Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 54

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 50). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 54 — Out of Town Guests. Party Starts


What a night. I met Troy and Dan, the two men that Cindy and Elsa had picked up in a lounge a few months earlier. They had their wives with them — Sandy and Janet, and we resonated right away. I felt like seducing someone, so I turned my charm on them over dinner and then after we got back to my condo. I didn’t need much; they were pre-sold on our mating.

The huge icebreaker that moved things forward in one huge jump happened just as we returned to my condo after dinner. Melanie and KC were fucking some of the guys we hung out with right in my condo’s living room. They were all naked and going at it like a live sex show in Germany. I led the group returning from dinner past them, slowly, to my den, giving them plenty of time to observe the sex and hopefully get a little turned on by it.

Soon afterwards, Elsa and Cindy led Troy and Dan off to the bedroom wing, and I guessed they’d be fucking each other within a few minutes if I knew those two.

I immediately pulled Janet and Sandy to me and started to kiss them. They were very receptive to my approaches, and didn’t seem to mind a two-on-one FFM situation. I teased a few superficial pieces of clothing from them, until I could suck on some breasts.

Sandy finally asked, “The people fucking in your living room … is that normal?”

“Kind of. We’re very open about sex in our family and among our friends. Would you like to watch?”

Both girls nodded enthusiastically and said in unison, “Yes.”

I opened the door to my den and positioned the two women so they could watch the sex on the two living room sofas. Some partner switching had occurred. The girls waved knowing they were on display, but didn’t break stride with the guys. I proceeded to finish disrobing the two women and doffed my own clothes.

While making sure I remained in contact with both women, I’d focus on one and then the other, my mouth and fingers doing pleasurable things to them.

Soon I pulled them both into the living room and onto the third sofa that made up a ‘U’ in front of my fireplace — a unit that was giving off a nice glow and some heat. Janet and Sandy realized they were not only romantically and sexually involved with me, but also they were part of a sex show for the others. I could sense their mood change. The hidden exhibitionists in them suddenly appeared in glorious splendor.

I went down on Janet and suggested as I did that she suck on Sandy’s tits. After a few minutes, I reversed the pair, and then I had the two of them sucking on my generous shaft bringing it up to full hardness.

I had Sandy sit on my cock and sink her body down on the shaft, and I maneuvered Janet over my mouth. That went well, and I was able to deliver an orgasm to each woman. We reversed the women again, and I repeated my pleasure to them. As Janet came on my cock, she brought me with her, and I ejaculated into her sweet pussy much to her delight.

We separated and Melanie was right there to suck my cum from Janet’s quim. Janet looked shocked at first, but rolled with the situation. Sandy watched until Mel suggested that she take over eating her friend. Sandy slowly and tentatively started to eat Janet’s cunt while Mel watched from right beside her. I think that was a first sapphic experience for either of them.

Mel urged me to give both women The Experience. I considered that, and thought that given their background plus the relationship with Troy and Dan, that The Experience would indeed be a good idea.

I worked on Janet first, since she seemed to be the opinion leader for the two of them. I also knew if I could win her over, I’d have a devoted convert the next evening at the party when I didn’t want too many women who hadn’t known what was happening. I already had it in my head that I wanted to give The Experience to the two porn actresses Vanessa and Anna too. I wanted a comparison with what they knew from their acting experiences.

Janet was compliant as I talked to her about what I wanted to do as I explained The Experience to her. Although she’d heard a little about the event from Elsa, she was a slightly worried I might hurt her, but I assured her that all she had to do was say the word and I’d stop. I did guarantee that she’d remember the event the rest of her life with güvenilir bahis fondest memories.

I began by eating her pussy, and then suddenly I had help from KC who was beside me. She whispered, “I love tasting new pussy and tonight is no exception.” Together we worked on Janet until she was hornier than a springtime toad in Louisiana.

I began the fingering as KC and Sandy worked on Janet’s tits, sucking and loving the taut, sensitive breasts as she moaned in acceptance and pleasure. I think I had my hand in her before she knew it, and experienced a G-spot orgasm right on my plan. Initially, she thought that was the end of The Experience, but KC assured her that there was a lot more pleasure to come.

