Camping Shower late night cum pop

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Camping Shower late night cum popJuly 4th weekend I was invited to join some friends of mine at a local state park and camp in their motorhome. Jessica and Bryan are married and really nice and invite me the single guy onto some trips occasionally. It was the 2nd night and we had played games and cooked out most of the day and was winding down next to the campfire and having a night cap. Around 12 midnight they decided to go in for the night. The RV only had one shower so I told them I was going to stay next to the fire for awhile and then hit the bath house before bed. 20-30 minutes later I went in and got my shower bag and could hear Jessica moaning and Bryan’s balls slapping her ass. I reached in my shorts for a second and rubbed my little cock for a second thinking about getting a hard pounding like that. I pulled my hand out and licked the precum off my fingers and walked on to the shower house. I walked in and no one was in the place which was common at 1 a.m. The shower house had a large handicap shower in the corner that I normally used because it had 2 shower heads and a large bench. I put my stuff on the bench and then stepped back out to use the urinal. While I was using the a young guy came in probably around 18-20 with a ball cap on skinny guy. He walked into the handicap shower and turned it on instantly and threw his dirty shorts and shirt over the curtain. I walked over to the edge and said “excuse me but my clothes and towel are in the shower can you hand them to me” he replied back “I was in a hurry sorry you can come in and get them”. I hesitantly eased the curtain open and looked illegal bahis in and was a little surprised by what I saw. He had both shower heads spraying the floor in front of him and he was just sitting naked on the bench out on the edge with his ass just off the edge and his cock in his hand slowly stroking his shaving cock. He said “there’s your clothes but you welcome to join me” I stood there half in the shower for a second and then walked over the bench and he moved my clothes to the towel rack patted the bench signaling me to sit next to him. For someone much younger than me he was sure aggressive and was not shy at all. When I sat down he reached over and started stroking my cock, I sat for a second then reached over and rubbed his cock. His cock was average about 5-6 inches when I first touched it but within seconds it added an inch or 2 and was so hard the skin was tight. We rubbed and jerked each others cock for 5-10 minutes when he got in the floor in front of me and started sucking my cock. He was licking it mostly and was a little rough with teeth and hand tugging on it. I told him to slow down and he did and was doing a better job. He sucked me for about 5 minutes and I said let me suck you. He quickly got out of the floor and back on the bench in the same position as before. I stood in front of him and leaned over and licked his nipples a little and he moaned little. I moved down his body with my mouth and tongue and kept rubbing his nipples with my fingers until I finally reached his cock layed over on his thigh. I licked up and down the shaft with my tongue swirling the youwin güvenilir mi head at the top each time and his cock slowly rose up from a downed tree position to a strong towering cock. I started sucking on his cock and the first time I took him to back of my throat he moaned and said “fuck yeah baby take it all” I kept sucking his cock slowly taking it to the back of my throat with ever stroke. I stopped for a second to give his balls and ass some attention I licked his balls and took them into my mouth and hmmmmmed to make a vibrating feeling on them and he moaned more. I moved down to his ass and gently licked around his ass and could tell I was the first person to ever do this. He moaned “oh my fucking god your fucking great your going make me blow my load. I reached up and slowly stroked his cock for a little bit feeling his pre cum in between my fingers and continued to lick his ass pushing my tongue into his ass and could feel his cock flex each time. I switched position and started sucking him again and rubbing his ass with my fingers. He said would you slowly fuck my ass I said yeah. He stayed in the same postion and eased my cock up to his ass. The huge amount of pre cum lubed his ass just enough as I slowly eased into his virgin ass. He didn’t even flinch with my little cock in his ass but I still started fucking him with all I had. It didn’t take but 1-2 minutes until I was ready to cum. I pulled out of his ass and shot my cum on his belly, cock and balls. I stroked my cock and squeeze the last few drops out and dripped them on the head of his cock. He looked perabet at me and said “is that all you got” I started to so yeah but he said “you cant fuck be glad you can suck good get back down there and finish me I let you sissy dick fuck me now” I got back down and licked my cum off his dick and started sucking him again. As I was sucking his he took his finger and gathered all of my cum and fed it to me each time smiling and saying “eat that cum it is what you want” Although I was not dressed like a sissy or anything he still knew I was a sissy cumslut. He continued to tell me what a whore, cumslut, and bitch I was. He stood up standing above me when he finally said it the words I was waiting on. “Here comes you cum you sissy whore” and he exploded into my mouth and on my face. After the first pulse of sweet man juice I was able to get my lips back around his cock to have the second pulse fill my mouth and explode my tongue with sweet flavors. The third pulse was as strong as a normal guys first shot and was at my lips traveling up my face across my nose to my hair. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to receive the last few pulses and gulped them down and sucked his cock again as he squeeze out the last drop into my mouth. I was super horny now and took his cock in my mouth and grabbed his ass and forced him into my throat. With my mouth and his cock lubed with his sweet cum it slide down with no problem I did that a couple more times then he pulled back and cleaned my face with his finger feeding me the last of his cum. I was still on my knees looking at him as he walked over to the shower and started washing off. We went ahead and showered together and played a little more that night me licking his ass and him fingering me. When we had finished he said I will make you that sissy you want to be and gave me a business card.