BtB: Home ‘Movie’

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It was Saturday and I was home alone, the girls out shopping or something. I checked to see if there was anything on TV but other than reruns of reruns, there wasn’t. Not even any exciting sports. I looked through the paper but nothing caught my eye. I headed for the kitchen. Nothing inspired me. I grabbed a glass of ice water and left the kitchen.

I headed upstairs, looking for something to do. Becca kept a clean house, so there wasn’t anything to pick up or put away. I thought about calling Kyle to see if he wanted to do anything but since it was a weekend, his wench of a girlfriend would be hanging out with him and there was no way I wanted to be around her.

I walked into our bedroom and set my drink on the nightstand and then flopped down on the bed, starting up at the white sponge-textured ceiling. My eyes got tired, so I shut them and let my mind wander. Maybe I fell asleep or maybe I just dozed off a little, but whichever way, I started thinking about Ashley and Becca.

Ashley, my wife, was gorgeous. About five foot seven or so, with bright red hair and wonderful freckles covering her face, her skin a pale, milky white. She was athletic; her body always tight and in shape, with medium sized perky breasts to die for, a nice round ass and a small waist that was perfect for putting my hands around. Long muscular arms and legs completed the package and what a package it was. What was most beautiful though, was her attitude. She was fiery and spunky and didn’t take any shit from anyone, let alone me.

Becca, on the other hand, was almost the complete opposite. She was our housekeeper/live in girlfriend and she did a wonderful job at both. About five foot two, dark hair that was almost black, dark brown eyes and pale skin as well, but darker colored freckles that only covered her upturned nose. She had soft pink pouting lips and very large breasts that swallowed my cock during titfucking. Her behind was large as were her hips, but neither was fat. She worked out with Ashley pretty güvenilir bahis often. Her legs were thick with muscles and her waist was narrow, giving her the ‘hourglass’ figure.

Becca had the opposite attitude of Ashley. While still being passionate, she was more submissive, at least to a point. She took what people dished out, only to remember it so that she could plan her revenge.

I was glad I stayed on their good sides.

Both women were bisexual, but only with each other. The rest of the time, they preferred men, usually me. Though, there was that time in the locker room…but that’s another story.

I was watching them in my mind’s eye, crawling over each other, mouths and fingers moving as they pleasured each other. I could see Ashley take one of Becca’s nipples into her wet mouth and suck on it, nibble it. Becca throws her head back and moans, clutching Ashley too her. That’s when I realize that I have no sound for my ‘movie.’

I wake up enough to realize I have a raging hard-on and I strip quickly, still laying on the bed and my hand goes to my shaft and starts to work it up and down.

Ashley pushes Becca down and gets between her legs and kisses her deeply on the mouth, their tongues intertwined. Ashley moves Becca’s body, licking and kissing her all over, taking time on the sensitive undersides of her massive breasts. Becca groans and her hips come up off of the ground, meeting Ashley’s waist.

My hand is moving faster now, squeezing just a little tighter. The head feels like it’s going to pop off. In the back of my mind somewhere, I hear a noise, but it doesn’t correspond with anything, so my brain shuts it out.

Ashley’s tongue is dancing over Becca’s flat stomach, tickling her navel and moving downward. Becca’s hands are clutching Ashley’s hair, trying to push the redhead down to her wetness, Ashley going with the push, sinking her mouth below Becca’s pelvis.

In my mind’s eye, the camera angle changes, just like it would in a porno, türkçe bahis and now we can see Ashley sucking wildly on Becca’s clit, two fingers moving in and out of the brunette quickly. Becca’s eyes are clamped shut and her chest is rising and falling fast as her breaths shorten with anticipation.

My hand is moving faster now, the friction on my shaft almost unbearable. I could feel my teeth clenching, breathing hard through my nose.

Ashley clamps her mouth down on Becca’s clit and sucks it hard, Becca’s ass coming off the ground as she silently screams, her orgasm hitting her like the proverbial freight train. Her whole body is trembling and I can see Ashley struggling to keep up with her juices as the run down her face.

My hand reaches the crown and freezes, my insides jerking as my cock explodes, stream after stream of cum erupting from my cock and covering my belly and the bedspread, some dripping down from my cock onto my balls. I feel my hand release my shaft, falling to the side of my body. In my mind, I can see Becca laying there as well, catching her breath just like I am, our breathing matching each other’s.

Becca smiles up at Ashley and then turns her over, starting the same process, kissing Ashley deeply as her hands explore my wife’s body. Subconsciously, I remember something I read in a story and my hand blindly searches for my glass, grabbing and ice cube out of it and holding it to my swollen balls, feeling them move slightly away from my body, my cock rising again in my other hand. Again that sound and again my brain shuts it out as I watch.

Becca moves her mouth between Ashley’s breasts, her fingers pinching Ashley’s pink nipples. Ashley’s face turns slightly red as her breathing quickens. Becca moves down, tracing the bottom of her ribcage with the tip of her tongue. Ashley is pulling against Becca’s head, Becca biting small bites against my wife’s ribs, making Ashley shimmy underneath her.

My hand is moving again, up and down, faster as I güvenilir bahis siteleri watch. Wishing I could be in the ‘movie.’

Becca lowers her mouth to Ashley’s wetness, nuzzling her nose against Ashley’s trimmed pubic hair. Ashley squirms, trying to get Becca’s mouth on her pussy.

Again, the camera angle changes and Becca has her tongue deep in Ashley, moving it up and down quickly as one hand works Ashley’s clit and the other scarping fingernails along the inside of Ashley’s thigh. Ashley is moaning silently, trying to pull Becca deeper into her wetness, to get any stimulation she can.

My hand must be a blur, my shaft starting to get raw from the almost constant stroking, but I’m getting close, I can feel it.

Becca is now working two fingers into Ashley, her mouth covering Ashley’s clit, the other hand reaching up and pinching Ashley’s nipples, moving from one to the other. Ashley’s head is thrown back, her red hair splayed out behind her as she rides her girlfriend’s tongue.

Almost there. Jesus, I can feel it, like a red hot boiling in my balls, trying it’s best to escape.

Becca tugs Ashley’s clit back with her head and Ashley’s freezes for just a second and then shakes all over, all of her muscles firing wildly as she cums, her eyes rolled back in her head and her jaw slack.

I orgasm with her, another load pulling my sac close as I groan loudly, firing glob after glob into the air, my cum landing and mixing with my first load, oozing off of my body onto the bed.

My ‘movie’ ends and my eyes slowly open, trying to slow my racing heart and gasping lungs. Once I’ve done those, I realize I’m not alone anymore.

I lean my head up and see that Ashley and Becca are standing in the doorway, watching me, both grinning from ear to ear.

I try to catch enough breath to speak. “How…how long…” And I fall back down. That’s all I’ve got.

“Long enough,” Ashley replies. “We enjoyed quite a show.”

“Yeah,” Becca concurs. “Especially that trick with the ice. We’ll have to remember that.”

“I hope,” Ashley says, reaching out to gently touch my softened penis. “That you left some of this for us.”

I chuckle once and the movie begins again. Only this time, it’s real.