Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 7

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Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 7After I had finished cleaning up and getting dressed I put my bath robe on. When I walked into the living room and thought a Leon would be leaving it was getting late and I really needed to get to bed. I asked Leon who he was talking to on the phone and he said its really none of your business. Leon was sitting on the sofa he had put his pants on but hadnt put his shirt or other clothes on.Leon made me come and sit down beside him on the sofa where he put his arm around me. I told him that he needed to leave and that we had to stop doing this that it was going to cost me my marriage if anyone found out. Leon had put his arm around me and was playing with my hair as I talked. Leon didnt say anything as we sat there. He begin to play with my breast and I kept pushing his hand away. I said please Leon we have to stop, Leon finally said maybe I will. but not yet you are one fine looking bitch you just need to do what I tell you and I will think about it.I asked what and he said I want you to go get the lotion we had the last time I was here. Thinking that he just wanted to have sex again and he needed a little time to get hard again I agreed hoping that this would be it.When I returned with the lotion Leon begin to touch me again, opening my robe and playing with my breast. He finally begin to touch my pussy and eventually removed my panties, He took the lotion and rubbed it on my titties and then my pussy where he fingered me and played with my butthole, He worked the lotion into my pussy and begin fingering my ass as he talked dirty to me, asking me how much I liked black dick and if I thought of other black mans dick when I seen them.I shyly told him that I did and often wondered how big other black mens cocks were. Leon said I remember the first time I saw you. you thought I was repulsive didnt you. You didnt like this old black man looking at your pretty white ass did you. It repulsed you thinking that I wanted to stick my old wrinkled dick in you didnt it. Leon said it excited you the first time you found out I saw that little innocent white body of yours didnt it. I remember your nipples got very hard the first time I touched them and your little pussy was so tight I knew that you hadnt been fucked many times.You thought it was wrong to be to be with a black man didnt you your parents told you that black men were mean and couldnt be trusted didnt they. They told you that all black men wanted was to get into little white girl panties didnt they. I bet they told you that that you was to good to be around us black people didnt they, but you liked my black hands touching you when you didnt know it. Your pussy got so wet the first time you were laying there and didnt know I was touching you. He said you liked me sticking my old black dick in you the first time didnt you, you liked the way it looked and felt when I fucked you with it didnt you. You liked wrapping your pretty little lips around it the first time I made you suck it didnt you. I softly said yes it excited me a lot. Leon said you liked my black dick didnt you. it was something that you knew was wrong but you liked it didnt alanya escort you. Leon said I bet when your husband is fucking you your thinking of my big black dick and wishing it was in your pussy instead of his dont you. Again I shyly said yes, my pussy was becoming very wet as he talked to me. He continued to finger my pussy and play with my ass as we talked.All of a sudden I heard something at the back door. It scared me I jumped thinking it was my husband and he had come home to surprise me. I pulled my robe together and grabbed my panties and put them under my robe holding them in my hand. My heart was about to come out of my chest as Leon went to the door. I got up and ran into the bedroom Thinking it was my husband I didnt know what I was going to say or do.When Leon answered the door I heard voices. As they were talking it sounded like there were 2 more men out there. I was very scared. In a few minutes Leon came back looking for me. He said damn bitch dont be so rude come on I will introduce you to my friends. I said no all of you have to go, no one is supposed to know about this now leave. Leon grabbed me by the hair and said look bitch come and meet my friends everythings gone be alright.Leon took me by the arm and led me into the living room I was so nervous as we walked that way. When we got to the living room there were 2 black men standing there, One was a very big man probably 6ft 5in tall aroun 50 yrs old a full beard and built like a bull, Leon introduced him as Frank. The other man was normal size mid 40s but very ugly. Leon introduced him as Tony.As we stood there I was very nervous as the men stared at me. Frank finally said, this her? And Leon said yeah, Tony said damn she sure is fine. Frank said yeah she better be as much as shes costing. I looked at Leon and said whats going on and Leon said you see girl us brothers we like to share and I figured since you was so damn good looking I might as well make some money at it. I angrily said no thats not going to happen all of you get out before I call the police. Leon said and tell them what I done busted a nut in your little white pussy tonight , what you gone say when they find that out.Leon said now you shut the fuck up I got business to take care of. I was shaking as the men talked I didnt know what to do. Finally I heard Leon tell Frank that it would be 250 dollars for you and told Tony it would be 500 dollars for him. I watched the men pull out there money and give it to Leon saying she better be damn worth it.Frank took me by the arm and led me over to the sofa. As we were walking over Leon sat in the chair and said I done got her hot for you she aint got no panties on now and Told Tony theres the lotion right there. I didnt understand why Tony paid so much more than Frank or what was going on.Frank sat on one side and Tony on the other. Leon said now bitch do as your told and I might leave you alone. Both men began touching me and kissing my neck as I sat there shaking, this was a nightmare never before did I think of 2 men at the same time. They took turns kissing me and feeling my breast before Frank finally put his hands escort alanya on my