Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 69

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 60). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 69 – Seduction and Plans


I never thought that Stacy was a sure thing, nor did I think of her as a chick I wanted to screw and then forget. The more I interacted with her the more I liked her. I felt drawn to her tattoos and her eccentric and Goth look. I’d had a similar reaction to Alice who went far in the opposite direction with chic stylish looks, and we’ve ended up in a beautiful relationship that comes and goes as we’re busy or have occasion to see each other. I like the extremes and everything in between.

I wanted to bring ecstasy to the pretty girl, and so I decided to aim for The Experience with her. My ‘wives,’ their boyfriends, and Alice helped by staying together in the living room, slowly stripping away their clothing, and then coming together in various combinations for sexual enjoyment. We were a group of hedonistic nymphomaniacs, assuming that moniker applied to both men and women.

I’m sure that the arousal factor plus the peer pressure influenced Stacy, but not so she did something she really didn’t want to do. It gave her courage to move forward. I did give her plenty of opportunity to stop or to be in private too. I even asked her explicitly several times if everything was all right, and whether she would feel more comfortable in a private setting.

Stacy and I were eventually naked on one of the sofas very close to Alice, Elsa, and Deke. I sucked on her beautiful young tits, enjoying the sensation of finding miniature barbells in each nipple. She taught me how to pull on the barbells and thus excite her tits and further arouse her.

When I went down on her, I found a small clit ring there too as well as another tat on her mons – a series of about a dozen small stars in a random pattern. Stacy was really into our petting by then and encouraged me to latch onto the ring with my lips or teeth and gently pull or shake from side to side. I wanted more information about the extra sensations it gave her but postponed that question. She liked what I was doing so much she started to have a series of orgasms.

I got a couple of my fingers into her and then caught Elsa’s eye and winked. Elsa had been watching Alice and Deke fuck and even kissing Alice part of the time, but she came and joined us, kissing Stacy as she sucked on one of her barbells. Stacy smiled at Elsa after the sapphic kiss. I added a few more fingers and then tucked my thumb into my palm and curled my hand, and then thrust into her.

Stacy’s eyes got huge as she watched me with a worried look. The look waned as I started to use my knuckles to stroke her G-spot. The pleasure sensations surged through her body like a restless elephant in a china shop; she kept having noteworthy orgasmic crashes into her boundaries, breaking them apart and sending the pieces afar. The resulting orgasm made whatever I was doing more than all right. Elsa was also telling her she was having a great experience and how cared for she was with all of us.

The A-spot was a little harder to find, but when I did Stacy about leapt out of her skin at the surge of intense pleasure the spot gave her. I stroked that deep interior place as I also tongued around her slit and the clit ring. In combination with Elsa’s sucking and kissing her tits and upper body, including her succulent lips, Stacy was on a journey to a place of pleasure she never dreamed of.

The pleasures seemed to multiply as Elsa and I worked on our pretty new nymph. Eventually, Stacy’s body quested for more and for closure on the rising and immense tidal wave of pleasure headed in her direction. Her body started to arch up off of the sofa as she pushed into my hand until her shoulders and feet were the sole touch points with the planet. Elsa’s mouth sucked on her tits, pulling with her teeth on the little barbells.

Stacy groaned as the tidal wave started to break over new land. Elsa bit on one nipple and pulled the barbell on the other, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tweaking the nubbin hard as she went by. The pinch sent a rifle shot of minor hurt to Stacy’s brain, but we knew from experience with others that Stacy would convert that spike to a peak arousal sensation that would add in with all the other sensations her body was going through.

The same thing happened as I slapped her clit with my free hand, and then plunged a couple of fingers deep into Stacy’s ass. I made the final strokes on her A-spot with my embedded hand.

Watching Stacy at that point was like watching an immense towering redwood tree that has been cut completely through at the base. The entire structure shudders and shakes. Convulsions near the base ripple out in all directions, and then the tree starts to lean and then the tilt picks up momentum until it comes crashing down with the sound of thunderclaps. I resisted shouting ‘Timberrrrrrr’!

Stacy’s orgasm was tremendous for her. The pleasure started and her body shook and trembled all over. She gasped for air, taking in a dozen huge gulps of oxygen. She pushed even harder into my hand and mouth on her clit, but she continued to arch as she pushed. The hand I had inside her felt the convulsions as her whole interior body went into spasms of pleasure. I felt her ass spasm around the two fingers I wormed into her. And then, her body came crashing down from too much pleasure. Stacy passed out from an overload of wonderful, loving, arousing, awe-inspiring sensations that overloaded her brain and that saturated her mind with pure blazingly hot white bliss.

Elsa helped me arrange Stacy so she was comfortable after I pulled my hands from her. We both lapped the juices from my hand that had been deep in Stacy’s cunt. Elsa gave me a short blowjob to get me hard again, and then went back to Deke and Alice. It was her turn on his cock.

