are very red.“I’m just about finished with your tune up, if you’d like to come out to the garage,” Jimmy said. “Ok, I hope I don’t get in the way,” I said with curiosity. Jimmy opened the door and led me through it. I stood next to my car. I watched Jimmy with the finishing touches. When I asked him how much this going to cost me was, he said $500. “Can I make payments, I don’t really have that much in the bank.” I asked. “I think I can make arrangements with you. How much can you pay me, today?” Jimmy asked politely. “I only have $200, on me. I get next week and can pay you another $200 then.” I told him, hoping that I can make those payments. Jimmy looked at me and said he will take me up on today’s installment, then he said with a hunger look, “I know of an easy way for you to pay the rest of your bill, without giving me any money.” “Oh? How is that?” I asked, knowing in a way I think he was asking. “I heard you making some sweet noises in the bathroom, I seen your book and read the pages that the book was open on. I figured you got all hot and bothered, you needed to take care of your urges. So, you went to take care of yourself. Is that true?” He asked me with the sound of a horny man. I looked down to my feet, then lifted my head up high and replied with a yes. Jimmy said that the shop closes in ten minutes, then I could finish paying him then. 5 o’clock on the dot, he closed the large door and put the closed sign in the window. He then turned the answering machine on, then pulled the shades on the windows. I sat on the couch and watched him with the closing of the shop, then he disappeared into the restroom. I heard the toilet flush, then the water in the sink. He came out the door a few minutes later.Jimmy walked over to sit next to me. He must have put some cologne on, while in the other room, because he smelled good. He put his arm around me, told me to relax and let’s just chat a bit. He asked me about myself. If I had a husband or single, if I lived by myself, what kind of work I did… blah blah blah. LOLI placed my hand on his thigh and rubbed his leg, working my way to his crotch area. I touched his cock and was happy to feel that he wasn’t short in length. And also that he had a nice thick cock. Jimmy rubbed my shoulder and upper arm, before moving to my breast. He kissed me and slipped me his tongue as we touched each other and did our own groping.The heat built between us, that I had shifted to sit on Jimmy’s lap. One leg on each side of him. Jimmy looked at me as I took my tank top off. Here I sat on his lap with a pink lace bra and me working at his belt. He helped me open his work pants to reveal his thick cock. I instantly took him on my hands and began to stroke him.Jimmy didn’t take much time, before he was man handling my breasts türkçe bahis in his large hands. He toyed with my nipples thru the lace, then reached behind me to unhook the strap. I removed my bra and set it on the side of me. I watched Jimmy take my breast into his hands again, then he kissed me some more. I stroked his cock as a drop of pre cum, came from within. Jimmy leaned forward and kissed his way to by chest. He took one nipple into his mouth and sucked me, like a baby. I gasped as he made love to my chest. I let him suck me for a short bit, then I lifted from his lap. I got on my knees and got between his legs. He lifted for me to pull his pants to his ankles. I took his cock, licked his big head, and then kissed my way to the bottom of his shaft. I held his balls in one hand and stroked with the other.His balls felt huge in my hand that I just had to get them into my mouth and feel them on my tongue. Jimmy sighed loudly as I took each one and swirled my tongue around them. He held my head in place as I put his cock in the back of my throat. Jimmy let me come up for air, then grabbed a handful of my hair and helped me bop up and down to suck his manhood. I gagged a few times when he touched my tonsils, but quickly sucked and licked him some more.When Jimmy had enough, before cumming in my mouth, he moved me to stand up. He grabbed me and led me to the shop. I held his hand as we went to my car. Jimmy turned to me, looked me in the eye and said, “You sure know how to suck my cock, young lady.” I smiled and said, “I like to suck cock. It’s one of my favorite things to do, besides getting fucked.” “Mm. I like that in a woman. One who likes to fuck and suck? Not too many women my age like to do such things.” Jimmy said as he undid my pants and pulled them down. As he started to stand back up, he got a big whiff of my hot odor. He quickly pulled my panties down to my feet and slid his hand in between my thighs.I spread my legs enough for him to feel his way into my hot pussy. “Damn woman, you are wet!” He exclaimed with joy. “Let me get you in position for me to eat some of that pussy.” Jimmy lifted me to be on the hood and I spread my legs wide for him to examine my pussy. He spread my lips and dove in to lick my clit.With his tongue flicking my nub fast, I moaned and pulled his head to be closer to me. He licked me up and down, shoving his tongue in my hole flicking it and moving back to my nub. He sucked my nub hard, just like he did with my nipples. “Oh Yes, that feels so good. I’ve never had an older man touch me, much less play with my pussy. Other than my OBGYN.” I said to him.“Mm, I bed your Dr doesn’t do this to you,” as Jimmy licked and sucked my hole. Then he slipped his middle finger in me, pulled out sucked his finger then put it back into my wet hole. “No, he doesn’t suck his finger after being in me. Ha ha ha.” We both laughed, then he fingered me some more.