Beth’s Awakening

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Editor’s note: There are references to scuba diving terms throughout this story because this is based on a recent scuba diving trip…

My mind is in a state of conflict and emotional pain. My marriage didn’t last two years and I look back at it all with as a mixed blessing. Shortly after we were married, my husband became very controlling and as I learned later by comparison the sex was awful. When I revealed to my sister the details she was mortified. When she recounted some of her love making with her husband I was in tears. My ex didn’t make love to me; he just fucked me once in a while. I thought it was me but I’m beginning to realize it was not. My head knows that, but I still feel a pain in my heart.

“You need to get away,” my sister said one day during our frequent chats. “Why don’t you come with Tim and me for a week in Cozumel. Some sun and sand beats the stuff around here plus you can get back to doing some scuba diving. We are planning the trip right now and it would be great for you to join us.”

My sister Mary is five years older and has always looked after me and she is my best friend too. She has been wonderful and supportive through this whole divorce ordeal. Still I didn’t want to be a third wheel on their vacation and said so but after some coaxing I agreed. When I hung up the phone I suddenly felt better. My sister is priceless.

My boss has been very supportive throughout my ordeal was pleased that I was requesting some vacation time. Of course there was some good humor envy about escaping the grips of a cold mid-West winter even if it is just for a week.

My sister had me figured out for when I received the paperwork for the air and all-inclusive resort it seems the whole trip had been booked a few days before I was invited. She had even arranged with the dive shop for my refresher and equipment so we could go scuba diving. I hand delivered a check to my sister to cover my cost and gave her a big hug. I couldn’t thank her and Tim enough.

Less than two weeks later I was headed to the island of Cozumel. I had to pinch myself that it was really happening. We arrive to sun and 80 degrees as compared to the 10 degrees I just left a few hours ago. It actually felt hot and I was ready to checked in and get into something more comfortable. As we were checking in we were greeted by the Jennifer, the dive shop owner. She was there to do the paperwork and wanted to know when I wanted to do my refresher. I guess I was so excited by the trip that I asked if right now is ok and she said yes.

The four of us got into her car and headed to the shop. Jennifer and her husband Mike have owned their shop for over twenty years and I know Tim and Mary only dive with them.

The refresher went well and we were ready to start a week of morning dives. Jennifer told us there would be a boat to pick us up at the pier at our hotel at 8 AM and that another diver, a regular customer, would be joining us who is also staying at our resort.

The next morning the three of us were at the pier with plenty of time to spare when Mary noticed a guy moving our direction. Sure enough he walked up to us and asked if we were diving with Jennifer. At 5’5″ I looked up at someone over 6′ and when he shook my hand I swear it took my breath away. Nice looking, dark hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders, good body, and a killer smile. Fortunately Tim took over and responded that yes we were indeed the group. Introductions were exchanged and we learned his name is Gary; lives in Dallas, and has been diving with Jennifer and Mike for as many years as Tim and Mary.

Mary gave me a nudge and simply said, “Cute isn’t he.” Then she flashed her devilish grin. I looked at her and just smiled but my heart was beating a lot faster. I suddenly felt like a young school girl. I had to tell myself to just calm down and breathe.

Gary excused himself and went over to put on his wetsuit. When he removed his tee shirt and shorts he was wearing a Speedo! Now there are some men who should never wear briefs like that, Gary is not one of them. He looked so sexy it was all I could do not to stare. Unfortunately he soon had his wetsuit on and pulled up to his waist. Damn. He put on a tee shirt, grabbed his gear and joined us. From there on it was small talk about home, work, etc. He is a software engineer and one of the perks of his job is that he mostly works from his home. He decided that home can be anywhere so why not take advantage of it. From the way the way he talked I had the distinct impression he was single.

The boat arrived and we headed to another resort and picked up two more divers, a husband and wife from Minneapolis. Everyone wants to get away from the cold. When we were near the dive site the dive master told us to suit up. I felt so embarrassed struggling into my wetsuit. Of course it didn’t help that the boat was moving but still, I was reminded that I needed to shed a few pounds. I suddenly became self-conscious about my body and was poker oyna glad I chose to wear a one piece. I glanced a few times Gary’s direction to see if he was watching me. He was chatting with the dive master so if he was I couldn’t tell. Tomorrow I will put this wetsuit on like he does, at the pier before I get on the boat.