I found her magic A-spot without much trouble, and then applied my talent to bring her off again from that location as I used my mouth and other hand to diddle her clit. Janet soared into a zone of pleasure I don’t think she’d ever even contemplated. According to Elsa, you can hear about The Experience and how good it will be, but you discount the pleasure until you’re actually involved in it.

Her back slowly arched her body upward as the big climax started to wend its way into and through every fiber of her body. She moaned to us that she was feeling something really big coming from deep inside her. She also started to call forth the gods and used every nasty and dirty word I think I’d ever heard as she implored me to do more, more, more to her.

As her arch into my ministrations became like that of a rainbow, her orgasm struck like a colossal bolt of lightning surging through her body and leaving no cell untouched by the shocking pleasure of her largest orgasm ever. I said, “KC, now!” KC pinched Janet’s nipples hard and then slapped them. I bit gently on her clit, slapped her cunt above my wrist, and then drove two fingers into Janet’s ass as I made my last strokes on her A-spot with my fingertips. Any pain or shock would be converted into impulses of pleasure a thousand times greater.

Janet moaned, “Oh, fuck. So wonderful. SO FUCKING GOOD … THE BEST …” Her body shuddered, shook, and vibrated as though she were at the epicenter of a Richter ten earthquake, and then the arch broke and she crashed to the bed, unconscious.

Sandy looked worried, but KC reassured her that her friend was fine. She moved up and kissed Janet on the lips.

When Janet awoke in my arms a couple of minutes later, she told me she loved me more than anything she’d ever known or thought about. In tears of joy, she told Sandy that she MUST have The Experience, and then asked me to fuck the daylights out of her because she loved me so and wanted my sperm deep inside her to carry forever. Sandy looked amazed at the transformation of her friend.

I did make love to Janet and it was a beautiful experience. Sandy and KC watched as they lightly played together. KC narrated our loving experience too. Melanie joined us since the guys had left. She also toyed with Sandy as I finished up with Janet.

After some cleanup of Janet of my spend by KC and Melanie, I repeated The Experience on Sandy with similar results — someone that loved me deeply, wanted to spend all eternity with me, and wanted my semen pulsed deep into her body on a continuous basis day in and day out. I accommodated the last request by making love to her, and then let the girls clean up Sandy as Janet and I kissed her.

Before we left the living room, I had Janet and Sandy eat out the cum that Melanie and KC had left in them from the men they’d been with earlier. I wanted them to have the full sapphic experience and not only one side of it. I must say that after the first minute or two, they got into the whole sapphic orgasm delivery idea like a couple of experts. I was also pleased when I saw the two of them kissing each other with our whole experience as prelude to their sapphic kisses.

We went to bed after that in my super bed.


Cindy and I had awoken Dan and Troy with a pair of matching morning blowjobs. The guys declared they’d died and gone to heaven because no other females they knew provided such delightful wakeup service. Just as we finished and were slavering over the gooey but still erect cocks, Janet and Sandy announced their arrival into the room, both nude and carrying their clothing from the night before. They’d watched our grand crescendo and heard the comments.

I winced inside because of the hole the guys had just dug for themselves.

Janet made the off-hand comment with great sarcasm in her voice, “Why what a coincidence. We just did the same thing for Mark, and then we made love with him . He is such an energizer bunny, keeping up with KC and Melanie, plus the two of us all night. I just don’t know how he does it. It seemed soooo unusual, but soooo good.” She was needling Troy about his performance.

Troy said defensively, “I didn’t think you liked morning sex.”

Janet chuckled as she came over to the bed and stared türkçe bahis down at our nude bodies, “Try me. I’d love to go around with you right now … if you don’t mind sloppy seconds, although Sandy pretty well sucked the cum out of my pussy while Mark fucked her from behind, then I cleaned her up. I ate some jizz from KC’s tight little cunt too. You get the idea; hey, you could be doing that too. Do you know, Mark cleans up his messes. I’d like you to learn to do that; it’s so arousing.”

