Boat Cruise Anal

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It was a beautiful day. Hannah and Charlie had rented a houseboat and were drifting through the Canadian lakes for a summer holiday, snaking through locks and narrow straights, both of them naked and completely alone. Charlie was a tall, dark haired, well built man who was developing a deep tan. His girlfriend Hannah however was an absolute knockout. She was an athlete, 5’10” with long brunette hair. She would never be described as skinny but she was proud of that. Her large breasts and sculpted rear meant she was the envy of every girl she encountered. Her height and regular exercise meant that her legs were simply to die for. Years of tanning with a thong bikini had left her with a white triangle tan line at the top of her bottom. She was sexy and she bloody knew it.

They pulled into a little secluded section of the lake, hidden from the rest of the world by a small island. Charlie told Hannah that this was a good place to chill on the roof to tan. They head up onto the roof, each with a cocktail in hand. After laying down to get comfortable they begin making out in the sun, which was enough to get Hannah very much in that mood that all men love women to be in. She started to stroke Charlie’s monstrously thick 9 inch cock, which had hardened while making out with his beautiful girlfriend. Hannah finished her cocktail. In that moment, running hot from a mixture of the alcohol, sun, nakedness and the sight of Charlie’s cock, every fibre in her body had only one thought, to get his giant member in her mouth. She began to creep down Charlie’s body, kissing his chest and stomach until her eyes were level with the centre of her current desire.

Then she looked him in the eyes and, pausing to savour the impatience and sense of impending pleasure clear in Charlie’s eyes, she took the head of his monstrosity in her mouth. Then she began to work it, pumping his shaft with her hand and using her experienced tongue on the underside of the head of his cock. She was fully nude, out in the open, giving one of the finest blowjobs she’d ever given. If she hadn’t been so caught up in the moment she would probably have stopped to wonder how Charlie had got so lucky. The thrill of being out in the open, basking in the beautiful sun with her mouth full of the cock of the man she was desperately in love was enough to get her infuriatingly horny. She worked down to the base of Charlie’s cock with her tongue and licked from the bottom to the top before attempting to take as much down her throat as she could. At this point Charlie couldn’t take any more and let out a loud moan. That almost stopped Hannah’s heart with excitement. She was nailing this.

All of a sudden Charlie flipped her onto her back. He kissed her then worked down her neck, gently biting her ear before beginning on her breasts, taking each in his hands with a firm grip to let her know who was in charge now, while sucking on each nipple and telling her how beautiful she was. Then he worked further down to her stomach until he was just above her casino siteleri pussy. Hannah could feel his hot breath on her as he teased her mercilessly. He told her that the only way her clit would feel the relief of his tongue was if she begged him. He didn’t have to ask twice, she immediately begged him to put his talented tongue to work. Charlie started by gently running his tongue around her clit, barely touching it, quickly moving to use his tongue more forcefully until he heard the smallest of whimpers. It was music to his ears. He knew he had her. That’s when he started using his fingers. He gently placed one, then two into her pussy, gently pressing upwards whilst increasing the pace of his tongue on her clit. Charlie didn’t relent and kept the pace up and eventually Hannah relaxed enough to let him place a third finger to again increasing the pressure on her pussy. She started to tense up and shudder and then, all of a sudden, fell silent and froze. Charlie could see she was now enveloped in the orgasms grip. He felt her pussy clench and relax in quick succession until she started giggling to let him know it was over.

Without giving her respite, Charlie thrust his cock down Hannah’s throat, pulled out, then drive it down into her now soaking pussy. She parted for him and in one thrust took his enormity entirely. He leant in to kiss her while pulling out, unintentionally apply friction to her clit again. She wrapped her legs and arms around him and begged him to keep going. Her brow was burrowed furiously as the sensation was almost too much for her. Charlie’s deep thrusts were kept slow and calculated, all the while keeping the pressure on her clit. Now Hannah was beginning to wonder how she had got so lucky, not the other way around. And then he felt the familiar sensation of her freezing and tensing up and knew that somehow the sun and alcohol and excitement were resulting in a second, more powerful orgasm for his beautiful girlfriend.

After she calmed down, Charlie flipped Hannah onto her front. Now it was his turn to really enjoy all she had to offer. Seeing Hannah naked in the mid afternoon sun on all fours must surely have been the eighth wonder of the world. He had no intentions of simply admiring this wonderment however. He lined himself behind her, and administered a few hard, dominating slaps to her unworldly arse. With some satisfaction he noticed her wriggle as she took them, and though they were hard, he knew she would take everything he gave her. Soon the red hand prints were showing, but Hannah was proud about her high pain threshold, and the pleasure she was able to give Charlie because of it. Then, without warning, Charlie once again drove his thick cock into her still wet pussy. He did so with such force he nearly drove the wind out of her, but she was determined to take everything he threw her way. There was no way she was ever going to admit she wasn’t strong enough to take something from a man. The pounding continued for some time, and Charlie pulled her hair canlı casino to fully take control, and though she tried, Hannah couldn’t keep her moans inside. She looked up to see a heron perched on a rock and decided this was certainly the best method of bird watching she had ever tried.

