Bi Hubby Busted at Bookstore

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Bi Hubby Busted at BookstoreDisclaimer: All events and persons in the following story are ficticious. It was the first day of some well-deserved time off. My wife let me pick the hotel (which just happened to be across the street from an adult bookstore). I knew the “ABS” was there, as I had done some research on it before arriving on our vacation. Through the wonderful internet, I knew that the bookstore had a theater, and a video arcade with glory holes. I also read that construction workers, college students (both male and female) and the occasional couple went there to suck and fuck. It was a Saturday morning. I woke up earlier than my wife. As I usually do on vacations, I went for a walk “to explore the city.” Of course this meant I was going to “explore” the porn store across the street. I quietly dressed and snuck out of the hotel. My wife was still sleeping when I left. I went outside and I walked around the block to see if there was a “discreet rear entrance” like many adult bookstores have. Unfortunately, there was only one door to get in. That door was directly across the street from our hotel. I continued around the block and headed for the only entrance. Luckily, there were very few people around, so I didn’t think anyone saw me go in. Unfortunately, I was wrong about that. One person did see me go in. That person WAS MY WIFE. Little did I know that as I was going into the adult bookstore, my wife was looking out the window of our hotel. She said later, she got up to pee, and looked out the window to see what the weather was like. She had looked down to the street, and there was dear hubby “out for a walk” and going in the “XXX store”. Anyway, I was oblivious to all that as I walked into the dark, sleazy establishment. It was the usual set-up with dirty videos and magazines in front and dildos of all sizes and shapes on the other wall. The woman behind the counter was older and fat with large boobs sticking out of her v-neck t-shirt. I busied myself looking at videos and tried not to stare at the cashier’s beautiful cleavage. She looked at me and I looked away. As I looked down, I realized I was in the gay porn section and all the DVD boxes had huge dicks on the covers. Between the woman’s great boobs and pictures of these huge cocks, I was now in bi-sexual heaven. I hadn’t worn any underwear (in anticipation of jerking off in the theater) and now, my hard cock was pretty visible though my pants. I started to go back to the arcade, but the woman stopped me and told me it was $10 to get through the door. She smiled, looked down at the increasing bulge in my pants, and told me I could stay back there as long as I “needed.” I gave her a $10 bill and she said, “Have fun” and smiled as I felt my face turning beet red. As I entered the first section, there was a hall with 10 video booths, 5 on each side. It was dimly lit, and I could see that all the doors to the booths were open. Bummer. No one here. However, as I turned to go check out the theater, I remembered this place had glory holes. I stuck my head in one of the booths. Sure enough, there was a professionally cut hole on each side of the booth. Totally hot. Maybe I’d get to experience a big cock sticking through one of those holes. Thinking I was alone in the place, I walked into the theater. As I walked in, there was a gay porn film playing on the big screen. It was dark, and I almost tripped over a garbage can full of other peoples cummy Kleenexes. I stood in one place and let my eyes adjust to the light. I soon realized I was not alone. adana escort There were two other guys in the theater. One guy was wearing a baseball hat and standing in the aisle. The other man was an older, black guy sitting near the front row with his eyes glued to the screen. He seemed to be jacking off. I sat in the back row and unzipped my pants. I watched the movie and began stroking my dick. The flick was really hot with a white guy getting fucked bareback, by a black man with a huge cock. Eventually, in the movie, another hung black man joined the party, and the white dude was sucking and being fucked at the same time. I was SO horny that I didn’t realize the guy with the baseball cap had walked up the aisle and was standing inches from my head. I heard a noise behind me. It was the guy’s zipper being pulled down, and I turned to face him. By “him” I mean his cock which was right next to my face. He wasn’t fully hard yet, but he was growing, and he had a really nice, thick 6 inch cock. He moved forward. When his dick was a close to my face, I wet my lips and opened my mouth. I leaned forward and took the head in my mouth. I licked the head and took him deeper. He started with some dirty