Once at the dive site Gary sat next to me and assisted me with my zipping up my wetsuit and helping me into the gear. Since we had never dived together, he took me through an equipment check. I was feeling very comfortable being around a competent and experienced diver. When he took my hand and gave it a squeeze I looked into his eyes, smiled, and squeezed back.

After a backward roll off the boat it I was descending into a whole new world. It was a beautiful dive and my first in Cozumel. Even though we dove with an excellent dive master, we stayed together in pairs with Gary staying near me. He was really good at finding small critters for me to see.

All too soon the dive was over and we headed to a nearby pier for our surface interval. Mary and I got out of the boat while Tim and Gary stayed behind. I didn’t know then that Tim and my sister would fill Gary in on my recent past. They felt they were just trying to protect me and didn’t want me to get hurt.

Mary did inform me that if anything were to develop, I would be the one to make it happen. That was troubling because I’ve never been in the role to be the aggressor. I decided I was down here for the week to enjoy myself and to throw caution to the wind and why not pursue something I have yet to experience.


I was given an assignment for some code to perform certain functions. Not all that complicated but fairly tedious and lengthy. It looked like it would take me several weeks so I decided to do some of that writing in a warmer climate. I like Cozumel because I can be there in a couple of hours and any communications with the home office can be handled by phone and emails. I made my usual arrangements with a resort I like and set up a dive schedule with Mike and Jennifer. When I arrived at the resort, Jennifer was already there so we took care of the paperwork. Jennifer informed me she was there to greet three divers; Tim and Mary, plus Mary’s sister Beth. Tim and Mary were regular customers like me and would it be ok if I dove with them. She said we would be the regular group for the week and from time to time we would pick up another couple at a different resort. I agreed and headed off to the pool and some adult beverages.

The next morning when I arrived at the pier I saw two women and a man standing together and thought that might be them. Two of them looked to be a couple close to my age and the other looked to be a bit younger. I walked up to them to see if they were the three I was to join and was pleased meet Tim and his wife Mary and Mary’s sister Beth. I shook the hands of Tim and Mary but when I touched Beth I felt a shock run through me. She had auburn hair, hazel eyes, lovely face, and a nice petite body. She was wearing a tee shirt so all I could see were her lovely legs.

I excused myself and went over to some chairs so I could put on my wetsuit. Much easier to put it on when you are on the shore than on a moving boat. I like wearing my Speedo under the wetsuit but I am self-conscious about appearing in public in something that looks like my underwear. I don’t take much time taking off my shorts and putting on the wetsuit.

We picked up two more divers and headed to the dive site. On the way I positioned myself so I could chat with the dive master and look over at Beth. When she removed her tee shirt I was treated to her nice body. Watching her wiggle her hips as she struggled into her wetsuit was downright sexy. This is going to be a great week.

Once we arrived at the dive site I assisted Beth with her gear. Since we were new to each other I took her through an equipment check and made sure her air was turned on. For some reason, I took her hand and looked into those lovely hazel eyes. She gave me a big smile and squeezed my hand. I knew right then I wanted to spend my time with her.

The dive site was one of my favorites and I was having fun finding critters for Beth to see. It was great when I could hold her hand to pull her into a position to see what I was pointing out. I tried to hold her as long as I could without seeming to be too forward.

At the end of the dive we headed to a nearby pier to do our surface interval. Beth and Mary got out of the boat and Tim came over to me. He told me about Beth’s recent divorce and how she was there to get away from it all for a while and he didn’t want her to get hurt. I assured him I would not do anything to make Beth feel uncomfortable. Hurting her would be something I would not want to do.

A little later, Mary came to me with somewhat of the same thing. She informed me that Beth is attracted to me and that she doesn’t canlı poker oyna want her to get hurt. I assured her hurting Beth is not something I would want to do. I told her that if anything were to develop, it would be Beth that would have to initiate it.


