Buying Love Ch. 01

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The New-life rider

The regular assortment of women dressed in designer sunnies, handbags and bling, milled around the exercise equipment set up in the foyer of an upmarket Sydney shopping mall.

Mostly the women were just there to stare at the attractive young direct marketers in their tight fitting work out gear.

“…system is engineered as a core muscle trainer providing toning, shaping and fitness benefits to the whole body. The user sits comfortably in the saddle with feet in the ergonomic stirrups. As the machine gently rocks back and forth or side to side the users core muscles are engaged to maintain balance…”

Olivia read through the very short marketing pamphlet over and over trying to summon the courage to talk to the fit young man in shopping mall exercise equipment pop up kiosk.

After waiting for his target to display the specific body language he had been told to look for, Johan the sales guy approached her.

“Hi, I’m Johan.” The sales guy paused with an expectant look long enough for Olivia to break down and respond.

“Yes. Ah, O-Olivia.”

The machine seemed so exciting to her somehow, intimidating and at the same time strangely attractive. After a morning of wandering the mall Olivia was almost too frazzled to speak to the young, tall, and muscular Norwegian backpacker / sales guy.

“That’s a pretty name, Olivia. Would you do me a favour and step up here a little closer?” Johan following the script he had gotten as closely as possible, took Olivia’s hand and led her up to the demo model.

“Take a seat and I can show you some of the New-life-rider’s exciting features. Don’t worry it won’t bite you, hehe.”

Johan guiding the helplessly enthralled Olivia onto the saddle.

“Comfy Olivia?”

Johan asked in a tone that sounded reasonably authentic.

“Um, hehehe…” Olivia too embarrassed to say there was a ridge of stitching or something firm pressing into a very private place. Not painful, just unexpected.

“The system has a number of innovative features… let’s start with the touch pad display, OK Olivia?”

Each time Olivia heard her name from Johan her heart sped just a little. She is shy and usually got a little swept away by all the stimulus at the mall, but this was a new level for her.

“While exercising, the screen will display motivational images, just tap -skip- on any you are not interested in, and the machine will quickly learn your tastes. Like this:”

Johan started the slide show, every few seconds a new image of a person or group of fit looking people smiling and exercising scrolled over the 10inch screen on a little stand in front of the saddle. Each image seemingly a little more provocative.

As he tapped the screen the images scrolled away a little faster.

Olivia saw some images that she liked and when Johan tapped them away she felt a bit cheated.

“Just reach out and tap.” Johan prompted.

Olivia did güvenilir bahis not need any encouragement to take over control. She tapped through a few boring joggers and baseball shots before seeing a Brazilian body builder on the beach in Rio. Her skin like chocolate and her muscle so defined and well proportioned. God, Olivia thought, she seemed like something out of a superhero movie – if the hero was a bikini wearing fitness model at least.

Olivia started to get lost in the picture and then tapped it away in embarrassment.

“It’s easy to use isn’t it?” Johan added, back on the sales script.

“Oh yes.” Olivia replied, instantly getting a little red and flushed at the fact that sounded a little more sexual than she had intended.

“…and all in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Anytime you want it.” Johan seeing the double entandre and smiling every time he got to that part of the pitch.

“You like the idea of exercise in the privacy of your home right?” Johan building the -always answer yes- sales closing technique.

Olivia wanted to run and hide she was so turned on and embarrassed. She would have said anything to stop the attention but settled for: “Yes.”

“That’s great. The touch screen display can also be used as an eReader for books and magazines, a media player for movies and music and a light weight internet browser for things like paying bills, emails or just fun surfing.” Johan’s words washing through Olivia’s addled mind as she became increasingly flushed.

“All that’s left is the test drive.” Said Johan not waiting for a response.

Johan tapped the big start button and the saddle hummed into life. At first the slow figure eight movement was a little foreign and uncomfortable.

Olivia’s buzz was dying a little with the somewhat jerky jostling. The pattern gradually smoothed out and increased in intensity.

She slid up the saddle and that hard ridge found Olivia’s private spot with the intensifying hum of the machine.

Sexy images of fit people scrolled across the tablet screen.

The barely audible hum became a very obvious sensation.

Olivia was riding for less than ten seconds before she felt herself building to a climax.

Johan took her ankles gently lifting them into the u shaped stirrups at the back of the saddle.

A crowd was forming as the magic happening to Olivia’s body was being written all over her face. The bent leg position the stirrups pushed her onto that hard ridge through the whole cycle now.

Quickly it was everything she could do not to explode in the centre of the shopping mall surrounded by curious onlookers.

“Satisfied?” Johan asked in full knowledge of what was happening.

“M-mmm-A” Olivia could not open her mouth to say -stop- for fear of a screaming orgasm that might come out instead.

As the seconds dragged on they seemed like hours and she was caring less and less about what impression she was making writhing türkçe bahis centre stage in the mall.

“You are on level 3 now, let me just turn you down to level one so you are a little more comfortable.” Johan getting the paperwork ready.