“Please feed me your finger next time,” I begged. When I came, Jimmy pulled his finger from me and let me suck my cum from his finger. I then told him, “I will lick and suck my cum from your cock, if you let me.” Jimmy looked at me with surprise. I’m sure no one has ever done that before, to him. “Let’s see how tight that pussy feels on my cock,” Jimmy said as he pulled his finger out. He jerked his cock a few times, to make it harder before entering her nice and wet pussy. Jimmy moved to be closer to me, he leaned in for a kiss and rubbed the head of his cock in the folds of my pussy. Jimmy barely let the tip of his head into my aching pussy.When I moaned, Jimmy pushed a bit more of his hard cock in me. “Oh yes, you feel good. Give me all you got, fuck my wet pussy,” I said to him. Jimmy looked at me, then asked,” You want more of this old man?” “Mm yes, sir. I want you to ram your thick cock deep in my pussy. I want you to fuck me hard, just like you used to do when you were a young.” I said to him with hunger in my pussy.With that, Jimmy rammed his cock hard into her tight pussy. The man pumped his cock in and out of her, he fucked her so hard that she was gasping for air. Jimmy lifted my legs to rest on his shoulders. “How’s this old man feel?” he asked as he rammed into me some more. “OH I’m liking you güvenilir bahis siteleri very much, I wish my so called boyfriend fucked like you.” I said after licking my lips. “I really want to suck your cock again. Now would be great, I just came. My cum is all over you now.” I said as I looked at him with a smile and licked my lips again.Jimmy pulled his dick from my dripping pussy. I hurried and slid off my car and got on my knees to suck his dick. “Mm,” I moaned as I was licking his balls and slurping my juices from his dick. “Oh gosh yes, this feels so damned good,” I’m wanting to lick that sweet little cunt of yours, stand up and get back on the hood. Lay your head over the side, so I can eat your cunt.” The old man said.I got back on the hood, twisted around in my wet spot, tilted my head over the side and took his dick back into my mouth. Jimmy spread my legs and went for his licking. “Mm your taste good,” he mumbled. As he was licking my clit, I felt a couple of fingers go into my pussy, a few good strokes in me and I’m cumming again. Then Jimmy slipped his ring finger into my ass.“OOo” I mumbled with a mouthful of his dick. Jimmy got the hint and bent me forward to have my ass in his view. He licked my pussy, then my ass. Fingers were in both holes as he licked them. When I was able to relax my mouth, I told Jimmy he could fuck my ass, if he’d like. “Damn right, I’d love to fuck that ass of yours” came from the old man.Jimmy let me get off the car and had me stand facing the car, he squatted down, spread my ass cheeks and began to eat my ass. I spread my legs more apart, wanting him to lick my pussy and make it easier for him to play with both openings. And that, he did. I knew he was enjoying himself, he’d moan when he would hear the wetness from my pussy as he fingered it. When he felt that I was wet enough, he teased my ass just like he did with my pussy at first. Then with one quick thrust, he was buried in my ass. I let out a loud yelp, then leaned forward, spread my cheeks for him to fill me. “You like this thick cock in your ass, little girl?” he asked. “Yes I do, fuck my tight ass. Fuck me hard. I want you in me, harder!” I panted and said loudly. Jimmy held onto my waist as he pounded his dick into me. He fucked my ass fast and hard, then slowed down to pull out, then ram himself back in.“I’m ready to cum, where do you want it?” Jimmy panted as he continued pumping my ass. “Anywhere you want, I’m protected.” I panted. Jimmy had me get on my knees, then he did the same. He slid himself into my pussy, began to pump his dick fast. When he was just about ready to cum, he pulled from my clit and slid his dick back into my ass. Shortly after in my tight opening, he began to fill me full of his cum.When he could see he had fill my ass to the rim, he pulled out and back into my pussy. He finished with a cream pie in my pussy. He played with my ass while he fucked my pussy, I felt three fingers in my ass as he played in his pool of cum. Jimmy pulled out of me and told me to stay there, He got up and walked over to a box and pulled out a couple of clean shop rags. He handed me some to clean up. He started to wipe his dick, when I pulled up to my knees to suck the cum from him. “Damn woman, he hissed. Your mouth is awesome along with your huger of dick.” I sucked him just for a short bit, when the phone rang.Jimmy helped me to my feet and watched as I wiped my cummy holes. “The rest of your clothes are in the office, sweetie,” he said as he pulled his pants up. I finished with getting dressed when I turned to ask him, “How much do I owe you?” Jimmy had a large smile on his face, rubbed his hands together and said, “Honey, you owe me nothing. Your sweet tight cunt and ass made my day. I haven’t fucked like that in almost ten years.”Jimmy opened my car door for me to get in. I started my car and didn’t hear any coughing. I smiled back to him. Jimmy opened the bay door to let me back out. Once out of the garage, Jimmy walked to my window and asked me, “Can I call you sometime? We don’t necessary have to fuck, but I’d love to treat you to dinner sometime.” I wrote my number on a piece of paper and said for him to call anytime.I’m sure if something goes wrong with my car again, it won’t cost me anything to get it fixed. I’d just have to suck and fuck, him. He was an awesome fuck, I sure don’t think my boyfriend could ever fill his shoes. I can hardly wait to either get a call from him, or to have something go wrong with my car.