Stacy awoke in my arms with a violent jerk. “OH, FUCK,” she almost shouted. “What did you do to me?” Her tone was challenging, but then as the memories came back, her demeanor softened.

I replied defensively but calmly, “I gave you The Experience. I hope that was all right. You sound upset.”

“All right? All Right? ALL FUCKING RIGHT? You fucking BET it was ALL FUCKING RIGHT. It was the BEST goddamn fucking experience in my life.” Stacy hurled herself into my arms, smothering me with kisses. She told me over and over again that she loved me and wanted to spend eternity with me. She’d often pull away from me and look me in the eye to be sure what she was saying and doing was fine with me.

When she realized that we hadn’t actually fucked yet, she deep throated me in kind of reciprocating gesture and then pulled me over her body and inserted my boner into her body until I was buried to the hilt inside her warm pussy. She was an animated partner, moving and thrusting around with me as I worked to give her a further great experience.

Stacy came again, and I was able to match my orgasm to hers, filling her cavity with a generous load of man jizz much to her joy and happiness. She looked deliriously happy that I had cum inside her, and hugged me to her and showered me with zealous kisses. I bet she told me she loved me a thousand times. As I extracted my tumescent and sodden cock from inside her, she quickly captured some of my cum and tasted it like it was a fine elixir with restorative powers.

Even more to my surprise, Alice’s scrumptious body slid between Stacy’s legs right to where we’d just separated. She leaned over and inhaled my cock, cleaning the combined sloppy extracts of our bodies from my shaft, and then burying her face in Stacy’s drippy love nest. Stacy didn’t complain, but looked amazed that anybody would do such a thing. She whispered some words to that effect as she watched Alice’s tongue searching out every last morsel of our sex. The way her hips flexed I could tell Alice was doing a great job.

I gently told Stacy, “Honey, we are all very oral in how we love one another. We are not afraid of each other’s emissions. We actually enjoy contact and playing with them.”

I’d just finished my explanation when Alice came face to face with me, obviously with a full succulent load of my cum and Stacy’s flood of girl juice all mixed together. Alice showed her open mouth to Stacy, and then French kissed with me and shared her mouthful. We joyfully snowballed the fluids between us. Stacy watched with fascination, and then after I’d received a second load, tapped me to indicate that she wanted whatever we were güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri trading around.

I French kissed with Stacy, sharing the diluted fluids with her. They were musky, salty, and tasted like the nectar of the gods. If a liqueur tasted this good, it would be a sell out. As we kissed, Alice went back for more and then shared them directly with Stacy.

When we were through, Elsa and Stacy cuddled up with me on the sofa. Deke and Alice were next to us. The others in the room were also resting after their first round. Elsa and Stacy were kissing as much as I was kissing either of them.

Stacy said, “This has been a night of so many firsts for me. I guess I’ve led a sheltered life. I didn’t want to be that way, but I guess I turned out that way. I’d never been fisted, NEVER had an orgasm like that one you called The Experience; never made out with a woman – and I learned that it’s nice and I want to do more of it; never played with cum – snowballing you called it, and I liked that a lot; and never had anybody clean cum out of my body after it was carefully deposited there. I want to do all of them again and again, and I want to return the favors given to me.”

Elsa gestured around the room to all the recuperating individuals, “Well, Stacy, you’ve come to the right place.” She made a sweeping motion with her arm to indicate her sisters and all our horny friends.

We had a second round and I made love with Stacy again with Elsa in attendance and doing sexual things with both of us such as sitting on Stacy’s face to have her cunt eaten and sucked on while my cock was inside Stacy. We were pushing Stacy’s boundaries, but checking with her often to be sure we hadn’t broken any really taboo things. She wanted it all. She experimented with cunnilingus for the first time; Stacy loved it and so did Elsa and Alice who were the recipients of her first efforts.

Alice and Stacy stayed over and got to experience The Big Bed. There was room because Deke went off to another bedroom and joined Cindy and Melanie for a third round; Sheila spent the night in another room with James; and Ryan, Izzy, and KC went for a third round with Mike as a worn out spectator in the living room. That left Elsa, Alice, Stacy, and me in the bed, naked and snuggled tightly together.

In the middle of the night, Alice and I made love. I know Stacy was right beside us watching, so after I was finished we both hugged her to us and enveloped her in our affectionate feelings. Both women purred as I held them to me and we went back to sleep.


I hadn’t gotten to know Stacy that well even though we worked in the same small architectural company. She worked upstairs usually, and I was on the ground floor. Until this project, we were always on different projects or had vastly different responsibilities until we got going on the Club Infinity that she’d named in Greg’s small contest.

I took her to lunch to celebrate her win in the contest, and got to know her even better. By then she was so psyched up to do ANYTHING for Mark that I had to calm her down, and give her a dose of reality regarding The Experience.

“Stacy, I know how you feel after The Experience. Mark has given it to me at least a dozen times. It’s an aphrodisiac in many ways. He especially likes to give it to new women he’s met. I don’t know why, but he does. I think he likes the affection he gets in return from the event, although lord knows he’s got MANY women who love him, even beyond those of us that live with him and who he’s committed to.”

