Best Two Out of Three

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Aaron was very tired. The past eleven days had been draining.

He exercised to take his mind off the other particular soreness in his body, but he also did so to wear himself out; he needed to make himself too tired to be social. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the company, especially not when it was his wife and her family. Aaron loved his wife, and her sister was always welcome in their home. But every day, Aaron wondered more frequently if he was truly in over his head this time.

The house was quiet for once. At least he had that. He moved quietly now through the tranquility of the home, stepping softly like he was afraid to wake someone. His wife and her sister had spent the last week bickering incessantly. They kept following him about whenever they weren’t cooking with him, reading books with him, or finding some excuse to be around him while they did whatever he was doing. Having them both in town at the same time wasn’t always this exhausting – it was more intense this time. At least they weren’t here now. He’d almost forgotten how calming time to himself could be.

Ache seeped through his muscles – the rowing machine in the basement had done its job. Each step up the staircase to the bathroom was an effort he had to mentally prepare for; pulling an arm out of each sleeve of the sweat-stained shirt stuck to his chest required a moment of planning. It made a wet slop on the bathroom floor as he threw it aside. He dropped his shorts and underwear, kicking those into the pile, then cranked the shower and waited for the water to heat up.

It did, and it was good. He closed his eyes and let the water’s warmth wrap over him like a sheet fresh from the dryer. The steam filled the room and saturated its way into his bones. He reached to the caddy shelf, dispensed a daub of shampoo, and raked the bubbles through his hair and beard. With the water rolling over his face, eyes closed tight to keep the soap out, he never heard her come in.

He did, however, feel her lips around his cock.

It was more of a daydream at first; the passing thought of the times he’d had sex with his wife in the shower got his pulse moving a bit. In his mind, he locked her arms behind her back, pressed her against the tile, and took her from behind the way they both liked. Aaron missed that. He felt the inevitable swelling as he grew harder at the thought. The heat of the water falling over his body teased the exposed tip of his erection. Then, the water flicked its tongue over it and giggled at him.

“Wha?! Hello?” Aaron yelped as his pulse spiked.

The water only giggled back at him again, seeming to enjoy his surprised reaction. He felt it suck the tip of his hardness with a hollow kissing sound. The water’s heat over the rest of his body made the sensation ghostly and distant. It was definitely there, though.

“Hi,” the shower cooed back in his wife’s voice.

He thought for a moment that he shouldn’t open his eyes with the mixture of soap and water, but he shock made him do it anyway. The inevitable stinging only afforded him a distorted glance of his wife on her knees in front of him, teasing him with her tongue.

“What – ow – didn’t.. hear you… come… come in,” he said through the dry pinch of the soapy water. His words stumbled as he felt her lips and tongue split, giving way to a tunnel of warmth, her mouth sheathing vigorously over his shaft.

This was another reason he’d been sore in some places more than others: his wife had recently developed a constant need to suck. His cock had that aching, overworked feeling it used to have when he masturbated too much as a younger man. Bickering with her sister seemed to give his wife access to some extra, hidden energy. As the soreness subsided into pleasure, yielding to the warmth of her slowly teasing mouth, Aaron considered he was lucky to have a such a problem as a suck-hungry wife.

Suddenly, she began hastily pumping him as though she expected him to finish from just the initial sucking alone. The sounds of her moans and her vigorous, wet mouth echoed against the tile. It wasn’t like his wife to be so aggressive up front, but the tempo of her hot, slick tongue was a wild sensation, and Aaron moaned and enjoyed it for a while. Eventually he rinsed the rest of the soapy water away from his eyes and gazed down to enjoy the view of…

“Lizette?!” Aaron exclaimed. Not his wife – her sister.

His sister-in-law’s face was wreathed in long, wet brown hair, and her mouth was plunged tight with nearly all of his erection. Like her sister, Lizette was beautiful, and the sight of her confused Aaron’s subconscious mind, flooding his brain with all the chemicals it had the first time he’d laid eyes on his wife’s naked body years ago. She looked like her sister – not quite the same, but just enough to remind him. She shared her sister’s green eyes, her heavy breasts, her soft lips. The bow of those lips puffed over the top of his shaft as she illegal bahis pulled away, then disappeared again as she swallowed him with each stroke. Her eyes locked with his and they smiled, narrowing and wrinkling at the edges. She laughed deviously in the way only a woman with a mouthful of cock could.