The machine quietened, slowed and the figure eight reduced to a tiny wiggle.

Olivia felt like she had been hit with a bucket of ice water. The building climax arrested at the brink by the touch of a button, she felt cheated and hated Johan and the mall and the shoppers.

Olivia started to grind a little on the saddle and then a pang of shame froze her in place as she realized what she was doing.

“With free delivery and the first week free you can try it out and if you want to stop…”

Olivia squeaked a little, her mind not fully grasping what Johan was saying.

“Would you like to go through the full range of features; kilojoule tracking, social media links, scheduler, diet planner and a like? Or just finalise now?

Olivia entirely focused on covertly drawing as much stimulation out of the disappointing buzz of level one, heard the word -finalize- and answered “yes.”

“That’s great. You will be enjoying this in your home by the end of the day. The cost is $32, I can make that a recurring weekly payment on your card. The balance is interest free for the full term and you can return it without cost anytime.”

“Hmmm? Oh yes, um how much is it? Olivia suddenly feeling a little railroaded.

“If you would like to buy it outright the.. ah… and skip the repayments the special kiosk price is ah (Johan pretending to check his notes) one six sixty four. Just let me shut the machine down.”

Johan turned the machine to level five for a few seconds before switching it off.

Olivia gasped at the unexpected surge and her whole body tensed ridged as she came instantly forming a wet patch on the front of her yoga pants.

Embarrassed and more than a little panicked she quickly handed her card to Johan and said “No, the repayments will be fine.”

“As a special thank you please accept a fanny pack free of charge.” Johan putting the branded bag around Olivia’s waist before helping her trembling legs free of the stirrups. “A round of applause for Olivia everyone!” Johan called to the obliging crowd.

As Olivia skulked off to the Ladies room she passed two other women with New-life rider fanny packs barely hiding damp spots and shared a knowing look with both of them.

Back at the kiosk Johan was setting up his next target.

This was his first day direct marketing and he had already made five sales and earned $1000 in bonuses. All that was left to do was deliver the units and then it was off to the pub with his team mates.


Later on that evening Johan arrived at Olivia’s house.

Sarah, Johan’s team mate, complained:

“Why I’m I driving the van? I hate driving. Shouldn’t you do it?”

Johan replied in very careful English:

“So, güvenilir bahis siteleri you would like to carry the equipment and install it in their homes?”

Sarah replied: “Just hurry up this time – I have no idea how it is taking you 20min to open a box and turn on a tablet.”

Johan just smiled and left.

Inside Olivia’s house Johan carried the box while following Olivia to the laundry.

“Just here will be fine thanks Johan.” Olivia smiling at him widely.

They had all remembered his name…

Johan began to unpack it and Olivia protested. “There’s no need, I can do it.

Olivia was keen to get some privacy with here new toy. It wouldn’t be long before the kids came back from after school care.

“No, no trouble Olivia, I really must check that the unit is functioning correctly before I leave.”

Olivia wanted to argue but felt another rush of shyness.

In moments Olivia was on the machine and Johan was straddling the tablet screen in front of Olivia’s face. Olivia thought she saw an erection through his cargo shorts and let her gaze linger a little.

“Level four wasn’t it?” Johan deliberately oversetting the machine.

Olivia didn’t have time to correct him.

The buzzing, the rocking the fitness images and Johan’s erection converging on Olivia like a tidal wave. She let out a moan:


Johan’s erection now unmistakable Olivia moaned again a little louder.

Johan smiled, the same exact thing had happened with the last three deliveries, and he knew what was coming next.

Olivia slapped the tablet screen down to level one and grabbed Johan’s belt loops with one hand and unzipped him with the other.

“Olivia?” Johan feigned surprise.

Olivia was lost in a torrent of lust.

Slipping his hot generous cock out of his underwear she started sucking him like a porn star.

Johan repeated “Olivia?” this time with a little more genuine surprise.

Olivia moaned loudly through a mouth full of Norwegian wood. Olivia ground the saddle hard as she gobbled the most delicious cock she had ever known.

A minute later of very vocal attention and Johan was bursting, he slipped his hand down without looking and hit a higher number on the tablet.

Olivia screamed into Johan’s cock grasping his ass cheeks with both hands and they both came loudly with the help of a little squeezing and a hint of teeth.

Johan turned off the machine and thanked Olivia for her hospitality.

Olivia lay down on the floor in the foetal position with a look of deep satisfaction waving her index finger at Johan as he returned to the delivery van.

“There you are… with your five and my three we still have four… wow you look tired…” Said Sarah.

“Yes, they are… ah …heavier than they look.”

Johan replied slowly.

This was the best job he had ever had, but he wasn’t sure he could “deliver” another four times tonight.

“You know, I am a little… tired. I will drive now and you can have a go at delivery.”

A wry smile came over Johan’s face.

“Just make sure you test it out for the customers for a minute or so on level four at least.”

End of part one.