Beth’s Affair

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“Please, let me cum, don’t stop.”

My words came breathily as my body ground against her. Her tongue was giving me pleasures that I didn’t know I could experience. Okay, maybe I had an idea that I could experience them, but nobody had ever done what she was doing to me now. I reached down and held her face tight against my pussy as I reached orgasm. My breasts swelled with passion and my creamy juices were sucked into her awaiting mouth. Wave after wave rocked my body; her tongue lapping up the liquid that dripped from inside me. My head fell backwards when her hands reached for my small breasts and thumbed my tight, pink nipples. Thrusting my hips forward I was able to press her tongue deeper still, feeling it curl and twist between the slick petals.

I gasped one last, long sigh of release when she licked her way up my tummy, her tongue and lips finding my left nipple and gently sucking me until I calmed back down from my erotic high. I didn’t have the strength to stand so I just rolled away from her body and collapsed beside her on the sofa. We leaned our faces close as our lips kissed long and deeply, the sweet taste of my honey filling my senses.

“I told you.” I heard a voice from the other side of the room. He had been watching the whole time. His erection looked huge in his fist as he sat there naked, smiling at the two of us. “I told you her pussy was the best.” We ended our kiss and watched him stroke his cock.

Phillip and I met when I went to work for him after the spring semester canlı bahis şirketleri started my sophomore year at college. He and his wife worked for the university and needed someone to take care of their daughter whenever they had evening classes. This was an ideal situation for me because it allowed me to get out of my noisy apartment to study, and it helped pay for my partying. Phillip was 28 years old with thick black curls and piercing blue eyes. His wife, Kristine, was 27, had long red hair with blue eyes. They were like a couple of models… perfect smiles and bodies.

The first few weeks Phillip would drive me to their house in the afternoon and I would stay until around 9:00, when one of them would take me back to my apartment. From the very first they allowed me total access to their entire home. TV, phone, internet… anything I wanted was mine to use. I loved their house and their little girl was a joy to be around. I would read her books to her and fix her dinner before I would start my homework. Then one afternoon Phillip and Kris asked if I could stay later since they had a dinner to attend and wouldn’t be home until after 11:00.

Once I was done with my homework I started looking for a movie to watch. There wasn’t anything on TV I hadn’t seen before, so I started browsing through the collection they had in the entertainment center. Among all the regular tapes and DVDs I found a set without labels. I chose one DVD and slid it into the player and waited to see what was on it. When canlı kaçak iddaa the video began I saw Kris sitting on the bed and undressing. At first I could only hear Phillip’s voice from behind the camera, but then after he adjusted it on a tripod he walked into view COMPLETELY NAKED! Omygosh! They had made a home porn movie! My mouth dropped when I saw his body and hard cock. He was truly gorgeous. Then Kris undressed and I saw how beautiful her body was, too. I thought about stopping, that it wasn’t right to watch them. But I was curious to see what they were going to do and it was making me horny thinking about seeing them fuck.

Once Kris was nude, Phillip stood beside her and she took his erection in her fingers and lifted it to her lips. She slowly licked it all over and then slipped her lips over the head and began to give him a blowjob. I licked my own lips thinking about how it would feel, how it tasted. Kris continued licking and sucking until Phillip began rocking his hips back and forth, pushing his cock into her mouth then pulling it back to her lips.

I reached down with my right hand and cupped my left breast, feeling it’s warmth within the thin, lacy material of my bra. The nipple was erect and tight when my fingers touched it. Pulling the breast from the soft cup I licked my fingers and started to twist my nipple, making it harder and longer… and making my pussy warm and moist.

The more I watched what was happening on the TV, the hornier I became. I wished I could lean my canlı kaçak bahis face forward enough to suck my nipples, but my breasts are too small for that. Instead I reached into the waistband of my jeans and slipped my fingers over my panties, pressing the dampness along the slit of my pussy. By this time, Phillip’s whole body was rocking as he approached orgasm. He held Kris’s head and stroked her long, red hair as her mouth slid back and forth along his long cock. I let one finger slide into my pussy and hooked it upward, feeling my wetness.

“Kris, baby… I’m about to cum.” Phillip’s voice broke the soft moans coming from the speakers. I continued to finger myself; watching, knowing that soon Kris would receive his full load into her mouth. Kris moaned loudly, acknowledging Phillip’s request. With one last thrust of his hips, Phillip began to cum. “Yes, yes, baby… suck it all…. ohmygod, yes!” Kris’s lips and mouth were moving, sucking with each spurt between her lips. And it was just then that my own huge orgasm gripped my body. I was frantically fingering my pussy, trying to imagine what Kris was experiencing, what it must feel like to let a cock shoot into your mouth, how his cum tasted. My hips lifted upward. My pussy gripped onto my finger and coated it with warm, creamy cum. Phillip slipped his cock from Kris’s lips, it dropping heavily between his thighs. Kris moaned and swallowed one last time, drinking the last of his semen down her throat. She sexily slid a finger across her lips, “Thank-you, baby. That was delicious. If the video comes out alright we should add it to the rest of our collection.” I slowly slipped my fingers from my jeans and brought them to my lips, savoring the scent before I sucked them into my mouth and tasted my own juices.