He wanted to stop her, but wouldn’t – his mind disallowed the words even though part of it reminded him that she wasn’t his wife. It simply felt wrong for him to object, like taking a freshly baked cake out of the oven and dumping it into a trash bin. Tongue swirling, eyes hungry, Lizette sucked with a feverish pace as if she’d planned to drain all his doubts right down her throat. Aaron felt her hit a particularly unbelievable spot with her tongue as he sucked. His jaw slacked open and his knees locked.

“What are y- oh fuck… what are you doi- mmm… not supposed to be… in…” he finally asked, or tried to. He found his fingers interlaced with a few curls of her hair. She pulled herself off him for a moment.

“Cum in my mouth before my sister gets home,” she purred. As soon as she made her demand, she began again with renewed vigor. She braced one hand against his thigh and stroked him with the other as she sucked, giving him the sensation that he was inside a pussy with a tongue and an appetite.

“Wait, I… oh, fuck.” Aaron’s better judgment floated off with the steam as Lizette’s mouth and hands did their job perfectly.

She pulled away again after a few dozen rapid-fire strokes. “I’ve been waiting for this for so fucking long,” she begged with a helplessly slutty whine about her voice as she tugged at his cock with a piston stroke. “Cum in my mouth, please.”

“Lizette,” Aaron began to object.

But Aaron’s eyes fell to her chest as she arched her back to show how beautiful and wet and naked she was for him. She noticed, and cradled her heavy breasts with her free arm as if to silently say: Look at me. Look at what I’ll do for you. Make me yours. As if it were listening in, a single strand of precum oozed from the tip of Aaron’s cock, his biology offering its opinion. Without another word, she accepted its response and began her oral assault on him again, invisibly sliding his glans up and down the length of her tongue as she sucked. Aaron’s hips bucked with each stroke, and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer now before Lizette got her wish.

“Hi, baby,” his wife’s voice said from outside the shower door.

“Hey! Hannah!” Aaron tried to say as casually as possible as his heart climbed out of his mouth.

If Aaron had been more afraid of the combined sensation of his sister-in-law’s decadent sucking and the unexpected sound of his wife’s voice, he might have simply burst an aneurysm. But instead, as the terror seeped through his veins, chills scraping against the sensations of the hot water, Aaron and Lizette acted almost without knowing it. Instinct surpassed fear – they moved together like two enemies made allies by presence of a greater threat.

The shower was like a large rectangular bowl big enough for two bodies. The bottom half of the bowl was tile and flattened river rock over concrete backing, and the top half was tempered glass that reached up to the ceiling. Only the shower door itself was a full-height glass panel through which one could see or step inside – looking from outside at any other angle, one might only be able to see the upper torso of whoever was inside, at best.

Lizette silently shifted over, away from the glass door, and hid behind the tile wall. She hardly even broke tempo as she did; her tongue swirled and licked, beckoning him to get back in her mouth where he belonged. Aaron adjusted himself as well, agreeing silently with her, leaving himself mostly presented from head to toe through the lens of the steamy glass door. The only things out of frame for his wife would be Lizette, her mouth, and the wet sucking she was giving his cock. So Lizette didn’t stop, even though her sister was separated from her by nothing but a few paces and mere inches of ceramic.

Aaron could hear his wife, but not see her yet through the steam – that meant she couldn’t see him, either. That had saved him. “What are you up to, sexy?” Hannah wondered aloud.

“Nothing,” Aaron said, stumbling over the words as fear and a wet tongue quite literally played tug-of-war his attention. “Just wash – just finished working up. Washing up! From my workout.”

“Well hurry up…” Hannah began, stepping into view through the steam like a mist spirit.

Just beyond the glass, Hannah was wearing a particularly unbelievable set of lingerie. The brassiere was black and had straps that both curled over her shoulders and criscrossed over her chest. It was the kind Aaron had said he loved; the kind that almost looked like light bondage straps when she untucked her breasts from the cups. She did this now, slowly and deliberately revealing one and then the other, presenting illegal bahis siteleri her tits with the same fearless pride that her sister had. The panties were hardly there at all, and Hannah spun around to show him just that. There was an intricate webbed design of lace over just enough of her ass that he didn’t have to imagine much.

“…’cause I got you something,” she finished.

“Fuck me,” Aaron whispered. Hannah giggled, apparently pleased that her magic spell of simply being a beautiful woman with a nice pair of breasts was working on him.

