brothers – A mother’s story

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brothers – A mother’s storyI only accept INVITES from those who write a good comment on the story. Otherwise, you will not hear from me.=========================================================================The woman walked between the two boys as they just started to jostle with each other. “FUCK YOU!”, the bigger boy yelled.”No. fuck you motherfucker.” the younger of the two said in a lower but almost sinister voice. “What is that supposed to mean?” The older boy tried to get past the woman who had now firmly planted herself between them. He was tall, almost 5′ 10″ and strong with big muscles.The younger one was lean but had very well shaped 5’7″ body that was still growing. They were Adam and Andy and they were brothers. The woman between them was Amanda, their mother. Amanda was 52. She had Adam when she was 32. Andy came a few years after. She was glad neither had taken their fathers’ looks. Adam was conceived when she had risky, unprotected sex with a Mexican man behind a club. Andy was the product of a whirlwind romance with an 18 year old black man she had met at a tattoo store. Amanda was almost double his age but Matt enjoyed fucking her more than anything else. It ended when his mother walked in on them having sex in her bed. What was worse was that Matt had made Amanda wear his mother’s clothes before fucking her silly. She didn’t mind. She enjoyed his long, strong and hard cock in her pink pussy. She loved watching him fuck her in the mirror – her middle aged white body crashing against his dark, tight chest and abs. That day, she had grab his strong ass and pulled him in even deeper when his mother walked in and then started yelling at her. “FUCKING WHORE! GET OFF MY BED AND MY SON!”Amanda bahis firmaları left Matt’s house but not before having what she wanted – thick, potent sperm of her young lover in her fertile pussy.Now the two boys had grown up and were constantly at each other’s throat. Amanda had grown old too. Her 38GG tits had sagged all the way to her navel. Her 52″ ass was saggy and showed cellulite but still looked delicious as it jiggled with each step. She had put on a few extra pounds, 30 to be precise and looked a bit plump with 5’4″ body. She was a brunette and had a beautiful oval face with almond eyes, perfectly shaped eye brows, a thin small nose and full lips. In her youth she never put any makeup on but now she couldn’t start her day without it. She worked extra hard around her eyes and mouth to hide the wrinkles but they still showed. “Motherfucker. I called you a motherfucker.” Andy said menacingly to his elder brother. “YOU BASTARD!” Adam yelled and pushed the hapless mother aside as he pounced on his younger brother.Amanda watched as the boys wrestled. Both were completely naked. She watched as their cocks mashed against each others’. She always enjoyed the “sword fight”. She even encouraged it just to watch Adam’s thick, stocky cock, rub against his brother’s long, shapely one. They had same, big, round balls. “Boys!” she said loudly.”BOYS!” she yelled a few seconds later but it didn’t stop them. Then she moved in and grabbed them both – by their dicks. She then gave them both a sharp tug. The boys stopped and separated though they still looked at each other threateningly.”I said stop or I will cut your cocks off.” “Make him stop. He started it.” Adam complained.Amanda knew he kaçak bahis was right. For all the muscle Adam had on his body, his brain was pretty slow or not as sharp as Andy. The younger boy was shrewd beyond belief. He could manipulate anybody, including his mother and definitely his slow witted older brother.Amanda stood facing both of them, their cocks still firmly in her grip. She was wearing a very thin, white leotard that didn’t do much to hide her body. It was cut all the way to her navel and only barely an inch wide strip covering her massive breasts. It covered her thick pussy and half of her fat ass but the material was so sheer that she might as well could have been naked.”Andy. What happened?” “Ask him.” Andy replied with a toss of his beautiful, chestnut brown hair. “I am asking you”, she said pulling his long dick harder. Andy looked away. “Go to my room and wait for me there.” she commanded and let go off his cock.Andy turned around and marched up the the stairs, slowly, purposefully. God! She loved his ass. For a thin, boyish body he had, Andy’s ass was a work of art – muscular but soft and smooth, without any hair or a blemish. Every muscle in his ass rippled as he walked, making her weak in the knees.She sighed and then without a word looked up at Adam.”I told you not to get upset at your younger brother.”Adam didn’t say a word. “We only have each other and if you don’t look out for our family, who will?” “Yes but….” “Shh..shh….” she put her finger on her son’s lips. “Come, I will help you get that aggression out.” She walked to the couch, Adam in toe, his cock still in her hand.She sat down and Adam positioned himself in front, facing her, his erect cock head staring kaçak iddaa her in the eyes.Amanda carefully picked the lube off the center table and lathered a thick layer along her son’s stocky cock. “You are so thick” she muttered to herself as she started to jerk him.She kissed the head lightly and then looked up at him. “I like your cock” Adam sighed and closed his eyes as he felt his mother’s hand on his hardness.It didn’t take long. In 2 minute flat, Adam started to writhe and squeeze his hard ass. “Yes baby! Give mommy your ……”Thick, white stream of cum shot out of Adam’s cock and landed on her face so hard that she thought she’d get a bruise. The boy didn’t stop. Jet after jet of rich cream landed all over her face, neck and breasts. She didn’t turn away. She let him cum on her. “Yes baby! Give me all your anger.” Adam did. He looked down at his cum covered mother and then squeezed his cock to get remaining sperm out. Amanda leaned forward and put her lips just at the tip of his uncut meat, to catch the remaining cum in her mouth.She then rubbed his fat dick all over her face and lips. After he was done, Adam stepped back and collapsed on the couch next to his mother.He watched as his mother started massaging his cock cream into her skin, like lotion.”It is really good for my skin you know.” she said rubbing it deeply onto her face.”Yes mom.” In a minute his cum had disappeared into his mom’s face, some between her lips and down her throat but most on her rich, creamy, white skin. “Ok. now you stay here while I go and talk to Andy. Ok?””Ok.” Adam replied, looking a little sluggish.She slapped his thigh and kissed his lips and then left to go up to her younger son. Adam watched his mother’s mega ass swinging as she walked away. He knew what that ass felt like. It was soft and supple and oh, so inviting! His cock gave another twitch and began to get hard again but she had already disappeared up the stairs.TO BE CONTINUED