Stacy knowingly said, “I saw the rings you all wear. I know they’re like wedding rings, and you can’t do that legally with so many people, so it’s make shift in this society. My logical brain knows all that you said about sharing and openness and I’m glad because my romantic right brain feels all mushy about him, and that means he’s only available sometimes to be in my arms, my bed, … and to have his beautiful cock inside me making me happy.” She blushed at her somewhat crude add-on comment.

I teased her, “Did you like the party last night? The group sex?”

Stacy blushed, “Yes. I loved watching the others and being watched. I got over the embarrassment.”

“Could you see yourself giving yourself to some of the other men?”

Stacy thought and replied, “Yes, I think so. I know you trade around. I saw it last night.” She blushed and said, “It looked like fun. I was quite taken with your friend Ryan. All your sisters, as you call them, were so open and shared their bodies so güvenilir bahis şirketleri willingly.”

I laughed, “We’re all sluts at heart, I guess. We like the guys and we like cock, so … we trade around. It’s fun and the men are very attentive to us. Mark likes it too. He likes to watch us with other men.”

“I watched him make love to Alice in the middle of the night. It was so sexy, and then you guys hugged me back to sleep. It was like a dream. I think I even had another orgasm. I couldn’t stop touching myself all night long.”

“We have parties – sex parties. Do you want to come to the next one?”

“Yes, absolutely. Please.”

“You may not get to be with Mark.”

“I know. I want to try it.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No. I’ve a fuck-buddy who used to be a boyfriend, but we agreed we’d never make it as a couple, but the sex was great – is great … well, nowhere near as great as what happened last night, but it’s OK.”

I asked about his ability to be discreet. In the end, I suggested she bring him to the party too and I reminded her of the NDA. We needed more cock. With all the cute waitresses I’d connected with through Cindy’s work and my sorority, we were overloaded with pussy. I was talking to some of them about bringing boyfriends or fuck-buddies; even where there were more guys they knew. We needed some kind of initiation process.

Stacy went off on her To Do List, again taking copious notes about the steps and tasks she needed to do. She picked my brain about places to go, contacts, and other information regarding each of the tasks, but I wasn’t much help. I’d never opened a strip joint. She also spent a good part of the day on the Internet doing searches.

Stacy was our hole filler. I laughed because Mark had filled her hole, but our project was full of holes. I added one more major task to her list – Find a crew of bartenders for the Infinity.

Stacy said, “How do you find those people?”

I told her, “What I’d do is go to talk some of the people who do what you’re looking for – like bartenders. Ask them what makes a great bartender, who the best in their line of work is in our area, and then go talk to them. If they seem to know what they’re talking about hire them. If they don’t, ask that same question again. Repeat as necessary.”

I didn’t see Stacy until Friday afternoon. She was still juiced up about her new job and the tasks for the Club Infinity. I think she’d been in thirty different gin mills in and around the city during that time, a daring task for a small Goth girl.

Stacy said, “You volunteered to fly me to see some of the better clubs in some of the other big cities. Were you serious? I need to go to the Lincoln, Nebraska area and down on the Alabama coast. Those locales have the best clubs in the country without going to Vegas or the west coast.”

“Next week. We’ll fly out Tuesday afternoon, and come back on Thursday morning. Line up your appointments. We shouldn’t just show up and expect to take up their time with a lot of questions.”

Friday afternoon, I also got a call from Eric Keane, the attorney who was going to represent Club Infinity and be our registered agent. He gave me a dose of reality.

Eric said, “Elsa, we kind of talked about this, but I’ve verified what I’m about to tell you. The patrons at Infinity will have to be club members when the adult acts go on. They have to pay some kind of membership fee, although you can have a special deal to lure them to sign-up, such as a give away or something like free for the first month. There also has to be a five-day waiting period between becoming a member and attending the club. Other clubs handle it by letting folks sign-up online. First time visitors are allowed, so you don’t need to worry about this kind of shit for your grand opening, but in the long run, it’ll be a problem.”

I asked, “Is there a minimum amount we have to charge?”

“No, you can give them away, but there does have to a five-day gap between becoming a member and routinely attending a nude strip club.”

“This is the law because?”

“Because clubs like what you’re doing lead to perverted minds, drugs, prostitution, and rock and roll. A bunch of puritan legislators are trying to save civilization and are denying that people have sex drives and want to have fun. Duh! What were they thinking? I wish we didn’t live in the Bible belt.”

“Will it ever change?”

“Not likely in our lifetimes. It’s funny though. Some of those same legislators will be some of your best customers when the time comes. Our friends and neighbors in our conservative religious state use more porn, visit more strip clubs, use more prostitutes, have an increased incidence of unwanted babies, and so on, than the rest of the country. Despite that, they want to sweep anything sexual under the rug; the two things don’t jibe.”