“That’s the idea,” Hannah purred. “C’mere.”

Aaron’s cock pulsed involuntarily at the sight of his wife made ready for his pleasure, and Lizette only took that to her own advantage. The flex squeezed all the right things inside of Aaron, and it let Lizette milk out another droplet of precum. She unsheathed her mouth from him, showing him the long string of sticky mess, then started on him again. She worked silently as she sucked now, but just as quickly. Aaron felt even more juices involuntarily leak out of him as his cock flexed even more, and he glanced down just long enough to see Lizette’s eyes roll with anticipation.

“Can’t yet,” he said anxiously. “Just gotta… finish up here.”

Hannah put her hands on her hips, glaring at him impatiently through the glass as though he was a boring museum exhibit. “Let me be more clear – come out here, fuck me, and cum wherever you want.” Her voice was cordial; she was a waitress listing off the evening’s specials.

“I will baby, just…” he began and stopped, feeling his balls tighten. “Gimme a minute…”

“I know, I know. You probably only want blowjobs now,” Hannah said, rubbing her hands over lace and skin, “and I like those too, you know I do… but I miss you. I want you inside me.”

“I miss you too,” Aaron replied honestly, looking her over. She’d given him nothing but blowjobs recently, after all. He looked down at Lizette, who only gazed up at him as she bobbed and fluttered her tongue over his glans. She winked.

“Well that settles it, then,” Hannah said seductively. “Turn off that water, come out here, bend me over the counter, and fuck me.”

Aaron’s eyes glassed over as Lizette sucked and Hanna begged him to fuck her. Hannah likely interpreted it as a tease. And so, she teased back.

“Right here,” she said, bending over the bathroom counter and slapping her ass twice to punctuate the words. The mound jiggled from the force, and Aaron imagined grabbing her ass like a handle and pulling her into him as he fucked her from behind. That thought summoned the first tingles of inevitability to haunt his thighs.

“Fuck me right here,” Hannah urged, reaching behind and pulling her panties aside for him to see. Her pussy pinched its way out, wet and ready. Lizette’s wet mouth sucked greedily, begging his attention. Aaron became lost for a moment as to what exactly he was doing; which wet, luxurious hole was which.

“You can cum all over my tits if you want, afterwards. Or hold me down and cum in my mouth. I just want you inside me,” Hannah begged, reaching behind herself and rubbing sticky circles over her wet slit. “I can’t take it any more.”

Lizette laid her tongue flat and waved Aaron’s cock back and forth over it like a wand, teasing that perfect spot underneath. Her mouth was a messy wet cage, strung from top to bottom with bars of spit and precum. A wet, sticky mess of it had trailed its way down her chin and onto her tits, where some of it refused to be washed away by the shower spray.

Hannah stood back up, and walked right up the the door. “Fuck me and cum in my mouth, baby?” Hannah begged politely. “Please?” She bared her tongue and tilted her head back, the heat from her breath adding to the steam on the glass. Aaron glanced down – Lizette was making the same face, stroking a finishing tempo with her hand as she did.

“I’m…” Aaron mumbled to the both of them, “I’m almost done, okay?” Lizette smiled with wild, hungry eyes and silently nodded her understanding.

Hannah slowly cracked open the door just wide enough to reach in a hand to stroke his arm, his neck, his chest. “What’s taking so long?” she pouted. “Please, baby.”

Lizette stopped stroking with her own hand as her sister’s hand slowly trailed lower, feeling for her husband’s hardness. Hannah found it and began stroking it for him, for her, for all of them.

“Oh, fuck I can’t wait to have that inside me,” Hannah moaned through the cracked door. “So fucking big and thick…”

Aaron turned his gaze to Hannah and she opened the door a bit wider. He kissed her as she unknowingly stroked his cock into her sister’s mouth. Aaron reveled in the tension of the moment, and felt Lizette sucking more carefully now, retreating when her sister’s hand reached his tip, and attacking when she stroked down to the root.

“Please come fuck me?” Hannah begged in a whisper. canlı bahis siteleri She sucked her husband’s tongue while Lizette sucked his cock. “I don’t want to get my outfit wet. God you’re so fucking hard right now, baby!”

“Okay…” Aaron whispered. Lizette sucked. Hannah stroked.