We headed out on the boat for the second dive. Gary was again very attentive and once he had helped me into my gear, he looked into my eyes, gave me a big smile, and squeezed my hand. I wanted to kiss him but instead I smiled back and gave his hand a long squeeze.

The second dive was just as beautiful and it was shallow enough that often Gary would get my attention to let me know there were snorkelers above us. We would stop and wave to them and many times they would see us and wave back. One actually swam down right to me and waved.

At the end of the dive we headed back to our resort. This time Gary took off his wetsuit and sat in his Speedo all the way back. When he stood up to get his gear into his mesh bag my heart skipped a beat. He looked so sexy in those briefs I felt a tingle in my pussy I had not felt for too long a time. I didn’t know what his plans were for the week but I would like to be a part of them.

When we arrived at the resort Gary put on his tee shirt, darn it, but still showing a lot of leg. He helped me rinse my gear and I was trying not to stare at his legs and the part of his swimsuit that the tee shirt didn’t cover, especially that lovely bulge in front. I’m sure my nipples were making their presence visible through my swimsuit. He put on his shorts, double darn, and I put on my tee shirt and I swear you could still see my hard nipples. I suggested he join us for lunch which happily he accepted.

At lunch we chatted about the dive and the critters and such when I asked Gary how many dives has he done. When he said several hundred that stopped my fork in mid-air. I’m not close to a hundred. Of course we all wanted to know where and he gave a long list of places I had only dreamed about.

“My goal is to do the Red Sea this year and then I would have gone diving in just about all the regions of the world. Every place is different and some places are better than others. Cozumel is still one of my favorites and I’ve been coming here for many years.”

After lunch, Tim and Mary said they were going for a walk. Gary said he was going to change and head for the pool and I asked him to save me a chair.

“I stay out of the sun when I am by the pool,” he said, “The sun here will fool you and you can burn very easily. I tan easily enough without working at it.”

“Works for me,” I replied.

I changed into my green two-piece that certainly showed more skin than what I wore on the boat. I also put on my favorite white crocheted cover up. I also put my sun screen in my tote bag. After all, a girl needs help applying sun screen in hard to reach places. When I arrived at the pool I spotted Gary in a section that offered more shade than sun. I gave him a wave and headed his direction and I know for certain he never took his eyes off of me. I love his smile.

I stood in front of him slowly removed my cover up. It is fun watching a guy look a girl over. He didn’t miss a spot and I’m sure my hard nipples showing trough my top got his attention.

“Green is a lovely color on you,” he said. “Won’t you sit down and I’ll go get you a drink.”

“Thank you, a Pina Colada would be nice.”

As he walked off I noted he was wearing regular swim trunks and he looked great in them too. I think seeing him in those briefs this morning will be a favorite image. He returned with my drink and his preferred drink of whiskey sour. I took a sip of his and he got a big laugh at the cringed look on my face.

After a few sips I handed him my sun screen and asked him to do my back and feeling brave, the back of my legs. I lay down and untied my top. He started with my neck and moved slowly down my back stopping at my swimsuit. It was a job he took great care in performing. He hesitated a moment when he was doing my sides where the top was hanging open. No question in my mind that he would gladly rub my tits if I turned over. Starting with my feet he moved slowly up my legs. When he was above the knees and on my thighs I spread my legs a bit more to give him better access. Ok, maybe a good view and feel too. I swear he was breathing hard by the time he reached my swimsuit. “Thanks. Has anyone told you that you have very nice hands?”

“Well…no…,” he stammered. Chalk one up for me I thought.

I put my top back on and sat up to do my front. I didn’t realize until then that putting on sun screen could be so sensual especially when you are rubbing in on your chest and upper thighs. He didn’t take his eyes off my hands during the entire time.

We settled back in the chairs and began to talk. Soon we were talking about our lives, our backgrounds, our goals and even our desires. internet casino I felt very comfortable with him in a way I never felt with my ex.