talk which really got me off. “Suck that cock, fag-boy,” he said rather loudly. I started sucking him until I was getting most of his cock in my mouth. Unfortunately, he was standing on his tip-toes and I was twisted in my seat. Basically, it wasn’t very conducive to a good blow job. As if he read my mind, he said, “Get back here and kneel in front of me. I want to fuck your gay, whore face.” I got out of my seat, went behind the chairs, and knelt in front of him. I began sucking him, and quickly realized my predicament. If anyone walked in, the first thing they’d see would be me, on my knees, worshipping this guys big, hard penis. I decided I didn’t care. I just wanted COCK. My newly found “lover” placed his hands on the back of my head and began with gentle thrusts. He was fucking my face. The thrusts became more intense and he held my head firmly. “Oh yeah, faggot. You got a great cock sucking mouth. You’re going to deep throat me. Take it. Take it all down to my balls.” I gagged a couple times, but his cock was so wet with his salty pre-cum and my spit, that he slid in and out of my mouth with ease. “I’m going to cum now,” he said, “And you’re going to swallow every drop. I don’t want to see any leaking out. Swallow my whole load you fucking homo.” Suddenly, two things happened at once. The baseball hat dude started pumping cum into my mouth, AND the theater door opened bathing us in light from the hallway. The guy still held my head in his hands as he finished his orgasm in my mouth. Eventually, he let go and pulled his cock from my mouth, leaving a trail of cum dripping down my beard. “Thanks faggot,” was all he said as he zipped up his pants and walked away. Then, as I began to stand, I saw the clerk from the front of the store, watching me, as she emptied the waste basket full of cummy Kleenexes into a larger garbage can. My cock was still sticking out and it was rock hard. I didn’t know what to do, so I quickly walked up the aisle to the front of the theater. The door in the back of the theater closed as the woman left. “You want to suck a real big dick now?” I looked over and the older black man was standing by me, stroking a massive boner that must have been 8 or 9 inches and quite thick. His balls looked like a baseball. As I was staring at his beautiful dick, my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. I escort adana looked and it was a text from my wife. The text said, “I’m awake and decided to go for a walk. Maybe I’ll see you, or we can meet back at the hotel.” Now I was nervous. My wife could be outside and see me leaving the porn store. What should I do? “I changed my mind boy. I want to fuck your faggity ass. You know you want my big dick splitting your ass open,” the man said. I stammered, “You have a great cock, and I really want to, but…”. “Now go out to the cashier.” the man said, “They have free condoms in a jar by the counter. Get a lubed magnum one…unless you want this dick in your ass bareback with no lube,” he said with a chuckle. My mind was racing. I was confused. Leave now or get that huge dick fucking my ass. I looked down and saw that his big, black cock was shiny with pre-cum. I knew I wanted him inside me. I turned and started up the aisle and out of the theater. I was hoping the big-boobed cashier was busy and wouldn’t see me, but she was right there looking at me. She was also smiling at the cum on my face (I had no idea), but I was beet-red because I knew she had seen me on my knees sucking cock. “Can I help you,” she asked. “I just wanted a condom from the jar,” I whispered. She said I could help myself and I started looking at the various types of condoms in the jar, looking for a lubed magnum. After a minute of digging, she asked me, “Can’t find what you need? What are you looking for?” Totally embarrassed and blushing, I told her I needed an extra large,lubed condom. At this point, I noticed a mid-twenties couple back in the video section. I also noticed that another man was in the corner of the store looking at bi-porn magazines. “So is this extra large, lubed condom for you or someone else?” the clerk asked loudly. The couple and the man all looked my way, and the cashier was smiling, loving my discomfort. “Um…someone else.” I said. “I figured that. Magnum rubbers are for cocks 8 inches or more. You don’t look like you got 8 inches. You got a little dickie?” she asked. “Could I just get that condom?” I asked, quietly. “Well, I don’t have any of those for free in the jar. But if you let him fuck you bareback, there are free samples of lube by the other counter.” she said (again) too loudly. Humiliated and embarrassed, I walked toward the other counter (near where the couple was standing) and found some small lube samples in a box. “FREE ANAL LUBE”, the box