“Come fuck me now? Please?” Hannah mewled in a horny, girlish voice. Aaron nodded.

“Fuck me? Cum in my mouth?” Hannah asked, kissing him. Everyone agreed.

Aaron didn’t see any of the shotgun blast of cum that sprayed over Lizette’s face as he kissed Hannah, but he felt it blast away. He moaned and grunted and felt what he was sure was a torrential mess spraying out of him in waves. Hannah grew excited at his pleasure without seeing what it truly was, and her tongue fought against his as she moaned back into his mouth.

Lizette moaned, too.

Hannah’s eyes opened wide in shock. Confusion. Betrayal. The echo of the extra voice seemed to hang in the steam. Aaron’s eyes were glassy and distant, looking at Hannah’s eyes and nothing at all. She parted her lips from his, and he stood in drunken fear at the height of his orgasm, barely able to understand what was happening around him. Hannah threw the glass door open, reached over, and turned off the water. The steam evacuated through the door, revealing the secrets held within, and suddenly everything made sense.

Lizette kneeled on the floor, wet and happy, with a messy mouthful of Aaron’s cum. He saw that splashes of it had painted her lips, and tendrils of it dripped down from her chin. A long droplet splattered down over her breasts and mingled with the water. Her eyes smiled devilishly up at Hannah’s confused, enraged face – she seemed overjoyed at Hannah’s shock and jealousy. Despite the spatters of seed all over Lizette, most of the fresh, hot load was in her mouth. Lizette showed her sister this, then swallowed happily.

“You bitch!” Hannah howled.

Lizette sighed as though she’d just had the last sip of a satisfying milkshake. “That was delicious,” she emphasized.

“You… that was mine! That’s cheating!”

“Bullshit!” Lizette exclaimed. “You were the one who was trying to get him to fuck you! That’s cheating!”

“Bathrooms are supposed to be off-limits!” Hannah retorted. “I can’t fucking believe you! That’s against the rules!”

“So what are you doing in the fucking bathroom then?!” argued Lizette. As the bickering started anew, Aaron’s mind drifted away, lingering in the sensations of post-orgasmic bliss. He stepped past Hannah and grabbed a towel from the rack, drying himself gently.

As far as identical twin sisters go, Hannah and Lizette weren’t too strange. They looked the same, they sometimes dressed the same, they had the same mannerisms, and they obviously bickered. Moreover, they had two traits that were at odds: they shared everything together, and they were fiercely competitive. When Lizette had arrived in town to visit, she’d spared no expense at trying to get her hands on Aaron, the one thing that was off-limits from sharing.

“He thinks I’m sexier than you, I see the way he looks at me,” Lizette had said during one of their spats.

“We’re twins, idiot,” Hannah had replied, “we look the same. But he probably wouldn’t even cum if he fucked you.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll take that bet. First one to make him cum from a blowjob gets to fuck him while the other watches,” Lizette had said.

“Well… he’d have to be alone when he gets sucked, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair,” Hannah had wagered, her hand wandering over his thigh.

“Deal. I can’t wait to see the look on your face, Lizette had said, tracing her fingernails over Aaron’s chest.

And so, the sisters made terms on the bet – the ‘no bathrooms rule’ included – and followed him around endlessly. Each found any way they could to keep one from leaving him alone with the other. They slept together, one on each side of him, like possessive cats. They did laundry with him, watched TV with him, and begged his attention with lewd comments, flirty gazes, and nibbles on the neck. Aaron hardly managed a moment alone to himself let alone with either one of them, but it was only a matter of time.

The first blowjob happened on the morning of the second day: Hannah sucked his cock while Lizette slept right next to them, slowly and quietly licking Aaron to easy completion with a gentle tongue, the way only someone who knew him intimately could do. Lizette was furious that Hannah broke the ‘alone’ rule to win, so she upped the ante and demanded a rematch; Hannah agreed, never one to back down at the chance to show her sister who’s boss. “Best two out of three.”

But that night, Lizette tied her, secretly isolating Aaron later on in the laundry room and using the noise of the machines to hide the hungry slurping sounds from her more aggressive style of blowjob. Later the next day, Lizette was waiting for him in his car on the way home from work – she drained him dry just before he pulled into the driveway. Each time a sister “won” a point, one would gloat at the other and show off the warm mouthful of his cum before downing it. Hannah upped the ante again; Lizette agreed. “Best three out of five.”