One thing that Hannah had forgotten until now was that she had promised to let Charlie fuck her virgin arsehole on this holiday. He had been good enough to let her use a strap-on to fuck him recently. The feminist in her was proud to say she had fucked him hard, and she was confident that though he had taken it well, she would take him better. It certainly had been a beautiful sight, watching her big, muscular boyfriend take her silicon cock so well. But now Charlie had decided that in this moment he was going to show Hannah just how brave he had really been taking her fake cock. He told her to stay there while he dashed downstairs and grabbed the lube and a condom. He was back in a flash and glad to see she had stayed in the same position, confirming that she was enjoying playing the role of the sub today. He wasted no time rolling on the condom and applying a huge amount of lube both to his cock and to her arsehole.

Then he gave her another few spanks, hoping to hear her tell him to go gentler, but somehow he knew she would never admit weakness. Either that or she really was his equal in every way. Well, in about 9 inches time he would find out.

Hannah had enjoyed having her arsehole fingered, then felt the hard spanks that had stung, but then the anticipation set in, and she shuddered. She realised she was scared. Charlie had taken the ass fucking like a seasoned pro. She had thought it proved him a real man, being able to take a cock up his arse, even if it were only a toy attached to a girl. Now it was her turn to step up and prove her worth. Having seen Charlie do so well, the pressure was on her.

Then she felt the presence of Charlie’s cock on her arsehole and she tried to relax. Charlie’s hand on her back forced her body lower, and she began to take his cock, inch by inch. It was only in that moment did she really appreciate just how thick he was, and just how well he had done taking the ridiculous dildo she had used on him. She had measured it out and insisted he had take a dildo of identical proportion to his own cock to keep it fair. She enjoyed being submissive to him during sex but there was no way she was taking more than he did. But it was a big cock, and she was struggling. Charlie pulled out and reapplied lube, and then gently drove his cock back into Hannah’s waiting arse. It was a beautiful sight. His goddess of a girlfriend was completely submitting to him, and the intimacy of the whole situation, as well as the visual, was incredible. He had never felt closer to Hannah. She was letting him fuck her arse. He knew she was finding this tough. He appreciated he was a well endowed man and so this wasn’t easy. But she was doing it for him. She was putting herself through this all kaçak casino for him. At that moment he knew he was completely and utterly in love with her. But that didn’t mean he was going to take it easy on her. She had certainly enjoyed putting him to the test with her strap-on, so now it was time to even up the score.

Hannah could feel her arse stretch to accommodate Charlie’s girth. However, the overall sensation of doing something so slutty for her man was really turning her on. She reached back and began to rub her clit. She let out another moan and realised she was giving the game away. She was really enjoying this, and Charlie, reaching around to feel her clit, couldn’t help but notice. There was no going back now. They both knew that there was going to be a lot more anal in the future.

And then she felt it. Charlie’s hips. She had taken his entire member. Charlie could not quite believe it. He looked down where his cock should have been and all he saw it had completely disappeared into Hannah’s arse. It was his beautiful. Hannah was so proud. She was his slut, and now she knew that she could take all of him. She had given him everything. She loved this man, and so it was only through a huge amount of trust that she had completely submitted herself to him. A moan escaped her and she was getting close, the moment getting to her. Charlie slowly pulled out and then drove forward with a little more venom. Hannah was caught off guard but after all she had put him through she decided to take it without complaint. Again and again he drove his cock into her beautiful arse, until she shuddered into a third orgasm.

Charlie was close now. Hannah could tell because his spanking was becoming more wild, almost painful as the animal instincts in Charlie were completely taking over. The thrusts becoming harder and faster. Hannah was finding the harder she was fucked and the more she submitted the loader she moaned. Feminism has given the world a lot of things, and one of those things was the equal opportunity to choose her own fate, and right now Hannah was choosing to completely submit herself to the wishes and desires of Charlie, the man she loved. If that meant taking a huge cock in her arse then she was fully determined to fulfill his fantasy. After all it was 3-0 at the moment, he had still yet to cum, though she doubted Charlie was counting.

Charlie knew he was close, and having felt Hannah shudder to a third orgasm minutes before decided to chance his arm and ask Hannah if he could finish on her face. He hoped she found asking for consent sexy, and to his surprise she said yes. And then that was it. He pulled out and ripped the condom off. She turned around and knelt, gripping his balls firming and jacking his cock swiftly. The mischievous grin on her face as she held Charlie’s cock not inches from her was too much and with that he groaned and released hot, thick streams of cum shooting onto her face. The force of the first load took Hannah by surprise and her shock was written on her face, as ropes of cum continued to cover her. Eventually Charlie had exhausted his reserves, and he looked down to see an almost comical amount of cum covering the girl whom, in his eyes, was quite simply the most magnificent being on the planet.