said. The clerk saw me take two samples and announced, “Might want more if his dick is as big as you say it is. Otherwise you’re going to have one hurting asshole.” All the other people in the store were now looking at me and smiling. I hurried toward the theater door to avoid any more shame. Unfortunately, when I tried to open the door, it was locked. “Wait for me butt-boy. I know you’re in a hurry to get that cock in your ass, but you still have to pay the $10 dollars,” she said, as she walked over to the counter. I handed her a $10 and she said, “And don’t make a mess in there. If any lube, shit or cum leaks out of your ass onto my clean floor, you’ll be cleaning it up. And make sure you use those cum-rags in there.” I tried the door again, but it was still locked. I turned to look at the clerk. Everyone in the store was watching us. Then she said, “One more thing. You might want to know that you have cum on your face and your cock is leaking.” I looked down at my khaki shorts and sure enough, there was a big wet spot on my crotch, where my pre-cum had adana escort bayan soaked my pants. People were smirking and pointing at me. I heard the door being unlocked, and I raced through it into the theater. The older, black man was leaving as I came in. “What took you so damn long boy?” he said. I told him I was sorry, I couldn’t get any condoms, but I had some lube. He smiled when I said that. “Well then, get you clothes off and bend over the chair.” he commanded. I took my pants and underwear off, handed him the lubricant packets, and bent forward across the back row of chairs. Next, I felt his fingers lubing up my asshole. First one finger (rather sharply). Then two fingers, and I let out a “ow” and “ouch” as he jammed three fingers in. He moved his fingers in and out a few times, and then did something like a magic trick. He basically put the tip of his cock by my anus, removed his fingers, and slid the head of his dick in, all at the same time. I really didn’t feel his cock inside me until he slid in a little more. I moaned some as he inched his shaft in and then pulled out slightly. He began to give me more and more until, he was fucking me with almost the whole length of his cock. I was saying things like, “Oh yeah, fuck me with that big cock.” He said, “Take that dick in your ass, faggot.” Suddenly, I saw the door to the theater open, but I was beyond caring who saw me. I heard my cell phone buzz, knowing my wife was out looking for me, but I couldn’t change the course of things now. Another mans cock appeared in front of my face. I took it into my mouth without hesitation. To my left, I could see another man jerking his large dick next to my head. I moved my mouth and sucked him, as the the other guy beat my cheek with his hard cock. My ass fucking lover was now thrusting for all he was worth. Sometimes, he would pull all the way out and jam it back all the way in. I felt like a rag doll being used, and I was in heaven. The next thing I knew, the movie on the big screen went black and all the main theater lights came on. I heard the theater door open and heard lots of voices. The man I was sucking started coming in my mouth. I swallowed everything I could. Meanwhile, I felt hot cum being sprayed on my face, from the other guy in front of me. I heard cheering and clapping behind me. The older, black guy who was fucking my ass, moaned and said he was cumming. He gave a few final thrusts. When he finally pulled out, I felt some of his cum running out of my butt. I heard comments like, “Ew” and “gross” and “what a fag.” I looked up and everyone from the front of the store was watching me. There were 3 couples now, the big boobed clerk, a couple of other guys, AND the guys I just sucked or fucked. They were all clapping, calling me names and laughing. My face was covered with cum, I was naked, and I had a black man’s sperm flowing out of my ass. Then, I heard one more comment that made me freeze in my tracks. Someone said, “Aren’t you going to clean up his cock? It still has some cum and your ass juices on it.” The voice was my wife’s. She walked out from the crowd, and pointed at the still hard, black cock in front of me. “Suck him fag-boy. Then, thank him for filling your ass with his cum.” she said. Immediately, I knelt down and took him in my mouth. I licked up from his balls to the tip of his dick, then sucked the whole thing in my mouth. “Thank you for fucking me and giving me your man juice in my ass.” I said. “Oh my fucking God. I knew you wanted to be a fag, but I had no idea what a little fucking homo you really are.” My wife watched me finish cleaning his cock, with a small smile on her face. “Oh, wow. This is going to be fun.” she said.End. If you want me to continue, or write another story, message me.