Businessman Ken

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Businessman KenI’m 25. A short but super cute latino twink looking type. Shaved head, 5’0, 120 lbs, light brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes. I’ve known all my life that I like dudes. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I had my first gay experience. I had just been dismissed from school, I was a freshman, and I had a ton of stupid hw to do. I remember walking to the library to do my hw. God it was so hot that day! When I got to the library I called my over protective mom to let her know that I’d be late coming home. After she had hung up, I quickly went to the back of the library and called the gay hot line I had seen advertised on late night television. I had never let on that I was 14, that is, until I started a private chat with Businessman Ken. He said he didn’t mind and that it was a real turn on to him. He had this deep, protective, soft but strong kind of voice. He asked me if I’d like to meet. I’ll admit I was nervous but I still wanted to know what another dick looked like in person. What it tasted like. What it felt like. Would it be as big as mine? (8 in btw uncut) Plus I had never even kissed another dude before. I told him I’d love to meet him and see where things go. I was so nervous but excited! I could tell from his voice that he was too. He said he’d call me again when he got close bc he lived about 2-3 hrs away from the small town I lived in. When he did call back I had to pass the phone to the librarian adapazar escort so she could give him directions to the library. I’m terrible with directions. I grabbed my backpack, headed out front of the library and waited nervously under a palm tree. It was about 4:30 pm when a white car pulled up in front of me. Not sure if I should approach the car or not, I pointed at this white daddy bear type guy in a business suit and he waved me over. I quickly got in and we introduced ourselves. Before leaving the library parking lot he said he wanted to look at me. He studied my entirely clothed body. Like any normal teenage boy I was dressed in baggy pants, sneakers and of course a large tee. He said I was very cute and that I had pretty eyes. I returned the compliment as his eyes were a bright and dreamy shade of blue. Ken was about 5’11, blue eyes, salt and pepper hair, a mustache, strong hands and arms. He was a daddy bear, and he wanted me! We drove around trying to find a place to park without being seen. The first place we’d parked was actually right across the street from my HS. We were sitting in his car next to the tennis courts. He turned to look at me and just asked me a bunch of questions I really didn’t have the answers to bc I was a newbie in the gay world. Are you a top or bottom? What kind of man do you like? Shit like that. We kept seeing a security guard from my school driving around escort adapazarı in his golf cart. Ken said, “I really wanna kiss you but that guy keeps driving back and forth”. To which I quickly replied, “I don’t see anyone”. “Eh, well” he said while leaning over to kiss me. As our lips met, my heart pounder and my dick sprung straight up! We stopped making out for a second and he said I was a great kisser, but I’m pretty sure he was the great kisser. Bc it was my first time kissing a guy. And he wasn’t even my age. I was 14 he was like late 30’s early 40’s. But very nice nonetheless. He noticed my raging boner and grabbed it through my jeans and asked me “Mmm what is this?” “My cock” I replied with a smile that I couldn’t contain. He unzipped my pants, pulled my dick out through the hole of my boxers and decided to get a taste. After the first taste he started to get paranoid so we drove off. He instructed me to keep my dick out and to play with his while he drove around looking for our next parking spot. He asked me if I felt good driving around half naked. Tbh I felt scared we’d get caught but I also felt super horny, excited and daring. It was fun driving around with a handsome blue eyed business daddy while stroking each other. We decided to pull into an apt complex and park in the back. He had me pull my pants and boxers all the down to my ankles. He said he wanted to see my smooth and tight little adapazarı escort bayan boy body. Then he flipped me over to see and play with my ass. It felt weird at first but I soon discovered that I loved the feeling it gave me. I turned back over and my cock was oozing with precum. Ken leaned over and gave me my first blow job. I was in heaven! He was jacking off while swallowing my 8 inches. I told him I was about to cum and that seemed to make him go faster. And faster. And faster. Until finally I had busted my teenage boy juices into his mouth. It sucked up every last drop. Then he made me suck his cock, which was 9 inches btw. My jaw had never hurt so bad. He busted in my mouth and told me to hold it in. It tasted strange but I kind of liked it. He pulled me towards him and we started making out. My cum was still in his mouth and his in mine. We both swallowed and pulled our pants up. He dropped me off a block away from my house. Before I got out he kissed me, shoved his tongue in my mouth and gave my ass a hard squeeze. I giggled and admitted how much fun I’d had. He smiled and said he’d love to get together another time so he could fuck my tight little ass. I shut the door and waved bye. As I was walking home I couldn’t help but replay every last second that just happened. Bc it was so hot! And it felt so good! I’ve always been attracted to older strong daddy type guys. Which isn’t my only type btw. I have plenty of other stories I’ll share some other time. Especially my other encounters with Businessman Ken! 😉 **If you don’t like this story, I don’t care. If I made a typo, I don’t care. **If you want more, msg me. 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