Sandy spoke up, “Yeah, I’d love another morning fuck from both of you … and some clean up afterwards.”

I nudged both Troy and Dan, “Go on men. It sounds to me like you have a command performance with each other’s wives right here on this bed. We’ll leave you to it.”

Janet and Sandy slid onto the bed as Cindy and I vacated our spaces. The men looked shocked at what had been said, and then at whom the women had partnered with. Sandy had gone to Troy, and Janet had immediately inhaled Dan’s cock trying to revive it back to life. Cindy and I left them to their passionate morning with each other’s spouse.

A couple of hours later, Janet, Troy, Dan, and Sandy went out for brunch and a tour of the city for part of the afternoon. Cindy and I worked out in the gym with a couple of the bodyguards doing mock attacks on us. We did a little knife play too with our fake knives and didn’t come out of the scraps too badly. The sparring was good for all of us.

About four o’clock, we again started working on party prep. Janet and Sandy had returned from touring and helped us by preparing plates of hors d’oeuvres. Troy and Dan went off to watch sports on TV, however, I noticed they’d both fallen asleep. Janet and Sandy were hyped up and confessed their excited state had everything to do with the sex they’d already had and the tidal wave of sex they expected to participate in later.

I asked if their marriages had suffered, but both women were vehement that since the men confessed to their one-night stand with us months earlier, seeing our videos, and then all the fucking the night before and this morning — including the swap with each other, that they now had the best relationships they’d ever had with their spouses.

Both women extolled the virtues of their new sexual freedom, and then got going on Mark and how wonderful he was and how much they loved him. They marveled at The Experience and how they wanted him to teach their husbands how to do that sexy act.

As we talked, each of the women made something to contribute to the large meal we’d serve that evening. Not everyone I knew threw a dinner party for thirty-five people to be followed by an intensive evening of sex. Further, we had a French restaurant on the ground floor of the building preparing two different entrees for us to serve, along with a host of other hors d’oeuvres. We would be well fed. We’d also hired a couple of sexy cocktail waitresses for a while to serve the hors d’oeuvres, tend the buffet table, and keep people happy with their wine or beer; they were young women who worked at the investment house with Cindy.

Barnes laid in a huge supply of beer, wine, and hard liquor, and worked Saturday to help us set up self-service bars in a corner of the living room and the open-plan kitchen. We had the makings for all kinds of drinks with margaritas being the foremost offering. Troy and Dan later established themselves as Margarita Men, making sure that part of things was ready to go. They pledged they’d be back there for a while that evening making the drinks. Cindy and I thought their interest might have something to do with the cute waitresses.

Ryan came by and dropped off a unique present for the men: about a hundred high dose Cialis tablets in a dish. He’d even left a little note card explaining about how to use them and what one might expect based on his own experience. Mark came by, read the card, and popped one of the pills in his mouth and went on his way with a smile. He was set for the next day or so.

Mark was already on a diet of supplements, vitamins, and hormones his doctor had cooked up to add stamina, staying power, and endurance to his lovemaking. Together with the Cialis he would be a force to be reckoned with all evening.

Eventually, the women stood and looked around. Until the party started, we were done. I looked at Janet and Sandy, and gave each of them a little look that posed the ‘Are you happy?’ question.

Janet blushed and responded, “I confess to wanting to try Dan. This morning was a treat, although he was in a state of shock. So was Troy, getting the opportunity to fuck Sandy AND watch his best friend fucking the daylights out of me. He’s had a thing for her for a while, but he wouldn’t admit it.”

Sandy said, “Well, the feeling was mutual. He was sure horny this morning. He has a very nice cock too, but you girls already know about that.” She liked to tease and I finally felt I could laugh at their humor.

Janet said, güvenilir bahis siteleri “The guys don’t know it yet, but when we get home Sandy and I intend to keep swapping with the guys. We both liked fucking each other’s husbands. I think we’ve discovered a new lifestyle. I think we’ll be getting together and swapping a lot.”

