Breaking in Lisa Bose on her Wedding Night.

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Breaking in Lisa Bose on her Wedding Night.I had been dating/living with Lisa for about 8 months and we finally got married in August. After our reception party I told her i had an awsome suprise for her. Lisa fell asleep in my car while i drove to the suprise i got for us. A room at the Holiday Inn Black out in the county. I had new toys and an outfit for her when we got there. When we got to the Holiday Inn she half slept on my shoulder and I could tell she was really really drunk. I asked once we where in our room if she was alright to change and meet me on the outside patio for some white wine. Lisa said yes and took the bag with the clothes in it.I waited for her on the patio knowing Lisa loved rough sex when she was really drunk and sucked dick a lot better also. Suprisingly fast she came out of the bathroom all dressed in the outfit I had bought her. I asked her if it was alright to remember this moment by taking a few pictures of her promising not to get any face pictures of her and she smiled and said she didn’t care. Lisa was so drunk. I had never seen her so drunk and she didn’t seem samsun escort to notice I even took her picture. She looked so cute all dolled up. I figured I’d just snap away. I told her to pose for me and she did. I asked Lisa to take off her top and look out the patio lifting up her tits. She licked her lips and slid off her shirt and giggled and fell into me. I told her once she regained her balance to lift her tits up. Lisa giggled and grabbed my rock hard dick through my slacks and then stepped away and did as she was told. I handed her a glass of white Asti and took her into our room. Lisa leaned into me and we kissed deep and long. I could tell she really wanted my cock in her mouth by how aggressive she kissed me. I told Lisa I wanted to take some more pictures of her before I fucked her brains out and she just stood there staring at me. I told her to show the camera my favorite body part and Lisa did. Lisa knew i loved her ass. She loved it most when I ate her pussy and fingered her tight ass hole really hard. I turned Lisa around and as I sat acrossed the room I lit a camel escort samsun and told her to take off her bottom. And she did while my camera snapped away. Lisa knew I was taking pictures of her face and it seemed to be turning her on. I told her to lay on the bed and show me her ass. Lisa did but the wrong way. Not what i meant at all. It was kinda wierd that Lisa kept making eye contact with the camera so much.I told her no Lisa like on your hands and knee’s sticking your hot ass in my face.Lisa asked if this is what I meant and I said yes. I stood up and started taking my shoe’s and clothes off and Lisa took a huge sip of her Asti and then smiled from ear to ear seeing that I was getting naked. I smiled back at her and said what? Lisa said nothing licking her lips as she crawled on the bed towards me. I said one more picture and then you can have what you want? Lisa smiled at me with the biggest smile on her face I had ever seen.I stepped towards her and she instantly took the tip of my rock hard cock in her mouth and slid all of of me down her throat.Lisa had no gag reflex when she was samsun escort bayan drunk. She moaned as she slowley went up and down on my cock. i stood there for a long time. More than once i just let Lisa suck my dick as long as she wanted and it’s like she would zone out and just suck and suck away only stopping once and awhile to look at and even smile at my dick. I leaned over for the camera to take a picture of my dick in her mouth but lisa looked up at me and shook her head no. After about 15 or twenty minutes i told Lisa my legs where getting week. She laid on the bed and i was so horny i got on top of her taking everything off of her and slid my dick in her pussy and just held it up inside of her while i blindfolded her then kinda lifting her up i tightly handcuffed her hands behind her back. I was talking really nasty to her in between kisses. I grabbed Lisa by her hair and kind of d**g her off the bed putting her on her knee’s on the floor. When Lisa was on the floor with her mouth wide open I smacked her hard acroosed the face. Lisa said oh. i took her by her hair and started to chocke her and she cried out that her mouth needed my dick. I gave her what she wanted and while in her mouth i reached over for the one last picture before I lubed, licked and fucked her tight ass while Lisa cried out for help and for God.