It was during this conversation I learned of the conversation with Tim and Mary. I told him they were just looking out for me and that I enjoyed being with him.

Around five PM I headed for my room to shower and change and meet him for dinner at seven.


It felt great to assist Beth with her gear and when she looked at me and squeezed my hand my heart skipped a beat. The second dive was one of my favorites and shallow enough that you will frequently see snorkelers. I pointed them out to Beth and she got a thrill when one dove down and swam right up to her and waved.

I wasn’t crazy about wearing only my swimsuit briefs on the ride home but they are of the material that dries quickly. Once we arrived back at the resort pier I put my tee shirt on and started taking gear to the rinse tank. I still feel like I’m walking around in my underwear. It was great rinsing our gear together and hanging equipment out to dry. We seem to make a good team right from the start. I couldn’t help but notice her nipples pushing against the fabric of her top. Ok, maybe I did more than notice.

When Beth invited me to join her and Mary and Tim for lunch I was more than pleased. Spending more time with her was what I had hoped. I put on my shorts and she put on a tee shirt. What lovely breast.

We chatted about the dive and sooner or later someone will ask about my dive history. I’ve been to so many places that I have a difficult time remembering where. I recounted several and added that the Red Sea was high on my list for this year.

After lunch Mary and Tim left us to ‘go for a walk.’ I had a feeling the way they were acting that they were going to spend the time in their room and walking was not on their agenda. I was more pleased that Beth was agreeable to join me at the pool. I quickly changed swimsuits and headed to the pool and I was fortunate to find two chairs that had sufficient shade.

Beth looked stunning as she walked toward me. Her cover up had large enough holes to reveal her green two-piece swimsuit. The way she removed her cover up was about as good a strip tease as you can get. I offered to get us some drinks in part because I needed to make room in my suit for a growing dick. It was a good thing I made a wardrobe adjustment because when after untying her top she asked me to apply sun screen I had a full erection. I was doing pretty well until I was going down her sides and I was at the contour of her breast. If it was her intention of torturing me, she succeeded.

We spent the afternoon talking and I will say we revealed a lot about ourselves. I loved to hear her voice; it was like music to me. She had been through some bad times yet she wasn’t bitter or blaming; rather she felt she was ready to move on. All too soon it was time to get ready for dinner.


I called Mary’s room and she answered after a couple of rings. “Did you enjoy your walk?”

“After we left you and Gary I told Tim I would rather go to the room and I would fuck his ears off.”

“TMI Mary, TMI.”

“You should see the smile on his face. And speaking of smiles; how was your time with Gary?”

“We had a wonderful afternoon talking just about everything. He was so easy to talk with. I really like being with him sis. We are meeting for dinner at seven and you and satisfied Tim are welcomed to join us.”

“We plan to do room service and then Tim wants me for desert.”

“You two are killing me. See you tomorrow at breakfast.”

The shower felt wonderful and I couldn’t get the image of Tim and my sister spending the afternoon fucking out of my head. Mary has provided me on more than one occasion some graphic details of their sex life. After my divorce Mary and I had a chat that after some adult beverages became more intimate and explicit. I asked her about her sex life and she got pretty detailed. She talked about how much they both really enjoyed oral sex. Her orgasms with Tim eating her pussy were exquisite and she really enjoyed bringing Tim off in her mouth. Even better if she could take him into her mouth after a good fuck and she could lick her cum off his cock. I had never experienced any of that with my ex. He thought oral sex was dirty. Mary was surprised and saddened that I had not really experienced the joys of sex.

As I washed my breast I closed my eyes and imagined Gary standing in the shower with me and it was his hands caressing and fondling them. One hand instinctively reached down and starting rubbing my pussy. It felt so good and I found myself jacking off seeking the relief of an orgasm. The whole day was a build up to this point and when my orgasm came I had to hold on the rail and catch my breath.

I put on one of my favorite sleeveless dress that was low cut enough to show some cleavage. I debated whether to wear a bra or not but decided that maybe I should. I was out the door at ten till seven thinking I would be early. Much to my surprise we both met at the same time walking toward the dining room.