Sandy nodded with enthusiastic agreement. “We just talked a lot about doing that. I also think Janet and I will get together to play just the two of us. We’ve discovered another side to us we’d been suppressing.”

I asked, “And you’re OK with what happened last night? In a little while this place will be full of horny people scratching every itch they can think of.”

Janet spoke, “Oh, more than fine. As I said earlier, I love your boyfriend Mark. That thing he did to me was amazing. I kept having little orgasms all night long even when we weren’t fucking. I wasn’t kidding about his staying power when I was teasing my husband this morning. Mark did Sandy and me several times before we went to sleep, again in the middle of the night, and then this morning. I am a very happy camper. I’ve rediscovered my sexuality, and this time I don’t plan to lose it to malaise and disuse.”

Sandy added with a smirk, “We both wish our husbands would maintain that level of proficiency with us. I also want to keep swapping with Janet. I think the variety is good for us and I like Troy a lot. Neither of us will steal the other’s husband, so we have a lot of trust between us.”

Janet said, “I feel my inner slut about to really come out at this party. She’s already out, heck. I just want to fuck, fuck, fuck. I am going to be an easy woman tonight.”

Sandy laughed, “I’m right there with you, babe.”

The two women bumped fists to confirm their mutual horniness.

I suggested, “Well, you might want to wait until after we eat.” I laughed at the implications of that statement and they joined in.

We all retired to the bedrooms for showers and a change of clothing. I’d explained to Janet and Sandy about wearing exceptionally revealing and racy clothing. I even offered up my wardrobe if they wanted to browse alternatives, but they’d planned ahead based on our phone conversation.

We reappeared in the living room about six-thirty. Our caterers were setting up the buffet table, mixing their own dishes in with the ones we’d prepared. We had a surfeit of food. I was wearing a see-through blouse and my micro-skirt with no underwear. Cindy and KC were similarly attired. Sheila wore an outfit like a genie, all see through with no secrets kept but very alluring. Melanie had dressed like a sexy schoolgirl: short skirt, tight white blouse with her nipples showing through, necktie slightly untied, bows in her hair, and Mary Jane shoes and multi-colored knee socks.

Izzy arrived also wearing a short skirt and no undies. Instead of a blouse, top, or t-shirt, she wore a snug leather vest that made her tits bulge up and almost out of the garment. Her cleavage was arousing. She also had bright red and blue streaks through her hair that made her stand out from across the room. The fuck me shoes on the small girl got the message across about what she wanted to have happen.

To great fanfare Brita and Nils arrived next. They’d flown in that afternoon and although they were staying on the lower floor of our condo, they hadn’t shown themselves so they could catch a little sleep so they’d last the evening given they were on European time. Brita wore a white dress with two broad cloth suspenders covering her breasts in a crisscross, and essentially an ankle length matching white loincloth covering her privates and ass with both sides fully exposed. She looked sexy and beautiful, and showed a lot of leg that invited hands to explore further inside the fall of material. On all the women, ‘fuck-me’ heels abounded.

Mark showed up and did indeed do some exploring here and there as he greeted everyone. Suddenly too, the room started to fill up with other people as the elevator trips disgorged couple after couple after couple into our living room. Our guests came in, also looking sexy and desirable.

I counted noses at one point, and everyone was there, plus two sexy French waitresses wearing maid’s costumes I presume they got at some XXX store; Chloe and Zoé. The two girls were sexy brunettes in their own right, but with those little costumes on they were positively lewd, and doing just the right thing to get everyone in the mood. The push-up bras they wore and subsequent deep cleavage helped interest people in more than just the service.

I know when they started the evening they were wearing black undies, but midway through the cocktail hour I saw Andy lift up one waitresses skirt and she had a luscious bare pussy there for the viewing. I was thinking I should invite more of the staff to participate in the later activities. Andy sure looked interested.

Mark came and put his arms around me from behind. He said, “You’ve outdone yourself on this one. This is a sexy party, with a sexy crowd, wearing sexy clothes, and saying sexy things to each other. I’m a happy man with you and your sisters.” He kissed my ear, and I turned and we got into a real clutch.