legs and pulled them apart saying come on baby let us see that little white pussy of yours.Frank pulled one leg on him and Tony pulled the other one up on him Franks big black hand moved slowly towards my pussy, my breathing was very heavy as this was going on. Tony said damn she sure is hot. Frank turned my head and kissed me on the mouth as his hand touched my pussy. I let out an uncontrollabe moan as his fingers played with my pussy. Frank said damn she sure is tight and wet I dont think ive ever felt a pussy that wet before. Leon said I told you so didnt I.Tony said damn let me feel as Frank Removed his hand and Tony begin to touch me Frank asked Leon shes married right. Leon said yeah but I fucked her before she got married matter of fact I fucked her the night before she got married. Frank said damn how did your ugly old ass fuck something as pretty as this.Tony was playing with my pussy while they were talking he stuck 2 of his long fingers in me and was finger fucking me making me hips jerk involuntarily as he did. Frank said damn she sure is hot, stand up bitch and take them clothes off so we can see you naked. I stood up my hands and body were shaking as I removed my robe and then pulled my negligee off. I couldnt believe I was standing naked in front of 2 men I had never met. Both men just stared at my body as I stood there naked Finally Frank said damn she looks like a model shes fine as hell.Both men begin taking there clothes off as I sat down when Frank was naked I couldnt believe my eyes he had a hairy chest and his cock was huge it had to be 12 in long very thick and had a curve in it Tony wasnt that big maybe 7 in and slim.When they sit back down both men put my hands on there cocks while they played with me some more. I was mesmurized by Franks cock I had never seen anything like it before. Leon said I taught her how to suck dick to. Frank said damn why dont you suck my dick baby. He slowly pushed my head down his hairy chest until I was face to face with the biggest cock I had ever seen.I kissed its huge head as it jumped in my hands I slowly begin to lick the shaft up and down the whole length of it kissing his hard balls as I did so. His big cock glistened as my saliva covered it. Tony had moved down on the floor between my legs and was kissing them while I was sucking Franks cock. I had never done anything like this before it was so exciting. Tonys tongue worked its way up to my pussy. my hips were moving out of control as his lips moved closer to my pussy. As his tongue touched my pussy I let out an uncontrollable moan. Tony licked my pussy and clit and stuck his tongue in my pussy making me very wet.I continued to suck Franks dick as his hands played with my titties. Tony spread my legs wide and had moved down and his tongue was close to my ass hole and when his tongue touched me there I jumped. I pushed Tony away not wanting anyone to touch me there.Franks cock was very hard by this time and he said I want some of that fine tight white pussy. Frank made me get up. Tony sat down on the sofa alanya escort bayan where they made me get on my knees . Frank got behind me and began to work the big head of his cock up and down my pussy. Tony pushed my head down on his cock telling me to suck it, I licked on T onys cock as Frank begin to push the big head of his dick in me. It was so big I didnt think it would fit. After a few trys of not getting it in he took the lotion and spread it on his dick and then rubbed it on my pussy.This time when he pushed the head popped in and he slowly pushed his huge cock in me little by little. I could hardly suck on Tonys dick as he did this his big head and curved shaft touched me in places I had never been touched. Frank slowly worked his cock in and out of me finally I exploded in a huge orgasm. All 3 men said damn shes liking that.Frank pumped his cock in me for a few minutes until he pulled out of me and shot his huge load on my ass. Leon got a towel to wipe me with. Frank sat down and made me get between his legs on the floor and lick his cock some more . Tony got behind me where he stuck his small cock in my pussy, after a few minutes he would pull it out and run it through my ass checks and then stick it back in me he did this several times while Frank held my head.Then Tony got the lotion and applied it to my ass hole touching me there with his finger I tried to stop him. Tony kept pushimg my hand away. Finally Tony inserted a finger in my butthole working it in and out as Frank held my head.Tony said now bitch you know whats about to happen, im going to get your ass cherry. Leon told me you had never been fucked in the ass. Leon moved closer saying yeah I got to see this. I pleaded for him not to. Tony would stick his dick in my pussy and then pull it out and rub it on my butthole he did this several times finally putting lotion on his dick.Tony put the head of his cock on my asshole and begin to push. I heard Leon say yeah stick that dick in that tight little asshole. The head of Tonys dick popped in my ass as I squirmed IT hurt a little at first but the more he inserted the better it felt. Finally he put his cock all the way in working it in and out of me. He took his hand and put it under me and begin to play with my clit as he fucked my ass.Tony told Frank to play with my clit while he fucked me. Tony grabbed my hips and begin to pump in me as Franks big fingers played with my clit Tony begin to rapidly fuck my ass as Franks fingers rubbed my very swollen clit. Tony soon tensed up and begin to grunt as he shoved his cock deep in my ass. He begin to shoot load after load in me as I felt his hot come in me I begin to have another orgasm. Franks hand was soaked from my pussy juices, He made me lick his hands I had never tasted my pussy before it really excited me. All 3 men called me a whore and little white slut telling me I would never be happy fucking a white boy again.I had never been so wore out by sex before, All 3 men fucked me at least once more before they left at 4:30 in the morning. I went to bed exhausted My husband got home around 8:00 that morning and wanted to have sex I couldnt refuse him since it was our anniversary, but it was very dissapointing My husband told me that my vagina seemed larger than normal. Leon promised to leave me alone but he has promised me things before. I guess we will see if hes telling the truth.